Film Theory: Terminator's Skynet is Coming!

  • Published on Oct 29, 2015
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  • Bakedtato
    Bakedtato 6 hours ago

    I'm gonna be on a watchlist now

  • Aira Cummins
    Aira Cummins 16 hours ago

    Omfg that side pic when my phone started acting up looked like short hair loki

  • Aira Cummins
    Aira Cummins 16 hours ago


  • FPGNinja157
    FPGNinja157 Day ago

    29 more years to go until that Gucci singularity happens 👌

  • Donut Holed
    Donut Holed Day ago

    r/tifu I destroyed the world

  • Eduardo Rescalla

    Welp, sorry matpat, another theory bites the dust because it's 2019 and not a single thing has happened

  • derpendary
    derpendary 3 days ago


  • ParkMoonWae 123
    ParkMoonWae 123 3 days ago

    It was worng we are alive!!!

  • Lucky's Palace
    Lucky's Palace 3 days ago

    It's 2020 something ya crazy man

  • king doggo
    king doggo 3 days ago

    does it feel weird how this guy basicly knows we will all die

  • king doggo
    king doggo 3 days ago

    i am from the futer i was sent back to protect matpat

  • No Name
    No Name 4 days ago +2

    I come from the future and im here to tell you that armagedon does not happen in 2017

  • Lady Unicorn
    Lady Unicorn 4 days ago

    I'm in 2019 and I'm not dead sooooooooooooooo yeah ¯\(°_o)/¯

  • James Westen
    James Westen 4 days ago

    Watching this in 2019 : umm i think were good....

    ALI HANDO 5 days ago

    Get rest it’s 2019

  • cleetusdotJPG
    cleetusdotJPG 5 days ago

    man this apocalypse is messing with my WiFi

  • D4C
    D4C 5 days ago

    Hey guys I’m watching from 3449 during the war. I’m in the trenches right now and, oh shit is that a grena-

  • Ryan Gray
    Ryan Gray 5 days ago

    The Termattnator

  • Sniping Phoenix
    Sniping Phoenix 6 days ago

    Who’s watching while the new one is coming out

  • Katty03 17
    Katty03 17 6 days ago

    You don’t know how much this scared me when I was 8 and it still kinda does great job 😑

  • Yolanda Whitlock
    Yolanda Whitlock 7 days ago

    The Theorynator

  • tabby cat
    tabby cat 7 days ago

    Sorry matpat 2019s here and there's still not deadly robots destroying the world

  • Nov Raps
    Nov Raps 7 days ago


  • Glenda Jimenez
    Glenda Jimenez 7 days ago

    It 2019 the end isn’t 2004,2012, or 2017 it will happen when ice melt away

  • Brother's Web
    Brother's Web 7 days ago

    We going take down skynet down tonight!!!

  • Parker88
    Parker88 8 days ago

    Ok I’m being absolutely truthful when i say this i am not an attention seeker but it’s a bit after 6am I am watching this and not even 5 minutes into it my amazon echo lit up the brightest I have ever seen it

  • Josh Castor
    Josh Castor 8 days ago


    WARSPIRIT 8 days ago

    I don't know about an apocalypse in 2045 but I do know that time moves faster that we humans realize . The 90's seems like yesterday. Our lives are really very short. Because of this live every day to its fullest and don't forget to slow down and smell the roses. Most of all If you don't know Jesus Christ as your savior ask him into your heart. That is what makes life worth living.

  • Tatu Varvemaa
    Tatu Varvemaa 8 days ago +1

    Who's watching in 2100?
    Hahhah.. Of cource you're not.
    All hail the toasters!

  • AdityaSpeaks
    AdityaSpeaks 9 days ago

    nope too late

  • Kalca CZE
    Kalca CZE 10 days ago +2

    When you kill A.I. in game so it kill you in real life
    get naenae'd

  • Charlie Manangan
    Charlie Manangan 10 days ago

    Who is all watching this in2019

  • Quintin Bigelow
    Quintin Bigelow 10 days ago

    Is it Amazon that is the robot ?

  • TreatDaTacos
    TreatDaTacos 11 days ago +4

    Matpat: Hackers can hack windows which the Navy uses..

