Iglesias, Castillo lead Reds to 4-2 win | Padres-Reds Game Highlights 8/21/19

  • Published on Aug 21, 2019
  • Condensed Game: Jose Iglesias homered as part of a two-hit day, while Luis Castillo tossed six innings of one-run ball to earn his 12th win
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Comments • 37

  • Drz 400sm
    Drz 400sm Month ago +1

    Red have a good team 💪

  • John-boy
    John-boy Month ago

    What happened to Strahm? He was pitching so well. Wingerter continues to unimpress (is that a word?) Padres all trying to hit homers, the ones they do hit there's no body on base. Julio Iglesias impressive on the mound for the Reds

  • Sheena
    Sheena Month ago +1

    GO REDS!! Nice job Luis!!

  • Trumptards Are Gay
    Trumptards Are Gay Month ago

    Padres are the least likable team in MLB. I'd rather be a Marlins fan than a Padres fan.

    • John-boy
      John-boy Month ago

      What's so unlikeable about them, other than they strike out too much and walk two batters with the bases loaded?

    • Zachariah Slade
      Zachariah Slade Month ago

      I think that's harsh. I agree that their GM has no idea what he's doing, but the city really supports their team and the park is downtown, walkable from pizza and beer joints before and after all those losses.

  • Anita Koch
    Anita Koch Month ago +2

    Should be an interesting offseason for the Reds. They are a couple additions away from being one of the best teams.

  • Michael Mccollum
    Michael Mccollum Month ago

    Raisel has a bit of Chapman's swag

  • Victor Fernandez
    Victor Fernandez Month ago +1


  • Parker Sintz
    Parker Sintz Month ago +3

    Go reds

  • Baseball Nerd
    Baseball Nerd Month ago +5

    Iglesias is one of the most underrated players in the game. Awesome in the field and great at getting on base

    • Gh Sj
      Gh Sj Month ago

      Jesse Parton the reds have already said they have 30 million to spend next year

    • The Path To Greatness Starts With Me
      The Path To Greatness Starts With Me Month ago

      Votto is a fan favorite and has a big contract. Jose Iglesias is solid with glove and bat and Reds should definitely resign him.

    • Jesse Parton
      Jesse Parton Month ago

      Baseball Nerd - i am sure he will because he is owed way too much and no team would pick that up. I dont think he is worth 25 million a year. Jose Iglesias is playing much better and making 2.5 million. We could have used vottos salary for better use

    • Baseball Nerd
      Baseball Nerd Month ago

      Well won’t Votto finish his career in CIN?

    • Jesse Parton
      Jesse Parton Month ago

      But the Reds won’t keep him probably because they can’t afford him. Local Cincinnati news says they will be focused on Jose Peraza. They should get rid of him, Barnhart and Joey Votto tomorrow

  • NooLyrics
    NooLyrics Month ago +6

    Sad to see such an empty stadium😭😭

    • Sheena
      Sheena Month ago +1

      We were there for the 2 other games (evening) and the place was packed.

    • Luke Earlywine
      Luke Earlywine Month ago +2

      NooLyrics it was a weekday 12:30 game

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  • Peter Barton
    Peter Barton Month ago +5

    A big thanks @MLB for the live games here on TheXvid! Great format, great interviews and great behind the scenes views From an MLB fan from the UK. :)

  • The Path To Greatness Starts With Me

    Could have swept the series.

  • Arav Bhatt
    Arav Bhatt Month ago +13

    Good win against the san diego daddies. Onto pittsburgh

    • vohiostate4thewin
      vohiostate4thewin Month ago

      Zachariah Slade Yep. That continued last night blew it in 9th inning. Now 0-5 in Pittsburgh this year and 2-13 in Pittsburgh last 2 seasons. Reds are just a very bad road team.

    • Zachariah Slade
      Zachariah Slade Month ago

      @vohiostate4thewin Cincinnati teams tend to blow in the Steel City.

    • vohiostate4thewin
      vohiostate4thewin Month ago

      Yep. Hopefully can win some in Pittsburgh. Reds have been really bad on road this year and are 0-4 at Pittsburgh this year

  • Conservatives Are Cancer and AIDS

    Reds are gonna be contenders next year.

    • Trumptards Are Gay
      Trumptards Are Gay Month ago

      @Baseball Nerd Puig is/was expendable. Bauer is still a good pitcher and good pitchers aren't easy to come by.

    • The Path To Greatness Starts With Me
    • julio guzman
      julio guzman Month ago

      Na Raiders or falcons are gonna win the world series next season 😄😁😄

    • Baseball Nerd
      Baseball Nerd Month ago +1

      Maybe. If you guys get a better GM. Bauer for Puig is a terrible move in that three team deal for the Reds

    • David Montes
      David Montes Month ago

      Next year? You mean this year! Lol

  • kingboo2307
    kingboo2307 Month ago +1