Half in the Bag Episode 50: Evil Dead

  • Published on Apr 16, 2013
  • Mike and Jay literally got to Hell to discuss yet another remake. This time it's Evil Dead, a modern update on the Sam Raimi cult classic.
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  • inspector gadget
    inspector gadget 2 days ago

    This Dutch Angle is giving me a headache

  • Tim Walden
    Tim Walden 14 days ago

    I recently saw this. I had never seen the original film, so I watched them in both in reverse. I enjoyed the remake considerably more than the original.

  • Greg OfCanada
    Greg OfCanada 25 days ago


  • boardskins
    boardskins Month ago

    Just say it sucks. 10 second review.

  • Paul Gilmore
    Paul Gilmore Month ago

    When do you think they figured out this wasn't a remake but the 4th one in the series??

  • Jin Luncheonmeats
    Jin Luncheonmeats Month ago

    Okay first off, I died laughing when Jay brought out all those copies of Evil Dead. He double, triple, and quadruple dipped on the same film because Anchor Bay is an asshole! Btw, Anchor Bay pulled that same crap with Highlander by rereleasing it 18 damn times!
    Also the most Brilliant Ending of any Half in the Bag!!!

  • 9TxONE
    9TxONE Month ago

    You guys should do a re:View of the remake :) Just sayin'

  • opsimathics
    opsimathics Month ago

    I would love to see Jay's horror movie collection

  • Anti Holy
    Anti Holy Month ago

    It would've been better if they had the dude on the right as Mr. Plinkett, since he does his voice. I don't know what it's called, but have him dress up as Mr. Plinkett and have him as himself in the same shot.

  • Mister Dick
    Mister Dick Month ago

    Man.....Ash vs the Evil Dead was a great TV series.

  • L G
    L G Month ago +1

    ... this may be one of your best reviews for obvious reasons...
    Have you considered doing a Lighting Fast VCR Repair vs Evil short film)

  • SkeletalSounds _
    SkeletalSounds _ Month ago

    Love that they allude to mike losing his mind but satirizing the overuse of Dutch angles in evil dead

  • CrazyDiamond
    CrazyDiamond Month ago

    I was laughing about the Myspace jokes, as if they were into something super outdated. Then I realized this was done in 2013. Oh.

  • Paul Murphy
    Paul Murphy Month ago

    Holy shit, these fuckers have been talented as fuck for so goddamn long!

  • Bob Sloppy
    Bob Sloppy 2 months ago

    I always wanted to say that Jane Levey (girl Ash) has the most beautiful eyes when she's completely covered in blood.

  • Velcro Poodle
    Velcro Poodle 2 months ago

    The captions open with "Gay and Mica frogs" and I think that's not a terrible mistake.

  • AquaDonkey
    AquaDonkey 2 months ago

    Wud love to see a review of the show, i thought it was hilarious

  • En' Peacee Shekelstein
    En' Peacee Shekelstein 2 months ago

    I give the ending a 8/10 needs more blood.

  • _helloyellow
    _helloyellow 2 months ago

    The crazy gore was the only hilariously enjoyable part. Other than that, this really sucked.

  • Gameplay and Talk
    Gameplay and Talk 2 months ago

    That ending sequence was utter insanity. Well done, guys!

  • The Killer Spud
    The Killer Spud 2 months ago

    Those hell miniatures look like delicious deserts.

  • TheSmilingVagrantsOfficial

    I've heard that if you quit heroin cold turkey you die. That's why they have other drugs that heroin addicts take to get off of heroin. So basically these are the worst friends ever.

  • Tom Burkill
    Tom Burkill 3 months ago

    The special effects are AMAZING

  • jameshuffman7827
    jameshuffman7827 3 months ago

    Mike and Bruce Campbell look like brothers.

  • sajrocks
    sajrocks 3 months ago

    2:08 - the minute/second i fell in love with jay (and completely understood the plight of mike).

  • Mutineer
    Mutineer 3 months ago

    The review was more entertaining than the movie. Great job! 👍

  • Grayce Crooker
    Grayce Crooker 3 months ago

    I think they should Re:View their old Half in the Bag episodes and just roast themselves. I'm having a week long marathon where I watch every episode between work and school, and GAH! they were so awkward in the early days of HitB..

