Looking Rich On A Tight Budget Challenge

  • Published on Dec 8, 2019
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Comments • 2 240

    GOAT FATHER 18 hours ago

    Where have i seen this before 3 ugly guy's with nothing better to do than waste TV license money in this case (youtube money) on unnecessary challenges.

  • Rion
    Rion 21 hour ago

    Best video so far

  • Emma Paignton
    Emma Paignton 21 hour ago +1

    Jaguar Mark 2

  • Emma Paignton
    Emma Paignton 21 hour ago +1

    Maserati Bi-turbo maybe, if you want to actually get anywhere though

  • Banana Phone
    Banana Phone 22 hours ago

    944 is a poor mans Porsche

  • ethen
    ethen Day ago

    now is the time to say props to you car throttle cameraman love you
    you provide us those great shots while these guys act all rich and stand behind the camera in the cold at all times

  • Muhammad Ahmad
    Muhammad Ahmad Day ago

    Is that Harlow Pizza Hut?

  • ChompChompNomNom

    4:23 ANY EXCUSE to show off his biceps hahaha

  • JsDs1020
    JsDs1020 Day ago

    They were laughing about swapping out badges on a 300c to Bentley badges but someone i know picked up a chick in his "Bentley" and it was a 300c. To be fair she was not very bright, also to be fair she has probably never seen a Bentley.

  • NIMM TEIL, oder STIRB.

    Great episode!
    But as a watch enthusiast, I can't recommend anyone to get a Vincero.

  • Steve Wilson
    Steve Wilson 2 days ago

    Why not emulate the many Instagram FX "traders", and just rent one from a dodgy hire company?
    Get a posh AirBnB while you're at it, and a big bundle of fake "prop" cash from Amazon.
    Bonus points for Selfridges bags with empty boxes in them.
    And nice fake watch for the insta-likes.,
    Then you charge people £300 to watch your videos. That other people make for you...

  • MultiRokusho
    MultiRokusho 2 days ago

    A Porsche 944 you can get for under 5000 American usually driving.

  • Ramon Lopez
    Ramon Lopez 2 days ago


  • ACDCmadman2002
    ACDCmadman2002 2 days ago

    I used to work round d the corner from that pub

  • Lord Gigenshtain
    Lord Gigenshtain 3 days ago

    this is boring. just some boomers tallking about how to look rich,

  • Karl J K Knapp
    Karl J K Knapp 3 days ago


  • Oliver Konsap
    Oliver Konsap 3 days ago

    daamn last time i watched this channel it didnt even have 500000 subs

  • [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
    [[[ *Dragonier* ]]] 4 days ago

    “Can be reliable”
    Literally first time it was started up there was smoke pouring from the exhaust lol

    • [[[ *Dragonier* ]]]
      [[[ *Dragonier* ]]] 3 days ago

      Andre Berg That’s what they all say 😂

    • Andre Berg
      Andre Berg 3 days ago

      It's like morning breath, it fades don't worryyy

  • donkosaurus
    donkosaurus 4 days ago

    was 100% expecting a maccies drivethrough

  • Sir Vergil
    Sir Vergil 4 days ago

    At 7:43 made me laugh out loud like a hyena

  • martin panda
    martin panda 4 days ago

    buys benlty goes to pizza hut: I wont pay wdym?!?!

  • Niek Deiman
    Niek Deiman 4 days ago

    No one thinking the were off to a gay wedding? Two guys in wedding suits in a typical wedding dat?

  • Satchel of Doom
    Satchel of Doom 5 days ago

    Those watches are wank.

  • Následovník Nikoly Tesly

    Challenge free car from parts

  • Alexander
    Alexander 6 days ago

    There they are Jeremy, Richard and James.

  • Christopher Evans
    Christopher Evans 8 days ago

    Can we get some tests on the running costs of older expensive cars vs newer, less expensive cars.
    For example... a used Ford Mustang ecoboost costs roughly the same as a new mx5. What's better? And what about the running costs? Servicing, tyres, brakes etc? And what servicing can be done by yourself without the aid of electronic equipment?
    Likewise with an older boxster... say £10k used vs a fiesta st180....

  • cryp mkt
    cryp mkt 9 days ago

    What screams money in 2020 is a Prius. Bill Gates ain't buying an old Bentley. Get a Prius, dress in plain M&S clothes or maybe Boden, don't wear a watch and tell every middle/upper-middle class person you meet how broke you are and how awful you think Brexit/Trump is. Believe me, you will look richer than anybody in this video ever has.

