Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman

  • Published on Aug 9, 2018
  • Ruby Rose chats with Jimmy about how she's processing her emotions after being cast as the new Batwoman in an upcoming CW series and explains how bats and bat wings have always been part of her life.
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    Ruby Rose Gets Emotional About Being Cast as Batwoman
  • ComedyComedy

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  • swekrympling
    swekrympling 12 hours ago


  • IIsYouAndYouIsMe
    IIsYouAndYouIsMe 21 hour ago +1

    I really hope her acting gets better because I really want this show to be great.

  • Clement BlackMonkey

    JImmy has a Crush ;P

  • marcus taylor
    marcus taylor 3 days ago

    Take a real life badass lesbian to play a comic badass lesbian.....makes sense

  • K
    K 4 days ago

    She's probably the best fit for the part xD

  • ILoveEatingCupCakes
    ILoveEatingCupCakes 4 days ago

    She kinda sounds and has a accent like gal gadot

  • g sun
    g sun 7 days ago

    i just love her !

  • Shey
    Shey 7 days ago

    hell yeah i‘m gay

  • ventolin63
    ventolin63 7 days ago

    Maaan, how many tons of ink are on this woman's body? She has to wear a burka to appear normal, even with a jacket you get to see a tattoo through the slit! WTF?

  • deividas telsinskas
    deividas telsinskas 8 days ago

    Ruby is just amazing

  • 7brokenwings
    7brokenwings 9 days ago

    Started from the cardboard and now we're here~

  • cweretelnyk
    cweretelnyk 9 days ago

    Woah, someone needs to lay off the drugs..... just saying...... Jimmy....

  • Batgirls Cave
    Batgirls Cave 10 days ago

    I hope people enjoy the Batwoman show because she’s a badass superhero, not that she’s a lesbian. I want the show to be about her becoming a hero and her relationship with batman. It better not just be about her sexuality. Batwoman is truly a amazing character and I hope the show will be good. I’m still not sure about Ruby Rose. Just need to see how she looks and plays her. Hope she does well

  • liz nitu
    liz nitu 11 days ago


  • Ace Leone215
    Ace Leone215 13 days ago +1


  • Estevan Garcia
    Estevan Garcia 13 days ago

    Congrats Ruby! Can’t wait to see you as Batwoman

  • Kulbinator
    Kulbinator 13 days ago +1

    I like her already, seriously (^__^)

  • Jennifer Cate
    Jennifer Cate 14 days ago

    This girl. 😍

  • GoonerGirl Arsenal4Life Xx

    Can't wait to see ruby as batwoman 😍🌹💖

  • babacalouche
    babacalouche 17 days ago

    eeeeew because what we need is another shitty superhero movie played by an anorexic " model " who will singlepunch 250 lbs men ...Superhero movies are great when they're well done with a good script...but when it's just an agenda for a lobby , it's always shitty because writers don't care about the story, they just want to show and prove their belief...LGBT people will be happy about this movie, the rest of the world will simply not care.

  • Anne-Maria James
    Anne-Maria James 18 days ago

    Yesss bitch!! 😭😭 girl i love u so f*ckin much ❤❤❤ ur my #1 idol n i dont really fuck wid dah shit but since i saw u in OITNB (Orange Is The New Black) and The Meg ive been loving u so much n apprecheating u so much more for all that ur doing and all that uve done! Ur not only a great, beautiful and stunig actress you're also an amazing person! Keep doing what you do babe
    Love youu ❤❤❤❤❤♨♨♨

  • Yung Senatra
    Yung Senatra 19 days ago +1

    She’s fine bro. I’ll make her straight

  • AlphaOmega
    AlphaOmega 19 days ago

    great say goodbye to another good franchise.. whats the next one to get killed off by the liberal sjws feminazis.. demons

  • deadendjustice
    deadendjustice 19 days ago

    I personally knew Ruby's Godfather Lionel Rose, she is the closest I am to a famous person haha

  • Steven Briones
    Steven Briones 19 days ago

    Anyone fans of the flash tv show

  • jongberto
    jongberto 21 day ago


  • RJ James
    RJ James 21 day ago

    Part of me wondered if she was a good choice for the part, but I also wondered the same thing about Grant Gustin as Flash and Melissa Benoist as Supergirl so I'm gonna keep an open mind. Can't wait to see Batwoman on the screen!

  • acb dxb
    acb dxb 21 day ago

    Instead of batwoman make her batgirl

  • Maya J
    Maya J 22 days ago

    I’m smiling through this whole video. But where would I have to watch the show, Netflix?