  • jgames111
    jgames111 3 months ago

    No, not the mail man.

  • Andrew Hershberger
    Andrew Hershberger 3 months ago

    I was waiting for Plinkett demon to say “i’ll Suck your dick” when he was holding the ax.

  • Ufphen
    Ufphen 4 months ago

    I just love the hard cut back to reality at the end

  • Alex Martinovitch
    Alex Martinovitch 4 months ago

    lmfao imagine trying to include that tree rape scene in a movie these days

  • Zetetik -
    Zetetik - 4 months ago

    ....I wanta taste your hell lava! :P

  • Pat The Batman Fan
    Pat The Batman Fan 4 months ago

    Confirmed for subverted expectations.

  • Jeffrey Riley
    Jeffrey Riley 4 months ago

    Very good gore effects at the end there.

  • The Harlequin
    The Harlequin 4 months ago

    Jay: My god... You killed Zombie-Plinkett!
    Mike: He was a Zombie?

  • C C
    C C 4 months ago +1

    Mike really fits the role of a Mentally Unstable Character.

  • douglas mitchell
    douglas mitchell 4 months ago

    I actually loved this movie. And I didn't think the contacts on the demons ruined it. And I'd say the only characters I kind of sort of cared for were the main girl and her brother! The brother was a nice guy who wanted to help his sister and she was just had a problem with heroine and it seemed like she was still coping with the death of her mother! Do I think it's better than the original? Absolutely not! But I think it was competently made!

  • Fedor M.
    Fedor M. 4 months ago

    I kinda like it. And i love the originals. Its bloody and weird and kinda funny, not sure if it was intentional but i dig it. Plus its nice to see not CG blood.

  • Evangeliman
    Evangeliman 4 months ago

    Evil Dead is a thing?

  • Demo 0
    Demo 0 5 months ago +1

    You guys are really TILTED

  • tankmaster1018
    tankmaster1018 5 months ago +1

    26:03 Lmfao! I never thought I would hear Mike make a sound like that... My life is now complete!!

  • Miffed Akko
    Miffed Akko 6 months ago +1


  • Rus Alexander
    Rus Alexander 6 months ago


  • Grim1952
    Grim1952 6 months ago

    Just watched it and it was really fun tbh. I think the music is a bit too intense and generic, but the rest was pretty good imo.

  • CR Smyth
    CR Smyth 6 months ago +3

    It would have been great to see the girl going through hard withdrawals, fighting demons while having diarrhea would have been priceless

  • I'm ur dog
    I'm ur dog 6 months ago

    The production design for hell in this episode was a solid 7/10

  • okrajoe
    okrajoe 6 months ago +2

    I prefer the version with the The.

  • pedro mutti
    pedro mutti 7 months ago

    tell them is madagascar 3 jajajajajajaja

  • Smiley Dog
    Smiley Dog 7 months ago


  • Trevor Topcik
    Trevor Topcik 7 months ago +1

    You guys are sitting on the wrong side

  • Grunions
    Grunions 7 months ago

    Mmmm, Hell looks delicious

  • SPQR101010
    SPQR101010 7 months ago

    wait this isnt a review of evil dead 2?

  • Angus Beer
    Angus Beer 8 months ago +1


  • Doeney
    Doeney 8 months ago

    There's a (better) alternate cut that only appears on Channel4 and Film 4. They accidentally sent the wrong copy to the studio.

  • chuyelregio5
    chuyelregio5 8 months ago +1

    I fucking hated this movie.. it was as if they asked themselves... Hmmmm how many fucking horror movie cliches can we fit into this piece of shit movie?

  • bowie stutsman
    bowie stutsman 8 months ago

    I ain’t seen this movie!

  • Alana Banana
    Alana Banana 9 months ago

    Why does Mike remind me of the guy from wham city comedy? 😂 I love Evil Dead but why must modern Hollywood remake everything????

  • Frogborne
    Frogborne 9 months ago

    that ending was fucking awesome

  • DichotomousRex
    DichotomousRex 9 months ago +1

    Jay is my favorite example of how some grooming and fitted clothes can make anyone look bangin. You can tell when he sits down that he isn't even fat here, but his clothes make him look heavy, and his hair and lack of beard don't fit his face well. Compare to any recent episode, where Jay is #1 kissboi.

