• Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • A California Judge has removed Stan Lee's order of protection and he is now open to more abuse. The man has given up and is quoted saying some frightening things.
    The Court Documents
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  10 days ago +1852

    Only 1 video today friends because THIS is very important. THIS is the video I need you to make sure you LIKE & Share everywhere You can on Facebook and to share this tweet! twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1015643056857591808 We have to help Stan Lee NOW!

    • Beelx - Dragon's
      Beelx - Dragon's 12 hours ago +1

      I am so mad at AL the people ho abuses him. I mean man the world is truly mean. He has brought joy and love in the form of comics and movies and this is the way people thank him by using him and treating him as if he didn't have any feelings at al. I really hope that I could do more and that the world can wake up soon before it is too late. Thanks for making me and others aware of this BIG problem. If I could I would let him live in my house and I would have atleast two of my closest and must trusted friends help him and protect him 24/7 and I would gladly give him more than half of my monthly income even doe I would suffer from it just to make sure he get's to live his last year's in peace. Poor old man. ( I love you Stan Lee your my hero and I really hope that things get's brighter soon and that you get through this cause I know you can and I belive in you doe I don't have that much hope left in the rest of the world. ( except the good-hearted people that watched this video and are ready to do something instead of just sitting there and watching as al our grandpa and hero is suffering)

    • Amanda Smith
      Amanda Smith 19 hours ago

      Timothy Owens i dont know much about this, but ive heard he doesnt even have the riches he used to have :( so he doesn't even have that and people are still taking. I'm sure he still has more money than most people but I would never know for sure

    • Amanda Smith
      Amanda Smith 19 hours ago

      Thank you for posting this, you're an awesome guy man

    • dustiest spade
      dustiest spade Day ago

      TheQuartering "we could try holding a party for Stan lee to try, and show how he helped us. I know it's small, but it will help him see how much he's helped in other people's life."

    • L O
      L O Day ago

      Godrules You're describing the early stages of Alzheimer's disease

  • Richard Stearman
    Richard Stearman 2 hours ago

    Stan Lee provided me with the faith we all can be heroes. This sucks.

  • thecplman1
    thecplman1 2 hours ago

    Disgusting that he's getting harassed like this!

  • Small Pee-pee Hole
    Small Pee-pee Hole 2 hours ago +1

    Save Stan

  • server PACOMALO
    server PACOMALO 3 hours ago

    Save Stan lee

  • Xerna Civa
    Xerna Civa 3 hours ago

    From all this , He might die soon , not wanting to see him die just saying it how I see it

  • King of 1974
    King of 1974 3 hours ago

    Why hasn't the nerd force hacked them into oblivion yet??

  • Luke Wickman
    Luke Wickman 3 hours ago

    X force 🙅‍♂️

  • shepherd -
    shepherd - 3 hours ago

    leak addresses.

  • Ryan Alba
    Ryan Alba 3 hours ago

    I'll volunteer to protect stan lee

  • major league potatoe
    major league potatoe 3 hours ago

    Im a fan of marvel, ever since i found my moms old 1978 issues of spiderman and seeing all of this has truely brought tears to my eyes. Stan Lee has changed the world. Despite all the heroes that have graced marvel comics. Stan Lee was the only Hero we had in this world

  • NTB_gaming
    NTB_gaming 3 hours ago

    The sad truth to this world is good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people its bullshit

  • Randall Ball
    Randall Ball 4 hours ago

    Cali Judges! Fuckin' A skippy! Worst in the world!

  • Marvin Garcia
    Marvin Garcia 4 hours ago

    This breaks my heart

  • Afro Boi
    Afro Boi 4 hours ago

    Nah Stan Lee has big ass skeletons in his closet too what goes around comes around. Thanks for the child hood memories but karma always comes 100 fold.

    AZASTROS 4 hours ago

    I am willing to donate to the King of Cameos

  • TheGreatChristopher TheFerryy

    Stan lee made life and super hero life

  • Sam Mazza
    Sam Mazza 4 hours ago +1

    This is ABSOLUTELY FUCKING DISGUSTING. Nobody should have to go through this, ESPECIALLY Stan Lee!

  • Car Crazed mobile
    Car Crazed mobile 4 hours ago

    Poor Stan Lee he doesn’t deserve this i hope he gets some peaceful last days

  • Mikey Dunks
    Mikey Dunks 4 hours ago

    Poor Stan Lee. How cruel the world can be. Love this brother. I pray him peace and give him thanks for morals and hope received from his creations throughout my childhood and adulthood.

