The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  2 months ago +14490

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

    • Get Pugger
      Get Pugger 18 days ago

      Clint Ofray did your brain kill itself because it knew you were no hope

    • Ese Callum
      Ese Callum Month ago +1

      vaccines are not subject to the safety rigors undergone by other pharmaceuticals in the FDA approval process. There are no large scale, double-blind, placebo controlled studies. And, in the one 1930 human study of thimerosal that predated its use in vaccines, all the subjects injected with thimerosal died. In 2004, an FDA official acknowledged in testimony before a Congressional committee, that no government or privately funded study has ever demonstrated thimerosal’s safety. On the other hand, there is plenty of science suggesting that thimerosal is NOT safe. Several hundred studies available on PubMed link thimerosal exposure to the neurodevelopmental and immune system diseases that are now epidemic in the generation of American children born after the CDC dramatically increased childhood thimerosal exposure starting in 1988. My book, Thimerosal- Let the Science Speak, summarizes these studies. The scientific literature inculpates increased thimerosal exposure as a culprit in the explosion of ADD, ADHD, speech delay, narcolepsy, SIDS, ASD, seizure disorder, tics and anaphylaxis, including asthma and food allergies. According to the CDC, one in six American children-the so called “thimerosal generation”-now suffers from a developmental disability. We have published a compendium of 80 published, peer-reviewed studies that strongly suggest a link between thimerosal exposure and autism.

    • jsmyth024
      jsmyth024 Month ago

      I'm sorry, but we are the sickest species ON THE PLANET. Just think about that for ONE minute.
      Our gut microbiome is being sterilized by pesticides like round up, and we are told they are safe(yes, they kill the bacteria in your gut - shocker), but DON'T WORRY, they have something you can buy for that.
      We are developing autoimmune diseases left and right. A study was just released that shows how millennials health plummets at around age 27, and no one is concerned that it's something to do with out healthcare? "healthcare" - that's a misnomer at this point.
      The SAME people that push round-up as being safe(now proven to cause cancer in a court of law), "provide" us with cancer treatments and vaccines.
      The same people who sell us vaccines, treat our children of these chronic illnesses. NO ONE is brave enough(or intelligent enough) to raise an eyebrow to that?
      Oh, wait, they are, but then they are told they are just crazy conspiracy theorists who are probably literally hitler and voted for trump. And people fall for it because it makes them FEEL safe. Meanwhile over FIFTY PERCENT of our youth(YOUTH!) have chronic illnesses that the AMA says they will NEVER recover from. And it's not enough for these mega corps to make millions or billions, now they are pushing for trillions.
      That's not fishy to you guys?
      I swear, people have thrown common sense directly out of the nearest window for, "double blind published data" We will NEVER get it. There are too many variables involved and you know this, that's why you keep asking.
      Honestly it makes me sick and people who are working for them should be ashamed of themselves. They aren't, because they have money in the bank, but one day, people are going to have had enough and they will be found and prosecuted.
      How many more of our loved ones have to suffer and die before it gets to that point?

    • frick ajit pai
      frick ajit pai 2 months ago +1

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell epic

    • joel marin
      joel marin 2 months ago

      thank you for making this video, its been a great help for my social justice project. I hope to use this as a source to help write my letter to a politician, (who is undecided as of writing this), I really hope to make a change and to make vaccinations more mandatory in the united states!

  • I Am Kocka
    I Am Kocka Hour ago

    His point at the end is very good. We are so used to safety and immunity from everything that we forget how dangerous these diseases really are.

  • KATUS the cactus
    KATUS the cactus 2 hours ago

    The comments are gonna be a war zone

  • neelkanth sikdar
    neelkanth sikdar 4 hours ago +1

    People who dislike are karen.

  • saint pendon
    saint pendon 7 hours ago

    Anti-vaxxers: many died cause of vacines
    Me: *omae wa moushindeiru*

  • JaveDaPro
    JaveDaPro 8 hours ago

    Anti vax gang

  • 성이름
    성이름 11 hours ago

    정말 과학적이고 이성적이고 통계적이고 합리적이다 한국에 맘충페미년들이 필수로 봐야할 영상인

  • iwantdie
    iwantdie 13 hours ago +1

    1:59 does this mean I can just catch tons of infections and never get ill from them again?

