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  • Published on Feb 7, 2019
  • They don’t come back the same. Watch the second trailer for #PetSematary, based on Stephen King's terrifying novel. In theatres April 5, 2019.
    Based on the seminal horror novel by Stephen King, (#StephenKing) #PetSematary follows Dr. Louis Creed (Jason Clarke), who, after relocating with his wife Rachel (Amy Seimetz) and their two young children from Boston to rural Maine, discovers a mysterious burial ground hidden deep in the woods near the family’s new home. When tragedy strikes, Louis turns to his unusual neighbor, Jud Crandall (#JohnLithgow), setting off a perilous chain reaction that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences.
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  • Ian Robson
    Ian Robson 22 hours ago

    That's not how you spell it though.

  • pharohbender
    pharohbender 23 hours ago

    Was there 1 guy that came up with movie idea's? did he die? wtf is with all the remakes

  • Scott Aznavourian
    Scott Aznavourian 23 hours ago

    I still domt get the stuff with the kids and masks either...

  • Tina Robbins
    Tina Robbins Day ago

    ***gave his approval

  • Keisha Bell
    Keisha Bell Day ago


  • Homian Schnitzel

    Soooo, the girl get´s killed instead of gage so the feminists will shut the fuck up and Pascow is now black so it´s politically correct. Fuck this fucking pile of shit.
    And pls don´t be so fucking retarded and call ppl racist or anything because they are mad when storys and characters they grew up with, get raped. Look at the Dark Tower movie - also piece of trash. You establish a white Clint Eastwood Cowboy character in millions of pages book, just to swap with him with an black actor in the movie, where complete storylines will make no sense anymore.
    I really don´t get it. Why don´t they just make a movie that is 100% accurate to the books, that will blow ppls minds and make fans happy? No, generic pieces of Hollywood trash preferred.
    Fuck Hollywood, fuck new Stephen King movies.

  • Tina Robbins
    Tina Robbins Day ago

    Thought I would throw this little tidbit...from my understanding Stephen King has to put his stamp of approval on the movies that are based on his book(s)...example...the remake of "It" was shelved, I think, for a time, because he wasnt satisfied with certain things...once that was done..he stamped is approved... So...if this one is released, S King has approved it...

  • Hopingbutton730
    Hopingbutton730 Day ago

    May as well call it pet cemetery 3 since it’s a completely different story

  • JK
    JK Day ago

    Amazing how they can take a great story and fu%k it up.

  • Twiki Robot
    Twiki Robot Day ago

    Looks like shit. Quit changing sexes and colors of is up with that??

  • Smiling Violets
    Smiling Violets Day ago

    I fully supported this remake, right up until I saw this trailer. Why would you ruin one of the main plot lines of the book? Just stupid. Updating the movie with better effects and acting, and adding in more of the creepy stuff from the book would have been enough. This was a horrible decision. I was so excited for this movie, but I won't be paying to see it in theaters now. I'll just wait until it hits streaming or something, then maybe watch it. Very disappointed.

    EXO TROY Day ago

    Thank you for showing the whole movie in under 3 minutes, saved my time :D

  • Amazing Gamer71454

    Live in the comments people

    LOT NOV Day ago

    The cat can kill people, my place a cat was kill a girl by her tooth.

  • The Wrestling Movie Guy

    I have read the book multiple times as with the original film and very few times part 2 *shudders*
    I'm typically against changes to a story that I love when it is being adapted to film but ask yourself this. When you are remaking a film, isnt the point to do remake to create something different? I'm willing to give it a chance. If it is done well, let's go! If not, well at least they tried something different. But at least they tried.

  • David Ridlen
    David Ridlen Day ago

    Now I dont have to watch the movie!

  • Jay Clark
    Jay Clark Day ago

    And she still can't spell "Cemetery".. That's why all the animals are pissed.

  • Juicy C.
    Juicy C. Day ago

    I love it

  • bipolar psychopath 1978

    This film is fucked i barely remember the originals back in the old days haven't seen them both in years, I'm in no hurry 2 see this bunch of bullshit, its got box office flop written all over it
    But then again I was done with the cinemas as of last year i hardly watch or buy dvds these days they just sit in the closet in thier cases gathering dust despite having a huge collection over the years.

