Nintendo Switch Lite Unboxing + Size Comparison

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Nintendo Minute is never a minute! Today we’re unboxing Nintendo Switch Lite which launches tomorrow. Yay! We have all three colors - gray, turquoise and yellow. Make sure you watch till the end to see a size comparison between Nintendo Switch Lite and Nintendo Switch. We’re so excited that Nintendo Switch Lite is joining the Nintendo Switch family and if you’re mainly playing games on the go, this may be the perfect system for you. Let us know which color is your favorite. As always, thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next week!
    -Kit & Krysta
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Comments • 896

  • Nintendo Kid
    Nintendo Kid 2 days ago

    I might get a Nintendo Switch-lite Turquoise , Minecraft , Carrying Case w/ screen protector

  • Aryan Gupta
    Aryan Gupta 8 days ago

    Amarillo is in Spanish I take Spanish class in my school

  • Object Boi
    Object Boi 9 days ago

    This is wii mini’s baby and wii’s son is normal switch

  • Tyler
    Tyler 12 days ago

    *size comparison*

  • Gusta-Kun
    Gusta-Kun 15 days ago

    What's the sense of calling this nintendo switch if it doesn't sWItcH? Lmao (this is just a joke don't take it seriously XD)

  • Pieteek
    Pieteek 21 day ago

    OH MY GOD! When I was unboxing mine I forgot to smell it! It's been a week since this event, is there still a chance for me?

  • Timothy Bui
    Timothy Bui Month ago

    It is Marvel’s Ant-Man

  • Hazman
    Hazman Month ago +1

    Please release Switch Lite Pro and Switch Pro in 2021 after PS5 & Xbox4 release next year

  • Kía S.
    Kía S. Month ago

    I sniffed the box of my switch when I first got it 😆

  • Eira Awesome YT
    Eira Awesome YT Month ago

    Does The Charger Come With The Switch Lite?

    ANA CHANG Month ago

    Lol Nintendo minute is never a minute

  • flufft flufft
    flufft flufft Month ago

    can ihave one pls

  • ShadowCookie Girl
    ShadowCookie Girl Month ago

    "no ants were harmed in the making off this video"
    wth is happening to nintendo lol

  • GamerWho
    GamerWho Month ago

    Mmmm. Drift-y

  • AR76
    AR76 Month ago

    She chose the yellow one...oh Nintendo. So innocent.

  • Gweenie Mario
    Gweenie Mario Month ago

    oh BABY A TRIPLE MEME!!! Wow we are having memes now!

  • Noah Lee
    Noah Lee Month ago

    When you steal club points from Nintendo: 😏

  • jacob drolet
    jacob drolet Month ago

    Amazing Nintendo consoles unboxing totally awesome too

  • HeavensGotWifi
    HeavensGotWifi Month ago

    The colour turquoise is the exact same as the one on the dsi, just saying

  • HeavensGotWifi
    HeavensGotWifi Month ago

    I thought I had some dirt on my screen when I saw here face cuz I forgot about black spots😂 I was like wait

  • Salteh The Salty Squid

    Wow! No game included! I guess i'll just download Fortnite on it!

  • Sam B
    Sam B Month ago

    That sweet smell is called cancer.

    JK... I think

  • Kabi Master
    Kabi Master Month ago

    Nek Minute

  • Henry Gold
    Henry Gold Month ago

    oh goody new switch lites, LETS SMELL EM!!!!

  • strazz •.•
    strazz •.• Month ago +1

    When you try to review a product but it's from your own company and can't say anything bad

    TRN BOOTY Month ago

    Can I get a Nintendo switch lite

  • Official NebbyPhage
    Official NebbyPhage Month ago +1

    Nature: Exists
    Nintendo Minute: Oh god a leaf!

  • Nicky Scott
    Nicky Scott Month ago

    Just beautiful

  • Paul Vega
    Paul Vega Month ago


  • X-Play
    X-Play Month ago +1

    Question: Did you guy learn to fix The JoyCon Drift for the Nintendo Switch Lite so the analog sticks on the Nintendo Switch Lite to make sure the analog does not not drift on the Nintendo Switch Lite

  • Sureewan
    Sureewan Month ago

    Transparent turquoise... that would be great.

