True Facts About The Tapir

  • Published on May 2, 2013
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    On Location: The Malayan Tapir/ DeadMonkey8984
    2012 10 08 Newborn Tapir/Tibor Jäger
    El Tapir/Carlos Gracia Alonso
    tapir/ vilena makarica
    Young tapirs have brown hair with white stripes and spots, a pattern which enables them to hide effectively in the dappled light of the forest./MaZiKab
    Cute Baby Tapir/marqaso2
    Omaca and her calf.mpg/brucepattersonius
    Corcovado National Park Baird's Tapir Encounter/Rob Sall
    Malayan tapirs/Marie Hale
    Tapir Says Cheeeeeeeeeeeeese/Eric Kilby
    Tapir with humorous expression/Pixel Memoirs
    The Tapirs of Sigsipamba - Cantón Pimampiro - Prov. Imbabura./SemillaAmbiental
    Malayan Tapir Chases Bird - Bronx Zoo - Jack & Matthew - Feb 2009/wallstreetchef
    Tapirs at the MetroZoo/thecrazycuban
    Tapir Swimming/bouju1
    Taronga Zoo Animals Beat The Heat With Cold Treats/Marianna Massey/Stringer
    Corcovado National Park Baird's Tapir Encounter/Rob Sall
    Baird's Tapir/Eric Kilby
    Film Footage courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc., Used by Permission

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  • Hulkzilla
    Hulkzilla 6 years ago +5

    The fact that this has an actual moral makes this video even more beautiful.

  • abruemmer77
    abruemmer77 2 years ago +3

    "If you never take any risks, like Tapir, you might just fade away"

  • TheBo0mer
    TheBo0mer 7 years ago +763


  • the zara
    the zara 5 years ago +1

    "That's not really badass Tapir. Yesterday I had to kill a crocodile that bit my ass"

  • Whoami691
    Whoami691 6 years ago +2

    So Tapir is basically your typical "Jack of all trades, master of non..."

  • Jack Spratt
    Jack Spratt 6 years ago +5

    Someone turn this into a children's book.

  • Goattacular
    Goattacular Year ago +137

    Bear: "Do you know any tricks?"

  • ChazWTFLOL
    ChazWTFLOL 5 years ago +563

    "If you never take any risks like tapir, you might just fade away"

  • Dr Bright
    Dr Bright  +25

    Having this framed as a story of animals offering advice to tapirs so they won’t go extinct is subtly genius.

  • 02protoman
    02protoman 7 years ago +3

    The tapir literally has a fifth leg...damn

  • Joe England

    I dunno. Mrs. Tapir seemed pretty happy with the way she is. Sounds to me like she was fine with not trying to please anybody. After all, sometimes it's the flashy animals that go extinct first.

  • ThatRandomJ
    ThatRandomJ 7 years ago +2

    "Bird came next, but bird's an idiot, so we won't talk about him."

  • Samantha Butler
    Samantha Butler 6 years ago +2

    "And then pig farted and backed out of the room slowly making an 'Oooooo' noise to sound mysterious."

  • Tapirs are under-appreciated

    I worked with tapirs when I interned at a zoo, and portraying them as mild-mannered ladies who like couponing, crosswords, and Leno is very fitting. They're very sweet, chill animals! Also, they love belly rubs and having their ears played with.

  • novaenergy2
    novaenergy2 4 years ago +15

    "Sucked water from a kiddy pool without bending my knees drank half of it took a crap and used the rest like a portable bidet." That was the most beautiful run-on sentence I have ever heard.

  • therealearthmunkey
    therealearthmunkey 6 years ago +4

    "Pig replied YOLO"

  • Duru
    Duru 5 years ago +230

    Fun fact:All living species of Tapir are according to the IUCN, in a threatened status and the only species not considered endangered, is the Brazilian Tapir listed as Vulnerable.

  • Andrea Patane
    Andrea Patane Year ago +8

    The tapir is one of the animals that appears in the children’s picture book, “Creature Features 25 Animals Explain Why They Look the Way They Are” written and illustrated by Steve Jenkins & Robin Page.

  • Alice Rose
    Alice Rose 7 years ago +7

    These videos are amazing! Learned about you in Readers Digest, came to watch a video I thought wouldn't be good, and laughed my ass off! Great narrating!! Could you do True facts about the squirrel? I'm sure you could come up with something creative for that one!

  • Micah Leming
    Micah Leming 8 years ago +340

    Tapirs can be badass, they eat dreams when they're Drowzee.