Why Car Windows Have Little Black Dots

  • Published on Nov 14, 2019
  • Every now and then, you get stuck in traffic. So what do you do? You stare blankly at your windshield, right. And you probably notice the little black dots around the edges. Ever wondered what those are for?
    But black dots aren’t the only part of your car that might have you wondering, “What on Earth is that for?” Since you’re still looking at your windshield, did you notice that little line with an arrow pointing down and AS1 written on it? Or what about the black lines going across the back window and that little snowflake on your dashboard? Let's figure out!
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    The purpose of black dots 0:28
    The AS Line 2:16
    Lines on the Rear Window 3:04
    The Snowflake Light 3:51
    Gas Tank Locator 4:35
    Drowsiness Detector 5:24
    Stability Control 6:03
    Ceiling Handles 6:29
    Conversation Mirror 6:59
    Fully Customizable Icons 7:29
    🚘 Find extra storage spaces in your car! 🚘 7:55
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    - The dots come out of the black band that goes around the window. That band is called the frit. It's the ceramic paint that protects the sealant holding your windshield in place.
    - They make a nice gradient transition from the black frit to the clear window. This gradient is also a safety feature.
    - The black dots are there to even out the heat and minimize optical distortion. Without them, the windshield would deform.
    - Those black dots above the rearview mirror have another important function: they help protect your eyes from the sun while you're driving.
    - AS1 means that the glass should let in no less than 75% of the light. The line and arrow mean “from this point and downward.” S
    - Have you ever noticed a little snowflake light up on your dashboard? This is the Frost or Freeze Warning, and it lights up automatically to inform you that the temperature outside has dropped so much that the roads are likely to freeze.
    - Gas tank locator tells you which side the tank is on! By the way, there are no strict regulations as to which side the tank should be on.
    - Drowsiness detector does exactly what it says: if the car “feels” that you’ve been on the road for too long or you keep slowly drifting out of your lane, then this indicator will come on.
    - When sensors decide your vehicle is about to spin out or isn't turning far enough, a little skidding car icon lights up on the dashboard.
    - The original purpose of ceiling handles was to help you get in and out of the car.
    - In most mini-vans and some crossover SUVs, you can pull down a convex mirror from a special compartment in front of your rearview mirror. It helps you keep an eye on the kids, pets, or just passengers in the back seats without taking your eyes off the road for a second longer than needed.
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    BRIGHT SIDE  25 days ago +115

    Hey guys! What car do you think is the most beautiful ever made?

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      Brian 14 days ago

      Ashish John lol same

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      Someone Somewhere 15 days ago

      🚗1995 Toyota Supra or the Mazda Rx-7 🚗

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      Ashish John 15 days ago +2

      Bruh Tesla Cybertruck.

  • Adam Uberschaffenheiser

    No as1 on my windshield ( : guess whole thing can be tinted and aee it is.

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    im qt

  • Ottawa Mike
    Ottawa Mike 10 days ago

    Will toll transponders work through those black dots on the windshield?

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    Immortalcheese 11 days ago

    I love how the car animations we're manual

  • erlandodk
    erlandodk 14 days ago

    "What are those black lines on the rear window..?" said no one ever.

  • Guy Anthony De Marco
    Guy Anthony De Marco 15 days ago +2

    For the side the fuel door is located on, some vehicles have a little arrow but whatever side the little gas nozzle is located on in the icon is also where the fuel door is located.

  • Taron
    Taron 15 days ago +1

    If you have a more expensive car, like me, your car doesn't have frit on the sides, only near the mirror :)

  • Marco Wegleiter
    Marco Wegleiter 15 days ago

    The information about the front wind shield heating is totally wrong. Of course there is such heating available also for the front wind shield. 3:40

  • Dion Dawson
    Dion Dawson 16 days ago +1

    "Bonus feature"
    me: hey, thats a useful tip on hiding stuff in my car.
    every car theif ever that watches this video: who says this channel sucks, thanks bright side

  • Kevin Brown
    Kevin Brown 17 days ago

    I came for a comment that would tell me what it was without watching the video!

  • KLM817
    KLM817 17 days ago

    The fuel door side is also depends on which side the exhaust system runs. If you ever notice in the rear of the vehicle what side the exhaust pipe or muffler (if it's single exhaust) is on, the fuel fill door is on the opposite side of it. On dual exhaust vehicles it could be on either side. Also most of the time most brands use one side for fuel doors on most of their models, an example would be Toyota has the fuel door on the drivers side.

