G-Eazy And Britney Spears Performing ‘Me, Myself & I’ | WWHL


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  • Herman Booger
    Herman Booger 2 days ago

    She looks like Kyrie Jenner in a sickly way

  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé 7 days ago

    I’m not even that invested in her music but this girl has been screwed over multiple times by the industry. She deserves the fucking WORLD 🌎

  • My name is Aminé
    My name is Aminé 7 days ago

    Man people in the music industry are SHADY ASF. The fact that Bebe was IN TOWN, AT THE SHOW, IN THE AUDIENCE, and they still didn’t tell her...

  • Donna_Slims_SW
    Donna_Slims_SW 7 days ago

    How can she be pissed when she did the same thing to Rihanna?!?!

  • Howard Davies
    Howard Davies 7 days ago

    Sorry Guys I’ve watched it three times and I still have no idea who this chick is or what she does.-That’s honestly the truth.

  • SA2007V Vlogs
    SA2007V Vlogs 7 days ago

    Me Myself And I Is by Bebe Rexha, not Britney Spears!

  • Techno Addict
    Techno Addict 8 days ago

    love britney...

  • J. JJ
    J. JJ 8 days ago

    Thought they were tight he couldn’t even give her the heads up out of respect?
    This screams F.F.F!

  • DnB JYNX
    DnB JYNX 9 days ago

    id let her shit on my face

  • primateboogaloo
    primateboogaloo 10 days ago

    She looks like a Morgana Robinson character

  • Cryces
    Cryces 10 days ago +1

    What That Pornstars Name Anyone?

  • The Hal
    The Hal 10 days ago

    Sooooo cute 😍

  • Alex X
    Alex X 10 days ago +1

    It's actually really mean what they did to her career.
    David Guetta didn't credit her on Hey Mama at first (she was singing the most important part!), they gave Rihanna the part in the Monster but Bebe was supposed to sing the wohle thing.
    They just gave Me, Myself And I to Britney for the performance.
    I'm pretty sure she had to fight for her career more than other celebrities. I know her since "I can't stop drinking about you", and her career was not take off in any way the whole time, i wonder why? She is so talented!

  • Keith Gordon
    Keith Gordon 10 days ago


  • Eve Smith
    Eve Smith 10 days ago

    She needs new wigs

  • O
    O 11 days ago

    Poor bebe she always getting played!

  • Natasha
    Natasha 11 days ago

    Alot of shady things happened to artists that write their own music that’s why i have more respect to singers who write their own music. No shade.

  • Amanda Darling
    Amanda Darling 11 days ago

    Sweet, normal girl 👌

  • winter
    winter 11 days ago +1

    Look she looks good but girl whats that outfit

  • Sakina X
    Sakina X 12 days ago

    Poor girl!! X

  • H U M A N huntz
    H U M A N huntz 12 days ago

    Recognize me? I'm everywhere.

  • Lochnivar
    Lochnivar 12 days ago

    hahaha - host with the surname Cohen. Woman comes on with labels saying stuff like "Boy's, Girl's, Lick Me", then they sit there having her spout inconsequential bollocks between their little celebrity cliques. It's like Twitch IRL with celebs. Manufactured, social influencing scumbags that have no depth or thoughts of their own trying to lead future generations into oblivion

  • iconic records
    iconic records 13 days ago

    First off that not Britney spears it's Bebe rexta and second putting click bait is just cringey was a shit vid anyway

  • Катя Старчевська

    haha but she didn`t say anything about the actual performance. well it was quite bad

  • Alan Ocegueda
    Alan Ocegueda 13 days ago +1

    She deserve more attention. I love her 💗

  • Steven
    Steven 13 days ago +1

    Her hair is atrocious

  • Corijuan Reese
    Corijuan Reese 13 days ago

    I always thought it was weird that she was at the event and didn't get to perform it. Granted I like Britney on it but they could have still did Make Me and then transition into Bebe performing Me Myself and I.

  • Mercy Williams
    Mercy Williams 13 days ago +1

    I feel like it's important to know that It is okay to confront your idols. Do not let anything stop you from what you know should be said or what is right.

  • Cain Bolton
    Cain Bolton 13 days ago +1

    They’ve been doing this girl wrong since day, smh.

  • Meagan Smith
    Meagan Smith 13 days ago

    I noticed some celebrities be doing BEBE wrong.