  • Kris Mora
    Kris Mora 22 days ago

    Started from the we're here!!! Lol

  • Barstool Blues
    Barstool Blues 23 days ago

    She can't act her way out of a paper bag...lucky for her she's easy on the eyes. Her tats are trashy as fuck, though. Makes her look like she should be a pornstar.

  • Noahide Videos Bible
    Noahide Videos Bible 24 days ago

    I owned the first appearance of Batwoman from the Golden Age for a while. It was a lower grade comic, and I recycled it (Religious reasons - I believe what we acquire in life we acquire for eternity), so I was the last person to own the comic in its provenance. I had another early Batwoman comic as well. Currently I own the Hardback volumes of 1 to 4 for the new 52 Batwoman era.

  • Bitchy
    Bitchy 25 days ago


  • codeine cup
    codeine cup 25 days ago


  • Jason Todd
    Jason Todd 26 days ago

    She is going to be great..... Prove Me Right!

  • Mazinger and Minerva
    Mazinger and Minerva 27 days ago

    To me she'd be perfect as Catwoman

  • crutcher1572
    crutcher1572 27 days ago

    Jimmy Fallon sucks as a talk show host. It’s so hard to watch.

    ANTHONY DAVID 27 days ago +1


  • Kara Makowski
    Kara Makowski 28 days ago

    Lol why is it the style now to wear a jacket with nothing underneath? I mean I keep waiting ( maybe a little wishing) for her boobs to pop out

  • David Clark
    David Clark 28 days ago

    Idont care that lesbian i would still take shot at her really pretty

  • Nisa Erdogan
    Nisa Erdogan 28 days ago

    I can’t wait for this 😱😍😍😍

  • Sallie Jones
    Sallie Jones 28 days ago

    I love her 😭❤️

  • Scott Galpin
    Scott Galpin 29 days ago

    Piss off

  • Tony Ashton
    Tony Ashton 29 days ago +1

    I don't care what people say about her.She is a wonderfully attractive person with a big heart and a nice personality. Not to mention which ever way you swing she, s smoking hot!. All the best to her.

  • Foreverdreamingcorpse
    Foreverdreamingcorpse 29 days ago

    Man she’s gonna be a hot batwoman 🤤

  • Deàkø
    Deàkø 29 days ago


  • sohfi hamid
    sohfi hamid 29 days ago

    Well since Ruby is a Batwoman, maybe they should portray her as a thirsty lesbian. How about having Kristin Stewart or Cara Delevigne as her love interest!

  • Joel Widgins
    Joel Widgins Month ago

    Ruby Rose, you wanna be my girl? Give me a ring where a vestige

  • Bob the Terrible
    Bob the Terrible Month ago

    Real person or robot?

  • Fawzy Nahwi
    Fawzy Nahwi Month ago

    I love her and I think she will do great with the character !

  • killertrap fame 1000 gaming

    Ruby Jimmy Fallon best show ever 🔥 2018 aye

  • Ginny Rose
    Ginny Rose Month ago

    Love Ruby, cant wait to see her play batwoman!

  • It's Shelton
    It's Shelton Month ago

    She’s beautiful

  • Matt S
    Matt S Month ago

    Be the person you have always wanted to be

    My subscriber...

  • Nova Scotian
    Nova Scotian Month ago

    Is she an australian?

  • Ana Assis
    Ana Assis Month ago

    Love love love love omg💐😍❤❤😍❤😍

  • Mia
    Mia Month ago +1

    Perfect actor for Batwoman

  • The Kid
    The Kid Month ago

    I d love Batwoman to meet Alex in a crossover with Supergirl

  • whit
    whit Month ago

    Ruby Rose deserves to be batwoman and has worked her butt off to get where she is and put up with alot of criticism along the way. Haters are going to hate but you didnt get where you are today for not being you so stay true to yourself ruby. Keep on being your kind, strong, beautiful self and forget the haters. So proud of you xx 💗, 💖

  • John Thang
    John Thang Month ago

    Her love for kids! How humble of her!

  • Headless Horseman
    Headless Horseman Month ago +1

    Dear Ruby Rose, you are a wonderful person and I like you just the way you are. Please ignore the cursed SJWs (social justice whiners ) they are on a rampage to destroy everything. They are the true toxic fans.

  • R M
    R M Month ago

    God she always looks amazing, god I got like the biggest crush on her since I first seen her. Amazing women and beautiful.

