What Happened To Barca's Academy | What Is Happening To La Masia | Is La Masia Dying?

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • La Masia is perhaps the most famous club academy producing players like Messi, Iniesta, and Xavi. But recently there has been a decline in both the quantity and quality of graduates. What is the reason for this? Well, in this video we take a look.
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Comments • 593

  • Football Made Simple
    Football Made Simple  4 months ago +95

    If there are any other factors you think contributed to this let everyone know by leaving a comment!

    • Jo Nathan
      Jo Nathan 3 months ago

      I think there are some factors that have to be regarded:
      1. The overall quality in football has drasticly improved worldwide in the last 10 years. Meaning that the level of competition is higher and there are greater talents beeing produced by watching messi and so on over tv, youtube etc. We can observe and reproduce skills that players like Messi, Inesta abd Xavi could only learn and improve by observing other geniouses at la masia and fcb.
      2. Following my general idea rom my first point the same problems can be observed at other club with great youth developement like Ajax(even though last season was exceptionally great), FC Bayern or Manchester United (with Pogba beeing bought back for a big fee).
      3. And maybe my biggest argument in favour of la Masia: Players like Messi, Inesta and Xavi are so rare, and their skill was obviously improved by their great surroundings and coaching but the talent they bring and what they make out of the opportunities they are handled is brought on to the pitch on an individual level.
      They would always be better than their peers in any surrounding and have the "magic something" you need to get to that level. Comparable players are Ronaldinho, CR, or Pogba who just are brilliant players and have a certain genious for understanding and creating football that you can´t teach.

      I really enjoy your videos and this one was also great take on an interesting topic that helped me to think further about the ideas you layed out and might help me to improve my understanding of competitive football. Cheers.

    • Paul Martin
      Paul Martin 3 months ago

      La Masia is like that lie people keep telling until everybody believes. Had only one good generation, and that's it.

    • Nagaveni M
      Nagaveni M 4 months ago +2

      C they allow girls in their academy with boys at the age of 17 yrs ,pls answer this question it's my humble request I love all ur videos pls reply

    • s0me1 i
      s0me1 i 4 months ago

      @Football Made Simple thanks for the ❤️ on my reaction. ❤️Back🙌🏽 Also will look it up when i have the time.
      Btw can you look up something for me as well? I created a chance predicament and some matches with it looked like some corrupte arbitrage... And afcourse one of UCL most ridiculous games ever of the UCL 10/11 until 14/15
      (i did the cance predictions, same as head/tail. So ½×½=¼. But i ended up with some ridiculous numbers if it's true. So maybe i made some mistakes)

  • Richard Flores
    Richard Flores 2 days ago

    in my opinion there are 8 elements for the Barcelona's style of play:
    1) Ball possession
    2) Positioning
    3) Pressing
    4) Technique
    5) Physical
    6) Creativity
    7) Mentality
    8) Flexibility
    Forca Barca

  • . 《`x1`lycha_`》
    . 《`x1`lycha_`》 27 days ago +1

    Ansu fati ?

  • Fishy lol
    Fishy lol 27 days ago +1

    Ansu Fati: *_Allow me to introduce myself_*

  • MCSK_310 -
    MCSK_310 - Month ago

    We shouldn’t expect new Xavis, Messis or Iniestas! Right now we have a lot of great talents! Like Fati, Perez, Alena and Puig!

  • Deyan Zaprianov
    Deyan Zaprianov 2 months ago

    10:54 Politcal... overall good review

  • Wyatt
    Wyatt 2 months ago

    Hmmm no LW from la masia. Signs for ansu icic.

    ISAAC GUZMAN CONTRERAS 2 months ago +1

    Ansu fati and Carles Pérez

  • CheddarJ
    CheddarJ 2 months ago +3

    Anndddd here come Ansu fati and Carles Peréz

  • Coach Technique
    Coach Technique 2 months ago

    it's generally known only a few a year in any academy is good enough to make it into the first team.