  • Mykiea Mcafee
    Mykiea Mcafee 13 days ago

    You better be glad you said you liked Britney or your career would have been banned lol

  • Jemaria w
    Jemaria w 14 days ago

    🤔 umm I confused, did this happen recently or what because I'm finding videos of this back in 2016. Why was it brought up if it happened in 2016. I knew she was still cool with g-eazy when she made her song F.F.F(2017) and like a couple of pictures they were together in since then and a little bit now.

  • Lucy Campiona
    Lucy Campiona 14 days ago

    G-eazy un nako

  • Anysha Mendes
    Anysha Mendes 14 days ago

    why bebe hair is like that?

  • ItsJustMikee
    ItsJustMikee 14 days ago

    All it takes is a picture with Britney

  • sweetenerari
    sweetenerari 14 days ago

    She’s high

  • Katherine Celine
    Katherine Celine 14 days ago +15

    tbh i don't care if she's okay with it now, she deserved better. this was just one of the many times the industry did her dirty and took advantage of her. she wrote those lyrics and britney got to sing them at a huge awards show and it was just not cool.

  • Maor Nadav
    Maor Nadav 14 days ago

    she doesn't deserve all this crap that's so sad :(

  • Aggressive Bread
    Aggressive Bread 14 days ago

    Lol who’s Bebe !? 🤔🤔

  • QUUV9 L21C
    QUUV9 L21C 14 days ago


  • Belladonna Nightshade
    Belladonna Nightshade 14 days ago

    She’s a great song writer

  • Alexa Graves
    Alexa Graves 14 days ago

    Yeah that’s messed up. Your song babe.

  • greg parch
    greg parch 14 days ago +27

    She looks like a white Wendy Williams in that thumbnail

  • Emily lox
    Emily lox 14 days ago

    I would have been pissed regardless photo fck no. Put me and Britney up there singing it. It should have been all 3 of them she wrote it..

  • M A
    M A 14 days ago +2

    Bebe wouldve sang it live too. Britney can't relate

  • curt wall
    curt wall 14 days ago

    People forget whe wrote alot of songs and fucked bebe over countless times good thing shes a tough cookie

  • matt bardot
    matt bardot 14 days ago +189

    i can't believe they didn't let her know in advance, that's INSANE

  • matt bardot
    matt bardot 14 days ago +369

    the industry has screwed this girl over in so many ways... i'm so happy she eventually got the success she deserved all along!!

    • Alex Batonisashvili
      Alex Batonisashvili 8 days ago

      she still deserves more

    • Thomas Fisher
      Thomas Fisher 9 days ago

      matt bardot woooo bebe rexha!!!!

    • MrsVenus27
      MrsVenus27 12 days ago +2

      I was just thinking the same thing. Her tell all book when she's comfortable with her level of success & confident enough to tell it will be amazing I'm sure!!

    • Moses Jonson
      Moses Jonson 14 days ago +2


  • IzzyAlmanzarMusic
    IzzyAlmanzarMusic 14 days ago

    I almost died at '' it's absolute bull- ooh cant curse''

  • Rachel Sapienza
    Rachel Sapienza 14 days ago

    and britney mimed that whole performance. i remember i didn't even know who bebe was back then but when britney came out on the stage i was like??? that's not her song because obviously bebe's vocals are so unique.

  • Tone Deaf
    Tone Deaf 15 days ago

    i think its kinda hypocrisy that people require people have to always stay "perfect" on media or you got bashed righy now while ur rotton in house? we are all human, not spirits yet so..

  • Tone Deaf
    Tone Deaf 15 days ago

    if i were bebe i be mad.. someone took my spot:(

  • Shai
    Shai 15 days ago

    Britney spears is horrible

  • Sako Agopian
    Sako Agopian 15 days ago +1

    They did not let her know? That's so low! I would have ran to the stage and stopped the show actually lol.

  • Clint
    Clint 15 days ago

    Omg love herrrrrrr

  • Ed C
    Ed C 15 days ago

    she's a brat

  • loveiseverything003
    loveiseverything003 15 days ago

    dont like her.

  • JustChexin
    JustChexin 15 days ago

    What is the word she is saying by accident where Andy is like “it’s okay.” I can’t make the word out. Why was she sorry or embarrassed for saying this word?

    • JustChexin
      JustChexin 15 days ago

      Petra Uhráková Oh thanks, that makes sense! I didn’t know what she was saying and now I get it :-)

    • Petra Uhráková
      Petra Uhráková 15 days ago +1

      She wanted to said “bullshit”, but she didn’t know if it’s appropriate for tv.