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 9 hours ago

      If by that you mean if you get infected and recover, you are then immune to getting that infection again...well, mostly, yes. Once your immune system has encountered something liek the measles virus, it builds a specific defence against it. This defense is far more effective than the generalised defence mechanisms the immune system uses against something it has never met before. Measles for example: when you first encounter the virus (by being infecte dor having the vaccine) you have no specific defence against it. Your body deploys it's generalised defence; this is effective against all type of invader - and it is often sufficient on it;s own. In the case of measles (and many other diseases) this is not the case. Then the general troops fight an holding action, this gives the body time to create a specialised defence tailored specifically for that invader: and no other. Your body retains a memory of that invader, so if it meets it again, the specialised defence is available immediately, and it is so deadly that you are what we call "immune". The inader is destroyed before it can cause trouble. For most diseases this immunity is life long. For some it is not. Moreover, some diseases like influenza there are many different variants: if you catch influenza type A you are immune to it, but you can still catch influenza type B. These viruses mutate rapidly to evade the immune system. Tha is also why you catch the common cold repeatedly throughout your life.

    SNEEZE NATION 14 hours ago +2


    SNEEZE NATION 14 hours ago


  • Reklaw
    Reklaw 16 hours ago

    I’m sad more people don’t see this.

  • Anthony Draws For You
    Anthony Draws For You 18 hours ago

    Hey remember polio and how nobody gets it anymore?

  • Atomiic
    Atomiic 19 hours ago +2

    God, this video is the perfect bait for antivaxers. The thumbnail and title perfectly attract the karens. You add an enticing hook about the "risks" and then go into how vaccines are an Amazon creation. 10/10

  • Gage Ferland
    Gage Ferland 22 hours ago +1

    It’s fucking bullshit that I can only like this once

    • payton jarden
      payton jarden 3 hours ago

      Yeah like why are they not letting my children die from measles its 2019 let me kill them already

  • Your ultimate slav creator I'm as strong as shaggy

    All dislikes are from anti-vaxxers

  • McAlkis
    McAlkis Day ago +1

    Why the hell does TheXvid not put THIS on the trending page?? (Ok, I know WHY, but still)

  • Michcio
    Michcio Day ago +1

    7,9k of anti-vax mothers

  • Oofinheimer
    Oofinheimer Day ago

    My child is allregic to seatbelts. I don't even have a child.

  • Alper Filiz
    Alper Filiz Day ago

    Bu video cok önemliydi aşı karşıtı bir video olsaydı kanalı engelleyecektim. Teşekkürler kurgesagt.

  • Malilla X
    Malilla X Day ago +2

    Fortunately, smart people are in the majority; )

  • Minh Quan Vo
    Minh Quan Vo Day ago

    It's 2019, and we have to make this video

  • Rachel Leach
    Rachel Leach Day ago +2

    my professor once said, “you’re basically injecting a mugshot of the bad guys into your body for the good guys to fight off.”

  • Horacio Ruiz
    Horacio Ruiz Day ago

    *has the most dangerous disease*
    Doctor: put a band-aid on him this is only a animation


    Still get vacintated it good 👍

  • Mathis Foret
    Mathis Foret Day ago

    , before the vaccination i had developede an allergie and when go for the vaccination of the H1n1( French name) i go internationale hospitol

  • NiftyBad Gaming
    NiftyBad Gaming Day ago

    The only thing you will catch from Vascine is being alive

  • Rak Usu
    Rak Usu Day ago +1

    As modern days gets more advanced, some people get dumber. Vaccines exists for a reason. In third world countries, it's especially necessary as diseases like measles is still pretty common.

  • The entire us Millitary

    There’s a vaccine in Area 51 that doesn’t cause autism

  • Joshua Jeong
    Joshua Jeong Day ago +1

    Wonder what would happen if an antivax mom watched this?

  • Tina Lavender
    Tina Lavender Day ago

    I have been vaccines to autism yet I still have it

    • emigoldber
      emigoldber 19 hours ago +3

      There is no vaccine for autism because it's nothing material - not bacteria, not a virus, not a fungus. It's a psychological problem. So they're is nothing to fight off with vaccines! It's a game of the mind...

  • Alvaro Perez
    Alvaro Perez 2 days ago

    Please do more videos dudes!!!

