The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell
    Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell  4 months ago +15256

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

    • DMGamer99 DMGamer99
      DMGamer99 DMGamer99 9 days ago

      *Takes anti-vaxers seriously*

    • Jaxson Presley
      Jaxson Presley 19 days ago


    • toxicboi i
      toxicboi i 26 days ago

      The people who dislike the video is probably Karen

    • grab america by huevos
      grab america by huevos 27 days ago

      hey i was in the military got every shot except the hpv gardisal no they are not good for your body, why do they give a live attenuated virus in the flumist, why is everyone still sick a couple of days after the flu shot, why do i diagnosed with strep throat in the military if we are fit in the military, i had to get a penicillian shot in the butt, where the studies on the military with reactions to those shots? where results from the burn pits and poop pits from us veterans, why did we wear perithrin soaked uniform deployed "to keep bugs off" why did we stay in mosquito bombed buildings,

    • Nick Korkodylas
      Nick Korkodylas 28 days ago

      I am constantly being called an "anti-vaxxer" and a "science denialist" just for pointing out that it's a bad idea to allow governments make sticking needles in your children mandatory. They also called me a "conspiracy theorist" for pointing out that some vaccines used mercury compounds as preservatives.

  • Max Malone
    Max Malone 16 hours ago +1

    Side effects to vaccines

    Adult hood

  • Sofia Karjala
    Sofia Karjala 16 hours ago +1

    It'd be ok if they didn't hurt others. But this herd immunity is being broken by idiots. Ask yourself this, antivax parents.
    Can you live with yourself knowing your decision to not vaccinate could possibly be putting innocent children's lives on the line? Stop being selfish and vaccinate yourself and your family to save countless people.

  • erion Perez
    erion Perez 17 hours ago

    I have vaccine trauma

  • erion Perez
    erion Perez 17 hours ago

    Fucking Vaccines

  • DonnieToTheMoon
    DonnieToTheMoon 18 hours ago

    Antivaxxer facebook mom groups dont care about medical research.
    They did google searches after all, they know what they talking about

  • Dannyy_sann
    Dannyy_sann 23 hours ago

    Facts are immune to feelings. I see what you did there .

  • Two Tone
    Two Tone Day ago

    What disease gives Kurzgesagt nightmares? The Bird Flu of course!

  • The2Coles OnArole
    The2Coles OnArole Day ago +1

    My parents said they did not vaccinate me. Am I going to die? I’m only 13 I don’t want to die! I think I should have gotten vaccinated. Should have I?

    • Omega animations and gaming
      Omega animations and gaming 22 hours ago +1

      stay away from public spaces as you could get infected

    • The2Coles OnArole
      The2Coles OnArole 23 hours ago

      Alright thanks for telling me

    • Rainbow Shrimp
      Rainbow Shrimp 23 hours ago +1

      The2Coles OnArole *herd immunity should protect you, but if you step on a rusty nail (or get hurt with anything that is rusted) they should give you the tetanus shot, also, they should take you to the doctor to get the influenza vaccine because it mutates a lot*

  • Damien Stroman
    Damien Stroman Day ago

    Bruh Vacinces cause atism Do Vaccinate PLEASE VACCINAte Don't let them srat life on dark souls Hard mode use assited made.

  • Fluorite Halcyon
    Fluorite Halcyon Day ago +1

    Way too amused by the gamifying of the immune system. And so cute. Jesus christ y'all, make a game and make all of the money.

  • Apple cider
    Apple cider Day ago +2


    *Pro vaxxers immediately start typing*
    Before you guys start cursing me out, I’m a pro vaxxer and I can spell. Don’t bully me lmao

  • Canal De Relaxare

    Wow this topic is so hard , why blame each other for their decision ?

  • Stephen Lednor
    Stephen Lednor Day ago

    I'm not vaccinated against measles and vaccinated against influenza virus

  • Stephen Lednor
    Stephen Lednor Day ago

    This is not Bambi Harry this is is Robin Hill

  • Amar Mann
    Amar Mann Day ago

    Is the decline in measles in the developed world largely due to vaccines or improved sanitation and nutrition? Do any of the studies showing no link between vaccines and autism study the effect of multiple vaccinations in a relatively short time (i.e. what happens in real life)?

    • KillerKat 13
      KillerKat 13 11 hours ago

      @Amar Mann you should check out the whooping cough fiasco of Japan before you talk about ‘sanitation and nutrition’

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 12 hours ago

      Riddle me this Amar:
      1 - do anyone honestly believe that microorganisms which evolved on a planet which is mostly water = would then be "inconvenienced" by things such as taking a bath???? Methinks not. lol!
      2 - the same goes for sanitation. Yes taking out your trash or whatever can help to make a cleaner *immediate* environment. Yet that does nothing to mitigate *airborne exposure* of pathogens such as the most common way they are spread. You can come from the nicest neighborhood where people eat well, take baths, and remove their trash regularly = and still become infected simply from being in proximity to an infectious person if you are unvaccinated.
      3 - so diet does not mitigate infections in the least. A good diet can certainly help to provide an otherwise healthy body. Yet infectious pathogens have evolved as noted to defeat the human immune system under the right conditions = with the first being exposure. So vaccines help to prevent infectious diseases at that first link in the chain as they significantly reduce possible exposure via herd immunity.
      4 - yes studies have looked at things like timing of vaccination as well as other socioeconomic factors such as poverty or relative health etc.. There simply is no credible link between vaccines and autism or other neurocognitive deficits = nada.
      Moral of the story: so I will leave you with a thought experiment if you will. See things like nutrition and sanitation - not as separate variables - but rather as symptoms of a larger issue = specifically endemic poverty. So the reason we see higher levels of incidence in areas of poor nutrition or poor sanitation = is because those reflect areas of endemic poverty.
      That means people who are often jammed together in tenements or slums and who as alluded to may also suffer from chronic malnutrition or preexisting health problems etc. - all of which facilitates that first link in the chain of infection = *EXPOSURE.* So these socioeconomic factors alone do not prevent infectious disease propagation. Rather if you address those things = you would by extension also mitigate that underlying poor housing situation as well as a lack of access to healthcare which all too frequently exacerbates the spread of these diseases. Something new to think about. So they are "symptoms" of a larger issue and are not causation. Have a nice day.

