Opie & Anthony - Larry King in studio

  • Published on May 10, 2011
  • yes, the real Larry King. He tells us what happened to the groceries and how important the board really is.

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  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 18

    MELEKH HA OLAM 5 months ago

    I can't remember what the wee limey's new channel name is.

    MELEKH HA OLAM 5 months ago

    I really hate Patrice O'Neal's response to the explanation given here as to why he asked about the food in that rape situation, and many other things demonstrating great brilliance, such as Anthony Jeselnik's set at the Charlie Sheen roast.

  • Justin Borowski
    Justin Borowski 9 months ago +2

    32:35. "One of my great moments!" 😂😂😂😂

  • Daniel C
    Daniel C 4 years ago +1

    @ 37:48...Ant try to make it looks like a joke, but we know now there was a lot of truth there..

  • robotpanda77
    robotpanda77 5 years ago +2

    Can someone please give him a glass of water for gods sake~!

  • proni1
    proni1 8 years ago

    what a classy guy

  • Ach Meez
    Ach Meez 8 years ago

    "Oh...a "bigger" station."

  • Delta City
    Delta City 8 years ago

    How important IS the skateboard, Larry?

  • GuineaJay
    GuineaJay  8 years ago

    Steve posted this better than me. Go listen to his.

  • IITallikaII
    IITallikaII 8 years ago

    Gotta be honest Larry King isn't that bad of interview and in an "Olde Timey way" he is funny. Still a dementia stricken cunt, but funny in that Grandpa way.

  • useyouforfood
    useyouforfood 8 years ago

    @iscream22 I just heard it and immediately scrolled down to the comments to see if anyone mentioned it.

  • ironbaby roo
    ironbaby roo 8 years ago

    ooooh..the king can hold his own everytime!! love it!!

  • iscream22
    iscream22 8 years ago

    He's actually a good guest

  • iscream22
    iscream22 8 years ago

    Anyone else catch Ant around 18 minutes in or so " Oh a BIGGER station"... lol

  • Mr. Peezy
    Mr. Peezy 8 years ago

    Larry was a good interview!

  • iscream22
    iscream22 8 years ago

    Thanks 4 posting!!