we swap golf clubs with CATASTROPHIC EFFECT - at salgados

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019

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    I’m Liam Harrison, Bolton born and bred. I’m a lover of Golf, life and laughter.
    Started Golf 12 years ago after packing in football when i was 28 due to a back injury.
    I started the TheXvid channel as a laugh and a Wim, to make me practice but that went out the window as i started vlogging, loving being on camera but more so the interaction with my #golfmates.
    In 14 months i have seen the channel evolve and become the only real golf community on TheXvid which i am extremly proud of.
    I would like to thank all the #golfmates that have been with us and supported us and the channel from the start. Also not forgetting our new #golfmates that may have only just come across the channel.
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    GOLFMATES  Month ago +30


    Please TELL ME how did i win that and were has my game gone .......life is life

    • Pag Golf Vlogs 2.3K subscribers
      Pag Golf Vlogs 2.3K subscribers 14 days ago

      @Dollar Bill Clinton aye nutter with a putta

    • Dollar Bill Clinton
      Dollar Bill Clinton 14 days ago +1

      You could always putt,,,,😎

    • Hu ss
      Hu ss 21 day ago

      Course management. And play within your own talent. And try to keep away from 3putts. Just watch omp

    • Pag Golf Vlogs 2.3K subscribers
      Pag Golf Vlogs 2.3K subscribers Month ago

      i’ve got a song that will get on your nerves get on nerves get on nerves #hatethatsong

    • G Rod
      G Rod Month ago

      That laugh sounds like Mutley 😂😂

  • Donnie Mc0
    Donnie Mc0 10 days ago

    Don't know why this came up in my recommendations but im glad it did...brilliant stuff lol- subscribed!

  • ultrapail
    ultrapail 11 days ago

    How do I get a golf mates marker with my name on it?

  • Dollar Bill Clinton
    Dollar Bill Clinton 14 days ago +2

    Can't be anything in the world better than playing with THE DICK,,,,,,,😎

  • Dollar Bill Clinton
    Dollar Bill Clinton 14 days ago +2

    I've never heard the dick laugh that much ,,,,,,,,,😎THATS MY MAN,,,,,,😎

  • Michael Britton
    Michael Britton 18 days ago +1

    God Liam my bloody sides are aching coffin dodgers short like my Willie. Elvis Presley what else is in your golf bag love it

  • Hugh Yearwood
    Hugh Yearwood 20 days ago

    What a laugh this was.

  • Ira Shoff
    Ira Shoff 20 days ago

    sound off works for me.

  • darin Muir
    darin Muir 22 days ago

    A bad workmen alway blames someone else's tools 😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Russell Henthorn
    Russell Henthorn Month ago

    Now that was ruckin fubbish

  • Russell Henthorn
    Russell Henthorn Month ago

    You might of shanked it.but you got a good line in from there.

  • BeachBow
    BeachBow Month ago

    I worked for a manager like Dick. He get's all the credit and everybody/everything else gets the blame!! LOL!! Bad shot, "clubs are crap". Good shot, "it's the person using the club". Absolutely love it!!

  • Adrian Aplin
    Adrian Aplin Month ago

    Brilliant video🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Gary Parker
    Gary Parker Month ago +1

    How much were you drinking??? LOL

  • Stuart Murdoch
    Stuart Murdoch Month ago +1

    Superb, “no name shanker” & bedpan!! Keep the content coming Liam.

  • Emile Skuce
    Emile Skuce Month ago +1

    "I give up" Hahahaha

  • Shooting Blanks
    Shooting Blanks Month ago +2

    mr barlow "fish food again ahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! hes a broken man" this guy is hilarious

  • Geordie Sancaster
    Geordie Sancaster Month ago

    Gods truth I think that’s the worst golf I’ve ever seen on TheXvid 😂😂 never mind life is life so someone says lol 👏👏👏

  • Buffalo Soldier
    Buffalo Soldier Month ago


  • Duke Jet
    Duke Jet Month ago

    Liam's new nick name, Shankazooloo! On a serious note, you coming up out of it just before impact mate. stay down and through

  • Rob Abbey
    Rob Abbey Month ago +1

    Thumbs up for Mr Barlows tee shot on the par 3. Not the 1st dirty club he's used I bet.

  • Bassorb
    Bassorb Month ago

    My goodness that was the worst bit of chipping ive ever seen....dick shoulda just taken a page from omp and used the 7

  • Shaun Hargreaves
    Shaun Hargreaves Month ago

    One of the best vlogs in awhile at one point thought muttley was commentating. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Aidan Fitzmaurice
    Aidan Fitzmaurice Month ago +1

    On a serious note about your golf clubs... Liam, I'm not sure playing with a literal mixed bag of driving range rejects is doing you any good. I know you gave your good clubs away but it might be time to pony up for a proper set of clubs - they don't have to be expensive, just something that matches your swing speed and stance and that have clean grips and grooves; otherwise it's getting tough to watch you struggling out there against lesser players (you know who you are Mr Barlow)

      GOLFMATES  Month ago

      Absolutely I might have to look into them

  • Adam Rimmington
    Adam Rimmington Month ago

    Big fan Liam but mate, your clubs are rancid, please look after them more, start with re grips and a bloody good clean 🧼, cheers Adam from 🇦🇺

  • Jordan Mcgarry
    Jordan Mcgarry Month ago +1

    Great vid Liam how do I get my self a golfmates ball marker

      GOLFMATES  Month ago

      From the website

  • Craig Williams
    Craig Williams Month ago +1

    I'm loving the banter it would be so much fun going on golfing holiday with you guys