  • Alex Abrashev
    Alex Abrashev 2 days ago

    Please someone make bulgarian subtitles!

  • Need memes? I got u
    Need memes? I got u 2 days ago +1

    Vaccines cause a…


  • Robert Russell
    Robert Russell 2 days ago +2

    Video: the risks of vaccines
    Karen *oh yeah*
    Karen during disease part: these effects aren't so bad, why are people afraid?

  • Pafel Pafelov
    Pafel Pafelov 2 days ago +2

    This video explained vaccines so simple even retards can understand it... I see what you did there kurzgesagt ;)

  • DJ_Trolly
    DJ_Trolly 2 days ago

    Memory cells = PTSD cells

  • Matias Braga
    Matias Braga 2 days ago

    Can vaccines produce stronger bacteria/viruses every year? Can this lead to stronger vaccines every year? Does this have a limit? What if you forget to take vaccines as frequently as you should?

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 19 hours ago

      As Willy Wonka would say: _"strike that - reverse it."_ Actually unvaccinated people are what promote new strains of pathogens. Vaccines prevent an active infection occurring. An active infection = means the pathogen in you is replicating beyond your immune system's capacity to destroy it. So no active infection = no replication.
      Meanwhile when unvaccinated get sick they are allowing the pathogen in their body to replicate = which can give rise to new mutations occurring. So anti-vaxxers are the one actually promoting the rise of new and potentially worse infectious diseases - not the vaccinated.
      I'll give you an example. The MMR has been around since the early 1970's. All MMR vaccines employ the Type A genotype of the MeV virus which causes measles. All current genotypes found around the planet today causing measles outbreaks = non-Type A strains. So Type A MeV was eradicated from human populations via decades of vaccine employment. Meanwhile we see other strains exist solely as a result of endemic measles infections around the planet as a result of unvaccinated people = infections which the MMR could eradicate if people would only use the vaccine.
      So 40+ years of MMR use has not given rise to a more virulent strain of the virus. What is actually sad is that the MeV virus - like the Variola virus which caused smallpox = only exists in humans. Accordingly we could eradicate measles within a generation if people would simply get their MMR shots as they are supposed to. Have a nice day.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 2 days ago

      (a) no (b) no and (c) your immunity lapses or gets weaker so you're at higher risk of infection

  • Drawing It!
    Drawing It! 2 days ago

    i sure hope there are only 35 000 000 anti-vaxxers out there

    35 000 000 out of 7 000 000 000 is 5% of our population

  • Drawing It!
    Drawing It! 2 days ago +1

    who else alr know how vaccines work but just want to see the video?

  • Hesu Teravanesyan
    Hesu Teravanesyan 2 days ago +2

    If I showed this to my anti vaxx mom she would just say this people are making it up and doing it for the money. It annoys me so much and I can’t do anything about it to get vaccinated. She also says “look I didn’t get vaccinated and nothing happened to me”. It pisses me off so much

  • socialism don't work at all

    The dislikes are anti-vacs

  • idk ?
    idk ? 2 days ago +8

    Surprisingly my dad was the anti vaxx one but since they were divorced and my mom had full custody, I made it to 13! I just now showed him this and I hope it will change his mind

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago +1

      Good for you. I hope your dad well, and i wish your comment gets many likes.

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 2 days ago +2

    Saying vaccines and autism are linked is liked saying school causes disabilities (like being in a wheelchair)

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 2 days ago +2

    What if the anti vaccination thing was started by coffin company

  • Andrew Clarke
    Andrew Clarke 2 days ago +1

    There is no risk (unless your allergic but that’s just something made up by antivaxxers, I think)

  • F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e
    F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e 2 days ago

    and go figure the comment section is an echo chamber

  • F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e
    F.u.c.k Go.ogl.e 2 days ago

    kruz is now confirmed to be controled op. black list and move on

  • Ultrasound Animations and Letsplays!

    Dont vaccinate your kids,you could kill them
    Just let a doctor do it, dummy!

  • Meme Meme
    Meme Meme 2 days ago +1

    Me: God can we have some of our extinct animals back.
    God: Ok.
    Anti-vaxxers: Makes God accidentally bring measles back instead.