  • K Johansson
    K Johansson 10 days ago

    That car needs a violin case, just for the look and feel of it. *LOL*

  • Bond James Bond
    Bond James Bond 11 days ago

    Very entertaining channel chaps well done

  • Ante Engvall
    Ante Engvall 11 days ago

    "Looking rich on a budget"
    could have just uploaded the luxury car challange again

  • Kulibob CZ
    Kulibob CZ 12 days ago

    Why did you not call out on the Fiat Coupé 20v Turbo? People today still ask me if mines a Ferrari and I swear I got rid of all the horses.

  • Gavin McDonald
    Gavin McDonald 12 days ago


  • EclipseGaming2073
    EclipseGaming2073 12 days ago

    You bought a bike? Instant Los of respect :(.

  • Ozomini
    Ozomini 13 days ago +1

    seeing ethan actually talking about cars shocked me

  • Septimiu Razvan Bot
    Septimiu Razvan Bot 13 days ago

    Where is the W220 ??????

  • Kasbian Vaulks
    Kasbian Vaulks 13 days ago +1

    Nice coffee table

  • Jan Schlossar
    Jan Schlossar 15 days ago

    Looking big, while having small penis..

  • Rodney Hughes
    Rodney Hughes 15 days ago

    Oh my word! Wee doggo is so cute!

  • giannis cy
    giannis cy 16 days ago

    Vincero watches are the watch enthusiast's Toyota prius. Wear one and anyone who is even slightly into watches knows you have no clue.

  • Heimdall
    Heimdall 16 days ago

    That nail @ 0:35 is at a dangerous spot

  • MrDanybe
    MrDanybe 16 days ago

    Heard a few stories of Honda jazz owners having their cats stolen, they must be worth ££££ ???

  • Shane Howe
    Shane Howe 16 days ago

    cutting people up in harlow ur get robbed or stabed these days. loving the videos guys

  • TheKamikazeNici
    TheKamikazeNici 16 days ago +1

    Which channels did they check except Autotrader, this classic car page and ebay? :)

  • callum hardy
    callum hardy 16 days ago

    A jag XJS lovely stuff!

  • Morris Karanja
    Morris Karanja 17 days ago


  • TheSaintST1
    TheSaintST1 17 days ago

    Older 7 series BMW... job done.

  • A person
    A person 18 days ago

    top gear/grand tour...

  • Spilda GAS
    Spilda GAS 18 days ago

    They bought a 1k Merc 5k should get somethin sick

  • Chronixz
    Chronixz 18 days ago

    Where and what is that beanbag chair... Where can i get one?

  • EightshFox
    EightshFox 19 days ago

    Ballin' on A Budget - Petrolhead style.

  • Disapproving Otter
    Disapproving Otter 19 days ago +1

    "Surgical grade stainless steel"

    Upselling a bit, no?
    By the way, no such thing as surgical grade stainless steel exists. It's like aircraft grade aluminium.

    Company lies to me? I don't buy from them. Easy.

  • Mtb Medea
    Mtb Medea 19 days ago

    Is it just me ?..Or Alex's pc looks like an iphone 11

  • Mr MEMé
    Mr MEMé 20 days ago

    That guy in the middle has
    he's got NO idea, like he was Born
    Yes-TURD-ay Or Some-Thingg Like Thatt

  • The Shadow
    The Shadow 20 days ago

    i have the same coffee table as Alex

  • shehroz
    shehroz 21 day ago

    3 Weeks Later.. & I’m Craving For Another Episode, I Was Expecting A New Years Special😭

  • Sahil Agrawal
    Sahil Agrawal 21 day ago

    6:23 at least he didn't ruin a manual supra

  • not john
    not john 21 day ago

    3:33 I can realate so much

  • Archie Akers04
    Archie Akers04 22 days ago

    22:30 why does this look like q scene out of a mafia film

  • Pepito Sbazzeguti
    Pepito Sbazzeguti 23 days ago

    Alex trying to sound like a rich person actually ends up sounding like a very happy Phil Collins

  • sporkafife
    sporkafife 24 days ago

    I remember Top Gear doing something similar with old luxury cars, and while they are available cheaply, the running costs and routine servicing are enough to cost about another £5k every couple of years lmfao. Still, £5k every 2 years is about £200 a month, so if it's a choice between getting something like a boring, but sturdy Skoda Octavia on PCP for £200 a month, or saving up £200 a month to look like a fucking baller in an old Bentley, the correct choice is the big stupid Bentley, and if you say otherwise you're not a car person.