  • ShallowDepression
    ShallowDepression 15 days ago


  • Herman Palaje
    Herman Palaje 15 days ago

    Bebe really is so authentic. Love her for loving Britney

  • Pepi Badgal
    Pepi Badgal 15 days ago +1

    She looks SOOOOO old

    MENTAL ADVICE 15 days ago

    Well that was a waist of thumb power !!! ... What annoying voice ?!!..

  • Bianca Bernstein
    Bianca Bernstein 15 days ago

    Any artist should feel honored to have Britney sing their song

    • Bianca Bernstein
      Bianca Bernstein 14 days ago

      geoo zeii sing or lip sync. She s still lucky Britney performed her song.

    • arhan n
      arhan n 14 days ago

      Bianca Bernstein yass

    • geoo zeii
      geoo zeii 15 days ago

      Bianca Bernstein lip sync*

  • Dan uk
    Dan uk 15 days ago

    Britney is queen, bebe should be honoured, they could make a cool collab. I like them both

  • Gabriel frost
    Gabriel frost 15 days ago

    She's such a sweetheart love her! 😘❤

  • Carlos Lopez
    Carlos Lopez 15 days ago +2

    I totally understand why she would be upset or feel some type of way

  • Roman’s World
    Roman’s World 15 days ago +15

    *y is this on my recommended lol*

    • Isaac Bowman
      Isaac Bowman 14 days ago

      Roman’s World you might need some Bebe in your life man lol

  • kennedymeow
    kennedymeow 15 days ago +1

    She tries way to hard to be white. Her voice & personality are good, but not that good. Pass.. why is this on my feed

    • dreamgirl666
      dreamgirl666 12 days ago

      She is white and you CANNOT ACT A COLOUR

    • Petra Uhráková
      Petra Uhráková 15 days ago +2

      Lmao, she is white, born in NY with Albanian roots. Look some shit up before talking bs.

    • Nina Kachina
      Nina Kachina 15 days ago

      kennedymeow she looks pretty white to me? Something wrong with being white? Or any color for that matter?

    UMICL 15 days ago +5

    That wig... 💀

  • Ebony Maw
    Ebony Maw 15 days ago

    Do you think Bebe would marry me if she found out I fought a dragon?

  • LittleMissSunshineHA
    LittleMissSunshineHA 15 days ago

    wow they did her wrong. i have no respect for g-eazy anymore

  • S B
    S B 15 days ago

    I like her

  • Gino Aldeguer
    Gino Aldeguer 15 days ago

    If you can recall, Britney lipsynched it.... Ehhh it doesn't matter. haha Britney is still Britney and Bebe is still Bebe

  • Derk Son
    Derk Son 15 days ago +9

    Awwww I like her so much more now, anyone that stans Britney is cool in my book.

  • UltravioletSlave
    UltravioletSlave 16 days ago

    Who is her?

  • Jordan Mitchell
    Jordan Mitchell 16 days ago

    clickbait title

  • Johndmua
    Johndmua 16 days ago +11

    Britney can steal candy from a baby and it will all be okay with a picture 🧐 yes!!!! That logic is accurate 😍😍😍😍😍

  • mrpriinceEmo
    mrpriinceEmo 16 days ago

    I would be pissed if Britney covered my song. Britney was good 10 years ago and in the 90s but bebe has amazing vocals live. Watch her live with hey mama. People may love Britney for what she has done but unless she can actually sing live and not lip sync she has no place in the music industry today. Britney is hanging on because of her past that's all even her dancing is bad now.
    I know I'm gonna get hate from die hard Britney fans but it's the truth I have gone though hundreds of Britneys live performances to see just one where shes not lip syncing I found 2 from 2004 that's it out of about 320.

  • Michelle A
    Michelle A 16 days ago

    She should button up her cardigan a bit more

  • nicolas almajaydah
    nicolas almajaydah 16 days ago

    WTF I'm I doing here

  • Rayne Michael
    Rayne Michael 16 days ago

    Queen Brit & Bebe need a track ASAP

  • Orbital Cyrus
    Orbital Cyrus 16 days ago

    Good to know this new girls knows whos QUEEN!!!!!