  • Trump 2020
    Trump 2020 17 days ago +1

    That is not paint. It is printed on the safety plastic that is between the two layers of glass.

  • Dante Cossin
    Dante Cossin 17 days ago

    Toyota does a lot of helpful stuff

  • xboss gamer
    xboss gamer 17 days ago

    I'm scared of them black dots 😫😫😖

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    Tripehobia 😩😩😩

  • Nate Rager
    Nate Rager 18 days ago

    44 seconds in and I have all the info i need.
    The dots are called the frit and they protect the adhesive that holds the windshield in from the sun's rays.
    Also, who doesn't know what a rear defroster is?

  • Holly Y
    Holly Y 18 days ago

    Ford cars have black lines on the front windscreen, very thin but visible. Also for defrosting. So much better than air vents

  • Jorge DSM
    Jorge DSM 18 days ago

    I thought the lines were a wired circuit which when the glass was broken it also breaks the circuit and sets off an alarm in case someone tries to break into your car. I thought this for all my life until now.

  • Thunderstormworld
    Thunderstormworld 18 days ago

    Some vehicles like my Peugeot 308cc have a built in cooler for your cool drink or anything that needs cooling 😎

  • This is Cutie Ringo Joy

    No snow in my country so we don’t have that

    BEAT NATION 19 days ago

    Why do people put a baby sticker at the back of the car

      BEAT NATION 15 days ago

      @chihaz thanks :D

    • chihaz
      chihaz 15 days ago

      BEAT NATION To let people know to drive more carefully when you are behind because they have a baby on board. Helps to reduce tailgating or overtaking from others.

  • Chiyo
    Chiyo 19 days ago +2

    Never seen the snowflake. I’m guessing it’s a feature of newer cars or specific models.

    • The PURGE
      The PURGE 16 days ago

      @Chiyo Models sold California! Sorry just had to say that! Ha ha

  • Sam A Salman 240
    Sam A Salman 240 19 days ago

    5:58 😂😂😂😂 imagine

  • Pirate Labs
    Pirate Labs 19 days ago +1

    Gas tank fill openings are always on the opposite side from the exhaust. It has been a U.S. Federal regulation for many years.

    • Pirate Labs
      Pirate Labs 13 days ago

      @Rosa Amarillo Well, dual exhausts do not fit into the regulation. Most factory "dual exhausts" are actually a single exhaust that only empties into twin outlets in the back. Some are real though and I am not sure how this works unless there is a waiver for those. If you look at all of the singles though, you will see the gas fill on the opposite side.

    • Rosa Amarillo
      Rosa Amarillo 13 days ago +1

      Pirate Labs , interesting..... I have dual exhaust, (that works) and the fill is on the left

  • Kantunez9267 Antunez
    Kantunez9267 Antunez 19 days ago

    The notch in the front window is the antenna, the top center

  • Cody Soper
    Cody Soper 19 days ago

    I wish I could disable the road conditions indicator. I know it's cold out and to look for ice, thanks.

  • Kelly Mcculloch
    Kelly Mcculloch 19 days ago

    Didn't mention that the rear defroster is also a radio antenna on some cars

  • Benny Schieman
    Benny Schieman 19 days ago

    My ford had also the defroster lines in the windshield

  • nihl hinz
    nihl hinz 19 days ago

    College didn't teach my kid commen since. Thank you bright side for filling in the gap. They taught him to be opinionated, political, self important and lazy though.

  • Joe Troutt
    Joe Troutt 19 days ago

    Well, 2minutes in and I got my question answered. Signing off now

  • racerboom
    racerboom 19 days ago +23

    The snowflake light means the car has detected a snowflake in the driver's seat.

    • The PURGE
      The PURGE 16 days ago +1

      @Cedric Lucas We could have a Collusion or autoSCHIFF avoidance sensor!

    • Cedric Lucas
      Cedric Lucas 18 days ago

      Still making snowflake jokes in November 2019?

    • Daniel Royer
      Daniel Royer 18 days ago +2

      That light must be on permanently for every car in California.

  • Jachu
    Jachu 19 days ago

    1:52 audi has third sunshield

  • GG
    GG 20 days ago

    I always wondered about those black dots. Good one🙂
    The gas tank cap should ALWAYS be on the driver side. It’s all about convenience...

