Hulkenberg's 2020 F1 options after shock Haas decision

  • Published on Sep 19, 2019
  • Nico Hulkenberg has lost out on a 2020 Formula 1 seat at Haas, with the American team choosing to keep Romain Grosjean alongside Kevin Magnussen for next year. The German insists he still has options on the F1 grid, so we take a look at the seats that are available, and assess how likely his chances are of ending up with a drive beyond this year. Where do you think Hulkenberg will go?
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  • Adam GamesHD
    Adam GamesHD 3 days ago

    I thought Kimi Raikonnen would retire from F1 2020.

  • Malse Man
    Malse Man 9 days ago

    I hope hulk goes to red bull

  • Sambo Sinti
    Sambo Sinti 12 days ago

    Bye bye hulk 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🖕

  • josh hill
    josh hill 13 days ago

    I never got all the love for Hulk. He is an ok driver but not that great. If he is great than Perez must be the greatest driver ever and Ricciardo must be god. Don't get me wrong. I also think Haas is crazy to keep Grojean. Grojean can be very fast but most race weekends bad Grojean shows up. I don't understand why Haas doesn't bring in a young driver and just have Grojean as a test driver. I think it has some to do with loyalty cause Grosean did a great job for Haas its first 2 years.

  • mikey380sx
    mikey380sx 17 days ago

    Some really rich dude needs to start a new team and call it Hulk GP lol. Give hulk and some other dude a seat and bada bing bada bang you got yourself a hulkenberg continuing in F1

  • Ivan Guzman
    Ivan Guzman 17 days ago

    Hulk is not as good as they think...

  • Mike Tomlin
    Mike Tomlin 18 days ago

    Hulkenberg gets disrespected all day long. Has consistently putting up good drives into the top 10. give this man a good car, he will perform.

  • leongt1954
    leongt1954 20 days ago

    Hulkenberg to Williams and could they afford him or Formula-E

  • wabamfmlic
    wabamfmlic 21 day ago

    Hulk in Dtm would be giant

  • badoubade
    badoubade 21 day ago

    Biggest talent it F1 this moment is by far Romain Grosjean's manager!!!
    how did he manage to extend his seat at HAAS is beyond understandable

  • day 2 day
    day 2 day 26 days ago

    Grosjean must have some money he brings or something . Or maybe is G.Stieners illegitimate son or something. Or ????? Not sure but its not skill

  • Adam Warner
    Adam Warner 27 days ago

    Haas needs to dump the Frenchmen already he down right sucks.

  • Thomas Gross
    Thomas Gross 27 days ago

    I would think Toro Rosso would add Pato O'ward before they added Hulkenberg

  • Lowry
    Lowry 28 days ago

    Get Ricky rocket back into red bull

  • Daniel Martini
    Daniel Martini 28 days ago

    he rode the throttle once too often

  • danmar007
    danmar007 28 days ago

    Haas and Mercedes. Two teams making a bad decision.

  • Dylan Vuille
    Dylan Vuille 29 days ago

    Grosjean hasn’t been in form of late but has everyone just chosen to look past how unimpressive and unconvincing magnussen is too? What has that fucker done in his entire career other than a one off podium?

  • sam
    sam 29 days ago

    Hulk is a career driver, he really shouldn’t have much difficulties finding himself a seat.

  • Bob Ford
    Bob Ford 29 days ago

    This is really sad, as the Hulk has never been blessed with the right car at the right time, you can't doubt his talent. As for Grosjean, he is still not in control of his emotions.

  • White Morgana
    White Morgana Month ago +1

    Grosjean has Thanos immunity😂

  • Dino's Shed
    Dino's Shed Month ago +1

    The hulk is a great man and driver, why the hell would they keep grogean?

  • Zack Seven
    Zack Seven Month ago +1

    It will be a shame if he does not get a drive for 2020 as he was amazing in the A1GP series but never really got a good car in F1 to show his true potential.

  • Matt Seaman
    Matt Seaman Month ago +1

    He's done.

