Hennessy Carolina Surprises Cardi B w/ A Brand New Gucci Bag! | I Did It | TRL


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  • amazing aysiaDIY
    amazing aysiaDIY 21 hour ago +1

    Why henessy. say "right" like that

  • Pricilla Marie Ponce

    I love this two ❀❀

  • Busisiwe Khumalo
    Busisiwe Khumalo 2 days ago

    Hilarious yg

  • Family Love
    Family Love 2 days ago

    300 years and the same stereotypes are perpetuated when certain celebrities (who may be nice people) are promoted as representative of the entire black/latino communities. Step N Fetch

  • Iome Stanley
    Iome Stanley 3 days ago

    who else sees cardi lookin bored

  • Chocolatekid im not calling him father

    Henessy is so Hype full of energy bro

  • Dessy Pitt
    Dessy Pitt 5 days ago

    I eonder what happened to hennesy backstage?

    CANDID PETS 7 days ago +1

    SHES not mad that hennesy took the bag she is mad because she beat someone up because of it. SO its bad karma on her she believes in karma. So she is really pissed that someone else got the beats over that.

  • Callie Bailey
    Callie Bailey 7 days ago

    ohhhh so cardi is normal

  • shhh m
    shhh m 7 days ago

    Why does anyone have to know this?

  • coblox box
    coblox box 9 days ago

    Lol ... hahahhahahhahaahhahahahahhahahahahahhaha cardi B is so funny

  • Aj Roberts
    Aj Roberts 9 days ago +1

    I wonder if the person who stole the gucci bag is watching this and they thinking β€œwow i stole cardi b gucci bag”

  • LightningBlueGamer
    LightningBlueGamer 10 days ago +1

    Her sister is so funny

    QUEEN OF THE VIDEO'S 10 days ago +1

    When my teacher gets mad at me look 3:33

  • Hoku_Tofu 3689
    Hoku_Tofu 3689 11 days ago +1

    Cardi b is so chill, but her sister looks fun, I'm mean they both r amazing but still tho

  • Angelic love
    Angelic love 12 days ago

    Omg Cardi and Hennessy are so similar, awww πŸ˜‚

  • Jaeda Collins
    Jaeda Collins 12 days ago

    Tbh I don’t think they so much alike cardi more gangster and henny more energetic

  • Esbeidy Vlogs
    Esbeidy Vlogs 13 days ago


  • Ndaoya Judith
    Ndaoya Judith 13 days ago

    Defaq is this... bitch fake

  • Raquel Gonzalezl
    Raquel Gonzalezl 13 days ago +1

    sh*t this grils
    car y yo

  • Joshua Mercer
    Joshua Mercer 14 days ago

    Cardio wants to kill her sister so bad.

  • Amira Bagley
    Amira Bagley 15 days ago

    Cardi look like she gonna beat the living shit out of her backstage

  • Briana Mimiko
    Briana Mimiko 15 days ago

    A Gucci bag?? Really?? I mean Hennessy is cute but her energy is annoying. I feel like cardi just wanted her to STFU.

  • Addy Faith
    Addy Faith 15 days ago

    Is Hennessy annoying or what sorry

    QUEEN OF THE VIDEO'S 16 days ago

    Cardi B was about to slap fire from that dude

  • Lynnisha Hornsby
    Lynnisha Hornsby 16 days ago

    What is wrong with hanessy

  • Nylah Smith
    Nylah Smith 17 days ago

    Cardi was frfr about to blow up.

  • Mixtli Camarena
    Mixtli Camarena 17 days ago

    Cardi’s face πŸ’€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • 4DKimTaehyung or jack
    4DKimTaehyung or jack 17 days ago

    they are so funny lol

  • Deborah Seledyu
    Deborah Seledyu 18 days ago

    Looking at this makes me love the sister I have never have they are so cute I wish I had a sister 😫😫😫

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown 18 days ago +1

    2:00 Hennessy "Uggggg let me taste some water"