  • Kerbin
    Kerbin 2 days ago

    And some idiots will not even watch this, and continue their unvaccinated life.
    What the fuck do you think, Karen?
    Go on, go to that useless Restaurant and eat your shit.
    When you come back, pay the goddamn Babysitter her money.
    She probaly caught the measles too, because of your stupid parenting.
    No wonder why your husband left you.
    When that Babysitter comes home, takes care of his kids, then tomorrow, they all will probaly be infected with fucking measles.
    They also have a chance of dying.
    While you are posting false shit on social media, saying that 'mY kId Is UnVaCcInAtEd AnD hE iS fInE',
    They might die.
    After that, will you say sorry?
    Will you feel sorry?
    Or just complain that the Babysitter is not coming to work?
    And this could all be prevented by a vaccine...
    A. Single. Vaccine.
    Is it THAT hard, Karen?

  • Amelia.mp4
    Amelia.mp4 2 days ago +1

    The 7.9k dislikes are anti vaxxers

  • Mnyz.Ching
    Mnyz.Ching 3 days ago

    7:09 "so we vaccinated 10'000'000 kids"

    FIRESTAR 3 days ago +1

    We should isolate anti vaxxers for 10 years and see if they live through it and if they change their minds about vaccines

  • Milka Bogovac
    Milka Bogovac 3 days ago +1

    I actully think i know why this video has such a click-baity title. Its made so that Kurzgesagt can trick Anti-Vaxxers in order to watch this video. And learn that Vaccines actully help us.

    • Milka Bogovac
      Milka Bogovac 2 days ago

      @Fredric Bagguette It is not clickbait. But the tiltle sounds like clickbait.

    • Fredric Bagguette
      Fredric Bagguette 3 days ago

      Milka Bogovac how is this clickbait?

  • Milka Bogovac
    Milka Bogovac 3 days ago +1

    Wow. Did not know that the human body works like a C&C game.
    (The more you know :D)

  • Приморский Маппер

    Strange, but i am unvaccinated, i have a very weak immune system but i was vaccinated only when i was borned. I never was infected with Flu or any other serious disease except chikenpocks. I do not use vaccines because virus is often mutating, and there is chance to get complications, so if i have a vaccine from flu stamm in 2018, i won't be protected from 2019 stamm, but newborned have to be vaccinated because their immune system is to weak to protect themselves.

    • Приморский Маппер
      Приморский Маппер 33 minutes ago

      Also people that are against vaccines at all are retards, that don't want to confirm progress, they will not suffer 90 years, as you said. They will suffer about 20 years and than die, like at old good stone age times.

    • Приморский Маппер
      Приморский Маппер 35 minutes ago

      I am not against vaccines, i think we need to use it against serious diseases, but if the flu is mutating every year, i need to use this vaccine every year, it increases the chance of negative effects, vaccine can go bad, but we need it for newborn people or strong diseases.

    • wat lol
      wat lol 50 minutes ago

      Viruses are mutating, that's why you need an injection every year bruh
      And think about it, what if there's a zombie virus and we have vaccines against it? The first one who will turn into a zombie is probably an anti-vaxxer, then zombie apocalypse
      So vaccines are protecting us from extinction
      If you want small-pox or catch a very serious disease

    • ster oids
      ster oids 2 days ago

      Приморский Маппер You live in Russia where you don't really have to worry about measles outbreaks.

  • Fein Yep
    Fein Yep 3 days ago

    well the anti-vaxxers are a part of a grand scheme devised by them old diseases that are making a comeback~

  • HosterJack
    HosterJack 3 days ago +1

    I died laughing at 3:03. Damn you guys are RUTHLESS.

  • Locket
    Locket 3 days ago +1

    Karen who wants the planet to shrivel up and die: I think I should create anti vaccinators so more people die.
    Dumb people who dont care about their children's safety: YES

  • Dr Papilla
    Dr Papilla 3 days ago

    Before I was vaccinated I was sick all the time it was repetitive and annoying taking medications and pills and later in my school they did a vaccination program I told my parents about that and accepted now I get hardly sick.

  • Rainbow the Dragon Cat

    Every time I see an anti-vax comment I will reply with just a link to this video because the title will trip them up.