  • Austin Fahrenbrook

    I've never seen the original or read the book

    LAMEZOR Day ago +1

    You just showed the whole fuckin movie

  • ChiTownLioness Nocture

    Is this real?! Why show so much of the movie? Why would I watch it now?

  • Jessyca Kessinger

    What the fuck this is so creepy but I'm still gonna see it nightmare full though

  • RP
    RP Day ago

    The thing I really liked about the trailer, was that they made the place beneath Pet Sematary exactly like it's in the book. Something the original Pet Sematary failed to do.
    The rest is standard horror bullsh*t though.

  • Radicle Revolution
    Radicle Revolution Day ago +1

    "Sometimes Dead is better"

  • MadamPluto
    MadamPluto Day ago

    The book is only scary if you're like five years old, but I like its atmosphere and how King used the Wendigo-legend. The downside is that the book is predictable.
    I've seen the original movie, so calm your tits, but really didn't like it. It lacks suspense and atmosphere. Nor am I impressed by the original's script. I don't like the acting either. Frankly, I actually like Pet Sematary 2 more, because that movie is less predictable and has at least some of the atmosphere I miss in the original. So I actually give Pet Sematary 2 a pass and I'd much rather re-watch that movie than the original.
    As for this one: I'm curious and really want to see where they're going with the changes. So I will give this movie a chance and watch it.

  • bee4pc goldrule
    bee4pc goldrule Day ago

    Oh lookie Celtic/pagan symbols are evil now ...... There is always a agenda behind these Hollywood props.

  • Tony Dumay
    Tony Dumay Day ago

    hey Hollywood you seem to have run out of ideas as all socialists do. remake after remake yeah that is gonna that all female ghost busters...hahahaha. in other words no thanks.

  • charlie lamb
    charlie lamb Day ago

    Will this be a 15 or 18?

  • Aion Francisco
    Aion Francisco Day ago

    That's a lot of spoiler scenes. Sometimes LESS is BETTER.

  • Cameron Mills
    Cameron Mills Day ago

    Spoiled. Even down to the Achilles’ tendon slice. Come onnnnnn. I mean I’m presuming that people have seen the original or read the story, but this is a terrible way to advertise the movie.

  • All WillDie
    All WillDie Day ago

    Gage was way creepier in the original.

  • Will pille
    Will pille Day ago

    thjere better be some ramones in this movie

  • Brenden Goodman
    Brenden Goodman Day ago


  • Lori Bravo
    Lori Bravo Day ago

    Wow I seen the whole movie 🎥 lol 😂

  • Paul Love
    Paul Love Day ago

    Why why why remake this... And why why Why show basically the whole story in the trailer. Can someone please have an original idea

    • Paul Love
      Paul Love Day ago

      +Rares Sava I know. Have a nice day sai

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Day ago

      +Paul Love I heard that black tower was bad, but the problem was Sony. They tried to smash all book into ONE movie. That's imposibile.

    • Paul Love
      Paul Love Day ago

      +Rares Sava let's have something original. We r all sick of these mostly rubbish stephen King movies based on fantastic books. Yes dark tower and cell I am looking at u

    • Rares Sava
      Rares Sava Day ago

      +Paul Love IDK. But that's doesn't mean they should't touch the propriety ever again.

    • Paul Love
      Paul Love Day ago

      +Rares Sava so was the original perfect movie

  • Drcider
    Drcider Day ago

    2:06 that imagery of a feral monster twisting into shape in a child's clothing is just plain freaky

  • Drcider
    Drcider Day ago

    1:35 this looks like a great scene!

  • Armed Infidel
    Armed Infidel Day ago

    Hollywood can't help but regurgitate the same garbage over and over.

    • Armed Infidel
      Armed Infidel Day ago

      Adam Cunningham more like they ran out of ideas. Or they are just plain lazy.

    • Adam Cunningham
      Adam Cunningham Day ago

      Armed Infidel Or they want to make an old movie mainstream

  • tenchikid80
    tenchikid80 Day ago

    This, now Child's Play. I wonder which one will be worse.

  • StuUngar
    StuUngar Day ago

    One good thing about this trailer is they acknowledge the Wendigo. It is the driving force behind the burial ground and all of bad shit that happens, but isnt mentioned at all in the original film.