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 20 days ago +1

    Here's a little bit more history back-in-the-day Chevy offered two 35 gallon gas tanks in there 80s trucks

  • slamdeathgrindmachine
    slamdeathgrindmachine 20 days ago

    My truck is from 1980 we don't have this because it wasn't an option and before its time powered steering, power brakes, air conditioning, heating, airbags and seat belts we're all optional back in the day

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin 20 days ago

    Having that convex mirror to see the back seats its not a great idea really, its a distraction, if ya needa see whats going on elsewhere in the car ya needa pull over.

  • TypeUsername34
    TypeUsername34 20 days ago

    I thought the air had to be cold for the windshield??🤔

  • Donny
    Donny 20 days ago

    Speaking of front window defrosters, I saw the coolest thing on this Focus Diesel I rented in Europe. It had virtually invisible lines running through it for defrosting. Works the same as the rear, but without having to blast the heat. Probably does a better job from a cold start as well. I haven't seen that before on other cars, but will definitely keep an eye out for that feature on the spec sheet next time we're buying.

  • tihi
    tihi 20 days ago

    There are no handles above any door in my Ford Fiesra

  • Gregory Peterson
    Gregory Peterson 20 days ago

    I want to know who doesn't find all those hiding places already. Every car I've owned I found every button, panel or other thing I could push, open or slide. I thought everybody else did the same.

  • Раджешвар Рао Ведира

    Traction control or stability control is more use full in rainy or snow seasons

  • MrChristopher3232
    MrChristopher3232 20 days ago

    I have one that most people don't seem to know about! There's a little stick on the side of your steering wheel that controls your turn signals🤔

  • Mark Sandstrom
    Mark Sandstrom 20 days ago

    I have a theory about gas cap sidedness - that it tends to relate to the home country of the manufacturer, whether that place drives on the right or the left. There is (maybe?) somewhat greater tendency for more-dangerous side-swiping accidents to occur on the driver's side of a car whichever it is, so that is a not-as-good side to locate the gas cap. Japan has RHD at home, and generally Japanese cars have left side gas caps. Germany has LHD at home, and German cars generally right side gas caps. On the other hand, reengineering a vehicle to move its gas filler for export markets is expensive and of little other benefit. I know this theory doesn't explain all cases - 2 Mazdas and 1 Subaru I've owned all violate the theory. But my several Hondas and VWs have all fit it.

  • Tim Tim
    Tim Tim 20 days ago +3

    Watched 46 seconds then turned off. Got the answer.

  • Drive YT Brand
    Drive YT Brand 20 days ago

    Because if the dots are big (too big, e.g. 40 inches in diameter) they will block your view.

    RUSH FAN 20 days ago +9

    The windshield won’t deform! Doesn’t get that hot. lol

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    Vhanga Mphaphuli 20 days ago +1

    What's up with the FRIT through out the video?

  • mb2000
    mb2000 20 days ago

    Always wondered if car makers agreed that half would put the petrol cap on the left and half on the right...

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    Aravind Sankar 20 days ago

    Can explain how a car works in the next video...?

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    Commander Waffles 20 days ago

    Since all the frits are doing all the work where are the white ones at?

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    Brightside obviously doesn't know that Fords often have electric heater elements in the

  • The stigs Australian cousin

    I would've thought the lines on the rear window would've been an in built distance indicator for when reversing near objects.

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      BirdValiant 18 days ago

      Wow, there really are people so ignorant that they don't even understand the basic functionality of cars... 😔

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    I find this video, 'Highly Compelling'

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    Paul Neugass 21 day ago

    Good info, but the voice over guy sounds like he's speaking down to little children.

  • The Vision Alpha Legend

    3:32 when i was little my parents told me its for tracking the built in GPS in the car or recieve radio signals on the car

    • Gregory Peterson
      Gregory Peterson 20 days ago

      I guess we know who is young here. If your parents told you about GPS! Lol

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    Joel Bulger 21 day ago

    I learned something

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    I remember old Windows 98 icon also had a bunch of those dots, what are those for?

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    The handles are called s**t bars because right before you crash you yell "Ohhhhh s**t!" and grab them. Lol.

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    Unca Boat 21 day ago

    1:42 if they're supposed to protect my eyes from the sun, THEY DON'T WORK.