  • Urpo Oraakkeli
    Urpo Oraakkeli 3 days ago +1

    I wasn't vaccinated and i'm perfectly healthy
    Only thing that has happened is my little brother died to measles. What a weakling xDDD
    Only strong people don't need vaccines :D

  • Banu 02
    Banu 02 3 days ago

    How can anyone be click baited to think it's an antivaxer video lol.
    It's Kurzgesaht, obviously it will be on a rational side.

  • eccentricwriter
    eccentricwriter 3 days ago

    Q: How high is the risk?
    A: You're gonna die one day anyways so it doesn't matter.

  • Erik .Schfr
    Erik .Schfr 3 days ago

    I wasn't vaccinated and I still live so there's that

    • Erik .Schfr
      Erik .Schfr Day ago

      @Bird? had it 3 years ago and I'm fine

    • Bird?
      Bird? Day ago

      step on a rusty nail, and you wont be fine any longer

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      Hey, how about you go and see someone with horrible viruses and hug them? lets see what happens then.

    • Urpo Oraakkeli
      Urpo Oraakkeli 3 days ago

      vaccines cause adulthood

  • CrazyGamesPlays
    CrazyGamesPlays 3 days ago +1

    Why am I watching this like 10 minutes after I just got vaccinated...


    • ster oids
      ster oids 2 days ago

      What do you mean? This video is implying that you're safe now.

  • Sarah's Hubby
    Sarah's Hubby 4 days ago +2

    My mom was an anti-vaxxer, I grew up in Gosnell Arkansas and the local school district there may have actually saved my life, they REQUIRED shot records to prove that your kids have been vaccinated for them to even be allowed to enroll in kindergarten, I remember back in 1999 being taken to the public health clinic in Blytheville Arkansas to get caught up on all my shots at age 5 because it was either that or homeschooling, I think that's the way ALL school districts should be! God bless Gosnell Arkansas!

  • reality check
    reality check 4 days ago

    I’m getting one tomorrow
    So nervous

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      I am responding two days from now, so i hope that it went well.

    • Urpo Oraakkeli
      Urpo Oraakkeli 3 days ago

      no worries fam. Only thing vaccines give u is adulthood

  • Chocoya
    Chocoya 4 days ago +3

    I don’t support the kkk
    K- karens
    K- killing
    K- kids

  • Scrollreader
    Scrollreader 4 days ago +1

    So. First off. I'm NOT a anti-vaxxer, I am pro-vaccine. That said though, I'm told that vaccines used to contain things like mercury and some still do have harmful chemicals. Is there any merit to this, and are there some vaccines that have a higher side-effect level than the one described in this video?

    • Vojta Vojta
      Vojta Vojta 19 hours ago

      @DRGW Mapping They took it out completely. It was not an elemental mercury, rather thimerosal, which was used for multi-dose vials as a conservant. Today you can find it only in multi-dose flu vaccines and you can still get a flu shot without it. Nevertheless, it was proven to be harmless.

    • DRGW Mapping
      DRGW Mapping 23 hours ago

      Actually, @carleo 777, they only lowed it. However, it was still at a safe amount before it was lowed. The only reason they lowed it was because parents were like "wait, there's MERCURY in it?!"

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      they don't put mercury, aborted baby fetus or other things in. what they put in is some animal uterus (because the uterus is SUPER PROTECTIVE against viruses) and some aluminum (just a little, to strengthen the vaccine. We eat tons of aluminum anyway) and yes, there are some with other worse side effects. but don't be afraid.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 3 days ago

      Diphtheria = bad.
      Pertussis = worse.
      Chickenpox = bad.
      Smallpox = worse.
      Moral of the story: not all infectious pathogens are the same. Some impact the body more severely than others = resulting in harsher effects. So understanding this fact = understand that vaccines likewise are not all the same based upon the pathogens they are protecting you from. Since you most often develop side effects from vaccination - not from the ingredients per se - but rather from the actual pathogen employed in the vaccine = that is why we see as you say the side effects vary depending on the vaccine.
      So if both the vaccine and the disease it prevents can cause similar effects in people because those effects are being driven by the pathogen = whichever one offers the least number of adverse reactions is the better option as you are at risk regardless. Thus history demonstrates conclusively that people react badly to vaccination at a level far less than we used to see them react to the disease the vaccine prevents in the time before we had a vaccine. Have a nice day.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 4 days ago

