• Published on Jul 7, 2018
  • A California Judge has removed Stan Lee's order of protection and he is now open to more abuse. The man has given up and is quoted saying some frightening things.
    The Court Documents
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  • TheQuartering
    TheQuartering  2 months ago +2167

    Only 1 video today friends because THIS is very important. THIS is the video I need you to make sure you LIKE & Share everywhere You can on Facebook and to share this tweet! twitter.com/TheQuartering/status/1015643056857591808 We have to help Stan Lee NOW!

      POOKISTAN 3 days ago

      Can you post an update on this?

    • Ryan Miller
      Ryan Miller 3 days ago

      Man I struggle just waking up in the morning. Stan has lived a full life with A LOT of money. Get out of here with that Stan. Come on man I'm a fan and you are pissing me off with this shit.

    • René' Cruz
      René' Cruz 26 days ago +1

      Jack King Kirby 🕷️🕸️

    • René' Cruz
      René' Cruz 26 days ago +1

      Steve Ditko died and didn't get shit 🕷️🕸️

  • Gary White
    Gary White 5 hours ago

    Too often this happens to elderly people. Hope someone with a voice will step up.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 8 hours ago

    Boycott marvel? Just don't buy comics from them and try to have the movies go under.

  • Michael Reyes
    Michael Reyes 8 hours ago

    I would burn all the money, want the money come see me after death

  • Michael Rains
    Michael Rains 10 hours ago

    It doesn't matter whether he is old or not. No one deserves to be treated this way. honour & love are in such a dilapidated state, in this sad world of ours.

  • João
    João 21 hour ago

    Time for the Avengers to assemble for the greatest of causes, IRL!

  • Sicko Gamer
    Sicko Gamer Day ago

    He needs to move to TEXAS. No one in Cali gives a fuck. That's the REAL problem.

  • Jack Barber
    Jack Barber Day ago

    This just broke my heart...

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez Day ago

    Fucking parasites man! Always trying to leach or hook into other people success. Bro! If was at to me those fucker would be sentence to public execution straight in the head bro. Cause i hate fucking parasites like those peoples!

  • Tommy Johnson
    Tommy Johnson Day ago

    I think the people fuckin wit Stan needs there fuckin heads busted open.... some of us won't want anything but maybe bonded out of jail. maybe a few autographs.. But .. I hate bullies and am not afraid to bust heads ... it saddens me to here Stan Lee is going through such distress while others get rich ..

  • John Smith
    John Smith Day ago

    "Armed men are coming to his house and stealing his blood" ?

  • 0
    0 Day ago

    Stop buying Marvel

  • Scott Guise
    Scott Guise Day ago

    Mr. Lee, hire some of us vets to protect you from this bullshit. No one would ever get in the door or on your property, and we would take care of this so called security guard. I am sure plenty of us would do it for reasonable rates while they are away from the family. You may only need one of us to be honest. My Grandfather passed at 96, and watching him watch the world and this nation through television as it depressed and crushed him at what the world and this nation has become, and brought about this same mentality of hopelessness and just wanting to die, so I understand. Elderly abuse is REAL, look at all the BS in nursing homes and Hospices. People of this caliber need to be jailed for many years.

  • boomerhgt
    boomerhgt Day ago

    This is awful Stan Lee an icon in the comic World ..you got it right when you said the vultures were assembling , that's what greed does to some people

  • TrixR4Kids Paul
    TrixR4Kids Paul Day ago

    Now calling all citizens from around the world Stan Lee is Falling
    Where the are the dam Avengers!?

  • Sunbropooks
    Sunbropooks Day ago

    MCU should pay him since he is the reason marvel exist

  • demonic venom
    demonic venom Day ago

    why is this not in the news im in uk and first i hear of this is utube im a life time fan of stans work its such a shame that the values of his heros dont exsist in real life please can you post another vid so i can follow how stan lee is doing now

  • JDottDees Tv
    JDottDees Tv Day ago

    What the actual fuck am i watching right now?

  • Nicholas Perrin
    Nicholas Perrin Day ago

    Even though I do not and have never really enjoyed comics, I still think the man is a legend. Regardless, for ANY elderly of ANY stature to be treated in such a way... Just really shows how shit people really and truly are...

  • wu ming
    wu ming 2 days ago

    95? Already a great run. Hell - Marvel should protect him just so he can keep making cameo appearances in movies. Plus, they owe him.