  • furrynick
    furrynick Month ago

    She didn't know how to open the box lol. She always find the way to look dumb and he's always there to save her

  • Region BARF
    Region BARF Month ago +1

    I lost my 2ds since the end of fifth grade (2017)
    I lost it since...
    I am dead inside

    • Aldin101
      Aldin101 Month ago

      Region BARF no one cares

  • Faidou
    Faidou Month ago

    Does it taste terrible like the Switch cartridges?

  • Burnt Zapato
    Burnt Zapato Month ago

    The drift is real!

  • Sasel Andia
    Sasel Andia Month ago

    Nintendo normal version = superior version = 1080p games exclusives TV mode

  • Rosemary Dickerson
    Rosemary Dickerson Month ago

    well i got the turquoise its a great system i also have the nintendo switch too and they are awsome 💝💝

  • RogueRabbit 3590
    RogueRabbit 3590 Month ago

    They can't say anything bad about it because they are a part of Nintendo and if they did and someone found out then they could get fired or that part of the video would just get edited out.

  • ThatJadon 26
    ThatJadon 26 Month ago +1

    3:00 what is the Switch lame XD

  • Trainer Greninja
    Trainer Greninja Month ago +1

    Y yo aun con mi New Nintendo 3DS XL y mi Nintendo WiiU, aun no tengo Switch por falta de dinero :'(

  • davey Konijnenberg
    davey Konijnenberg Month ago

    I wouldnt buy Switch Lite the didn't do anything about the drifting analoge sticks

  • pepebotl
    pepebotl Month ago

    Apology drugs

  • pepebotl
    pepebotl Month ago

    China = team yellow

  • A. K.
    A. K. Month ago +1

    Thought turquoise is my fave color, I'll prefer to wait for black one. Usually when they got scratches, the color below them is black, so it'll not easy to notice scratches if you have black switch XD

  • infância de consoles

    when will you arrive in Brazil

  • Alyna Hoshylia
    Alyna Hoshylia Month ago

    I like you too you, you have so much fun 😆

  • Samus AaronAran
    Samus AaronAran 2 months ago

    I’m conflicted because of of smash bros. I always use a pro controller or GameCube pad for fighting games and would not be able to play very well on the switch lite.

  • joey b
    joey b 2 months ago


  • Han She
    Han She 2 months ago

    I liked all the colors, but I'm definitely team turquoise. And I so thought they were behind a green screen at first.

  • Daniel Cardinal
    Daniel Cardinal 2 months ago

    who gots a nintendo switch lite already like if oyu have it

  • FirestoneX
    FirestoneX 2 months ago

    I see one snack.😏

  • Marlon Navarro
    Marlon Navarro 2 months ago +6

    need this in gba purple color

  • Lydia Bouza
    Lydia Bouza 2 months ago

    You two are so annoying. I dont know how you're still doing #NintendoMinute . took forever to unbox and then just compare size of the switchs. I get better reveiws/ information from independent youtubers

  • Tracer Bullet
    Tracer Bullet 2 months ago

    wtf is this editing

  • Stoodz 3D
    Stoodz 3D 2 months ago


  • Kittenz Rulz
    Kittenz Rulz 2 months ago +1

    Yay I can watch people make a biased review that was probbroly orchestrated by Nintendo honestly they might as well say and don't forget to buy Nintendo switch online it's soo good

  • A_Domino_Between_Worlds

    I got this yesterday and my cousin has the original switch and he has a phone charger (the cube (Idk what it's called sorry) and the cord) to charge his switch with and when I got my Switch Lite I was surprised that the charger was that big. I still love the switch lite and hopefully I can get more money to get Smash Ultimate with it too!

  • Tyler Martell
    Tyler Martell 2 months ago

    The only problem I have with my Nintendo Switch Lite is it keeps on saying that it is saying that games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate gets taken to a check and see if this game is playable

  • gugilence YT
    gugilence YT 2 months ago

    Are you just smelling seitch lite

  • Joseph Cruz
    Joseph Cruz 2 months ago

    1:55 (Inhaling) Ah! The Smell of Brand New Fresh Game Consoles!