  • IQ Man
    IQ Man 2 months ago +1

    Answer Ansu fati

  • Adequate
    Adequate 2 months ago +5

    September 13, 2019
    A player named ansu fati 16 years old came from barca outta no where scored his first goal the first player in La liga just at the age of 16. Now la mesia will produce players just like 2000s 😍

    • Big Chungus
      Big Chungus 2 months ago +1

      i agree, the academy is producing new players who broke into the first team such as fati, aleña, perez, puig, and more too come!

  • Rafael Ehab
    Rafael Ehab 3 months ago +1

    let me add to the players that I think that through La Masia Carlez Peres and Ansu Fati there great prospects

  • Caleb Lim
    Caleb Lim 3 months ago

    Well at least Carles Perez is showing his skill now. Two assists in the draw against Osasuna.

  • paco ramon
    paco ramon 3 months ago +1

    Nobita fucked the system.

  • All In
    All In 3 months ago

    next, manutd after being left by Sir alex?

  • Eren Jaeger Is Jon snow with a better writer

    Paulinho was actually great at Barça. Wish they never sold him. Great video man

  • Gavin Tharney
    Gavin Tharney 3 months ago

    Now we have Perez Puig and Fati to keep our faith in.

  • Frudy Doo
    Frudy Doo 3 months ago

    Surprised I’ve only just found this channel. Very well presented information, great job.

  • Jaime L
    Jaime L 3 months ago

    One of the biggest clubs in the world but didn't provide La Masia kids with proper shoes to train.
    Victor Valdes described how miserable Andu Fatis shoes were and the 16 years old kid just jumped to the first team of professionals last week.
    So sad about those news.
    Hey Bartomeu stop throwing away millions and invest in la Masia. 😡

  • sana mir eva
    sana mir eva 3 months ago

    surely bartemeu lickers disliked this video..!!!shame on you morons

  • GravyJesus
    GravyJesus 3 months ago

    Imagine spelling possession wrong ffs

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor 3 months ago

    your scriptwriting and editing is lovely and perfect, well made video !

  • Bob Barrel
    Bob Barrel 3 months ago +4

    Look this is just how it is. You dont produce a golden generation all the time. That Barcelona was the best team in the history of football. Football goes around in cycles. There will probably never be another team of that magnitude in our lifetime. Dont cry because its over smile because it happened. Football is over in the next 10 years imo. Its all about money now. No loyalty, no morals just money. Too many mercenaries.

  • Patrick
    Patrick 3 months ago

    money is more important than talent

  • Ras Dam
    Ras Dam 3 months ago

    Saying that Barca B are result focused doesn't sit with the fact that they got relegated.

  • Juanlu Marmol
    Juanlu Marmol 3 months ago

    What happened is that you can't live of propaganda forever. They were never a cantera club, they just were lucky to have that amazing generation of amazing players. Just like Real Madrid had La Quinta del Buitre. But we live in a time where you need to win in the field and in the stories.

  • Vesty Steiner
    Vesty Steiner 3 months ago

    buying bullshit like Coutinho, dembele, buying de jong, arthur, firpo and so on when they could focus on Alena, Puig, Miranda, Cucurella etc

  • MikeAngel06
    MikeAngel06 3 months ago

    La Masia: 1 - Previous Years: Literally who? Except Guardiola. 2 - Holy shit years: Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, etc. 3 - Back to literally who: Bojan? Riqui Puig?

    GAMEZSTAA 3 months ago

    Barcelona is trying to keep up with Real Madrid and other super teams. The days of developing local talent are starting to disappear sadly.

    KONFUZED 3 months ago

    Lol u stole this from “ohmygoal”

  • Mottahead
    Mottahead 3 months ago +1

    I don't know - for a certain period time it seemed that Barca's tiki taka style of play was more effective than anyone else's and that it would dominate the playing field for decades. Then something happened - and I do believe that that big Champions League defeat against Bayern Munick was the main tectonic shifting event.
    Barcelona's players looked ineffective against the german giants and apparently the club decided to abandon tiki taka for good - and perhaps the reasoning behind it was sound, since tiki taka requires a top notch physical shape and as time went on it became clear that Xavi and Iniest, the two midfield maestros of tiki taka, were having trouble dealing with the system's physical demands.
    Personally I do believe that it was a big mistake yet I might be wrong and the professionals working at Barca might have realized that football was changing and that tiki taka was becoming outdated.
    I miss tiki taka's dominance.
    At the high of it, Barcelona made Cristiano Ronaldo look like just one more player to beat.