  • The Human Torch
    The Human Torch 2 days ago

    I wish I knew Stan Lee as a friend. Someone like him is why I love comics. Marvel and DC alike, and one of the main reasons why I plan to start my own comic business. I hope God protects him from these arrogant and ignorant people who use him.

  • The Human Torch
    The Human Torch 2 days ago

    ..... What? Why would these people do this to Stan Lee. Heartless jerks.

  • Jamez Clowdz
    Jamez Clowdz 2 days ago

    Our justice system is a fuckin joke it makes me physically ill

  • De LaMar
    De LaMar 2 days ago

    Why the fuck are there people disliking this video?!

  • John Ngochua
    John Ngochua 2 days ago

    Stan Lee, doesn't deserve this treatment see the greed.!!!

  • Unfreundlich
    Unfreundlich 2 days ago

    no one wants to....why? well he wasnt allways the "good" guy. karma is a bitch

  • Mr McDonald
    Mr McDonald 2 days ago

    Isn't ANYONE helping the guy??Lets all get together and help Stan lee! lets all go to his house and guard him! if I could I would!

  • 1423 171
    1423 171 2 days ago

    God fuck that morgan guy seriously guy needs the shit beat out of him for the kind of stuff he's done

  • Seamo One
    Seamo One 2 days ago

    This is so insane! How can this happen to him??????
    This is absolutely disgusting!

  • Maxililian Adam Alex Dyhr

    i wanna give him a big huge

  • Marshall Winkler
    Marshall Winkler 2 days ago

    Humans can be ravenous zombies, are any of you surprised??

  • Once Upon A Porn
    Once Upon A Porn 3 days ago

    i don't get it how can his family treat him like this.

  • LKVideos
    LKVideos 3 days ago


  • Look behind you
    Look behind you 3 days ago

    this channel sucks!

  • MassiveKitten Fire
    MassiveKitten Fire 3 days ago

    Female Judge.

  • J. Valle
    J. Valle 3 days ago

    Pray for Lee 🙏

  • Daniel Harvey
    Daniel Harvey 3 days ago

    In this world, villains always wins there are no heroes only Stan and Kevin Smith are heroes

  • lilsabin
    lilsabin 3 days ago

    he needed grandchildren . See , that s why you need to reproduice on a regular basis

  • Grappolidipalma
    Grappolidipalma 3 days ago

    Ask to "Captain America" to protect Stan Lee...

  • suki kang
    suki kang 3 days ago

    This is fucked up
    He is a living legend
    marvel should protect and support him

  • 1060michaelg
    1060michaelg 3 days ago

    +TheQuartering I applaud you putting out the word on the ordeal of Mr. Stan Lee...it is a Mitzvah. I will share this with a friend of mine who owns a comic book shop in Florida---I know he will in turn share it and it will be shared throughout that entire community. I pray it helps.

  • Taun-Chi Gaming
    Taun-Chi Gaming 3 days ago

    One of the lawyers was probably hired by the daughter or someone who holds some legal/fiscal power of Lee's... The other is probably a long time representative of Lee or part of the firm he has been associated with.

  • BEN J
    BEN J 3 days ago

    Why these Comic book icons have so much problems
    Superman and Batman Creator's had the same greed Hunter's.
    Why won't Disney take care of this man.

  • Kai Yahya.
    Kai Yahya. 3 days ago

    Nobody perfect. But he made huge impact to the WORLD. He deserve some respect. He promoted comic book heroes. This heroes inspired people.

  • ignorance iseverywhere

    God, sub-human scumbag deplorable trash. UNBELIEVABLE people would treat a treasure any less than that. This is why the majority of humanity SUCKS. NOBODY GIVES A SHIT. Just sickening. Poor Stan, his treatment is ridiculously, unnecessarily vile. He needs LEGAL PROTECTION. The whole legal system is a complete JOKE. Disgusting.

  • Lavar's Balls
    Lavar's Balls 3 days ago

    Jack Kirby > Stan Lee. If Jack Kirby went to DC and never left, Marvel would have been dead in the 60s. Kirby revived that company and what does he get? A small text in the credit roll in which 95% of MCU fans dont even know who he was and what has done for that company.

  • Proline Welding Ltd.