  • Stuart Tailor
    Stuart Tailor 16 days ago

    Clickbait level 500000

  • Darren Little
    Darren Little 16 days ago

    Her face needs bukkaked

  • sean ahmed
    sean ahmed 16 days ago

    her real name bleta is alot cooler than bebe

    BTSGOTJAMS !!! 16 days ago +1

    BEBE IS SO TALENTED! She should be respected. Luv her😍😍😍

  • Toni Mouawad
    Toni Mouawad 16 days ago

    I thought it’s a britney impersonator

  • OneFatKitten
    OneFatKitten 16 days ago

    she looks so pretty

  • Hammad Hasan
    Hammad Hasan 16 days ago +1

    I only watched the whole video because I noticed Brian Adams sitting

  • David Bauti
    David Bauti 16 days ago

    "Britney is queen" - bebe Rexha

  • Shahmeer Zaman
    Shahmeer Zaman 16 days ago


  • Jalisia Wright
    Jalisia Wright 16 days ago +1

    Man I love me myself and I and although I love Britney I was mad as hell when Bebe wasn’t singing her part and worst part about it was that she was there ?!?! Wtf !! That’s mad disrespectful that no one let her know.

  • Raul
    Raul 16 days ago

    Tea shister

  • Diego
    Diego 16 days ago +2


  • N Corp
    N Corp 17 days ago +9

    This girl is beautiful and talented, and she MADE that shit G-Eazy song something listenable, and he returns the favor by acting like it's not her song too? G-Eazy is an embarrassment, I don't even know how he got to where he is, and to think that talentless wannabee is calling shots for a song Bebe made blow up...crazy. He did you WRONG. And I also noticed Bebe's hook is what made "Hey Mama" with Nicki Minhaj and David Guetta (or whatever his name is), AND SHE WASN'T EVEN FEATURED IN THE VIDEO. This girl's hooks are making the songs, and she's not getting the credit she deserves.

    • Zac WILSON
      Zac WILSON 13 days ago

      N Corp Haha you're a joke. Thanks for the laugh!

  • TOXAN Kreative
    TOXAN Kreative 17 days ago

    Ugh God her wig is awful...

  • Fatima Chelsea Shah miller

    I love how Bebe is truly sweet,she's not fake like many pop stars.. she's still humble

    • Bona Drag
      Bona Drag 10 days ago

      Fatima Chelsea Shah miller oo girl after the aquaria drama? Nah

  • SissySchoolGirl
    SissySchoolGirl 17 days ago +557

    The industry has wronged Bebe so many times it's ridiculous... I feel so much sympathy for her and hope she has a very long successful career.

    • Mimi
      Mimi 13 days ago

      Ferrer Zorola she’s actually a very good singer

    • Mel Sandoval
      Mel Sandoval 14 days ago

      SissySchoolGirl YES GIRL.

    • Jhordyn Smith
      Jhordyn Smith 14 days ago

      She can’t sing

    • Robert Mendoza
      Robert Mendoza 15 days ago +11

      Ferrer Zorola also Bebe has wrote many songs that have been given away to other artists and have been major hits and she gets no credit for it at all... many songs include Hey Mama with David Guetta and Nicki Minaj... at first she wasn’t credited on the song but after she found out that they were using her vocals for the chorus she fought to get credit... also with Monster she is most of the vocals in the chorus... and this has happened time and time again... Bebe has created outstanding work and songs but she don’t ever get credited for it...

    • Ferrer Zorola
      Ferrer Zorola 15 days ago

      Westley Rage as if Bebe’s voice was any better than those 3 examples lmao

  • 5am music
    5am music 17 days ago +213

    I knew she was a little upset! I remember when the performance aired and she tweeted that shocked emoji, I knew it wasn't a happy shocked. But I'm glad they met up right afterwards and nothing turned into an awkward "fight" between them. And she even said "Britney is Queen!" Love Bebe.

  • nick P
    nick P 17 days ago +7

    wow what a stupid woman. even the guy next to her was like wtf, when she said a picture with Britney fixed everything and made her not mad anymore lol ok.

    • xKimberleySays
      xKimberleySays 15 days ago +1

      Official Emree I think the second sentence explains that the OP thought she was stupid not for being upset (that's reasonable), but for retracting the upset reaction just because she was starstruck by and got a photo with Britney. Meaning, it's a bit sad that she would allow a friend to disrespect her by not even telling her that someone else would replace her vocals in a song she was part of, when the photo Bebe got was with the person who replaced her. It just sounds a little messed up.

    • Marcus Dyer
      Marcus Dyer 16 days ago +3

      nick passalacqua I’m sure she still is mad but she’s not going to cause drama over a song

    • Official Emree
      Official Emree 16 days ago

      J P maybe you should re-read the comment. It said "what a stupid woman" in the first line. I asked why and how is she stupid.

    • J P
      J P 17 days ago

      Official Emree maybe you should read the comment again luv. You missed the last sentace

    • Official Emree
      Official Emree 17 days ago +9

      What is 'stupid' about being upset for not being informed that a song of yours is being performed by another artist on a huge platform?