    • StuUngar
      StuUngar Day ago

      33badyess Well to be fair, Stephen King wrote the screenplay himself.

    • 33badyess
      33badyess Day ago

      StuUngar that’s why I’m not so much a fan of Mary Lambert’s take. She and the script writers completely disregarded the Wendigo who holds the power of this place and causes all this bad shit to happen. It’s a huge part of the book. I’m glad the writers are tackling the Wendigo cause it’s paramount to the story and the atmosphere.

  • SamanthaResnick77

    I'm waiting for them to try to remake the shining

  • Joaquin Muñoz
    Joaquin Muñoz Day ago


  • RBLXDelarowar
    RBLXDelarowar Day ago

    1:56 please tell me that isn't kangaroo jack

  • LaKesha Albright

    I can tell this will not be good smh

  • Jacks Cleaner
    Jacks Cleaner Day ago

    Hollywood has run out of ideas.

  • Red Dawn
    Red Dawn Day ago

    One of the worst trailer... ever.

  • James Smith
    James Smith Day ago

    Stephen King's a hack! 😖😡😠

    SLAYR 2 days ago

    Is it just me or, they’re going with a ‘zombie movie-ish’ take with this one.

  • WilliamWallace1983
    WilliamWallace1983 2 days ago

    I understand some people being angry because Gage is no longer reanimated but rather his sister, and I share in your irritation. However, if you've ever read the novel you would know that even the Mary Lambert version changed things around. In the book Judd had a wife who offed herself, not the cleaning lady. Just one of the many differences between the original and the book. So why no backlash? That being said, the 89' version is and probably always will be the scariest movie ever, in my eyes, but I'm also hoping that the remake is just as terrifying, and by the looks of the trailer, it very well could be.

  • Cosmic-Chaos
    Cosmic-Chaos 2 days ago

    The rest of the trailer looks good and scary. BUT it's weird as to why Ellie is the one who died and came back instead of Gage.
    As " +PICTURE ME TROLLING " said: "They buried the original movie in the cemetery and this is what came back!"
    Everyone somewhat familiar with the work of Stephen King knows the basic story, whether they read the book or watched the movie. It's not that big a spoiler. This story has been famous for years, like The Shining and Carrie.

  • Sebastian Arnold
    Sebastian Arnold 2 days ago

    I don’t want to be buried, in a pet semetary. I don’t want to live my life again.

  • P PA
    P PA 2 days ago

    I'm really looking forward to seeing this. From the trailer, it looks as though the directors are staying close to the source material regarding the Wendigo and terrifying first trip Jud and Louis take to the burial ground to bury Church, one of the scariest parts of the novel for me. As for the Ellie/Gage switch, it is still the traumatic and devastating sudden death of a child, so it being Ellie doesn't spoil a thing. Sure, in the novel Gage doesn't understand the dangers of the road, the spirit of the North country/ Wendigo lured him into it. Even the novel indicates the truck driver attempted suicide after hitting Gage and had no history of speeding. He got to that stretch of the road and something compelled him to speed up. Any way you look at it, Ellie or Gage it's horrible tragedy for Rachel and Louis. Rachel terrified of death forced to deal with her own child's death and reliving the trauma of being left alone as a child with her dying sister. And Louis, traumatized by Victor's death and then guilt stricken over not being able to save his own child; as his co-worker Steve describes Louis in the end of the novel, Louis had gone insane and what stood out more to him was the sheer exhaustion of his friend. Steve is the unsung hero in the novel, sedating Rachel and Ellie, helping them when Louis can't. The story is about much more than which child comes back but the psychology of the characters, themes of family, friendship, death, grief and the supernatural aspects.

  • Ahven Poika
    Ahven Poika 2 days ago

    The trailer music In the begin of hte video was earrape

  • Jon Ready
    Jon Ready 2 days ago


  • Rai Rabin
    Rai Rabin 2 days ago

    Pet cemetery used to be my favourite horror movies

  • Jason Guinn
    Jason Guinn 2 days ago

    First, horrible trailer - shows way too much of the movie, especially for the younger generation who may or may not have read the book or seen the original film. Two - the writer/director totally butchered the novel by adding a bunch of bullshit to the film, including switching two characters for some odd reasons! Third, judging by how horrible this movie looks, I bet Stephen King will come out saying this is the best adaption ever in much the same way he did that dumpster fire that was the Dark Tower movie. This looks like absolute crap. Will not be seeing this movie. If I want a scare, I'll watch the original. The original was closer to the book, had a great acting, and real suspense and terror.

