• Published on Dec 4, 2019
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Comments • 93

  • GeraldineMcK
    GeraldineMcK Month ago

    Get your trainers off the seat

  • Rman Nayr
    Rman Nayr Month ago +1

    NICE PJS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Marnie Swankie
    Marnie Swankie Month ago

    Where is Syds black coat from?

  • rochelle coulson
    rochelle coulson Month ago

    You should do buying each other outfits from everything 5 pound

  • mikela xx
    mikela xx Month ago

    Do a 1000 calorie challenge!

  • Abbie Jusge
    Abbie Jusge Month ago

    Where are these onesies from please x

  • Lacey Yasmin
    Lacey Yasmin Month ago

    the onesies are not on misguided

  • Ethel Sault xx
    Ethel Sault xx Month ago

    When ell said flash about the camera who else went arghhhhhhnitnworks miracles like the ad xx

  • Sophie Renn
    Sophie Renn Month ago

    Loved this!!💗💗

  • Hailie Fontana
    Hailie Fontana Month ago

    I watch last Christmas and I cried 😭🤦‍♀️

  • Caity Kressley
    Caity Kressley Month ago

    Syd do some Christmas challenges with your brother

  • Millie Ray
    Millie Ray Month ago

    24 hours in ikea!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Fiona Hammond
    Fiona Hammond Month ago

    Where’s your coat from syd?💘💘

  • Alice Pepper
    Alice Pepper Month ago +1

    why does ells body look like that in the thumbnail

    • charlotte l
      charlotte l Month ago

      Was thinking this thought I was the only one stared at it for ages 😂

  • Rebecca Henstock
    Rebecca Henstock Month ago

    This video idea is the best Christmas idea I can just imagine myself doing this haha keep up with the good work your doing well with your video and vlogs this year !! 💗

  • CSB
    CSB Month ago +6

    I can’t find the pyjamas anywhere on Missguided I’m so sad!!😭😭

  • libbyosborne
    libbyosborne Month ago +24

    "hope none of the neighbours are watching" *changes in front of camera with 100million people on the other end* lol

  • ItzSammy
    ItzSammy Month ago

    The intro is so cute !!🌲☃️

  • Molly J
    Molly J Month ago +2

    These pjs are sooo flattering your nans right 💋

  • thatsHannahh
    thatsHannahh Month ago

    Elle & Joel >>>>>

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago

    I really love this channel your so down to earth I love how close you both are and I love how amazing your family are

  • Shannon Tidnam
    Shannon Tidnam Month ago +11

    The onesies are out of stock in every colour😭😭😭😭😭

  • Sadia Ahmed
    Sadia Ahmed Month ago

    where are your coats from?

  • Jess Taylor
    Jess Taylor Month ago +4

    24 hours with an American accent 😬

  • Rose K
    Rose K Month ago

    Such a good video 😂 you girls are smashing the Christmas content as always 🎄🌟 also I really like your leopard print scrunchies! The one I had broke so would love to know where yours is from? 💕

  • Rebecca Riddle
    Rebecca Riddle Month ago

    this was such a fun video x

  • Jess xoxo
    Jess xoxo Month ago

    Loving this intro but are you bringing your old one back after Xmas I love it!!🤍🤍🤍🤍🤍

  • Amy Oliver
    Amy Oliver Month ago

    where are the onesies from?!?! I LOVE THEM

    • Nancy P
      Nancy P Month ago

      Missguided x

    • Amy Oliver
      Amy Oliver Month ago

      QueenB can’t see it tho ://

    • QueenB
      QueenB Month ago +1

      Amy Oliver they said it’s in the description

  • Ella Madeleine
    Ella Madeleine Month ago +4

    Misguided should have sponsored this because I am buying that onesie 😍😍

  • hey! it's georgia
    hey! it's georgia Month ago

    those onesies are soo cute😍

  • Annie Donnachie
    Annie Donnachie Month ago +4

    24 hours eating from advent calenders cause u can get like cheese ones and pringles ones!!

  • Laiba Khan
    Laiba Khan Month ago


  • Esme Parsons
    Esme Parsons Month ago

    where are your onesies from xx

  • Nicole Norney
    Nicole Norney Month ago

    Does she still have a bf they were so cute the together 💞

  • Soph Xx
    Soph Xx Month ago

    knew it!♥️

  • Caralouisex
    Caralouisex Month ago +5

    Omg I loved thisss ❤️I love your intro too ❤️ this made me feel we Christmasy! Love you beautiful girlies xxxx

  • Alicia I
    Alicia I Month ago +1

    does anyone have a link for the pjs xx

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago

    I go shops in my slippers sometimes I like been crazy never change it makes you more amazing you could do pranks on people😀

  • Mollie Murray
    Mollie Murray Month ago +53

    Awwww I love how ell calls syds nan ‘nan’ as if it’s her real nan like🥺yous have the best friendship xxx

  • Libby Mills
    Libby Mills Month ago +1

    I love your pjs

  • Aaliyah Rose
    Aaliyah Rose Month ago +2

    Honest to god if it was acceptable to wear my unicorn onesie out everyday I would

    • Madi X
      Madi X Month ago

      Omg I use to always watch your videos, I remember your cover of we don’t have to take our clothes off and it was amazing

    • Aaliyah Rose
      Aaliyah Rose Month ago

      You girls look amazing

  • Megan Lily Hayes Xo

    Love you girls x

  • David Parkinson
    David Parkinson Month ago +7

    That guy was having a good look lol he looked old enough to be my grandfather

  • Issy Xx
    Issy Xx Month ago +1

    I need Xmas pjs so bad after seeing this vlog
    Loving the vlogmas videos Xx

  • Keely Johansen Bell

    Doing a full face of Christmas makeup in 15 mins

  • it’samelie xx
    it’samelie xx Month ago

    Where the pjs from

  • chloe keady
    chloe keady Month ago


  • Lamita Badran
    Lamita Badran Month ago


  • Ebony Coles
    Ebony Coles Month ago

    So In love with u 2

  • lulu_xio
    lulu_xio Month ago

    Syd and Ell are so real, love them loads ❤️

  • Samantha Haines
    Samantha Haines Month ago

    Your both actually stunning 🤗

  • Chloë Lattin
    Chloë Lattin Month ago +1

    I loved the intro! 😍

  • 6 minutes Of ___
    6 minutes Of ___ Month ago +3

    Plz link the pj’s xxx

  • Channy Hartwig
    Channy Hartwig Month ago

    Woooo ❤️

  • Macy O’Donoghue
    Macy O’Donoghue Month ago

    You guys are so happy and you tow make me smile so much I love you to so much xxxxx

  • isabelle Bevan
    isabelle Bevan Month ago +1

    I’m so excited for Christmas💓💓

  • Carla Andrews
    Carla Andrews Month ago

    Omg the intro 🥰

  • Jess J
    Jess J Month ago

    i guessed this video on insta love u so much plz reply

  • Abbie Plummer
    Abbie Plummer Month ago +3

    Where are your pyjamas from ?

  • Millie Harvey
    Millie Harvey Month ago