I Spent $100,000 in 56 Minutes

  • Published on Jul 20, 2019
  • I Spent $100,000 in 56 Minutes
    I have never done this before...
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  • Jett Rose
    Jett Rose 2 hours ago

    I need $50,000 can I please have some I live 244 Cumberland Court everything in Illinois and I go to your house Sometime

  • Vladimir Cruz Alvarez
    Vladimir Cruz Alvarez 18 hours ago

    hi jake paul i wish that i can win 100k

  • Cristian Hernández
    Cristian Hernández 21 hour ago

    Hi Jake paul

  • muhassenhall27
    muhassenhall27 Day ago

    Money gang

  • Joseph Berrian
    Joseph Berrian Day ago +1

    Your the best

  • Sleepy Bish
    Sleepy Bish 2 days ago

    You guys are so lucky I barely even have a iPhone se that my sister passed on to me

  • Leo Kola
    Leo Kola 2 days ago

    Jake Paul got the best thing because I lov jewelry

  • Patty Phillips
    Patty Phillips 2 days ago +1

    Of corse jake

  • Colton Devore
    Colton Devore 3 days ago

    Your the best and I did I live in Pittsburg 914 north pine

  • kassim mohamed
    kassim mohamed 4 days ago +1

    i love you jake

  • Andrew Hines
    Andrew Hines 5 days ago

    Me gets 10,000.
    Also me buys 10,000 at the local bank.
    What I bought something

  • Jamica Cathey
    Jamica Cathey 5 days ago

    My Ayden 804

  • Jamica Cathey
    Jamica Cathey 5 days ago

    I havet

  • Lisa Terpstra
    Lisa Terpstra 5 days ago

    That crazy jake

  • Ace
    Ace 5 days ago +4

    Love how Jake is just giving everyone 200 bucks

  • Seattle the Great
    Seattle the Great 5 days ago

    I spent lots of time designing the merch...... it’s words upside down 🤔

  • Michael mcspirit Mcspirit

    I'm hoping to win that money for watching 👀

  • MonTSVlogsAndRoles
    MonTSVlogsAndRoles 5 days ago

    The thumbnail you copy Tfue

  • Ash Sh
    Ash Sh 6 days ago

    Can ya pay my education fees 😭

  • Christina Carrano
    Christina Carrano 6 days ago

    You are my favorite youtuber i watch all your vids i subscribed i liked i hit the bell and i have 0$ so i hope i win

  • Joshua Daniels
    Joshua Daniels 6 days ago

    Dallas Fordham Street and you will see a red house in a that is faded with

  • Queen Me
    Queen Me 6 days ago

    Likinbuy ing

  • dusica vujovic
    dusica vujovic 6 days ago

    I dont have money for 1 controler
    You have money for 100 controlers😢

  • Sydney Spitzer
    Sydney Spitzer 7 days ago

    The guy who you thought was talking crap about you just tried you now.

  • Zackary Pruitt
    Zackary Pruitt 7 days ago

    Can I have some money to Jake Paul

  • luisreloade16
    luisreloade16 7 days ago

    Why couldn’t he pay for other ppl Smh

  • khauba Angh
    khauba Angh 7 days ago

    Y do you do that you gays are Amazing Believe you....any way do as any things you do... for best have a good😵 day Done😎

  • Teiʇan
    Teiʇan 7 days ago

    To drugs?

  • Brennen Blackwell
    Brennen Blackwell 7 days ago +1

    im 6

  • Edward Hammond
    Edward Hammond 8 days ago

    I just can't stop watching the video

  • ZxGhost101 Death
    ZxGhost101 Death 8 days ago

    Who likes click bait

  • Miro Ibrahimovic
    Miro Ibrahimovic 8 days ago +2

    This Earth is so broken. People like This is the ones Who dont need Those money at all!!😡😡

    • Miro Ibrahimovic
      Miro Ibrahimovic 7 days ago

      Jaxy Nemam tvoj broj majkemi, Odakle se ti pojavio?🐀

    • Jaxy
      Jaxy 7 days ago

      Jel dobar burek?

  • Cubic Airsoft
    Cubic Airsoft 8 days ago

    o " and we got a car"

  • Donald Jones
    Donald Jones 8 days ago

    Rolexes so fire I want the Gucci I Love Lucy give me that hoe😚🚗🚗🏙🏙🛣 that Lambo so fast I thought you guys was going to get pie but no you guys were still fastest can I get a Jake Paul Jake Paul

  • Aaron Aguilar
    Aaron Aguilar 8 days ago +1

    I like you Jake Paul

  • Soofalade
    Soofalade 9 days ago +1

    Where's Yellow shirts money? :( 0:34

  • Butt Boy
    Butt Boy 9 days ago +1

    Copy off mr beast

  • Isla Lane
    Isla Lane 11 days ago +1

    Jake: wants Rolex
    Me: wants hair... Ya I don't have hair.....

  • Ken Ken
    Ken Ken 11 days ago


  • Lightning Man
    Lightning Man 11 days ago

    Ayyyyyyy sick

  • Teresita Jimenez
    Teresita Jimenez 11 days ago +1

    Jake paul will win it because rolex of expesive

  • Marcus Gustenhoff 5A Bække Skole

    i love you

  • TooSick2Di3
    TooSick2Di3 12 days ago +4

    When you’re out of ideas and have to copy me beast, also his friends look like a bunch of free loaders that’s about to shoot a music video.

  • Jordan Lopez
    Jordan Lopez 12 days ago

    Jake you Play gta 5

  • Lisa Garcia
    Lisa Garcia 12 days ago

    I want $50,000 give it to me right now

  • Serge THE Gamer
    Serge THE Gamer 12 days ago

    I did it guys can I get a ps4please

  • William Aspman
    William Aspman 12 days ago


  • mxxnchild _93
    mxxnchild _93 13 days ago +1

    He just copies mrbeast because he want more views and he knows mrbeast is better than him

  • Room 10
    Room 10 13 days ago +2

    i want a iphone and try to get a girlfriend
    by jeremiah

  • Room 10
    Room 10 13 days ago

    it me jeremiah like your vidos

  • Grayson Lugo
    Grayson Lugo 13 days ago

    I'm winning 10,000 dollars

  • Amy Santiago
    Amy Santiago 13 days ago

    I did it 10 million times 10

  • Dudman on IOS
    Dudman on IOS 13 days ago

    I don’t care about the 50,000 I care about you

  • Pedro Torres
    Pedro Torres 13 days ago +3

    Hey Jake Paul you're the best TheXvidr and I want that money

  • Monique Louis
    Monique Louis 14 days ago

    Can I get the PS4

  • Jaiden Graves
    Jaiden Graves 14 days ago

    I did everything

  • Solopog gaming
    Solopog gaming 14 days ago

    Jake Paul is the bessssssssssssst TheXvidr ever seen

  • Solopog gaming
    Solopog gaming 14 days ago +1

    Who love Jake Paul like

  • mick games
    mick games 14 days ago

    can't text you but but I'm bored

  • Armen Galaian
    Armen Galaian 14 days ago