Worlds Strongest Man .VS. Worlds Strongest Women!

  • Published on Oct 16, 2019
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  • Kaos Strength - Rhianon Lovelace

    Thanks for coming up! Was great to have you at the gym.
    Come watch my video for the bits Eddie wouldn't put in!

    • Jake Goodman
      Jake Goodman 5 days ago

      Cris Cyborg would fucking shit on you, bet you money if she was in that sport she’d piss it..

    • daannii2001
      daannii2001 12 days ago

      @Primary Email she double all lifs so even with full rom she will win but it s normal bw and strenght are not proportional...

    • Primary Email
      Primary Email 12 days ago

      @daannii2001 no that's actually incorrect sorry :/

    • AL
      AL 16 days ago

      great video and great banter!! 👍

    • bong lee
      bong lee 17 days ago

      tranny and big Eddie

  • Fawzi Adam
    Fawzi Adam 11 minutes ago

    What kind of ballshit is that ....

  • Resignation Screwery
    Resignation Screwery 26 minutes ago

    I make a point of not entering contests that are lopsided in such a way to expose my weaknesses. If it had been lb of muscle instead of body weight, would have been a lot closer. But probably still a loss. He has quite a bit of "stores onsite" if ya know wat Im sayin!!

  • Pondjumper1
    Pondjumper1 36 minutes ago

    Eddie put a 60kg Olympic lifter against her and men are pound for pound stronger.
    The heavier you are the less you can usually lift as a multiple of your body weight

  • Zachariah Cargo
    Zachariah Cargo 40 minutes ago

    holy smokes

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    Ok.. so let's get a 155lb male olympian and see who's the strongest pfp.

  • fabian aloyce
    fabian aloyce Hour ago

    10:57 that is the most unattractive nipple i have ever seen in all of my reincarnated lives put together

  • Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420

    Eddie has too much muscle in his head to realize that simple math can give him the results hes looking for.

  • Eric King
    Eric King 2 hours ago

    I’d rather kiss Eddie Hall than that troll.

  • Smarty The Pants
    Smarty The Pants 3 hours ago

    Come now. Massively huge men won't have near the endurance. Not to mention the relative weight lifted per pound of bodyweight doesn't equal out proportionately the way they divvied it. She's strong as hell, but Eddie is just too massive to compete with her. LoL

  • Allen Reeves
    Allen Reeves 3 hours ago

    Everyone has it wrong it was supposed to be over 8000

  • Trevor Rogers
    Trevor Rogers 3 hours ago

    She definitely won the weight bouncing contest.

  • Root Nixlz l نكسلز

    Pound to pound is the most illogical competition ive ever seen (unless its for 1 rep)
    Cuz the larger the muscle you have the more oxygen it needs

  • Darryl
    Darryl 5 hours ago

    why does she only have 4 teeth?

  • Linus Håkansson
    Linus Håkansson 6 hours ago

    Eddie is a fucking weeeeeeb 🤣

  • Chase mClary
    Chase mClary 6 hours ago

    I would never wanna be that muscular as a dude it isn't natural and kinda off putting

  • kurt gabriel
    kurt gabriel 6 hours ago

    ya marine is probably not taking half the drugs your on tbf!

    RV ROAD SQUAD 6 hours ago

    Who gives a rats ass about pound for pound.........Can you lift 500 kilos or not! We want to see the threshold of human strength, not pound for pound! Sorry.

  • BEAN
    BEAN 7 hours ago

    Pound for pound she(?) still has fewer teeth than him

  • Big Don
    Big Don 7 hours ago

    Fucking arse ain't on the bench 😂that power lifting shit is a joke she's got roid spots on her arms and chest

  • Talentless Golfer
    Talentless Golfer 8 hours ago

    She's so strong. Is she natural

  • Jaydrum1991
    Jaydrum1991 8 hours ago

    the heavier the weight the harder it is, shes super fucking arrogant its unreal, she cant lift what eddies lifting, end of.

  • Rantandreason
    Rantandreason 9 hours ago

    @7:54 wtf is that? That is NOT bench press. That’s some fucked up decline press

  • Adam Howell
    Adam Howell 10 hours ago

    Rhino beetle says.. y'all my bitches, even the ants... Google it 🤔

  • NLK
    NLK 10 hours ago +1

    You cant compare deadlifting 250kg with 100 kg.

  • Chandler Lee
    Chandler Lee 13 hours ago +2

    I suffered through about 12 mins before I had to leave.

  • Brandon Wallace
    Brandon Wallace 14 hours ago

    maybe i didnt hear or understood why the worlds strongest women was doing weight that i a male (5'5 140) can do?

  • Dragon ball things
    Dragon ball things 15 hours ago

    Anyone saw her filming them in background.♥️

  • Adrian Mole
    Adrian Mole 15 hours ago

    what a massive pussy

  • jhummus
    jhummus 16 hours ago

    Should’ve done it based off a percentage from max

  • Uncle Buck
    Uncle Buck 17 hours ago +1

    I’m turning 11 tomorrow, and after watching this I definitely know women are stronger then men, hopefully my mommy and I can get rid of my annoying stupid daddy out of this family to I can do my transgender surgery to female, female is future they are smarter and stronger and better, this video confirms it, men suck!! Argh!

