• Published on Feb 4, 2019
    Every girl knows the annoying problem when you have a perfect ponytail but you find flyaways in your hair. We have a useful trick for this irritating problem-use hairspray and toothbrush. Spray the hairspray once or twice on the toothbrush and carefully brush flyways back to blend in with the rest of your hair.
    There is nothing more annoying than after applying the perfect concealer, highlighter or foundation, shadows fall down and ruin the makeup. We share solution how to keep your makeup safe and correct it easily and carefully. Makeup remover marker is a genius way to the perfect and fast makeup. You can do it at home, just find old highlight marker. Remove the core piece of a marker and place in water. Let it soak until the color disappears. Take a bowl and pour makeup remover. Place the core piece and wait.
    If you have bruises or other spots on your legs, you can create a beautiful print on your tights. We make a print with stars. Check out the video and your legs will look flawless.
    You can make an eyeliner at home using natural ingredients like activated carbon and coconut oil. Make a scrub for lips at home. We have an easy recipe so you can make your own at home. Probably, you already have ingredients at home as common ingredients are honey, sugar and olive oil! Do you know that you can use PVA glue for the manicure? Watch our video and find this surprising lifehack. Use hair conditioner to shave your legs.
    Use aspirin to get rid of pimples. Mix aspirin with water and apply toll pimples disappear. Tea bags are perfect treatment to puffy eyes and dark circles. If you don’t have a face wash, use olive oil to remove makeup.
    00:09 Hairspray lifehack
    00:48 DIY Makeup remover marker
    04:52 Use olive oil instead of face wash
    07:53 Cut your old t-shirt
    10:50 Contouring hack
    13:48 DIY scrub for lips

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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  9 months ago +249

    12:01 Choose the foundation properly💡
    More interesting hacks for you thexvid.com/video/H1d9pBy52X0/video.html

    • Rebecca Dunne
      Rebecca Dunne 17 days ago

      @Kasey Quick ugh

    • Jack Sanchez
      Jack Sanchez 3 months ago

      idk :/ you’re right, aspirin won’t remove a ball of ham from your skin. However, salicylic acid (aka aspirin) IS the active ingredient in many acne medications and is proven to effectively treat blemishes. Whether putting a concentrated amount on your skin as shown is safe is a different issue. I would worry about chemical “burns”, since in most topical acne treatments it’s a .5% to 2% concentration. 27.5% liquid is prescription-strength wart remover! Not sure what concentration is if prepared this way but I would prefer acne over dissolving a crater into my head.

    • Kermit The Beautiful Frog
      Kermit The Beautiful Frog 4 months ago

      GachaGirl Le okay..?

    • Bianka Struharik
      Bianka Struharik 5 months ago


  • Zainab- chan
    Zainab- chan Day ago

    mehendi is not for your face!! girls it's dangerousss o_o u will get face full of pimples >>> am warning u >.

  • fuckk you hoesss biitch

    *911 what's your emergency?*
    Some lady from 5 minute crafts has been getting abused by her co workers

  • Amanda Fyvie
    Amanda Fyvie 4 days ago

    Nail polish on the eyes?! 😕 eeek!

  • Munro Williams
    Munro Williams 4 days ago +1

    is it just me, or does it look like shes had major eye surgery a 3 min 58 :0
    like if U agree

  • Rita Danowski
    Rita Danowski 4 days ago

    How is nail polish on ur eyelids EVER a good idea??!!!

  • Lola Mtl
    Lola Mtl 5 days ago

    NEVER, EVER Put NAIL POLISH on your eyelids❗That's probably the stupidest & most dangerous thing I've ever seen for makeup. It's dangerous putting it on & how the heck do you take it off ? Soak your eyelid in nail polish remover⁉️

  • Kelly Anne
    Kelly Anne 5 days ago

    The powder on your lips to remove too much gloss will make your lips feel gritty and dry. How about a little dab with toilet paper or kleenex? Oh wait! I actually do that and it's all I need.

  • KokoBirdSings
    KokoBirdSings 6 days ago

    Make up hacks and then this thing starts with hair!

  • lemagain
    lemagain 6 days ago

    At 8.43 you can see she has one blue eye and one hazel. Nice.

  • Little Letti
    Little Letti 10 days ago +1

    Title:crazy makeup hacks

    First hack:hair hack

  • Ems & Lex
    Ems & Lex 12 days ago

    What this video is:
    2 hair hacks
    Like 9 makeup hacks
    1 nail hack
    1 hair hack
    A few more makeup hacks that were even stupider than the first ones
    1 spoon hack
    1put a bag over your head hack

    CHANGE EYE COLOR 13 days ago


  • Slayythedayy
    Slayythedayy 14 days ago

    Why would you spend at least 5$ on a shirt to cut it when you can literally go to dollar tree and get a pack of headbands for 1$ I’ve never cringed so hard

  • Shargreaves PERSON
    Shargreaves PERSON 15 days ago

    4.6 yeh you should probably wipe that off

  • Quinn :p
    Quinn :p 17 days ago


  • Katie Kolafa
    Katie Kolafa 17 days ago

    Why TF would u put nail polish on your eyelids

  • Holly Grace
    Holly Grace 18 days ago

    9:09 so... Suffocate myself?