  • Gordon Shomway
    Gordon Shomway Month ago

    I think, she will be a good Batwoman. :D

  • Fay
    Fay Month ago

    I just love her

  • Racket Tattoo
    Racket Tattoo Month ago

    She should be harley quinn. or the femal joker if they ever make the joker as a female (i dont mean harley). id be fine if they do a ocean 8 thing and turn joker into a woman if only ruby plays it

  • J M
    J M Month ago

    I didn't even realized how many people are hating on the DC shows, yeah they're maybe not perfect but some people like me love them and you literally can't tell me that shows like Riverdale are so much better

  • Jennifer Nilsson
    Jennifer Nilsson Month ago

    The interrupting thing is just........#@#@#

  • Ana Garcia
    Ana Garcia Month ago

    Can't wait!

  • Brendan Day
    Brendan Day Month ago

    Bat girl ?

  • IGreenArrowI
    IGreenArrowI Month ago

    I love Fallon. Fuck Kimmel.

  • LuL Psych o
    LuL Psych o Month ago


  • dem arcus
    dem arcus Month ago

    In don't know why people throw shade at her, she's awesome and down to earth, I think she's fukin perfect for the role.

  • Michael Bear
    Michael Bear Month ago

    She is in The Meg

    RACHEL J S Month ago

    Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Ruby Rose as Batwoman, OMG I can't be happier !!! SCREAMING!

  • Hailee Steinfeld - Topic

    _She’s great. I am so happy for her!_ 💕

  • Eric Beckstead
    Eric Beckstead Month ago

    I think Ruby Rose as Batwoman is brilliant, and I am a bisexual jew. Thank you love!

  • Devin Arai
    Devin Arai Month ago

    Batwoman is mah fave yo. But hope they go with the punk rocker new 52 look for Kate instead of bald rebirth Kate.

  • Earth 2 Ekko
    Earth 2 Ekko Month ago

    not my batwoman

  • Kara
    Kara Month ago +1

    She's a pretty big star to be going on the CW

  • He Man
    He Man Month ago

    I think she would have looked WAY better as a Catwoman

  • Krishna Kabrawala
    Krishna Kabrawala Month ago

    She always had that bad Ass kind of look, now she will be one of the best badass on screen..

  • The Otaku
    The Otaku Month ago

    Ruby is LOVE ❤❤❤

  • Lord Beerus
    Lord Beerus Month ago

    quick ruby! to the batmobile!

  • Erin Shannon
    Erin Shannon Month ago

    there’s gonna be so many lesbians dressed as bat woman for Halloween now


    It may not have been related to the movie. Maybe his microphone reminded her of that time she dropped her ice cream on the ground and that's why she got emotional.

  • Lil Mai
    Lil Mai Month ago

    I love you so much

  • Quentron Ozmero.
    Quentron Ozmero. Month ago

    Shes hot without the tattoos

  • philip joseph
    philip joseph Month ago

    Should be cat bitch

  • Bo Boodi
    Bo Boodi Month ago

    Ahhhhhh you can tell she is very passionate about it from the way she talks ❤️❤️. Screw the haters

  • Main Street Customs 33513

    She makes the perfect BatWoman

  • E.B Jombo
    E.B Jombo Month ago

    She's changed a lot! She must be in a good place in her life!💪

  • Rain Gacha
    Rain Gacha Month ago

    Am I the only one who thinks Ruby looks like an older version of Millie Bobby Brown?

  • Emma Staub
    Emma Staub Month ago +1

    I LOVE RUBY ROSE. She’s so pretty, I love her Australian accent, and her hairstyle

  • Michael Holmgaard
    Michael Holmgaard Month ago

    Oh god no... she is not a good actress at all :/

  • CN What I'm Saiyan?

    ...and then assholes ran her out of Twitter...I didn’t even get her Batphone number...!

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Month ago

    Watch an idiot.

  • Mark Jones
    Mark Jones Month ago

    Look at this thing. Look at the new terminator is it boy or girl. Hollywood so fucking demonizes male rolls. Hollywood is dead.

  • J R
    J R Month ago

    Another super hero movie I won't see. Hated her in OITNB.

  • Mille Liza
    Mille Liza Month ago

    AwwwI love her and I'm so glad for her!

    SWAC FAN Month ago

    Nothing like a tomboy. The best women on the planet. They enjoy sports, weed, guns, great cooks, and are crazy in bed. Glad I married one, she's my best friend. Such a blessing to have a woman that ain't afraid to get her hands dirty.