HOUSE HUNTING!! viewing my OWN APARTMENT for the first time!!

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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    PO BOX 182
    BN51 9FL :)
    Thankyou so much for watching and for all your support! I am forever grateful to each and every one of you for all the support you give me with liking,commenting sharing my videos & being active on my social media! & following me on this journey!! mwahhhh x
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  • kelso 128
    kelso 128 11 days ago

    Where did u get ur teeth done?

  • Alexa Mandes
    Alexa Mandes 23 days ago +5

    Her talking about how “small” the apartment was made her sound so spoiled.. very unattractive. Clicking off

  • A1sha xx
    A1sha xx 24 days ago

    🤣🤣🤣🤣 I live in London so I can go to Oxford and winter wonderful in Hyde park whenever I want

  • Charlotte Goodwin
    Charlotte Goodwin 25 days ago +12

    It’s so sad and irritating how workers such as nurses who save people’s lives and work so hard, especially with the complications with the NHS, and they aren’t even earning a fraction of the price that TheXvidrs make by filming, editing and posting a video 😭

    • pandora Moore
      pandora Moore 8 days ago

      Totes agree far too much of a princess, dont think shes ever experienced a meaningful days work, worried about Bill's or struggles to out food on the table. Maybe she should be more humble and not so princess.

  • Emily John
    Emily John 26 days ago

    What you expect she’s grown up spoilt! Have you seen the size of her parents house and aunties house, everything she buys and gets is designer. This is why I don’t really watch her much anymore all about flashing her cash. At least Anastasia’s more humble and great full as she didn’t grow up with a minted family

    • Anastasia Dances
      Anastasia Dances 24 days ago

      Well it’s not really her family’s fault if she’s minted! They probably got a good education. Or they when they were at school they work extremely hard! Saffron puts so much effort into her videos so please don’t put her down and compare her to Anna! If she can afford designer she can buy it. She is not going to let a cyber bully discriminate her!

  • Amelia Shears
    Amelia Shears Month ago

    There called retainers the see-through braces

  • Alev Boyaci
    Alev Boyaci Month ago +17

    “Small and expensive” 🙄 the joys of being a spoilt brat like be lucky to be in the situation your in ffs instead of complaining....

  • Ali Kovacs
    Ali Kovacs Month ago

    Omg I love all of the shops in London I hope to go for my birthday next year 20 20

  • Ameera Chyy
    Ameera Chyy Month ago

    You look amazing ❤️❤️

  • I'ma Vegemite
    I'ma Vegemite Month ago

    You're crazy, your teeth look great

  • Dalal
    Dalal Month ago


  • That weird person who has a crush on voldemort

    Hey Saffron you were amazing on strictly with AJ. I was totally heartbroken when you went out. I was like well saffron is going to go so far like Joe did but noooooooo

  • raymond pettigrew
    raymond pettigrew Month ago

    Did u get the stuff back that got stolen

  • Codi Marie
    Codi Marie Month ago

    Surprised you’re getting Invisalign!! Girl your teeth look straight now!

  • Nicole Mcsween
    Nicole Mcsween Month ago

    Who else just doesn’t even watch strictly anymore cus Saf isn’t on it? Love u Saf #stayingloyal 🥰🌍

  • Niamh O’Donnell
    Niamh O’Donnell Month ago

    Your British call it a flat

  • Casey Dynan
    Casey Dynan Month ago

    I got my teeth whited with plates

  • Kelly Jackson
    Kelly Jackson Month ago

    This apartment is incredible 👀

  • Lauree Hegarty
    Lauree Hegarty Month ago +1

    I would literally love that apartment

  • Michele Brandt
    Michele Brandt Month ago +7

    Oh Saffy, stay at home in Brighton. Your beautiful big home there & your family, make your vlogs like nobody else's. Save your money & buy a big house in a couple years!

  • Bethany Tollon
    Bethany Tollon Month ago

    More details on Invisalign I’m interested in having it done 🥺🥴 please

  • x_edith_xx
    x_edith_xx Month ago

    I wish I was half as beautiful as saffy 🥺💗

    • Bec X
      Bec X Month ago

      U are beautiful. U dont need to look like her to be it

  • Jade Lauren
    Jade Lauren Month ago +1

    Wow what an exciting time for you ❤️

  • Molly Aston
    Molly Aston Month ago


  • Zoe S
    Zoe S Month ago

    £3k a month. You'll be bankrupt in no time!

  • Tay Rudd
    Tay Rudd Month ago

    Didn’t meet the vloggers live in one of them apartments c

  • JordyPaige
    JordyPaige Month ago +9

    Took me a solid 2 minutes to realise that’s a fluffy cushion and not a cat....

  • lucy Lucy Lucy
    lucy Lucy Lucy Month ago


  • Sinead Young
    Sinead Young Month ago +2

    You are a rich wee. Girl who needs to learn the struggles of other people like we can’t go to high shops or go to apartments with a cinema and all u or a spoil girl

  • Faye Murphy-Watt
    Faye Murphy-Watt Month ago

    Barbados 😍
    P.S I love all ur vids xxx

  • Amanda Kubiak
    Amanda Kubiak Month ago +3

    I understand that it is expensive in London, but it's probably a lot cheaper for an apartment without a pool and cinema room?!

