I nearly DIED.. and here’s the story how! (Not Clickbait)

  • Published on Jul 17, 2019
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Comments • 536

  • Alex Grant
    Alex Grant Month ago +155

    Love your videos definitely the highlight of my day

    • Mr. Bass
      Mr. Bass Month ago +1

      Bongo1044 You little kiddo go surrender now and you will not be harm

    • Jesus Cozar Richi
      Jesus Cozar Richi Month ago

      @Alex Grant hahaha just kidding bro

    • legendary duck
      legendary duck Month ago +1

      @Alex Grant that's really sad lmao

    • moose43h
      moose43h Month ago +2

      @Alex Grant why did anybody ask you?

    • Ben Clarkson
      Ben Clarkson Month ago +2

      Bongo1044 I agree lol is a bit sad

    XxYUFTYxX 18 days ago

    I’m in the Lake District watching this right now

  • Johnny Collins
    Johnny Collins Month ago

    13:34 come to Southampton then you’ll see lots lol

  • TJBMediaProductions

    yes, that is a chinook

    III WOLFZ III Month ago +1

    Love Your Vid you Make Me Laugh all the Time

  • Jayy x Mess
    Jayy x Mess Month ago

    Lydia He 23:30

  • itzz goli
    itzz goli Month ago +3

    U sed no clickbate even tho thats the definition of it 😂

  • BoxieBoomkin
    BoxieBoomkin Month ago

    So it's basically, good food but crappy ingredients? Good seasoning but cheap or poor quality base?
    The chicken might have been better if it wasn't cheap maybe?

  • SamCrown94
    SamCrown94 Month ago

    Does anyone know the name of the place that Tom stayed at?

  • AngelTashaUK
    AngelTashaUK Month ago +2

    Tom and lydia are so good together, love how cute and romantic they are together when they get all smoochy...aww love you guys

  • Kelly Morton
    Kelly Morton Month ago +1

    You really do make me laugh and you cheer me up

  • Dunwell99
    Dunwell99 Month ago

    It's a fair old journey for a Thai restaurant but there is one called Fah Thai in Portsmouth, my parents said the food in there is as good as the food out in Thailand

  • N5 Gravy
    N5 Gravy Month ago

    Scon fooking scon you mean scone

  • Deep hug
    Deep hug Month ago

    13:11 I NEARLY DIED

  • Will Fielding
    Will Fielding Month ago

    Thanks for the daily vlog Tom 👌

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl Month ago

    @4:08 punching!

  • Lucas Henderson
    Lucas Henderson Month ago

    Tom is 2 face

  • Beth Reece
    Beth Reece Month ago

    They usually have a few planes and helicopters that fly over the lake to test them and so the pilots can have a bit of fun also the tourists like them 😂😂

  • Sophie Ha
    Sophie Ha Month ago

    On my birthday we r going to that hotel in windemere

  • DaFockx_
    DaFockx_ Month ago

    No way! I got stung by a wasp on my eyelid when i was a kid 😂 i had an allergic reaction am fookin shite scared of them now

  • Lars I
    Lars I Month ago

    tom u are a european

  • Ryan Blacklock
    Ryan Blacklock Month ago

    Tom if you wanna find some other spots im an hour away from Windermere in whitehaven you should visit

  • Joe Gravil
    Joe Gravil Month ago

    This made me laugh because I’ve watched this a week after being at Windermere myself 😂

  • chris watt
    chris watt Month ago

    Hi Tom it’s Lake Windermere lol

    • Deep hug
      Deep hug Month ago

      St Gemma's hospice did do a row every june/ July one end to the other and back, for charity, I did it 23 years ago, all I remember is sunburn and it was hard work, but all for

  • Samael
    Samael Month ago

    "nearly died" I've come closer to dying in my bedroom that you have in this video 😂

  • salford gunstar
    salford gunstar Month ago

    love windermere,useto go with my rich mates dad from worsley, it was paradise and still is, well when you live in salford anywheres paradise, but still proud to be a salfordian

  • Sir Wilson Madness
    Sir Wilson Madness Month ago

    You think Windermere’s bad for Chinese go to bowness you’ll think your in China!