  • Naceema Mcmath
    Naceema Mcmath 21 day ago

    Hennessy trying so hard to act like cardi, Hennessy doing to much, so dam loud

  • Jenny Lifestyle
    Jenny Lifestyle 21 day ago

    Cardi I love youπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Lisa Pilgrim
    Lisa Pilgrim 21 day ago

    hennesy and cardi b look so alike

  • Shaniqua Dewese
    Shaniqua Dewese 22 days ago

    Hennessey character doesn't seem fr. She seem to extra just my opinion... Cardi is entertaining

  • The Weekly Tea OnYoutube

    Her sister is like crazy and then cardi over here like she didn’t wanna see that bitch

  • Chumani Marambana
    Chumani Marambana 22 days ago

    Listen to how she speaking

  • Patience Aboagye
    Patience Aboagye 23 days ago

    Cardi is so pretty and her sis is so funny πŸ˜›πŸ€£πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ™ƒ

  • SEVENQUEENZ seventeen
    SEVENQUEENZ seventeen 23 days ago

    Cardi d you are so cute

  • Derrick Le
    Derrick Le 23 days ago

    Hennessy is like so energetic and hype. And like her voice is so childish

  • ashely .A.
    ashely .A. 23 days ago

    Cardi and her sis has the same lips

  • Alexia Baldwin
    Alexia Baldwin 23 days ago

    I love cardi She is my Favorite person

  • Kadian Beckley
    Kadian Beckley 24 days ago

    10+4 eqle 14 my dad I born on April 4th

    • Kadian Beckley
      Kadian Beckley 24 days ago

      I made a mistake my dad birthday is on the 14th

  • Chris-Ann Dyer
    Chris-Ann Dyer 24 days ago

    Cardi is so calm

  • Jessica Marie
    Jessica Marie 25 days ago

    If you watch this and compare it to when she first came out, she seems mad and cranky..like what's wrong sis?

  • K-luv Jones
    K-luv Jones 25 days ago +1

    The way Cardi looks at her sis is the same way I look at her nasty ass.Side ways

  • Jannat Begum
    Jannat Begum 25 days ago

    At 3:10 cardi looks annoyed we need a real video about someone annoying someone XD

  • Samiah Bowie
    Samiah Bowie 25 days ago +1

    They look like twins

  • Savage Boss
    Savage Boss 25 days ago

    I would meet them

  • Victoria Kanalos
    Victoria Kanalos 26 days ago

    Cardi's sister is fucking beautiful

  • Kimberly Reynel
    Kimberly Reynel 27 days ago +1


  • Jazzmin Maspero
    Jazzmin Maspero 27 days ago

    Card b always seems annoyed around her sister, same as me around my sis

  • Becky
    Becky 27 days ago +1

    I think the sister really tries to have Cardi's funny attitude, but failed. πŸ˜‚... She should be just being herself, she's beautiful in her own way. πŸ’πŸ˜

  • Izabella Zelaya
    Izabella Zelaya 28 days ago

    Broo Cardi tryin 2 play it off when she was telling the Gucci Bag story

  • Stormy Smith
    Stormy Smith 28 days ago

    Her sister acts like she's on ecstasy πŸ˜‚love her tho

  • Tereba Tapera
    Tereba Tapera 28 days ago

    Lol Cardi looks tired and wanting her to shut the hell up and its sort of like Henesie is trying her best to act like Cardi B hahahahaha LLLLLLLLMFAOOOOOπŸ˜…πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Desilooloobeans Yah
    Desilooloobeans Yah 29 days ago +2

    i feel like Cardi was too chill in this and her sister was too hype but Cardi is supposed to be hype πŸ€”

  • Maia Calderon
    Maia Calderon 29 days ago

    Her faceπŸ˜‚πŸ’€

  • Masa Ramosako
    Masa Ramosako Month ago

    Cardi looks like she is ready to beat her sister backsri

  • Dj Melendez
    Dj Melendez Month ago

    Cardis sister sounds like spongebob

  • Shareka Bentley
    Shareka Bentley Month ago

    That's so cute sisterly love

  • Mehdi Nouri
    Mehdi Nouri Month ago

    Cardi dont like this interview

  • Taylor Streeter
    Taylor Streeter Month ago

    Ppl be talking about these girls and they say it on the internet cause they are too scared to say to your face it happened to me and I ended up punching them

  • Unknown You don't know me

    How does hannesy laughπŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  • Unknown You don't know me

    Cardi looks annoyed

  • dank.
    dank. Month ago

    the switched personalities in this vid

  • Dayanis Martinez
    Dayanis Martinez Month ago

    cardi es la mejor cuando te grande quisiera conoserla la adoro la unica cardi b no hablo ingles

  • jay-ar tupal
    jay-ar tupal Month ago

    cardi why so calm?