  • Georgia Walsh
    Georgia Walsh Month ago +1

    GUYS! She's not complaining. She knows shes lucky and she works hard for her money. Its small for the price and its in LONDON so it expensive and shes looking for a good deal! stop being so negative and be happy and excited for her and know you can have all of this if you work hard. putting negativity out there aint gonna get you anywhere!!! don't be jealous be happy x

  • Anya Ellie Woodhouse

    Cba does she know how shit she makes people feel??? Wish she’d remember where she was a few years ago and not be this rich spoilt girl 🤢

  • kayla carpenter
    kayla carpenter Month ago

    I love and get so motivated by her ❤️❤️
    P.s The year is almost over , I’m a small TheXvidr and best x-mas / end of year gift would be hitting 1k Subscribers x

  • Kajal Waghela
    Kajal Waghela Month ago

    Mate. Why is it you go over the top every time? You think TheXvid and your brand deals will last forever they won’t. You wonder why it’s small? You have so many perks included 😂 you want something worth you money? Move into somewhere basic with not the benefits included. Do you even notice how lucky you are it actually frustrates me when little girls like you take shit for advantage. People see through your bullshit it’s sad really. From experience I live in a 2bed flat in west London pay £1500 and its basic as fuck but it’s roof and work a simple job to pay bills. Your a spoilt brat been bought up in a family home with money and abuse money now as you think it will never run out. Move into the real world go spend a day with someone less fortunate that works hard to earn hardly anything and doesn’t have much then you’ll realise for once stop being damn ungrateful. You fall will come one day and I don’t like to wish bad upon people but you seriously need a wake up call damn. Atleast Anna has grown with practically nothing and lives in a house with her mum pays rent and doesn’t take anything for granted you? Your spoilt. And I think people see through your bullshit and see how stuck up you are.

  • Lexie Hi
    Lexie Hi Month ago +4

    The one you pacifically chose

  • Izzy Rose
    Izzy Rose Month ago

    I’m getting braces soon and I sooooooo so so!! Wanted invisible ones but 3000£ isn’t in our everyday life budget 😂😟Lucky thing your rich asf xxx

  • Holly Gartshore
    Holly Gartshore Month ago

    I love bershka cant believe you like it too!💖

  • Kimberley Palkowski
    Kimberley Palkowski Month ago +21

    I think saffron has a crush on Aj that's why she thought of Aj or she just misses him

  • Lateefah Mayers
    Lateefah Mayers Month ago

    Omg, Saffron is coming to Barbados, My island are you kidding me, I’m shock!
    Can’t wait to see the vlogs when she come here. 🤭❤️😊💃🏽🤗

  • Jimmy Singh
    Jimmy Singh Month ago

    That’s the apartment meet the volgers stayed at omg

  • chloe .x
    chloe .x Month ago +4


  • Kiwi Daily
    Kiwi Daily Month ago +1

    I stg the first apartment is where meet the vloggers used to live

  • Danielle Mclean Travel Vlogs

    Exciting your own home. Loving the haul

  • Katie Graver
    Katie Graver Month ago +1

    The apartment with the pool and cinema room looks very similar to Caspar's place

    • Katie Graver
      Katie Graver Month ago

      Alessia Irwin you could be right although Caspar has those thing in his apartment building too

    • Alessia Irwin
      Alessia Irwin Month ago

      actually I feel like its in the same building as jack

  • isobelbaby97
    isobelbaby97 Month ago +2

    That’s the same block as Grace Beverley lives

  • Roisin Morrissey
    Roisin Morrissey Month ago +3

    It would be so cute if saffron and Ana got their own apartment together

  • JohnfromBath
    JohnfromBath Month ago

    I had INVISALIGN, great experience ! I get so many compliments on my teeth now so that's nice - I look forward to seeing how your experience progresses and LOVE your potential apartment :) xx

  • Millie Walker
    Millie Walker Month ago

    Are you going for Christmas?

  • The Mir Fam
    The Mir Fam Month ago +1

    6:17 my guy said paciffically 😂

  • Taylah Thompson
    Taylah Thompson Month ago +1

    I'm watching rupauls drag race too 💖

  • Ishy K
    Ishy K Month ago +1

    Ur so beautiful 😝😇✌️love u lots ⭐️💖

  • Dylan Sousa
    Dylan Sousa Month ago

    Saffron good luck on the apartment

  • Zxcvbnm
    Zxcvbnm Month ago +1

    Yano what, its ridiculous the money youtubers earn i know they work hard, but if her net worth really is £800,000 a year compared to £90,000 for a doctor thats just completely wrong

  • Vanessa Duthie
    Vanessa Duthie Month ago +4

    Ugh, stop copying Anna she’s so much cooler than you so stop trying 🙄

    • Vanessa Duthie
      Vanessa Duthie Month ago +1

      CrazypersoncalledZ can I not voice my opinion, geez calm down. “Shush” how about you shush and let me support Anna 😠

    • V __
      V __ Month ago +1

      Here we go

  • Emily Taylor
    Emily Taylor Month ago +68

    Wouldn’t class that as a small apartment lmao

    • BOB
      BOB Month ago

      for the price.

  • K Andrew
    K Andrew Month ago +14

    It's expensive because it's in a nice part of London and the apartment block has a concierge, pool, cinema room and other amenities...

  • Harper !!
    Harper !! Month ago +1

    Who was always told not to say Vlogmas or X-Mas because it cuts out Christ in Christmas

  • Danielle Rice
    Danielle Rice Month ago

    Amazing vlog

  • LC & MG
    LC & MG Month ago

    Retainer you mean ⭐️