  • feenstra 2
    feenstra 2 Month ago

    Syndicate you should go Back on davids vlogs, i saw when you choked out Zane but Verrry much Love for you Both❤💯

  • Aaron Morgan
    Aaron Morgan Month ago

    Guys hilarious 😂 (highlight was how many chins can you get) I think I laughed and snorted or some shit

  • Jack Langlands
    Jack Langlands Month ago

    4 lancs, RAF spadeadam and altcar training area there the closest military bases

  • Kslaney27
    Kslaney27 Month ago

    I went pgl in year 6 about 5 years ago

  • Puppet lover
    Puppet lover Month ago

    if you want lots of asian people go to gunwharf keys and go to superdry

  • Jensen
    Jensen Month ago

    13:11 I NEARLY DIED

  • Graham Clarke
    Graham Clarke Month ago

    @4:08 punching!

    • Puppet lover
      Puppet lover Month ago

      Boi, you want Asian tourists, come to Cambridge. Come to Cambridge anyway actually. Please and thank you.

  • john ballantine
    john ballantine Month ago

    As I was saying come to Solvang California we get bus loads of asians

  • john ballantine
    john ballantine Month ago

    Wow auto correct ftw

  • john ballantine
    john ballantine Month ago

    Tom come to Solvang California we get his place of Asians

  • ThisChannelDoesntExistHDDRAVEN

    Thanks for the not clickbait.

  • Dog bio Man
    Dog bio Man Month ago

    This was clickbait

  • jack hunter
    jack hunter Month ago


  • Kelly Womersley
    Kelly Womersley Month ago

    St Gemma's hospice did do a row every june/ July one end to the other and back, for charity, I did it 23 years ago, all I remember is sunburn and it was hard work, but all for charity!!! Xx

  • Nicholas Porteous
    Nicholas Porteous Month ago

    Ok just pissed myslef laughing lol sooooo funny Tom and Lydia had a crap day and just got cheered up big time thanks guys

  • Bardo
    Bardo Month ago

    Tom if you want some quality Thai food come Chilli banana in wilmslow. We’ll hook you up lad 🙏🏼⭐️

  • Alex Webster
    Alex Webster Month ago

    Just seen the description 7pm now not 6pm? That’s new or is it? Not as dedicated as I once was 😂

  • Beth Evans
    Beth Evans Month ago

    RAF Spadeadam is near to lake Windermere

  • Entertainment INC
    Entertainment INC Month ago

    Did occur to anyone that Windermere is the set location of peter rabbit movie?

  • Seth Shuttleworth
    Seth Shuttleworth Month ago

    Been away in Greece for a week, feels good to finally be caught up!

  • jack hatton
    jack hatton Month ago

    Thumbnail - Clickbait?

  • mnym8ts
    mnym8ts Month ago

    So many Asian tourists lol in scotland esp loch lomond

  • Blemish
    Blemish Month ago

    Boi, you want Asian tourists, come to Cambridge. Come to Cambridge anyway actually. Please and thank you.

  • max watkins
    max watkins Month ago

    if you want lots of asian people go to gunwharf keys and go to superdry

  • James Harris
    James Harris Month ago

    Wish I saw earlier that you were in the Area! Just live up the road.. :(

  • Kieran
    Kieran Month ago

    The aircraft u were seeing were flying to the RIAT which starts on Friday. It's the biggest Airshow in the world

  • Michel Carrillo
    Michel Carrillo Month ago

    The Planes all fly past/above the lake because at our school we have a large astro-turf which can be seen on the maps/gps they use, combined with the long ass lake it makes it a perfect place to go on practice flights and what not because of easy navigation,

  • Michel Carrillo
    Michel Carrillo Month ago

    Thats Bowness not Windermere!!!!! smh Tom get it right.

  • SneakyZulu
    SneakyZulu Month ago

    Are you in the wrong group?.... Tom you're a savage

  • Jason Strongman
    Jason Strongman Month ago +1

    Oh god bless you Thomas!!!😂😂. Going for some Taiwanese food at the Thai restaurant 😁😆😂

  • James Goddard
    James Goddard Month ago

    The reason you see so many military planes is because new pilots train in the Lake District because the terrain is good for low level flying practice because of the hills and mountains. Btw i love your videos keep up the good work.

  • Kim
    Kim Month ago

    24:22 10/10 angle Lydia 😂😂

  • sandman
    sandman Month ago

    Love the quality of these videos!