  • Daniel Candelaria
    Daniel Candelaria 18 hours ago

    Y’all in the comments sounding butt hurt , read the title she’s the strongest women vs strongest man... you thought she could of been “ nicer “ to him 😂

  • Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman 18 hours ago

    >Has accomplishments
    >Talks big game
    >actually starts to lift
    >Back bow like a medieval long bow
    >doesn't really move the weight a whole lot

  • Ron R
    Ron R 18 hours ago

    Anti-male misandrists run the UK. I’m so sick of the Marxist Left douchebags everywhere! Civil War is coming to the USA, perhaps the UK needs to have their own and clean up the politically correct shitbags there that are helping to destroy Western society.

  • Awkward Potato
    Awkward Potato 20 hours ago

    Over 9000 as I'm a dragon Ball reference..
    I-ITS OVER 9000!

  • Daniel Bermingrud
    Daniel Bermingrud 21 hour ago

    Seems like more mass you gain, less power the mass hold by gram

  • Djmansfool Djmf
    Djmansfool Djmf 22 hours ago

    For those who don’t know being the “worlds strongest woman” is a pretty big deal! She is a female they’re not very strong so for her to be stronger than any average man is amazing and awesome!

  • Daniel Ess
    Daniel Ess Day ago

    stupid comparison. bench she only has to move the bar a foot in each direction. dead she is bouncing the damn thing and barely has to bend over. strength is not directly proportional to muscle mass and muscle is heavy. now get her to do atlas stones

  • Nim Boo
    Nim Boo Day ago

    He was actually lifting much more than her.
    The difference lies in that they were going by pound for pound related to personal body weight which is misleading.
    This is equivalent to saying that a 150cm tall man who jumps a 165cm fence is jumping higher than a 200cm tall man who jumps a 219 cm high fence which is obviously only considering RELATIVE performance and not ACTUAL performance.
    Perhaps they think they can fool their british audience but a Northmen sees through it!

  • Nim Boo
    Nim Boo Day ago

    Those cute little teenage pimples all over her body are a dead giveaway ...

  • Mikizilla
    Mikizilla Day ago +1

    He is trans?

  • Jonny Carroll
    Jonny Carroll Day ago +1

    Pound for pound an Ant is strongest, but eddie would step on that ant 👣

  • BikerBen126
    BikerBen126 Day ago

    So many triggered people here

  • Jonny Carroll
    Jonny Carroll Day ago

    Is it not fair to say that eddie carries a lot of fat and she has none. So if eddie slimmed right down to 6% body fat it would have been a fairer challenge as he would have lifted less weight

  • Youtubecommentsgivemehope


  • Luiz
    Luiz Day ago

    i can't believe eddie is DBZ fan!
    and she's so fucking wonder she's a feminist in it's pure form

  • whiteshiftracing

    I get it. Body weight is pound for pound going to be better for the smaller body.
    But that’s just because it’s not a straight line graph for mass lifted v mass of lifter.
    You need much more physical muscle mass not in proportion to total weight being lifted.
    Anyway, I didn’t find her annoying, that’s just how she has banter with people. Different to Eddies banter that’s all

  • Hisham Fahmi
    Hisham Fahmi Day ago

    A voice that thick!Rudimentary boobs!Body fat % less than most men!Yeah.. definitely a 'Girl'..!

  • Hisham Fahmi
    Hisham Fahmi Day ago

    That 'pound-for-pound' concept is nonsense! Stronger IS stronger and that's what matters! Otherwise we would be comparing Ants with Humans.. and Ants would definitely win by multiples of 10!

  • Dan FR
    Dan FR Day ago

    I work with steel and lift 100kg bits of steel all day 5 days a week and I don't even go to the gym so I don't know why she's so cocky

  • Graham Larkin
    Graham Larkin Day ago

    Great vid. Great to see something different.

  • boo bye
    boo bye Day ago

    The sound of real weights vs the sound of ''fake'' weights

  • Ryan Dey Vlogs
    Ryan Dey Vlogs Day ago

    would be a different story if they were both using the same weights :/

  • just some random guy

    Eddie hall has a lot of fat content in his bofy because he's not a bodybuilder but was a strongmen....
    Let a guy like larry wheels compete with her.... larry has very less fat in his body which makes him lighter in weight which would qualify for pound for pound matches....

  • Orku5
    Orku5 Day ago

    To this competition, wasn't really fair - should have been properly calculated - some others pointed it out in detail - might go for a rematch when it's more equal calculated.

    As others seem to complain about her look, this is a personal taste thing, if you look up some photos of her, she looked good, the actual undercut hair style doesn't suit her, but her choice - I still would go for a drink with her.

    To her character - it's a nearly 30 minutes video, we don't know behind the story of this, and the whole idea; but generally, women have different character then men, so don't expect the same behavior during a competition. Have you guys never noticed how women bitch about each other and if it comes to competition they ruthless - and some men are the same.

    Nevertheless, a interesting video - I actually kinda enjoyed it.

  • Aaron Saenz
    Aaron Saenz Day ago +1

    Knowing eddie loves dbz made me a even bigger fan of his 💪💪💪🙌

  • RagingSvendsen
    RagingSvendsen Day ago

    IT'S OVER NINE THOUSAAAAAND! *breaks scouter*
    Moves on to become the second/first strongest in the 7th universe...

  • Bleagle
    Bleagle Day ago

    Men are stronger, it's simple biology.

  • Cruz
    Cruz Day ago

    Need to be based on different criteria to fill the niche you're talking about. Include all aspects of fitness. 2000m run, stone lifts, snatch, mas wrestling, (squat bench deadlift). Would be nice to see a competition like you're saying.

  • Jus Ski
    Jus Ski Day ago

    Love that plug for Kia Greene!