    Hire a bodyguard, like wtf

  • Jon Kemper
    Jon Kemper 3 days ago

    He got his protection back guys.

  • Val Venus
    Val Venus 3 days ago

    Where are the multi- million dollar actors??? Taking care of their own families dude...Stan Lee has outlived the people that cared about him...he is no longer a human being, but a copyright and court battle..thank the Democrats for establishing such laws.

  • Григорий Кривицкий

    Marvel should hire couple bodyguards.

  • Cynthia M Grooms
    Cynthia M Grooms 4 days ago

    Somebody needs to watch that judge's bank accounts.

  • Douglas Wayne
    Douglas Wayne 4 days ago

    He would've said, "Don't make me come down there, you punk!"

  • Mlucious67
    Mlucious67 4 days ago

    So sad. Greed is a monster

  • Hidden Rambo
    Hidden Rambo 4 days ago

    Maybe it was a stunt by the agent i hire someone to be your lawyer and there is some flimsy paperwork that may allow it (contract) unless contested causing confusion which buys time and sets up the idea of Mr Lee not being competent and trying to say basically the crazy old man made it up and i should be his legal caretaker. Some people are truly cruel and things like this do happen.

  • briananders710
    briananders710 4 days ago

    He should hire a bodyguard

  • MrChillin65
    MrChillin65 4 days ago

    There is a belief that some humans have been crossed bred with animals... In this case, vultures. Vile repulsive money grabbing scum. Why isn't the actors etc supporting him? They owe him their careers in some cases...

  • Alex
    Alex 4 days ago

    Being rich (as in being the owner of a fortune) is actually a burden...
    Either rich people are possessed with greed, or they are victims of people who are possessed with greed.
    I really wish Stan Lee would up and leave the country, for his own sake. Go to Japan or something equally radical. A dramatic change of scenery and people.
    Somewhere, where he can live out his last days without the stress of all these phony and gluttonous people.

  • Joseph El
    Joseph El 4 days ago

    Stan Lee is the heart and soul of Marvel. He deserves the utmost respect.

  • Roy Poud
    Roy Poud 4 days ago

    A human asking permission from the state, to be left alone to make his own choices.
    Sad in a "free" country.

  • Nicholas MacNutt
    Nicholas MacNutt 4 days ago

    No worries Stan. You are a hero to me.

  • Majira Red
    Majira Red 4 days ago

    Don't do it Stan we need you to save us from Disney and make sure they don't ruin marvel like they completely destroyed star wars

  • jon moore
    jon moore 4 days ago

    wtf, poor stan lee, he should be left in peace

  • Crazy Monkey420
    Crazy Monkey420 4 days ago

    woah scary

  • MercilessRelliK
    MercilessRelliK 5 days ago

    This video needs to be taken down immediately! Stop giving this piece of crap views! Stop spreading lies about good people!

  • Napi Omaha kapi si
    Napi Omaha kapi si 5 days ago

    What they have done to Stan Lee is criminal and should be locked up! Sad that People cant understand these sick sewer swimmers are vermin and should be erradicated!

  • Ян Н.
    Ян Н. 5 days ago


    ODDBALL SOK 5 days ago

    why is nobody "helping" him ?
    duh..because he HAS lost of money. This should take care of itself. (dead money?..no COMPANY money,BRAND money..that means it goes with caretackers and company lawyers..).
    why are evil lawyers preying on his money/possesions ?
    duh...lawyers ARE like that. ALWAYS. Especially in 'murica...
    lee shld know this from experience...

  • Louie Pooh
    Louie Pooh 5 days ago

    So the Guardians cast comes out in defense of Gunn's pedophile "jokes", the fuck are you cowards now that an actual good person is being abused like this? Where the fuck is anyone in a position to help? I'd gladly do anything I could but I don't have enough filthy lucre to even enter the arena. Humans make me sick.


    Im about to edit this video and only show how many times you swallowed throughout this video

  • 1Coke ToGo
    1Coke ToGo 5 days ago

    All those actors are probably at some pedo party eating baby steaks.

  • Sinista Demon
    Sinista Demon 5 days ago

    Mr stan lee does not deserve this,Have fucker's forgot treat other's how you want to be treated,The same 💩 that they is doing to him will come back on them like final destination
    Watch what I tell ya

  • desu ne
    desu ne 6 days ago

    Unfortunately, Stan is nowhere near as bad off as most elderly in US. Most retirees are surviving on Social Security, and the average SS retirement benefits is $1400/month. Stan should just go ham with his money, if he's giving up on life anyway. His daughter is a bitch, though, and shouldn't give a her penny more.