    • Jason Guinn
      Jason Guinn Day ago

      We’ll agree to disagree.

    • 33badyess
      33badyess Day ago

      Jason Guinn the original was campy 80s horror crap and the lead characters with the exception of Fred were lifeless in front of the camera. All the scary gage scenes were used with a mechanical doll; this will not fly in today’s movie production. The original doesn’t even mention the Wendigo which is the driving force for all the bad shit that happens in the book. This looks like an improvement.

  • Peak Hawking
    Peak Hawking 2 days ago

    “Zowie?” LOL

  • RL Brown
    RL Brown 2 days ago

    Sometimes dead is better than remaking a classic

  • Carolina Inés
    Carolina Inés 2 days ago

    Some movies shouldn't have remakes. This is one example.

  • Izzy Le
    Izzy Le 2 days ago

    poor old man I’ll kill the cat woman and the other human animals shit.

  • Angie Hernandez
    Angie Hernandez 2 days ago


  • Maddy D
    Maddy D 2 days ago +1

    They didn’t even have to pay an actor read the line “sometimes dead is better” all they really needed to do is show someone the new trailer and then show them the old movie and ask for their thoughts on the new one. They would probably do it for free

  • vegas nigga
    vegas nigga 2 days ago

    yeah right, it looks trash

  • Reel Fiends Movie Reviews

    Truly hope this lives up to the Novel and some aspects of the original Film. Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall was so good. Dale Midkiff did great also as Louis Creed. The original film wasn't true to the Novel... but it still had it's moments. Hopefully this film gives us something true to the novel, and actually creepy not go for the cheap "jump scares" (Loud music and sounds). Jump Scares startle you, they don't "scare" you. Crossing fingers... love Stephen King, great story.

  • keggerous
    keggerous 2 days ago

    Poor Gage . . . getting run the fuck over . . .

    • keggerous
      keggerous 2 days ago

      Oh wait .. . they changed everything because they fucking suck

  • Henry Pedraza
    Henry Pedraza 2 days ago

    This looks so much better than the Child's Play remake.

  • Theodore Bierbauer
    Theodore Bierbauer 2 days ago

    Same old story. Come up with something new

  • just look at the picture

    I hate trilers that show you the entire movie...
    What's the point now?!

  • Arturo Barhar
    Arturo Barhar 2 days ago

    Why do they tell the whole plot in the trailer fucking shit

  • John M.
    John M. 2 days ago

    Garbage tier remake. Will pass.

  • Wiggy Wiggy
    Wiggy Wiggy 2 days ago

    lemme guess..... tumblr wanted the main to be a girl

    • John M.
      John M. 2 days ago

      Wiggy Wiggy she aint fat enough for tumblr though

  • Turbodawg15
    Turbodawg15 2 days ago

    It'll be cool if some of them lived

  • TumTuned
    TumTuned 2 days ago

    Thanks, trailer! You gave away so much, I don't need to see the movie, now!

  • Frocat Studio
    Frocat Studio 2 days ago

    Why is cemetery spelled like that?

  • Rares Sava
    Rares Sava 2 days ago

    I want that cat. She look like she should be loved.

  • R W
    R W 2 days ago

    Now this one I'd like to see. anybody in the movie night let's get together and go out and see a movie then go home get pissed face drunk make love yeah I know neither one of our bodies are gorgeous anymore and get up the next day and feel like where king of the world!!!

  • 13DeAdgOLdFisH
    13DeAdgOLdFisH 2 days ago +1

    Of course they changed it to a female...

  • Channel AT3
    Channel AT3 2 days ago +1

    I don’t understand all the people saying this trailer has “spoiled the whole movie”. Yeah, I get that the fact it’s Ellie who gets hit by the truck and not Gage is kind of a big give away, but that doesn’t mean you know anything about what’s going to happen in the film beyond its basic premise, which if you’ve seen the first movie or read the book you’ve already known about for years.
    My point is, if they’re willing to change a huge detail about the story like which kid gets killed initially, then all bets are off for the fates of the rest of the characters. We still have no idea what will ultimately happen to Gage, Rachel, Louis or pretty much anybody else at this point. Stop bitching and go see the movie, and then decide if it’s a giant piece of shit or was “spoiled”.

