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Comments • 80

  • Pretty Pieface
    Pretty Pieface 22 hours ago

    I like how drizella is just standing their like i see nothing wile cinderella talking to her brother about a majoir problem

  • Jennifer Dalton
    Jennifer Dalton 2 days ago

    grumpy yessssss please

  • Zante du Preez
    Zante du Preez 2 days ago

    Yeeeeeeeeees you should let Grumpy become the baker

  • Naomi Pinera-Simon
    Naomi Pinera-Simon 3 days ago

    “No. Hateful. Horrible. Hate it.” me: I am confusion

    ALLISONS WORLD 6 days ago

    My toddlers have walked through the dog door lol

  • Bri Bryant
    Bri Bryant 7 days ago

    Umm... Is it just me or is it still weird that Clare thought it was a good idea for Grumpy and Anastasia to get together... Like... That's his step-sister too. Am I the only one that saw this as gross?!?!

    PIPER STANCIL 7 days ago

    one of the stepsisters plays violin/fiddle, one plays the flute!

  • Madison Tyner
    Madison Tyner 10 days ago

    i don’t know if this is rude or not i don’t mean to be i just was wondering why you wear wigs so much? like i love you and i think your a beautiful person i was just wondering if there’s a purpose besides you just feel like changing things up?

  • Kyeiah Walker
    Kyeiah Walker 12 days ago

    oop I think Clare forgot that Grumpy and Anastasia share the same dad...

  • Lucy Farace
    Lucy Farace 13 days ago

    what is she using for circles under the eyes and acne?

  • Uzma Baghri
    Uzma Baghri 13 days ago

    Yes make Grumpy a baker.

  • Breanna Randel
    Breanna Randel 13 days ago

    What if Cinderella was a baker and since their not related Anastasia falls in love with her

  • April Davis
    April Davis 14 days ago

    Singing and dreaming is fun

  • Syheira Floyd
    Syheira Floyd 24 days ago

    Is it me or does Anastasia look pregnant 🤰🏽

  • StarVia 1001
    StarVia 1001 25 days ago

    Clare you should watch once upon a time, it’s an abc show it’s SO good

  • Deborah D
    Deborah D 27 days ago +1

    I accidentally turned on subtitles and the intro was “hey my little TITTIES”. If she ever gets demonetized no wonder why wtf

  • Heaven Williams
    Heaven Williams 29 days ago +1

    May be a dumb question idk, I'm just not good at this game yet. Ik how she got the princes in the game but how did she make it pop up showing they met them just like they were suppose to and not other sims or whatever?

  • Maria Nielsen
    Maria Nielsen 29 days ago

    Omg you are making me want to play Sims. What Sims game is that 😱

  • Pinapple McPinappleson

    omg im just imagining Grumpy as a baker and i am dying

  • Stephanie Omu
    Stephanie Omu Month ago

    the stepsisters don't have the same last name as cinderella. they have the Tremaine last name

  • X-mas exile
    X-mas exile Month ago

    Toddlers can go through the pet doors that's why you can lock it for everyone

  • Selah Suffren
    Selah Suffren Month ago

    You can get lucky charms quite cheap and I live in London

  • Loclyn LaBorde
    Loclyn LaBorde Month ago

    *Cinderella:* 🎵 Sing sweet _Nightingale_ ~
    ~ 🧽💭🛁 ~ Oh siii- ing, _sweet_ ~ 🎶
    *Lucifer:* 🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾🐾
    *Cinderella:* Omg, stop-you _awful_ cat! 🗯🧹💢

  • Yeehaw
    Yeehaw Month ago

    I know this challenge is over now but if you would’ve made like a sibling or snow as the fairy godmother that would’ve been cool haha

  • Britbi
    Britbi Month ago

    When she got in the tub with her shoes on and fell asleep from exhaustion- I felt that.

  • Entertaining Emma
    Entertaining Emma Month ago

    Annastaisia and Grumpy can't be together because they are half siblings

  • RedPanda Plays
    RedPanda Plays Month ago +1

    Me not being able to remember who had Abel...Wait I remember now

  • georgia hector
    georgia hector Month ago

    Before the vid started I got an ad for vid con and Claire was on the ad btw Claire I love your videos

  • Perfectly Imperfect

    She serves them breakfast in bed

  • Ash -ton
    Ash -ton Month ago

    You can get lucky charms at B&M and/or home bargains,
    I love them they r like a fiver for real 1s but you can get rip offs there for like 1.50 Ish

  • Sugarush
    Sugarush Month ago +1

    Anastasia becomes nice in the 2nd movie 3rd one too

  • Mellie Princess
    Mellie Princess Month ago +1

    What other people are excited for: shows, money.
    What Clare is excited for: her Sims 4 clothes line being dry

  • riley
    riley Month ago


  • night Wolf Channel
    night Wolf Channel Month ago

    you know how she washes clothes i have done that before its bot to bad i did it on a field trip and it was old time based

  • Peyton B
    Peyton B Month ago +1

    Anastasia and Grumpy would be so cute 😭

  • Alison Sari
    Alison Sari Month ago


  • Kyra-lily Cullender

    Pls make grumpy the backer !!🤞

  • Bloom Beauty12
    Bloom Beauty12 Month ago

    1:32 when she said Anisatasia married a butler I was so upset and nearly screamed at my screen “HE WAS A BAKER!”