  • Mayor of Tiddy Siddy *

    Maybe Stan is finally getting his bad karma for stealing all of "his" characters from Jack Kirby.

  • George Chakhidze
    George Chakhidze 6 days ago

    Guess this is to be most high-profile case of this: thexvid.com/video/nG2pEffLEJo/video.html

  • a random frog
    a random frog 6 days ago

    this is so depressing stan lee is my hero, our hero... isn't there a petition we can create/sign?

  • Willie Gamer
    Willie Gamer 7 days ago

    proof that $$$ is the root of evil, monetary system needs reform!

  • Joshua Morien
    Joshua Morien 7 days ago

    We also don't why his daughter is such a cunt. Why his daughter is so angry at him. Maybe his past sins are catching up with him.

  • GTA2SWcity
    GTA2SWcity 7 days ago

    ...CA judge? One more reason I hate this state.

  • cool_dude_98 98
    cool_dude_98 98 8 days ago

    I would happily take care of him. The man is a century old, imagine the stories he could tell.

  • br777666
    br777666 8 days ago

    Disney wants Stan dead; so they can make more money.

  • art finexfan
    art finexfan 8 days ago

    Why pepole just why leave the poor guy hes the best person in the world hope he lives his life good whille he is alive

  • Peter Johnson
    Peter Johnson 8 days ago

    Protect the legend

  • Holly Lea
    Holly Lea 9 days ago

    Even if you have shells the fucking bitch ass cops start to think they are in lower

  • Holly Lea
    Holly Lea 9 days ago

    This is the shit that happens when you build an empire

  • Robert Tommer
    Robert Tommer 9 days ago

    Here's an idea: Have Kevin Smith produce a reality show starring him and Stan Lee and other celebrity types. Have Stan lee live in the house with everyone else. Stan Lee's day-to-day life is then under the legal protection of a television production, and people like his daughter and others who seek to take advantage of him can be kicked off the set at any time.

  • YallCrazy
    YallCrazy 9 days ago

    The leeches are coming 🙄

  • Maestro Claudio
    Maestro Claudio 9 days ago

    The avengers should dress up as "The Avengers" and kick some ass.

  • ID_Avalon
    ID_Avalon 9 days ago

    Stan Lee has given me hope and courage through his stories since I was a child, the people who are using a man like that can all go and just die. He needs us all and he deserves the best anyone can ever get. Stan Lee is a Hero

  • Sir Dankistan
    Sir Dankistan 9 days ago

    Poor Stan I just wanna give him a hug tell him it'll be alright and that the fans care about him.

  • DaVeganZombie
    DaVeganZombie 9 days ago


  • redtesta
    redtesta 9 days ago +1

    they just shit on you when you are older. They ration care you, they want you to die ( the left that is ) very sad

  • MidnightCanvas
    MidnightCanvas 10 days ago

    That's fucked up

  • Mythra
    Mythra 10 days ago

    What if people just one day decided to not be garbage? That'd be great

  • Gazza Rover
    Gazza Rover 10 days ago +3

    Sounds like stan lee got jewed!!

  • J P
    J P 10 days ago

    Stan Lee was a big Hillary Clinton supporter, so he made the decision to run with jackals.

  • Mr. Snake
    Mr. Snake 11 days ago

    9.7th commemt

  • Drizzle Studios
    Drizzle Studios 11 days ago

    You guys think that the cast of the MCU knows about this? If any of this nonsense (my opinion. if you wanna fight me, i aint doing anything) is actually happening?

    If they knew, they would be already helping him. So they probably don’t know.

  • Irving Silverman
    Irving Silverman 12 days ago +1

    Maybe he should hide under a pile of Marvel Comix...

  • jesus  m solis jr
    jesus m solis jr 12 days ago +1

    If you want
    I help for free sir
    Your like the best person I ever know you dreams have become are fueture. Wow. What wonders the minds have
    I can help
    I been trained in skills
    How can I help. Sir
    Can someone let me know how
    I can help this great man live out his golden years In peace 🙏

  • John Santos
    John Santos 12 days ago

    Sounds like Stan needs Frank Castle...