  • levi
    levi 2 days ago +1

    the trailer doesn’t spoil much for people who have read the book or seen the original

  • Wade Howlett
    Wade Howlett 2 days ago

    Sometimes....dead is bettah...

  • Jack Kilidjian
    Jack Kilidjian 2 days ago

    Feel like I just watched the whole movie...

  • John
    John 2 days ago

    Why, Lord, why do these producers think they can rewrite King’s stories and think no one will notice? Then they wonder why he hates pretty much every movie based on his books.

  • katie
    katie 2 days ago +2

    The baby should have died wtf I remember seeing the original when I was very young and the baby dying then coming back to life always stuck in my mind

  • No Approval Needed
    No Approval Needed 2 days ago

    I got one thing to say about why this movie looks bad..Fred Gwynne. I predict a buncha creepy settings and jump scares.

  • Little Raspberry
    Little Raspberry 2 days ago +2

    "I know! Let's remake Jaws but instead of a great white shark, Jaws will be a giant hippopotamus! Nobody will notice! …. Oh Oh, I know again! Let's do another horror remake but this time of The Exorcist but the mother will be possessed by the devil instead of the daughter. Heehee, it will be so awesome!" - Retard Hollyweird

  • princepippa
    princepippa 2 days ago +2

    I think they changed a little too much in this one... making a cult-like story, making the daughter die instead of the son, making the mother actually know about her baby coming back to life? I dunno... doesn't look as good.

  • Nina Flac
    Nina Flac 2 days ago

    I almost felt asleep 😴😴 lame

  • Nel.e 7
    Nel.e 7 2 days ago

    I think that this movie can be really nice for people who doesn't know the book or the old movie but i want that Gage dies. I want a movie that have the same story than the book because i love the book very much and i don't want the movie to destroy this.

  • Lucas Cristofoletti
    Lucas Cristofoletti 2 days ago +1

    Why ain't Gage dying and coming back? That was part of the great horror of the whole thing! What about "the ground is sour" line? "The barrier is broken"? They also could've filmed on the same house they did before in Hancock... Jeez, bring us a time machine so we can go all the way back to 1989. I'll watch it anyways in respect to the first horror movie I've watched in my life when I was only 6, the good thing is that they brought the wendigo thing to the story, really cool move.... lets see

  • Keith Bolding
    Keith Bolding 2 days ago

    Sucks compared to the original

  • Tony Marshall
    Tony Marshall 2 days ago

    Looks like shit compared to the original

  • cool cats
    cool cats 2 days ago

    This isnt the ramones

  • WetWookie1988
    WetWookie1988 2 days ago

    IT, Child’s Play, Pet Semetary all in theaters? WHAT YEAR IS IT?!?

  • Dangerous Denarius
    Dangerous Denarius 2 days ago

    i think they spelled cemerary wrong

  • bexlyspeed
    bexlyspeed 2 days ago

    great! saves me $17.00 on a movie ticket

    • Frank Smith
      Frank Smith 2 days ago +1

      bexlyspeed Oh really? They are overcharging. My local theaters only charges 6 dollars for a 2D movie ticket and 9 dollars for a 3D movie ticket. They are adult tickets by the way!

    • bexlyspeed
      bexlyspeed 2 days ago

      almost every movie theater in NYC! I actually just checked my local theater and its $16.40 for an adult ticket, so I did 60 cents worth of embellishment.

    • Frank Smith
      Frank Smith 2 days ago

      17 dollars? What movie theater charge you that much for a movie ticket?

  • Mystic Odyssey
    Mystic Odyssey 2 days ago

    Love it!!

  • Yobogoya
    Yobogoya 2 days ago +1

    Oh my god, make something new you worthless twats. Stop remaking old shit. Show us you have original thoughts in those vapid skulls of yours.

  • dreskywalker
    dreskywalker 2 days ago +5

    How do you not use Gage as the child who dies?! F’ing Hollywood

    • SonofLove 27
      SonofLove 27 Day ago

      That's my name n my parents got it from this movie lol

  • Joe Bowman
    Joe Bowman 2 days ago