  • kimmie Long
    kimmie Long Month ago


  • sunset Beach msp
    sunset Beach msp Month ago

    Me and my older sister

  • Kiara Ruiz Roman
    Kiara Ruiz Roman Month ago

    She looks like her sister alot

  • Lisser Sparkles
    Lisser Sparkles Month ago

    why is she so annoying πŸ˜–πŸ˜–πŸ˜–

  • Kato Lolohea
    Kato Lolohea Month ago

    Like Cardi is so calm throughout the show and Hennessy is just acting hyper with her laugh and her loud talk

  • sasha banks
    sasha banks Month ago +2

    cardi is so mad at her sister

  • Khee Yuen Phua
    Khee Yuen Phua Month ago +1

    Damm....their both so funny together

  • Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez Month ago

    To be honest cardi. Makes my day

  • Charrr Webb
    Charrr Webb Month ago

    Cardi is so mature around Hennessy it's so weird πŸ˜‚ also Hennessy is so cute ❀

  • joe-leigh mchale
    joe-leigh mchale Month ago

    Cardio don’t care

  • John Marvil Acenas
    John Marvil Acenas Month ago

    Hennessy is so corny all the time

  • Maddy
    Maddy Month ago

    I love them

  • Dayne Jackson
    Dayne Jackson Month ago

    Cardi probably got 80 Gucci bags now

  • Myishia Moore
    Myishia Moore Month ago

    She got a twin

  • Jocelyn Ortega
    Jocelyn Ortega Month ago

    Cardi looks annoyed

  • chicachu
    chicachu Month ago

    She looks at henessy likes shes crazy

  • Normally Unusual
    Normally Unusual Month ago

    Her sister keeps laughing at her own jokes .

  • crissy A
    crissy A Month ago

    I just feel Hennessy wants to be acting like cardi even though there sisters but she being extra and cardi is just like wtf.lol

  • Potatoo
    Potatoo Month ago +2

    Cardi looks like she just wanna choke her sister lol

  • Malu Gaup
    Malu Gaup Month ago

    So is nobody going to point out how Hennessy was lyingπŸ˜‚It all started with

    *”it was a Gucci bag”*

  • Salt Peanuts
    Salt Peanuts Month ago

    Cardi is just done

  • Meh name is cacti Lil tay is fake

    Bruh she laughs like damn spongebob cardia just is likeβ€πŸ˜Šβ€

  • Imani Thomas
    Imani Thomas Month ago

    Cardi look like she ready to beat the heck out of Hennessy

  • Marrietta Nanje
    Marrietta Nanje Month ago +2

    Cardi’s hair tho 😍😍😍

  • Its Jazz
    Its Jazz Month ago

    I luuuuh Hennessey vibes

  • Nikita Dabral
    Nikita Dabral Month ago

    3:04 we all know cardi was so f’in anoyed πŸ˜‚

  • Alizgreeth Tezen
    Alizgreeth Tezen Month ago

    Hennessy is not funny her laugh is not genuine and its awkward af... i see she trying to be charismatic like her sister but it aint her style..

  • marcelaruby84
    marcelaruby84 Month ago

    Hennessy acts stupid like Cardi Apple, tree

  • Destinee Young
    Destinee Young Month ago

    Hennessy lost her Gucci bag but she bought her a new one my sister would have never told she would have lied

  • Destinee Young
    Destinee Young Month ago

    Hennessy was stuttering hella hard but sus goals tho

  • Fatou and Abdolie Fast videos Dabo

    Love you cardi aaawwww

  • Anamtah Moaaz
    Anamtah Moaaz Month ago

    I love cardie