      "harmful chemicals" is misleading. It all depends on the dose. Salt will kill you if you have too much, do you hesitate to have some on your fries? Mercury (actually, ethyl mercury, which has totally different properties to mercury metal) has mostly been removed. Stuff like preservatives etc would be large amounts. The amounts in vaccines is absolutely tiny. Crackpot anti-vaxxers produce long list of "toxic chemicals" but the point s they aren't toxic in the amount sin a vaccination. You get like a hundred times the aluminium from eating food every week than you do from a lifetime of vaccines. Anything can be the right amounts. Every medication is toxic...if you take too much. alcohol is a deadly poison.

  • Mash Fun On
    Mash Fun On 4 days ago +1

    Those 7.9k dislikes are ppl that are prob anti vax ppl

  • Endestroyer
    Endestroyer 4 days ago

    I got the flu shot and had a mild headache , other than that, I have no autism

  • VanguardAngel
    VanguardAngel 4 days ago +4

    Y’know, you really should do your own research

    I did and found this video 💕. Seriously, ever since these anti-vaccine shenanigans started I wanted to brush up on my understanding of medicine (mom is a nurse). It’s been a few years since I’ve taken a biology class. Thanks for making this video, it was super informative and your animation style is cute to boot!

    • VanguardAngel
      VanguardAngel 4 days ago

      Petík Georgiev sorry, I thought it’d be funny! 😅

    • Petík Georgiev
      Petík Georgiev 4 days ago +1

      These comments always bamboozle me.

  • Miguel Rodríguez
    Miguel Rodríguez 4 days ago +1

    Unvaccinated Children: **Exists**
    Bacteria and Viruses: It's free real estate.

  • Charlie Matthews
    Charlie Matthews 4 days ago


  • I Support Jesus
    I Support Jesus 4 days ago

    Ummmmmm, just a quick question.... If your kid is vaccinated, isn't that supposed to protect them from the virus? So why would it matter if someone else's child isn't vaccinated? Your kid got the vaccination so they're safe right? My opinion if someone decides not to vaccinate their child, isn't that their choice? I bet these people on here insulting the parents that don't choose to get their children the shots would change their mind if their child got these shots and ended up a special needs child afterwards, or with ADHD! It happens all the time! It happened to my daughter! Think about it.....

    • payton jarden
      payton jarden 2 hours ago

      You dont get special needs from vaccines. The only paper claiming this was debunked dozens of times and most of the authors have retracted their statements

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      IT CAN STILL KILL PEOPLE WHO CANNOT GET VACCINES. I HAVE AUTISM AND I HAVE MORE BRAIN CELLS THAN YOU. Please, go and actually re-watch this video and maybe listen. it will make you have brain cells.

  • Corey Playz
    Corey Playz 4 days ago

    I really realized that alot of anti-vaxxers are from America...
    Is it sad that i hate my own nation? At least i am ethnically European (my ancestors are Scottish and German)

  • samle B
    samle B 5 days ago

    what about mercury and aluminium? What about long term results of the intoxication from metals. Today a child get around 25 shots of vaccine until the age of 2. Did anyone count how much toxic metals did his body gets?

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      firstly, there are no amounts of mercury in vaccines. secondly, the amount of aluminum is so small that you EAT more aluminum in your normal day. please, do more research to expand your 2 brain cells.
      - from a person with adhd and autism.

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 4 days ago +2

      There are no "toxic metals" in vaccines.........duh! The aluminum *SALT* in a vaccine *IS NOT* the same as the aluminum is your toaster or car. The same for Thimerosal which is rarely used today anyways. It is a mercury analog of organic methylmercury such as is obtained from mining and which sometimes contaminates seafood. For those who slept through chemistry class = a "salt" or analog of something is chemically different from it's base element and thus *DOES NOT* metabolize the same in the body.
      So we have 100 years of evidence of the safety and efficacy of vaccination science as they have been around for a long time now. Meanwhile literally billions of people have been vaccinated over the years = billions. Accordingly we indeed know "the long term results" of vaccine usage.
      As noted by others you ingest - and absorb - vastly more aluminum via your normal dietary intake than you are exposed to in a lifetime of vaccination as aluminum is ubiquitous in nature = and thus in the human food supply. Plants absorb aluminum when they take in nutrients = and animals eat the plants while humans eat both. Have a nice day.