  • BaileD
    BaileD 3 months ago


  • agst
    agst 3 months ago

    Forgive me if I'm beings an moron but 10:52 political spelling mistake.😷

  • LE RG
    LE RG 3 months ago

    Para entender bien lo que le pasa a la Masía vean el canal de Mr Seitán, nadie lo explica mejor

    DAVID FERNANDEZ 3 months ago

    la masia is dying

  • nick de coster
    nick de coster 3 months ago

    i think ajax now has the best academy, they can sel de ligt and got schuurs(new talent) straight out of the academy.

    • Barca 1999
      Barca 1999 3 months ago

      I think lyon and other french teams have best academys now so much talent is coming from france

  • Gm7 RMA
    Gm7 RMA 3 months ago

    They let go of Xavi Simons aswell

  • Camil Adell
    Camil Adell 3 months ago

    Is Víctor Valdés, not Valdez ;)

  • Bahre Kovač
    Bahre Kovač 3 months ago

    i celik

  • Bahre Kovač
    Bahre Kovač 3 months ago

    mrs govno jedno FORZA JUVEEE

  • FJ Nemo
    FJ Nemo 3 months ago

    You sound South African and black, I could be wrong but I doubt it

  • rodrigo sanchez
    rodrigo sanchez 3 months ago

    this video hurts .. you re well informed! i wish me. seitan see this video and talk about it and give his point of view

  • Assassin Gamersz
    Assassin Gamersz 3 months ago

    Valverde happend and the current club owners

  • FCB Wolf
    FCB Wolf 3 months ago

    Oh my goal is copying you

  • Tommy Mdladlana
    Tommy Mdladlana 3 months ago

    its like Man U's class of 92, Barca's early 00s will die down Barca will go a long period of drought

  • Hanshagen
    Hanshagen 3 months ago +1

    In a way Johan is the reason for the succes of Barcalona

  • perigee17
    perigee17 3 months ago

    Bartomeu happened

  • Sebastien Chahbazi
    Sebastien Chahbazi 3 months ago

    The way he say la Masia pisses me off

  • Glenn Johan
    Glenn Johan 3 months ago

    The real problem is the latest generations, they are fucking useless, spoiled little shits, they focus more on videogames, partys and sosial media.

  • ivi
    ivi 3 months ago

    I think that la masia is producing good players but they just can't keep em

  • Talbot Pule
    Talbot Pule 3 months ago

    Accent sounds South African

  • Zareef Hoque
    Zareef Hoque 3 months ago

    In pre-season we did see some promising barca B players.

  • Chester GC
    Chester GC 3 months ago

    Please write correctly the names. It's just awful to see Valdez, Alvez, Joan Laporte and Carles Alena

  • Ralist 14
    Ralist 14 3 months ago

    Bartomeu, that's happens

  • DZ ZD
    DZ ZD 3 months ago

    Agent should have been illegal to supervisor U17 player.

  • pabloalarroyo
    pabloalarroyo 3 months ago

    La Masia's success or failure will depend largely on the first team manager, Barcelona haven't had a coach who can improve players at a rapid rate since Guardiola left in 2012, in fact, I'd go as far as to say they haven't played to their full potential since Pep left.

  • A
    A 3 months ago

    Nothing happened, it was never all that great.

  • Shofiul Azam
    Shofiul Azam 3 months ago

    Do one for man utd academy

  • jorge rodriguez
    jorge rodriguez 3 months ago

    Theres this kid called RIQUI PUIG he is the future for our mild field look him up mr la masia ain’t shit.