  • Ikke Zelf
    Ikke Zelf 5 hours ago

    How can it be that ther are no safety nets for just cases like mr Lee. Wen you are 95 years old and mentaly healthy or not you should be left in peace for the twilight of life. I am living in the Netherlands and hope this cant happen here but than again i thougt the same of US law. what will happen to him wen he is in need of medical care? or is someone paying insurance for him? a very sad story and he is prob not alone in this.

  • Tyler Pitman
    Tyler Pitman 5 hours ago

    Lol, you think that anyone cares about Stan Lee, its all about business in this country. Legal systems are shot when it comes to anything with money or celebrities.
    The people who worked to build our country's culture and morals get ignored in favor of money or media publications. Even one of Americas top pop culture idols is getting ripped upon and people give no shits. There is no excuse for this to happen but what do i know, lived in this shithole of a country for years and still dont understand how the fuck these people think.

  • The Real Candy Cadet
    The Real Candy Cadet 5 hours ago

    Aw, poor Stan...

  • Makarov Panda
    Makarov Panda 5 hours ago

    This is sad

  • Chaos-Watching
    Chaos-Watching 5 hours ago

    Morgan, I will remember you and I will talk about you.

  • 日本は人生Weabsama

    Apparently the rumors about his daughter are false

  • Joe Gillespie
    Joe Gillespie 5 hours ago +1


  • thorbjørn mann
    thorbjørn mann 5 hours ago

    Stan Lee has no money? What fucking stupid shit is this xD

  • [ Purplepumagaming ]
    [ Purplepumagaming ] 6 hours ago

    Comic legend or not, he is an old man. You shouldn’t be so abusive and hateful to him.

  • petalumapapi
    petalumapapi 6 hours ago

    Good man thank you

  • Team of 87
    Team of 87 6 hours ago

    This is just sad

  • clintrock
    clintrock 6 hours ago

    What about that video stan did recently denying the elder abuse? Was he under threat to do it you think? This is so terrible. Stan Lee and his creations are a big part of both my childhood and adult life. What can be done?

  • Ryan Shaffer
    Ryan Shaffer 6 hours ago

    And how many people did Stan Lee backstab to get to where he is today? He is rich and famous, and fucked over a lot of good people. These are problems he created and he has to deal with them.

  • Jack Bones
    Jack Bones 7 hours ago

    This needs to stop. Nobody deserves this. Especially not Stan Lee.

  • Fruit Salad
    Fruit Salad 7 hours ago

    It just shows how sick and selfish people can be

  • The Only October
    The Only October 7 hours ago

    This is sad asf drop Stan Lee off in the hood I'll take care of him for the last few good year's we can get high and hit low end strip clubs

  • SM ED
    SM ED 7 hours ago

    DISGUSTEENG!! This situation breaks my heart. Just the thought of the old man giving up gives me pain as well as anger to the judge and to the horrid people in the comment section hating and saying bad things about Stan Lee.

    • SM ED
      SM ED 7 hours ago

      I can't beleive your actually gonna comment here👏👏😂 Looking forward fow a debate? If you think so then your done proving how less of a Man you are.👏😎

  • The Only October
    The Only October 7 hours ago

    We can't allow this Avengers Assemble I'm a nigga (Black) and this man's comics took me from my hood and took me to a safe place a get away all my nerds get together and let's pull up on these Stan Lee haters......

  • Sans the Skeleton
    Sans the Skeleton 7 hours ago

    I can’t... I fucking can’t

  • Eternal Sandshrew
    Eternal Sandshrew 7 hours ago

    Why do that stuff to Stan Lee?

  • Freak of Nature
    Freak of Nature 7 hours ago

    This whole situation is fucked and extremely sad. I wish there was more that we could do.

  • Sheogorath htarogoehs
    Sheogorath htarogoehs 8 hours ago

    Why do people not care about elders there are so many people that are rude or abuse them if people realize that old people hold a lifetime of advice maybe they’ll stop with this crap

  • Joshua B
    Joshua B 9 hours ago

    I'm appalled & outraged that anyone would hurt or take advantage of Stan Lee... 😡😡😡

  • Random Commentator
    Random Commentator 9 hours ago

    This is truely sickening omg everyone is out to get this guy i mean i'm not a crazy marvel fan but i know who stan lee is ik he comes out in all the MCU movies (which is pretty cool) he's a legend in Marvel i cannot believe he is being mistreated like this he's 95!! i'm barely finding out about all these terrible things happening to him this makes me sad :( i hope everything works out for him

  • the double mineshaft
    the double mineshaft 9 hours ago

    I can already see the DC fans smiling

  • N8
    N8 9 hours ago


  • David Welsh
    David Welsh 9 hours ago

    Aww bless him, he can come to Scotland and live with us!