    • Big-Slam-Villain
      Big-Slam-Villain 4 days ago +1

      Let's just think like this: the history of vaccination is long, and there have been no case of metal toxicating occured directly by vaccinating.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 4 days ago +4

      " Did anyone count how much toxic metals did his body gets?" Yep, less than he gets from eating an apple.

  • Halo Meme 200
    Halo Meme 200 5 days ago

    Vaccines are good for your body. Period

  • Jim W.
    Jim W. 5 days ago

    The video doesn’t address toxic preservatives contained in some vaccines. All of the side effects discussed are the acute side effects and not the effects of a child’s not fully developed liver to filter out these toxins.
    In addition it video failed to point out that many of the cases of measles now occurring are in individuals who previously received the vaccination. Thus effectivity of the vaccines is questionable and is not addressed.
    Bottom line, Parental Right to choose should be allowed in all cases of medical procedures regarding their children. Parents have the right to decide and accept whatever risks apply to their family. No one needs a Nanny State telling them that we have to do anything.

    • payton jarden
      payton jarden 2 hours ago

      It's not "paternal right" because you not vaccinating your children endangers dozens of people who can't vaccinate. Chemotherapy patients,children with severe allergies, the elderly, these are people who could catch life threatening diseases from non vaxxed people. Vaccines aren't about just your children but EVERYONE.

    • A Random Person
      A Random Person 23 hours ago

      Jim W. Lemme guess, those “journals” are all from Facebook

    • Jim W.
      Jim W. Day ago

      My wife is a physician and reads the journal articles on the debate. There is enough supporting evidence against vaccines to warrant concern and certainly enough to warrant a parent’s right to choose. Most information found on the web is from the drug companies which are heavily invested in ensuring their revenue streams stay intact.

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      There is a small amount of aluminum in vaccines, but you eat more in a day than the amount in vaccines.

    • A Random Person
      A Random Person 4 days ago +1

      Listen, preservatives, no matter how bad they are, are infinitely better than contracting a fatal disease. Also, as for measles affecting vaccinated people, that is largely due to people like you. When a disease enters an unvaccinated person, it could potentially mutate. If it does, vaccinated people are put at risk due to *your* own stupidity. Don’t think because you researched biased articles for 30 minutes that you know anything in the subject. Vaccines are absolutely necessary, and not having them is harmful to not only your children, but others as well, for reasons I stated. In conclusion, ur dumb

  • notharmonious
    notharmonious 5 days ago +4

    apparently the black death is arising again, so that's fun i guess? thanks anti vax creatures

  • Madmadaleine Studios

    10 to the power of 23

  • Internet Cancer
    Internet Cancer 5 days ago +3

    *100000 research proofing vaccines are essential and are mostly harmless*
    *1 TheXvid video having 1 line saying vaccines can have side effects, but...*
    *Anti vacciners: One ring to rule them all*

  • meme jesus
    meme jesus 5 days ago +5

    Antivaxx is gay

    • meme jesus
      meme jesus Hour ago

      payton jarden it was a joke about the stupid arguments that antivaxxers use.
      Sorry if i didn’t make it obvious enough

    • payton jarden
      payton jarden 2 hours ago

      You putting being gay on the same level as anti vax makes me sick. But in all seriousness anti vax can jump off a toaster.

    • ster oids
      ster oids 2 days ago

      meme jesus Not the best way to put it but I agree

  • Jesse Howse
    Jesse Howse 5 days ago +3

    I have the phobia of needles but I still get vaccinated. I'm happy for that

    • Jesse Howse
      Jesse Howse 4 days ago

      I just close my eyes and think how well my stats are on my games

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago +1

      Jesse Howse how do you deal with it?

  • potato the gamer
    potato the gamer 5 days ago +1

    When i saw this title i tought Kurzgesagt became anti vax

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 4 days ago

      Tapetalraindog 9 anecdotal what does that mean?

    • Tapetalraindog 9
      Tapetalraindog 9 5 days ago +1

      Adrian Vera because almost all of these anti Vaxxer stories are vague and anecdotal

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago

      oof-i-stan why

    • oof-i-stan
      oof-i-stan 5 days ago

      Adrian Vera facebook and blogs

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago

      oof-i-stan ok so whats one thing that makes them dumb?