    Mom (Who works as a nurse in the navy): So..that's why i saw Dank Memes on my pc..

  • Belian Tamashi
    Belian Tamashi 11 days ago +4

    *Watching in 2019*
    Yea, it could happen

  • Sammy D
    Sammy D 11 days ago

    Being two years in the future. 😐 Welp

  • intervalkid
    intervalkid 11 days ago

  • TheRamses
    TheRamses 11 days ago +1


  • DinoPuff
    DinoPuff 12 days ago

    THIS WAS 2015 I REMEMBER WATCHING IT WHEN IT CAME OUT....... I was right. I'm not dead yet!

  • Chintan Poonia
    Chintan Poonia 12 days ago

    Nah! Nothing happens.
    It's 2019!

  • hippiemama
    hippiemama 12 days ago

    I seriously love your voice. You should read audiobooks.

  • Jr. Wyze
    Jr. Wyze 13 days ago

    Well it's 2019 so CRISIS AVERTED.

    • Jr. Wyze
      Jr. Wyze 12 days ago

      On carp yeets tablet out the window

    • taoist40
      taoist40 13 days ago

      Jr. Wyze No, just slowed down. Now they are winning by getting us addicted to electronics. Some with no limbs are receiving bionic limbs. The transhuman agenda is still on track. Having a neural net work with other minds is becoming more plausible. Movies like Videodrome, Blade Runner, Total Recall, The Sixth Day, Surrogates, The Matrix, Inception, etc. are telling us what is happening. Some have received chips in their palms as the initiation program.

  • David Smith
    David Smith 13 days ago

    so....are you a fear monger?

  • Aaliyan Aslam
    Aaliyan Aslam 13 days ago

    Its 2019 where is the apocalyptic attack😑😐😑😐😑

  • That’s gonna be a Yikes from me

    *laughs in watching in 2019*

  • Joseph white
    Joseph white 14 days ago

    Wow looking at this makes me both smile that its out that far but think we might just be closer 2019 still here haha

  • Mark Power
    Mark Power 14 days ago +5

    Mat pat: were not all gonna die in 2017 are we?
    Me: *laughs in robotic Arnold voice*

  • Awesomeness 11
    Awesomeness 11 14 days ago

    The TerMATnater

  • Bob Roberts
    Bob Roberts 14 days ago

    Technically the first weaponized drone was the German V1 flying bombs used in ww2 mainly against English cities London in particular but who’s counting?

    CHARLIE SCHULTZ 14 days ago

    2019 I still live

    CHARLIE SCHULTZ 14 days ago

    I have seen it and I young

  • Alizar Viles
    Alizar Viles 14 days ago

    I have a sulition we nead to combine humen in one bing

    • Alizar Viles
      Alizar Viles 14 days ago

      U mean to combine humen with robot thogeter

    • Alizar Viles
      Alizar Viles 14 days ago

      I mean humen and robot thogether

  • Jason Cooper1313
    Jason Cooper1313 14 days ago +3

    Looking back at this in 2019 -were still alive So far so good

  • alex cat6
    alex cat6 15 days ago

    you mean 2 years ago right

  • Lester Forney
    Lester Forney 15 days ago

    well just so you know the first drones wore actually rarely used experimental weapons of wwII. they would take bombers that wore flyable but damaged beyond repair and pack them full of explosives. then a pilot would take the plain up then parashot out. then a person in a plain fallowing the bomber fallowing at a safe distance would use a remote to control the bomber. the bomber was then smashed into a target causing a massive explosion. then the controller plain would then get the hell out of there.

  • x_mc fry
    x_mc fry 15 days ago

    this is why Alexa is tiny

  • Ya boi
    Ya boi 15 days ago

    Hi this totally human

  • PC Planet
    PC Planet 15 days ago

    12:20 Don't you mean 128 MegaByte?

  • TheUltimateGamingCroc
    TheUltimateGamingCroc 16 days ago

    Mat it's not gonna happen. i know cuz im watching this in 2019

  • Rowan B.
    Rowan B. 16 days ago

    Human life is going to end BEFORE 2045! I have a feeling man! And If... IF! We didn’t, then... HELLO ROWAN YOURE 45 noW! :D