  • Propaganda Slayer
    Propaganda Slayer 9 hours ago

    Stan Lee is not being helped by the government because he lives in California, which is the most fucked state in the country.

  • chokey the deep throating gerbil

    Lmao fuck the sell out

  • Felix The Barber
    Felix The Barber 10 hours ago

    It wont let me like this video 🤔

  • meta
    meta 10 hours ago

    yellow journalism

  • meta
    meta 10 hours ago

    i guarantee this channel is taking as much advantage of this as anyone

  • nlietzan
    nlietzan 10 hours ago

    Can we all just go hunt him down, drag him out of his house while he's sleeping, then string him up just to let all of us take turns beating the fuck out of him till he is nothing but ground meat, people who take advantage of the elderly are scum of the fucking earth

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 10 hours ago

    What are the actors supposed to do? Seriously what is wrong with you? Yes these actors may have millions of dollars but they were paid a role developed by Stan Lee. Stan Lee didn't come and groom them. They don't owe him anything. I'm sure they're sympathetic but why would they uproot their lives to dive into that mess? Hell when you really think about it Stan Lee didn't even cast those actors I'm pretty sure. You don't even realize how crazy you sound. I understand you're a fan but get ahold of yourself.

  • Marc Bryant
    Marc Bryant 10 hours ago

    At 95 what is the point of waking up everyday? It's pretty much going to be the same bullshit it's been for the past 95 years so yeah

  • sintwoOone
    sintwoOone 10 hours ago

    They want his rights to whatever money he gets

  • rainwolf034
    rainwolf034 10 hours ago

    No he’s blind.. so he does not know what he’s signing etc.. this is abuse.

  • Vieve Nelles
    Vieve Nelles 10 hours ago

    We should start a petition and help him

  • Jolly Mangina
    Jolly Mangina 10 hours ago

    Welcome to Hollywood

  • Grimmsha72
    Grimmsha72 10 hours ago

    Let's be honest, protection orders don't really protect a damn thing. It's just a piece of paper that says don't hurt someone.
    He's got the money so why not hire a bodyguard if he feels threatened?

  • Simply - K
    Simply - K 11 hours ago

    People need to stop taking Stan Lee for granted.

  • Travis Rabble
    Travis Rabble 11 hours ago

    Being old isn't fun, no one wants to acknowledge this but most old people wish they were dead and we should provide euthanasia but we are too selfish and merciless as a society.

  • 2Chopstick Entertainment

    Who else thinks that we need to do something about this?

  • Atari Dude
    Atari Dude 11 hours ago

    This is fucking shit, Stan deserves better

  • Trevor Chauncey
    Trevor Chauncey 11 hours ago +1

    This is all a setup orchestrated by the plenipotentiary elites to collect on Stan Lee's debts that he owes after being heavily involved in Freemasonry as well as Jewish mysticism. It is certainly unfortunate but let's just say you reap what you sow.

  • marc arcoria
    marc arcoria 11 hours ago

    Armed security ........if Kevin Smith cares why doesn’t he hire armed security for Stan Lee ........I volunteer my services .

  • XAwesomeX99
    XAwesomeX99 11 hours ago +1

    People who Stan Lee thinks he can trust just backstab him and abuse him.
    I just want to give him a huge hug. He’s like a grandpa to every marvel fan.

  • Zabwow
    Zabwow 11 hours ago


  • Ox7ProTotyPe
    Ox7ProTotyPe 11 hours ago

    Protection from what?

  • Charlie Jones
    Charlie Jones 11 hours ago

    Everyone tweet this video to any one you think actually cares about stan lee.... even if you dont think they will see it just help!

  • Justin Bertaud
    Justin Bertaud 12 hours ago

    Karma is a best dish served cold.

  • infringinator
    infringinator 12 hours ago

    if i have to see that old bag in one more marvel movie cameo I might just lose my poo.

  • N3RD
    N3RD 12 hours ago

    Stan Lee should use some comic books to smach em

  • Chukwu
    Chukwu 12 hours ago

    Steal his blood tf....

  • PuertoRicanStyL
    PuertoRicanStyL 12 hours ago

    This has to be on some elite hollywood type stuff going on. That's why no other actors are coming to his aide/getting involved. It's very evil up there in those elite/celebrity levels, as you can see. They're openly harassing an old man, and everyone is just turning a blind eye to it.