  • Elsan Andres
    Elsan Andres 5 days ago +1

    Really glad I saw this.
    And the MMR vaccine.

  • - AsherGamingYT -
    - AsherGamingYT - 5 days ago

    I have vaccines

  • Liam Coyne
    Liam Coyne 5 days ago +1

    4:25 Some of S.E.A, Caribbean, Iceland, Ireland, Asian Egypt and other places: *OOOOOF*

  • Jacob Merrell
    Jacob Merrell 5 days ago +3

    Anybody else get vaccinated and live past 3

    • Awesome King
      Awesome King 5 days ago

      @Adrian Vera well duh

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago

      Jacob Merrell i didnt and now im dead. I would have been 18 this year
      (For the record i am 18 but i am vaccinated)

  • lyrehc the bran man
    lyrehc the bran man 5 days ago +1

    Antivaxxers, you are in as much of a position to judge the feasibility of the components of a vaccine as anyone who's not an engineer is when it comes to judging the safety of a passenger plane by glancing at a cross-section diagram.

  • Karl Playz
    Karl Playz 5 days ago +1

    All the dislikes are from anti-Vaxx feminists

  • Logan Sini
    Logan Sini 5 days ago

    dont watch this you might die

  • Rage Games
    Rage Games 5 days ago +1

    I prefer my future child to have autism but not a dead child

  • Christopher Harper
    Christopher Harper 5 days ago +15

    just found out my mum is an anti-vaxer so now i'm 18 i'm getting them all done myself and we just had an argument where she told me that vaccines are bad so i had to go back to this video to restore my faith in humanity. p.s. i did read all the sources and i am satisfied that i made the right choice lol.

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      Dude, you are so smart. you have many brain cells. i hope your mother can listen this video and have her mind changed.

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago +2

      Christopher Harper im proud of you

  • Ella Luv
    Ella Luv 6 days ago +3

    Anti-vax mom: omae wa mou shindeiru.
    Anti-vax kid: Nani??

  • Ayub Sharif
    Ayub Sharif 6 days ago

    This whole video is some bs, made by the government elites to trick you idiots to inject this poison into your bodies.

    • momomo CRONx
      momomo CRONx Day ago

      If the government wanted to inject people with poison, wouldn't they force us to? also, don't bring up how children are being forced to. get more brain cells than the 2 you have.

    • Corey Playz
      Corey Playz 4 days ago

      Made by the government elites even though Germany is not an Closed Anocresey and the fact they are Germans

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago

      Lorelei None of your beeswax i want to know which karen this is

    • Adrian Vera
      Adrian Vera 5 days ago

      Lorelei None of your beeswax whats her last name?

    • Lorelei None of your beeswax
      Lorelei None of your beeswax 5 days ago

      0ooh cool I found a Karen guys

  • Topz 34 Gaming&more
    Topz 34 Gaming&more 6 days ago

    I’m no anti vaxxer but both of my brothers had the flu for 2 weeks after getting their flu shots from their highschool

    • Jasmine Lyall
      Jasmine Lyall 4 days ago +2

      Finally! A productive conversation!

    • Topz 34 Gaming&more
      Topz 34 Gaming&more 5 days ago +3

      Richard Gregory well now I know! Thanks!

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 5 days ago +3

      Because (a) it takes time from the shot to build full immunity, (b) the immunity is not 100% perfect, it just reduces your chanc eof getting flu - a LOT - and reduces the severity of the flu if you get it and (c) every year they have to make a "best guess" on which strains of flu are likely to be prevalent in that year; different strains dominate in different years and the virus mutates a lot as well. That's why you have to have a flue shot every year, to keep you up to date. Sometimes this "best guess" is wrong. It is also perfectly possible that your brothers just got unlucky and et a flu virus that wasn;t included in the shot. It;s not possible to produce a vaccine to cover every strain there is.
      Lastly, lots of people think they had flu when they had a bad cold. Flu will make you so sick you can;t get out of bed for a week.

    JOSEPH GARCIA 6 days ago +1

    They hated Kurzgesagt because he told the the truth

  • frisbee jo
    frisbee jo 6 days ago

    Duck mouse cousor at 0:39