  • Ryan Bartlett-Workman

    The thing is why was she flirty after playing a game with her brother 🤔

  • ᔕᗩᖇᗩᕼ ᔕᑕOTT

    Grumpy and Anastasia can’t get together because Cinderella and Anastasia are stepsisters and grumpy is Cinderella’s brother meaning grumpy is Anastasia’s stepbrother sorry Clare I know you ship them.

  • i kinda dgaf lol
    i kinda dgaf lol Month ago

    Clare forgot gus gus and jaq

  • Maddison B
    Maddison B Month ago

    Not a butler, Anastasia falls in love with a baker and marries him against her mothers orders.

  • Ehar
    Ehar Month ago

    can you please upload some of your custom!!!

  • Taylor Mullins
    Taylor Mullins Month ago

    Grumpy needs to be the baker

  • Abigail L Arambula
    Abigail L Arambula Month ago

    nvm it's a wig!!

  • Abigail L Arambula
    Abigail L Arambula Month ago

    how come your hair is long in this video and not the last video??

  • Faith Leeper
    Faith Leeper Month ago

    Y’all probably discovered this but sims get sick if you only feed them quick meals

  • Antia Rose Novoa
    Antia Rose Novoa Month ago +1

    How do you make your sims play wen your not playing ? Some one help me plz x

  • Ben
    Ben Month ago

    Tbh I was thinkjng that you have lady tremaine kill off snow and her other kids

  • bananagamer22
    bananagamer22 Month ago

    im watching this on valentines day hahaha

  • Mim Dalin
    Mim Dalin Month ago

    Todlers can walk in the dog doors😜

  • Gacha_Simsie
    Gacha_Simsie Month ago

    “I’ve never seen a human being crawl through this door”
    *That one time when Sage waddled through the doggy door*

  • Mj Cheer
    Mj Cheer Month ago

    Please please tell me there’s gonna be a fairy godmother

  • BehindTheScenes TV
    BehindTheScenes TV Month ago

    There is actually 3 Cinderellas

  • Yanni Van Buggenhout
    Yanni Van Buggenhout Month ago +1

    Who ships Anastia and Grumpy right now?

  • rattata
    rattata Month ago

    The step sisters aren’t related in the movie either, they are from a previous relationship as well

  • Hamilton And Minecraft

    Make grumpy her baker that would be so cute

  • Bella Dreyer
    Bella Dreyer Month ago


  • Liiily Flood
    Liiily Flood Month ago +1

    Wait aren’t Anastasia and grumpy technically step siblings...?

  • Reid Elam
    Reid Elam Month ago

    Cinderella should only be able to eat leftovers and quick meals

  • Smiley Face
    Smiley Face Month ago

    Mitchell was J's roommate...

  • Ariyanna Leon
    Ariyanna Leon Month ago

    U should do a spell caster and have her a fairy with wings an have her study everything

  • Miss_ KristenOwl
    Miss_ KristenOwl Month ago

    18:28 - 18:51 is literally the best thing i’ve ever seen

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana Month ago

    PLEASE get her a shoulder rest. It makes playing 10 times easier when you don't have to hold the instrument up. That means that it sounds 10 times better. Idk if that is an in game option, but if it is, please do so

  • Yourgirl Isabel
    Yourgirl Isabel Month ago

    AnastasiaXGrumpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UWUWUWUWUWUWU!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY NEED TO FALL IN LOOOOOOVE!!

  • Yourgirl Isabel
    Yourgirl Isabel Month ago

    Clare. Dear... Those are Fruit Loops.

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana Month ago

    Those are froot loops. Not lucky charms

  • Da Bananananana
    Da Bananananana Month ago

    Toddlers can go through the doggy door

  • Naomi Clarke
    Naomi Clarke Month ago

    Grumpy should be Anastatia's baker it would be adorable

  • Grey Violet
    Grey Violet Month ago +1

    Make Grumpy the Baker!!!!!! Please!!!!

  • Cameo86
    Cameo86 Month ago

    Here is a challenge: a week of playing Sims without CC OR without move objects on...

  • Randomverse with Julster


  • Jelly Bean
    Jelly Bean Month ago

    I don’t mean to be mean but doesn’t clare know that there is a cloths line in build mode that you can actually use to dry your cloths!?

  • Pavla Ellis
    Pavla Ellis Month ago +1

    16:46 wait if Cinderella is grumpys sister and Anastasia is her step sister if grumpy and Anastasia we’re together it would be incest 🤢

  • Rukiyah B
    Rukiyah B Month ago

    I didn't even know that there was more than 1 Cinderella movie

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    I don’t the no that the step sisters are supposed to be good at singing

  • Tash Coates
    Tash Coates Month ago

    Now I’ve got “Sing Sweet Nightingale” stuck in my head since seeing the Steps singing. 😂

  • Aphmau_fan34 8D
    Aphmau_fan34 8D Month ago

    Yes! Grumpy should be with Anastasia that would be so adorable!

  • Isabelle Leonore Sønstegaard Engh

    Just a tip, singing increase the fun meter, so when she is bored you should make her practice singing

  • Still Crying
    Still Crying Month ago

    Isn’t Grumpy The evil stepsisters step brother ?