  • Harry Sanjaya
    Harry Sanjaya Month ago +3


  • Jojoringo
    Jojoringo Month ago +1

    How they can keep Grosjean after the Singapore GP, what a disgrace Hulkenberg is far better

  • wolf argo 44
    wolf argo 44 Month ago

    I think kyvat actually deserve a spot back and Red Bull I mean it's not normal you see everyday at Toro Rosso on the podium for a Grand Prix and plus I think Daniel give you that has grown and he's Actually better himself in Formula 1 so I think he deserves that ride next but on Nico's hands I'd like to see him at Alfa Romeo because honestly Antonio Hasn't perform to the best that the team had hope for so if Nico deserves a ride it should be at Alfa Romeo

  • D.B.
    D.B. Month ago +1

    Grosjean clearly gives some proper BJ’s while Hulk prefers the girls 😉

  • life-is-fun
    life-is-fun Month ago

    Haas doesn't have the energy drink as a big sponsor, so if Grosjean had a sponsor with him, he will be the first choice.

  • 81andyr
    81andyr Month ago

    Grosjean must be cheaper than Hulk and bring a boat load of sponsorship with him as in my opinion hes the worst driver on the grid and has been since Maldonado lost his seat and even then it was close.

  • Pardos Claudiu
    Pardos Claudiu Month ago +4

    Hulkenberg is one of the most talented drivers, out there.
    With a proper car, he could be a world champion but this guy never really got a chance to prove it.
    Anyway, F1 is just a boring business right now; it does not surprise me what is happening.

  • J T
    J T Month ago +1

    Get a Ferrari drive when Vettel is fired for crashing into Leclerc. Cheaper than old man Alonso, while Leclerc is the future.

    HUMAN CONTRABAND Month ago +1

    I really like Hulkenberg hopefully he'll get a seat in another team.

  • David Fast
    David Fast Month ago +1

    "Indy cars should be ruled out because ovals are not my thing". Allow me to translate...."I'm a pussy". lol.

  • John McGlasson
    John McGlasson Month ago +1

    Does anyone consider that Hulk possibly dumped Renault and could leave F1 on his own? He could already have plans we don't know about. I don't see him at RB, possibly Alfa, Williams no way, I think he's leaving F1.

  • Mr. Gonzo
    Mr. Gonzo Month ago +1

    It's all about licking balls

  • Luis Gonzalez
    Luis Gonzalez Month ago +1

    He’s never had a podium lol

  • Cristiano Marques
    Cristiano Marques Month ago +1

    To be Honest, The most Possible seat is Williams , because it's the one of the seats that he has some sort of Link. It would be a good Choice for Williams, because Williams will need some actual experience in the next season. And For Claire Williams to give her seat to a more capable person, just leaving that out there.

  • eddared1
    eddared1 Month ago +2

    Hass can't afford to pay competent drivers. He's still paying off the $75 million dollar fine for his conviction for tax fraud.

  • ScrewCaptain27
    ScrewCaptain27 Month ago +1

    What next? Go suck some balls, that’s all he is good for in F1.

  • GeorgeBridgetower
    GeorgeBridgetower Month ago +1

    Become informed about a topic before you opine. The vast majority of Indycar races are on street courses. The racing is also, unlike F1, actually competitive and exciting. Hulkenberg might actually be able to win something.

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago +2

      Yeah, but not to the team that failed to qualify for Indy 500. Maybe for Ed Carpenter Racing... then he wouldn't have to race Ovals LOL :)

  • joetri10
    joetri10 Month ago

    He said no to Williams. Marko said no to both his teams.
    He's out.
    Ferrari said flat out no for years.
    Didn't need 5 minutes.

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      Marko said no becomes he is becoming demented

  • TheNoobGamer8
    TheNoobGamer8 Month ago +2

    It would be amazing if Vettel were fired and Hulkenberg is signed by Ferrari to be Leclerc's squire.
    Not so cool for Hulk, but it would be his best chance in career
    And is surely more consistent than Bottas

  • Kevin Wilson
    Kevin Wilson Month ago +1

    More fool haas

  • Slizk
    Slizk Month ago +1

    Formula E?