  • Jesse Ramos
    Jesse Ramos 12 hours ago

    Watching him sign my comic a few years ago at Silicon Valley Comic Con, to myself, it seemed like he was being force to sign things onk for one reason. That reason is that he looked like didn't know how to spell anyone's names because he had someone telling him in his ear as to what he wrote. It made me feel bad because i was one more person putting him through whatever feeling he was feeling, that he didn't seem aware of anything while his hand is shaking every signature. If this is true, then I was probably correct with what I thought I was seeing back then. Thats too bad that something like this is happening to someone who's brought so much joy to so many for decades. It'd be nice if Disney did something to help him out. Maybe try to get custody of him and give him the best of anything and everything he needs, when he needs it. I'm pretty sure they can afford to pay for a better life for him so he could enjoy his last years of his life instead of Judy giving up. I hope he gets the help he needs and more. He deserves at least that from everyone who have enjoyed his creations in some form or another.

  • tomis wolf
    tomis wolf 12 hours ago

    Honestly we need to make ironman sutes and guard him

  • Binge Gamer
    Binge Gamer 12 hours ago +1

    How can you be mean to the nicest old man

  • Daniel Rodrigo
    Daniel Rodrigo 13 hours ago

    First Steve died, now I dont want Stan to got too. They are the ones that brought me into comics.

  • Steven Howell
    Steven Howell 13 hours ago

    When you mess with Stan Lee, you mess with a army. #protectstanlee

  • Daniel Rodrigo
    Daniel Rodrigo 13 hours ago

    What?! Judge dismissed the case?! Stan is alone?! MARVEL AND DISNEY HELP HIM AND HELP US PLEASE!!

  • delta 04
    delta 04 13 hours ago

    Why dose it say gaming

  • Trismegistus Philalethes
    Trismegistus Philalethes 13 hours ago +1

    Well, that's what he gets for being a thief and a talentless hack. He should've died in obscurity, but the casuals like the ones in the comments put him in the undeserved place he is right now.
    Anyway, RIP Steve Ditko, the TRUE creator of Spiderman.

  • Acus9999
    Acus9999 13 hours ago

    Wtf is wrong with people!? He is 95 years old! Just leave him alone! Let him rest in peace, dont abuse him cuz he cant do anything back.
    He created so many great things and trust me if he is ever killed, every and i MEAN comic book, marvel and even DC fans will rain down upon the evil piece of human garbage who commited the act÷

  • Retrocidal
    Retrocidal 13 hours ago

    Poor guy I’d be nice to him my dad is a vet and is dieing he has failed kiddies it’s hard I have broken back and a hard broken child up adulthood I could protect him in Colorado Springs he could hire me because I have to feed kids and help my dad and don’t have a hole lot we could setup armed security and some private land we can even put guys out there with ar15s and no one is getting in we would have more power then the police also and are licensed and trained I only make 11 bucks a hour and a youtuber a was home health aid for a bit I know cpr and b a good friend I’d love to talk with him and just chat let him know I am serious I could help him with medical security and like I say private land police can no be on unless someone is dieing I been doing security for over 4 years and youtuber for around 4 years I have been abused my self and if someone messed with him I’d slam them in the ground and arrest them let me know I also have security company and other armed guards we don’t get paid a lot so it’s affordable we could have one two four guards I am going threw the same thing with my dad anyways just trying to help you can go watch all my videos and listen to me and judge me I am a good person and I like to help others and would be a awesome chance for me even if someone offered me money to something wrong even a lot I wouldn’t do it because I’d have to live with it any ways just a thought

  • austin taylor
    austin taylor 13 hours ago

    Who the fuck is Stan lee? lol

  • scarlett jack
    scarlett jack 14 hours ago

    tbh this makes me wanna cry

  • Lou Banach
    Lou Banach 14 hours ago

    Nobody should be giving Stan Lee any shit or stealing from him! Just let him live his life in peace!

  • cris stone
    cris stone 14 hours ago

    You treat people right and this happens......and then they cry when assholes come up

  • phil scott
    phil scott 14 hours ago

    some of us use head phones, when you shout it blows out the ear drums

  • ashlea genson
    ashlea genson 14 hours ago

    This is sick i would take care of hin for free and protect a legend that has given us so much in this world

  • Mousey Lemon
    Mousey Lemon 14 hours ago

    What makes it so special when he says he wants to die?

  • GreenEggzndHamm
    GreenEggzndHamm 14 hours ago

    let's get #HelpStanLee trending

  • GreenEggzndHamm
    GreenEggzndHamm 14 hours ago

    this is why I fucking hate California.

  • Unorthodox Reviews
    Unorthodox Reviews 14 hours ago

    To give the few people who are recently tuning in some solace, a judge recently granted Stan Lee a permanent restraining order against Keya Morgan so yeah, its all good.

  • ItamaRart
    ItamaRart 14 hours ago

    This is rough.. I hope everything will be good for the legend stan lee..

    RANG3RBOT 14 hours ago

    Boring ass video.

  • Cuda Savage
    Cuda Savage 14 hours ago

    What can we as the public at large do for Stan?