  • Noobie2k7
    Noobie2k7 9 months ago

    I only just got around to watching Evil Dead recently and tbh i really enjoyed it. I thought it was a cool remake. Probably one of the better remakes that exists. It did some interesting things with it. Actually added a plot and characters which helped. I mean a lot of the gore and effects were kind of crappy and jarring and not in the fun way like the original but oh well, can't be perfect. I just really enjoyed the different take they had on the material, rather than just trying to do the same as what the original did, though apparently for some people that's not good enough either.

  • TheBrendon67
    TheBrendon67 9 months ago

    Her whispering voice is the scariest thing in the movie.
    Super annoying. Ha.

  • Michael Dziengel
    Michael Dziengel 9 months ago

    How have I missed this for so long?

  • Jack Hamilton
    Jack Hamilton 10 months ago +13

    "A book! I wanna look at that, I'm an English teacher!"

  • Bun
    Bun 10 months ago

    still one of the greatest episodes ever

  • Ambrea Rae
    Ambrea Rae 10 months ago


  • Snerpy mcnerp
    Snerpy mcnerp 10 months ago

    This episode is really well shot

  • Snerpy mcnerp
    Snerpy mcnerp 10 months ago

    Yahoo movies TM

  • autobot69000
    autobot69000 10 months ago

    whats with the dinging?

  • Mike B
    Mike B 11 months ago

    You guys need to do a review on KILL BILL vol 1-2

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    The summoned otherworldly demon woman doesn’t have nipples, ah yes, that is the only weird aspect about that entity that struck these two as odd.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    Mia did try to deal with withdrawals, there are multiple scenes about it. She then, in a frantic action, solo bolt with the car, then met with an evil doppelgänger after she crashes the only car. Then the woods and her evil clone rapes her. Do these two not think that all these VERY brutal events not effect Mia? Did they pay attention?

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    Did I just hear the fat dude say that it didn’t have stereotypical characters but also said he found them bland? Having the movie feel more realistic for motive to be at the cabin, with a group of realistic people dealing with all this crazy shit realistically, that all isn’t enough?

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    Wait so they say they like it then don’t, then they do. They talk about it being serious with the very graphic absurd gore happening and that aspect being very different from the originals, but shouldn’t that be good? Shouldn’t the “remake” strive to have its own soul and flavor? It sort of sounds like these two don’t quite know what they want or like really and that they can’t just like it as its own movie, which is what it is, as a “remake”.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    They mock the scene where Mia says the evil in the woods has now infiltrated the cabin. Nothing special or spectacular about a woman who has had an evil tentacle made of vines with thorns, black ichor, and who knows whatever else climb inside her while watching helplessly as it does so. Yeah, nothing horrifying about the woods rape, inseminate, and possess her all in one slow grotesque climb up her leg. Not only does she not know what is happening but she just got in a car crash in a swamp and ran from an evil apparition of herself who summoned the evil tentacle. So in essence she raped herself.

    • Jamal Gleeson
      Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

      OH! Then pleading for help afterword to her brother, he just walks away like nothing odd is happening, sort of like he time no one can fathom the events that are happening in the originals.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    Bringing Mia to the cabin to rid her of her drug addiction, also the cabin is a cabin from their childhood. So two more reasons, one more over the originals.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    The one guy point out the deadites from the originals laugh at their evil schemes, which is basically toying with their prey, which is a running aspect through all of the movies. The “remake” deadites toy with their prey just the same, I’d say very slightly more effective actually because not only is the original deadite, one of the crew’s sister but the sole reason why all of them are there. We came to help her and now she is cheering for her friend to hack her arm off or telling them all that their souls will be taken, or eaten, forgot, need to watch my DVD after this. Oh yeah, just like the originals.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    Or maybe the mentally absurd aspect where the hippy dude points out the obviousness of the situation, a few times.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    The one nostalgia beast there claims there are no bizarre absurd scenes. So the scene where one of the girls is washing her deadite bite wound, where the little almost hard rubber bits that plop out of it squeal, or the subtle sound of the water sizzling as it hits the wound. Oh and then that same girl hacks off her arm with an electric knife minutes later. The absurd scene where the brother of the main character finds their dead dog and The Force flashes a scene of the main character bashing the pooches skull in. The scene where a fully formed demon entity slams a Jeep on the main characters hand therefore forcing her to leave her hand behind by wrenching her arm, severing the hand. The demon entity, separate from a deadite, that was successfully summoned from A prophecy in the book. My point was that it wasn’t foiled, the book was successful.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago

