STOCK TO STOCK CAR P2 - Body Work, Primer, and MORE!

  • Published on Jan 18, 2022
  • Can three guys jam 2 1/2 weeks of body work into a few days? Let's get this 1974 Monte Carlo in primer for the upcoming wrap!
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  • Fitzee's Fabrications

    The way that primer looks is a good sign that it is a good primer. Don't want to cover up all your bodywork in the first go. It sinking into the filler and that was always something I liked in a good primer.A quick sanding and a recoat and that will be best kind. Nice job on the metal work. Enjoy the build.

  • Jim Reif
    Jim Reif  +16

    Having Derek quote Letterkenny makes this episode incredibly awesome !! Loving the Monte build.

  • Larry Ciarrocchi

    46 years retired autobody man here. Love watching what I can't do anymore, (health). I patched rust the same way you do, but couldn't compete in most "dealer" shops. I was too slow doing "quality" repairs, sorta bothered me doing crappy work. I was a stickler for quality, therefore I never had a comeback for a do over. Had a few rattles come back, but no repair issues. But, I was sought after by customers who knew "My type of quality repairs" afterwards. If you want to have "fun" try working on a Silver Cloud. Man are those owners picky. I done one BLASTED (T-Boned) passenger side. It should have been totaled, but the cost of the car prevented that. Took me a little over 3 months to repair. I live in Michigan (Rust Belt) I hate rust repairs. I am a Chevy guy, My 2003 S-10 extended cab (4.3/.342 gears, auto tranny, 2 whl. drive) is patched with Aluminum duct tape. Works really good, at least it keeps the wind and water out. Anyways, you sir are a "quality dude" in my book.

  • John Heidelmeier

    I love this restoration. Your paint videos are actually some of my favorites. Wear a respirator! I'm a former metalworker and I know what breathing in abrasive disc dust, metal sanding dust, epoxy and bondo sanding dust, and just paint will do to you. I love doing stuff like this on a budget! But spend money on the PPE, it's cheaper than new lungs.

  • Travis Bosco

    Is it just me, or do those 70s models look better and better with every year that passes? You can't tell the new plastic bubble cars apart without looking at the emblem, but pre-1980 they each had a unique character. Thanks for bringing this one back to life Derek, great job as always!

  • 92xl
    92xl  +6

    I like how this went from "we're just gonna scuff this old paint up so the wrap will stick" - to - "stripped to bare metal, buying and welding in patch panels, bondo and well you know...basically a full restoration" ........this is exactly how my projects go.

  • Jay Gadd
    Jay Gadd  +249

    I feel like I've just gone through a 2 year Masters course in 35 minutes! Watching you and friends rip is like having my skull opened up and knowledge poured in. God bless you and yours my friend ūüėé

  • TJ Green

    Looking good! One of my favorite builds...can't wait to see final product! Keep up the good work.

  • Larry Rega

    Great Job, Fellers! I can’t wait to see the wrap process. Whether yer doing a full wrap or just a rear window on a pickup, it’s a process that takes a lot of patience.

  • ProudPatriot17

    Another great video! It was so cool to see your brother and Chad working with you. I don't think I've ever seen your brother before he but he's definitely got a great sense of humor just like you.

  • Paul Peterson

    Hands down... I LOVE this build! Thanks for sharing it with us Derek!


    So much fun, Brother! Thanks for the show! I always wish they were longer, but sure appreciate the work you do.

  • Beanz
    Beanz  +257

    VGG always makes the day that much better!!

  • Wiring Wyoming

    Looks great Derick. Reminds of my high school days. I did completes on 5 or 7 cars and trucks during that time. My dad was a body and paint man so I did it all from the age of 7. Doing awesome, keep it up.

  • Rhys Revs

    So good to see a body restoration on this channel, very satisfying, thank you Derek.

  • Paul Jones III

    This is quickly becoming one of my favorite builds! It is going to be an awesome kit. Plus a Letterkenny reference to boot!

  • Ian Watson

    Hi from the UK love watching your channel I think you do a great job saving all the old cars and love the way you take basic steps to eliminate problems to get cars running again. The best thing is you explain what your doing in basic terms making it less complicated and understandable for a normal bloke to understand. Top job bud carry on the good work.

  • Kiwi Newz

    These 2 episodes were brilliant. Nice to see your metal work skills on display. Cheer’s

  • Mongrels Garage

    Wasn’t expecting the part 2 this soon! Looks like I have something to watch later tonight!

  • John K
    John K  +3

    The monte looks great, man! We can always count on a guy to bring the classics right back around!