  • Erwin Lommer
    Erwin Lommer Month ago +2

    I don't think Mick Schumacher has enough super license points for F1 seat.

  • NQ
    NQ Month ago

    F1 needs a fake driver like grossjon to make a joke

  • nij aicru
    nij aicru Month ago

    honestly he is a good driver’
    it depends on the car of course’

  • Dave o driscoll
    Dave o driscoll Month ago

    would be interesting to see him in a Merc seat when Bottas gets the boot

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      nah,, not possible, they need a driver to defeat Hamilton no matter what. Mercedes want NO driver who refuses to submit to Hamilton unconditionally

  • Foxtrot6624
    Foxtrot6624 Month ago

    There's no way Kubica's reserve gets a seat over Hulkenberg

  • Matteo Beneduce
    Matteo Beneduce Month ago

    This situation is a discrase.
    Hulkenberg is the driver that suffered the most from the bullshit anti-racing regulations that are in force in F1.

  • McTigue97
    McTigue97 Month ago

    There's one other seat available but it's a big "if". If Vettel leaves Ferrari at the end of the season I think they would consider Hulk to partner Leclerc. However Kvyat would also be a strong candidate for that seat plus his ties with Ferrari.
    Can't see them going for Riccardo as Ferrari have stated previously that they don't like his fun personality

  • Max Evans
    Max Evans Month ago

    They said kubica is being replaced by Latifi as of current

  • Lil David
    Lil David Month ago

    How I wish Alonso could get Vettel's seat...

  • Shawn Koehler
    Shawn Koehler Month ago

    Nico needs a seat. he might not have been on the podium yet but he does score points. he is more reliable than Grosjean

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      Agreed. Wish he replaced Hamilton at Mercedes

  • Andriya Pradipta Karim

    Renault 2020 :

    Daniel Ricciardo
    Esteban Ocon

  • alisufian ruslan
    alisufian ruslan Month ago

    Why no mentioning Racing Point ? Thought only 1 driver confirm... WAIT OOOOOOOOHHHHHH #DaddyStuff

    • Rich Mars
      Rich Mars Month ago

      did i miss anything?

    • Rich Mars
      Rich Mars Month ago

      did not realize his real name was "Stroll" i thought that is what the nickname F1 commentators gave him ever time he's on the track, i wouldn't let him near F1 whatever the price, to me he is simply a joke who's only in F1 because of daddy bucks and when i see him during the races dwindling about on the same circuits with 200mph race cars constantly overtaking him i can't help feeling he's gonna cause a BIG accident one day or finally realize that even tho he is in F1 - he will NEVER be considered a "REAL F1 racer, his name will never feature in any F1 history book and hopefully will eventually get fed up being embarrassed from being constantly lapped race after race, and especially whilst there is "REAL TALENT" out there sat on the sidelines who cant get a drive cus they can't afford it?????? really highlights how the money mad yankee F1 owners are continuing to do business this way and double backed on their word that they were gonna improve F1 - not the size of their wallets

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      @Rich Mars lol :D

    • Rich Mars
      Rich Mars Month ago


    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      I would say they will keep Stroll sinc ehe brings the money

  • Musta Pilleri
    Musta Pilleri Month ago

    Win nothing, be nothing

  • Brc
    Brc Month ago

    The only F1 option now would be Williams. That's dependent on Williams deciding on whether they want a rookie, Latifi, alongside someone that's only been in F1 for one season.

  • Eamon Ahern
    Eamon Ahern Month ago

    I think Hulkenburg should change his mindset in relation to indycars. Not saying it should definitely be an option, just that I think he could be successful there.

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago

      I think he should join Ed Carpenter Racing since Ed only drives Ovals

    • Simply LW97.
      Simply LW97. Month ago +1


  • Ronald Schuurman
    Ronald Schuurman Month ago

    We need more teams