    They both mention the “remake” does nothing new, except it introduces many new elements. It introduces new pages, new prophecies, new ways to kill deadites, a flipping of “the main character” and the way they are reluctantly the hero/lone survivor.

  • Jamal Gleeson
    Jamal Gleeson 11 months ago +1

    Wait a minute... one hasn’t seen the originals in a long while. Meaning one has no idea that the originals, sans Army Of Darkness, really is a basic story, the same basic story as the “remake” in fact. Some idiot friends goto a cabin, find a book, make bad decisions, release all sorts of bad occult stuff, most die. That describes both. Then the other guy has nostalgia goggles grafted onto his head so he doesn’t notice the same stuff.

  • brae gaming
    brae gaming 11 months ago

    what makes evil dead 2 really funny is if you imagine it to be a proper sequel. first movie, ash takes his gf to the woods and hilarity ensues. evil dead 2 comes along, ash has a new job and gf, decides he wants to get rid of his gf so takes her back to that haunted cabin in the woods, then lets people read from the book, and hilarity ensues :D Ash is really a dick.

  • BangARanggg
    BangARanggg 11 months ago

    Is this when Rich started eating all of Jay's food?

  • Darkdiver Grandahl
    Darkdiver Grandahl 11 months ago

    Can't see tears in the rain....
    Can't see wounds in bleeding rain

  • Jacob Michaud
    Jacob Michaud 11 months ago

    Mike says that, "oh, this had to happen, and then someone has to cut their face, and thennn it can bring out the 'final' demon" But all the pages in the book are describing individual demons, which then possess the protagonists. So it's not so much spells as increasingly powerful demons escaping the necronomicon.

  • Joseph Perry
    Joseph Perry Year ago

    The end of this episode made my day.
    Greatest work you guys have ever done.

  • Lone Knight
    Lone Knight Year ago

    This movie is a bit too sane to be a Evil Dead movie... i want my Fun Insanity Shit!

  • Steven, A.D.
    Steven, A.D. Year ago

    the whispering in this movie makes me want to gouge out my ears, i hate it so much

  • Daniel Stephens
    Daniel Stephens Year ago

    I actually still have the original "video nasty" UK unrated VHS version of the Evil Dead. Also, I haven't had a VHS player in about 15 years.

  • kourii
    kourii Year ago

    I'm gonna rape every member of your family while smearing their shit on the walls

  • Yashold
    Yashold Year ago

    It's amazing that Rich Evans was willing to be decapitated for the show

  • diego almeida
    diego almeida Year ago

    the ring sound????the ring sound????the ring sound????the ring sound????

  • diego almeida
    diego almeida Year ago

    the ring sound????

  • diego almeida
    diego almeida Year ago

    the ring sound????

  • Darrell Covello
    Darrell Covello Year ago


  • Paddy Mc
    Paddy Mc Year ago +4

    'Fighting off demon's whilst going through withdrawal.'
    The best you could hope for is that your hot and cold sweats made it harder for the demons to take hold of you. Other than that you're just lethargic and useless and deeply boring. If withdrawal were half as interesting as it's portrayed in films junkies would deliberately force themselves into it.

  • Anime Lover720
    Anime Lover720 Year ago

    Oh wow, I'm watching this April 15, 2018, one day before this was uploaded 5 years ago. I wonder if anyone was lucky or coincidental enough to be watching this on April 16.

  • Xenophon122088
    Xenophon122088 Year ago

    Haha. I can't belive he killed Mr. Plinket! Crazy shit.

  • Liam Goheen
    Liam Goheen Year ago +22

    Can we get a Re:View on the franchise please?

  • Bane
    Bane Year ago

    Tilted my head alot during this video.

  • Colton Eisenhart
    Colton Eisenhart Year ago

    They decided to make a tv instead