    • Craig Williams
      Craig Williams Month ago +1

      I can't watch anymore I'm in stitches my misses is kicking me because im laughing so much

      GOLFMATES  Month ago +1

      Absolutely we do have the crack

  • blacklabeltattoos
    blacklabeltattoos Month ago +1

    HAHAHAHAHA The Greatest gimme I've ever seen for Mr Dick Barlow .... Great vlog

  • Zane Foster
    Zane Foster Month ago

    Awesome Video

  • Ste Smallman
    Ste Smallman Month ago

    That’s a funny video😂🤣😂🤣

  • Stephen McNiven
    Stephen McNiven Month ago

    Funny video thanks. But party of me can't help wondering why you're not at home with the new baby? I remember the first few months with a new baby was knackering, doesn't your Mrs need your help? Just wondering, not judging you.

  • Pete Lock
    Pete Lock Month ago +1

    Lower handicap should win?

  • Trackster 144
    Trackster 144 Month ago +1

    Loved watching this, soo funny , cheered me up no end. Thanks.

  • Mountain Teacher
    Mountain Teacher Month ago +1

    That fish food gesture, then the explanation 😂😂

  • SteveHPhotos
    SteveHPhotos Month ago

    Can't get the vid to load [:o(

  • Chester Morningstar
    Chester Morningstar Month ago +1

    I needed a good laugh, thanks Gents.

  • Frank C
    Frank C Month ago +1

    that was hilarious

  • Ed Robs
    Ed Robs Month ago

    Loved this video hilarious. keep em coming🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏

  • Weapons of Grass Destruction

    Don't think that was a shank on the par 3, reckon that came off the toe knowing how you hit it Liam

  • Weapons of Grass Destruction

    I couldn't use my mates clubs - not sure what I'd catch (definitely not any form of ability!) - Hughesy

  • Joe Hawkins
    Joe Hawkins Month ago

    Liam sounds like that snickering cartoon dog...Muttley... thexvid.com/video/FdghRwWfaOQ/video.html

  • Richard Blayney
    Richard Blayney Month ago

    You have a lot on Liam, but I'm not a pro but reckon a round with me would get you back on track 🏌️‍♂️👍

  • Richard Blayney
    Richard Blayney Month ago

    The master dick 👍

  • ItWentRight FORE
    ItWentRight FORE Month ago +1

    Your blow up with his clubs looks like my normal round with my clubs! 🤣 🤣🤣🏌️‍♂️⛳

  • akingtoddd
    akingtoddd Month ago +1

    this video will not play for me.

  • Graham Terry
    Graham Terry Month ago

    I couldn’t stop laughing 😂 🤣🤣🤣🤣😋😋😋😋😋

  • alan carlyon
    alan carlyon Month ago

    What a great video that made me laugh, but am with dick liam as you have dirty shafts! I know your busy Liam editing film, you only won as Dicks shafts were firm, your grips are so dirty there could maybe find some worms, I envied the weather over there guy's, I do hope you both never got burnt?
    Dick swapping his clubs with you, he must be a nutter, hope you gave him back his putter
    I have never witnessed you putting so good, bet the Dick is hoping you choke on your food, but then after a few glasses of wine, things will get back to normal and your friendship will get back on line! A great double act with no warning signs, Great editing which I wish it was mine! Well done Liam your future looks fine! Your video's are a magnet to all golfers on the line, everytime, so sit back and have more wine! Hic.

  • 2007dixiegirl
    2007dixiegirl Month ago

    That was a load of fun.

  • Ian Styring
    Ian Styring Month ago

    Loved it. You 2 can give it as well as take it. Great laugh.

  • Andrew Knoll
    Andrew Knoll Month ago


  • Chris Zajdler
    Chris Zajdler Month ago

    Haha this video is awesome love the laughs comedy great real video 2 lads having a laugh on a great golf course keep it up liam and mr barlow

  • Robert Graham
    Robert Graham Month ago

    Pure class .that vid had everything .I can relate to my golf mate nudging it along the grass .it.s star trek golf .it.s golf jim but not as we know it lmhsao

  • krusher74
    krusher74 Month ago

    When you get home, next video the dick gets a lesson on chipping from the club pro, we can't keep watching that scoop!

  • Robbie Mulder
    Robbie Mulder Month ago

    I hate to say this, But I Do Believe That The Dicks Shafts Are Far To Soft For You!!!

  • andrew gray
    andrew gray Month ago

    I recently played the best round of my life followed by the three worst rounds of my life, truly appalling and feeling pretty down about it.
    Then I watched this video and can't wait to get out again on Monday.
    Thank you for restoring my enthusiasm😎

  • Kevin Henderson
    Kevin Henderson Month ago

    Great drive off the first tee Liam. Usually that spells disaster for the rest of my round. That said, Liam for the win +2 on the score. #GOLFMATES

  • Ian Nonhebel
    Ian Nonhebel Month ago +1

    looked at your Golf Mates travel web site v impressive, A nice sideline / hopefully it will make you some money to feed the baby!!!

  • Kevin Gill
    Kevin Gill Month ago +1

    Liam you sound like mutley

  • Scott chalk
    Scott chalk Month ago +1

    This is what the golf channel should be showing pure gold pls never stop Liam u and the dick are golf heroes

  • Chris Barrett
    Chris Barrett Month ago +1

    How did you win Liam 🎉 should rename vid to escapades of a shanker and duffer 😂