  • moonlight shine natalie

    She has current eye like me

  • Renaissance Mom
    Renaissance Mom 21 day ago

    Some are these are ridiculous

  • Aubrey Johnson
    Aubrey Johnson 23 days ago

    I watched this video about last year and the hairspray and toothbrush hack actually works and I have been doing it everyday and it is great

  • Queen of Queen
    Queen of Queen 23 days ago

    Ooh that girl has two colored eyes

  • Jessica Mckernan
    Jessica Mckernan 25 days ago

    Anyone watch these just for a laugh?

  • IlFreddoDonna
    IlFreddoDonna 25 days ago

    Please tell me that woman is not painting her eyeballs with nail polish. Seriously, is that nail polish??

  • Amerie Winford
    Amerie Winford 26 days ago

    6:44 she has different colored eyes

  • Rachel&macey Forever
    Rachel&macey Forever 27 days ago


  • anais ridja
    anais ridja 28 days ago

    7:48 well you can also tie you're hair...

  • NOE 101
    NOE 101 28 days ago

    At this point I’m just watching the same thing with different thumbnails and different music

  • McKenna Thompson
    McKenna Thompson 29 days ago

    looks like bacon

  • Ryan Cole
    Ryan Cole 29 days ago

    Lol it’s 12:58 rn and I’m not sure I can function tomorrow. Yay! I’m extremely exhausted. Good night. I meant good morning. Idk I’m going to bed

  • Aaliyah !
    Aaliyah ! Month ago

    I didn't know how much a spoon was needed in anything,.

    i only thought used them for food..

    very helpful spoon c:

  • Gandharva Krishna
    Gandharva Krishna Month ago

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  • Autumn Baird
    Autumn Baird Month ago

    XD the McDonald bag XDDD

  • Kishan Todkar
    Kishan Todkar Month ago

    You are very cute 😚😚😚

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    Beauty Palace Month ago

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  • NO Reason No reason


    if only life was this perfect... lol XD! Love you guys though!

  • gianina zuñiga solano

    muy lindo

  • Emily Wilson
    Emily Wilson Month ago

    I watch these to laugh

  • Soph
    Soph Month ago

    Yall ever wish to find the area of your oval head but your eyebrows are in the way?

  • Audrey Cooper
    Audrey Cooper Month ago

    I literally only watch 5-Minute Crafts videos for the comments 🤣

  • Shaheen Shaik
    Shaheen Shaik Month ago

    8:15 what kind of hack is that....🙄🙄🙄🙄

  • Kimberley knows
    Kimberley knows Month ago

    Try putting lipstick on AFTER you put sweaters on

  • Athalia Whittle
    Athalia Whittle Month ago

    The tape with 3 lines going through the eyeshadow i- alot are these are dumb but that hair curling one does it work better than it would down my hairs sooo long but its quite thin

  • Xileblue
    Xileblue 2 months ago

    Someone call jenna.

  • aceh3d
    aceh3d 2 months ago

    LOL 8:11 *For Lolies?*

  • Bekti Faizah Adilla
    Bekti Faizah Adilla 2 months ago

    That make up remover as a corrector in the highliter is the best and logical thing i ever seen in 5 mins craft

  • EL F
    EL F 2 months ago

    These are always so hilarious

  • Millings RGood
    Millings RGood 2 months ago

    Dont know which one looks the worst. And that pimple is more like a 3rd eye!!!!

  • Ariauna Sands
    Ariauna Sands 2 months ago

    i love your guys channel but 3 or 4 of those things...well you guys didn't even try to do those things.... im srry no offence

  • Christine Fransen
    Christine Fransen 2 months ago


  • Big Daddy
    Big Daddy 2 months ago

    Do you think people would put a paper bag over their head to put on a sweater

  • hao lin
    hao lin 2 months ago

    5:12 Did she just put nail polish on her eyelid ....????????

  • Randee Mayo
    Randee Mayo 2 months ago

    Great Tips, ill pass on to my 2yr. old

  • hannah heaney
    hannah heaney 2 months ago

    These hacks are dumb.. 😂

  • Unicorn Powder
    Unicorn Powder 2 months ago


  • Amilia Savage- Urban Spaceman

    Ohhhhh it's the life and beauty hacks rabbit hole again! Here I come... wheeeeeeeeeee! 🏄

  • Mai Vue
    Mai Vue 2 months ago

    McDonald bag over head cracked me up.. lol

  • *Anenome *
    *Anenome * 2 months ago

    It even says laughter in the English subtitles

  • *Anenome *
    *Anenome * 2 months ago

    10:10 where are the bruises they gone
    I want a recipe for how to get rid of bruises by wearing see through tights

  • *Anenome *
    *Anenome * 2 months ago

    There are so many things wrong with this video, they probably don't work 🤣