What Happened: Dr. Jay Bhattacharya on 19 Months of COVID

  • Published on Oct 20, 2021
  • Recorded on October 13, 2021

    From the very beginning of the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. Jay Bhattacharya has been on the front lines of analyzing, studying, and even personally fighting the pandemic. In this wide-ranging interview, Dr. Bhattacharya takes us through how it started, how it spread throughout the world, the efficacy of lockdowns, the development and distribution of the vaccines, and the rise of the Delta variant. He delves into what we got right, what we got wrong, and what we got really wrong. Finally, Dr. Bhattacharya looks to the future and how we will learn to live with COVID rather than trying to extinguish it, and how we might be prepared to deal with another inevitable pandemic that we know will arrive at some point.

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  • sc100ott

    Last year, I was one of tens of thousands of physicians to co-sign the Great Barrington Declaration. Today, I am still proud of that fact. My greatest respect goes out to Dr. Bhatacharya (apologies for spelling), his collaborators on the GBD, and to Dr. Scott Atlas, who I know is on the same page.

  • Owen Crassweller

    Dr Battacharya's measured approach is so much more credible than the hysteria of the public health officials and many politicians.

  • Paul Armstrong

    This man is a hero. The fact he is targeted despite his scientific credientials is nothing less than criminal.

  • Kane123
    Kane123  +2

    Jay has been one of the true heroes of this pandemic. History will look kindly on the man who was brave enough to mount a defence against all this madness.

  • Mario Gonzalez

    It's unbelievable to me how so many people get really upset if you try to explain these facts to them...they simply don't want to hear it...Thank you...

  • Catherine Macneil

    Thankyou from Melbourne, Australia. I wish we had such respectful and thoughtful discussions broadcast on our media here.

  • Covidity

    Historic interview. It will be referenced for years and years.

  • Dede Tudor
    Dede Tudor  +987

    We're grateful for this interview.

  • Anna Fields

    Thank you so much for this important interview. I am one of the millions whose livelihood was devastated by the shutdown. I was unable to receive any assistance during that time, and I’m still trying to dig my way out financially. I started 2020 with no debt, and now I’m still on the edge of losing my business with tens thousands of debt. It’s been emotionally draining and stressful, and has taken me from loving my work to dreading it. I live in Washington state, and our state’s lockdown and mandates have been horrible for businesses, while next door in Idaho, it’s been mostly business as usual. We lost many customers to Idaho, since it’s a 25 minute drive away. I really appreciate you drawing attention to the mishandling of the lockdown. I hope it does some good, and wakes some people up.

  • Lifebee LifeBee

    Thank you for this intelligent and deep conversation. Personally, my hope to survive covid without vax is equal to my fear of getting serious side effects from vax. The scale is pretty much balanced, at least for me. In my immediate circle, I have four people age 60-80 who died from covid being fully vaccinated. It is a no for me, by now.

  • Dani R
    Dani R  +806

    The courage of this man to keep speaking out against the atrocities of our “scientific” community and governments in the way they have handled this pandemic, gives me hope for humanity! Thank you Jay and thank you for this interview. Everyone should hear this talk!

  • Cody Bench
    Cody Bench  +152

    The creation and response to this whole thing is criminal. Thank you Jay for being honest. Although the damage continues, Thank you.

  • Mark Stanton

    Brilliant men. Everything discussed makes so much sense, although I wish they would have addressed children's vaccinations.

  • Karrie Welch

    Great work- thank you for continuing to speak- I disagree on these vaccines- we are seeing untold numbers of heart and neurological issues shortly after vaccine. The record number of top athlete deaths- many in teens and early 20’s, are horrifying.

  • Gyaan Chandraa Shakya

    Thank you for the interview . increasing covid hysteria is looking like a mass psychosis .

  • Babs Harris

    Well I never did go for any spots, never had the Flu & had no intention of getting a Vaccine. Just before Thanksgiving I got Covid from my Vaccinated friend. At 88 it was pretty scary, but with no DR, NO Hospital & no one to care for me, using only needed Supplements I have survive. It was scary & costly. Some side affects very frustrating. Excess sleeping was a great benefit. Unable to care for myself or cook, not being able to eat for over 3 week's worst.

  • Mercedes Carrión

    This was devastating. Hard to watch 😭 Brutally and painfully honest. Heart broken with everything. Thank you for your bravery. 💗

  • Victoria Ward

    Thank you soooo much!!! The Great Barrington Declaration was a light in the darkness when it was first published in Summer 2020. And it still makes perfect sense now, over a year later. It isn't built on whims and knee-jerk reactions but the principles of proper public health. Oh, may we soon return to those.

  • mark savage

    I started following Jay in april 2020 and it has kept me sane in a world of ignorance.

  • tonedawg1983

    This was fascinating, thank you very much for this level headed interview. One thing I wish you touched on was the vaccination of children and young adults and the issue of Myocarditis.