    • Omega animations and gaming
      Omega animations and gaming 22 hours ago

      @Rainbow Shrimp no problem

    • Rainbow Shrimp
      Rainbow Shrimp 22 hours ago

      Omega animations and gaming *right, I used the wrong word, i meant genetic disorder, sorry about that*

  • Alamkan Countryball

    As someone who's allergic to vaccines, the one thing I want the most IS herd immunity. ;(

    • EthanXGamer
      EthanXGamer Day ago

      Alamkan Countryball holy bejeezus it’s you again, you are everywhere

    • Ying Yang
      Ying Yang Day ago

      Who cares what you want

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Day ago +2

    Anti-vaxxers: impossible

  • Liam Vonz
    Liam Vonz Day ago +1

    They should create a vaccine that prevents autism to confuse the heck out of anti-vaxxer

  • Emil Termøhlen
    Emil Termøhlen Day ago +1

    1:53 that's a fkn Vietnam flashback if I've ever seen one

  • Heather Westhill
    Heather Westhill Day ago +1

    I am not an anti-vaxxer in any way. But there are some dangerous parts of vaccines that do exist but can easily be fixed, Big Pharma just needs to make the decision to remove those dangerous parts.

    • Heather Westhill
      Heather Westhill Day ago

      Richard Gregory Big Pharma is not bad. They are behind the amazing drugs that cure things that couldn’t be cured not 50 years ago. I am pro-vaccines. They could use a little refinement, that’s all.

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory Day ago +1

      What "dangerous parts"? Sorry you are an anti-vaxxer, the evidenc eis before us, you claim vaccines have "dangeorus parts" and then cit a "Big Pharma" conspirac theory.

  • Rumimaki Mai
    Rumimaki Mai Day ago +1

    the "wasted" part got me XDD

  • Zoe DePaul
    Zoe DePaul Day ago

    Ok boomer.

  • Omega animations and gaming

    time to play spot the karen

  • Juliette Lilith De Sade

    I'm allergic and can't do this.
    Side effect: Doctor's hate me and maybe I need some but I could be in danger if they do this to me.
    So choosing between a hard allergic reaction or something that could help in a rate for just 30%.

    • Ordinary Shiba
      Ordinary Shiba Day ago

      only very few people have the allergic reaction, people like you, and if lots of people have taken the vaccine, that means less people are gonna have the disease and people like you aren't as likely to get the disease for yourself so you should advocate for parents to get vaccines for their children because you and other people that can't take the vaccines can be safe from the disease

    • David Fajardo
      David Fajardo 2 days ago

      That only happens to some people

  • B0B1800
    B0B1800 2 days ago

    You need to change this thumbnail. It’s screaming “fear this thing”

  • Jennifer Crawford
    Jennifer Crawford 2 days ago

    Not being vaccinated is like halo 2 on hard mode

    • Ordinary Shiba
      Ordinary Shiba Day ago

      not being vaccinated is like playing a already hard fps but on impossible mode where you are on lsd all the time

  • Vamsi Mohana
    Vamsi Mohana 2 days ago +1

    Did they just say that the biggest side effect of vaccines are fewer dead children

  • IC Ross
    IC Ross 2 days ago

    Are there any anti-vax parents who were not vaccinated as children. I think most of them of that generation were all vaccinated. Maybe their being vaccinated caused their undo paranoia to societal medication and health programs? Or do they just think that they are smarter and know more than everyone else.

    • Rip
      Rip Day ago

      Have you ever set your comment filter to Newest First, there are quite a lot.

  • IC Ross
    IC Ross 2 days ago +1

    Anti-vaxxers can have their right as long as they do not endanger anyone else. So if they don't mind living in solitude with the other antivaxxers then its alright. I guess they can become the new version of Leper Colonies in this century.

    • Tunahan Kuzu
      Tunahan Kuzu Day ago

      Well they are endangering other people ,

  • Kara 1
    Kara 1 2 days ago

    Lead scientist of the CDC handed over 10k documents proving the MMR had in fact caused autism, especially in the African American group. Maybe do some more research.

    • The Shinto Railfan
      The Shinto Railfan Day ago

      Oh come on. hey were literally talking about that paper. More specifically, they were talking about how bad it was.

    • 1kSubsNoVids
      1kSubsNoVids Day ago

      I found this in an article
      “Vaccines have one MAJOR side-effect, which is called not dying.”

    • Alex Is a noob
      Alex Is a noob Day ago

      Well, of course that would be real, if not, it was rethought of and changed, and proven wrong.

    • 2spoopy 4u
      2spoopy 4u Day ago +3


    • Omega animations and gaming
      Omega animations and gaming 2 days ago +2

      well at least im proud that im autistic and not a dead unvaxxinated child as you people almost corrupted my mother and made me dead as well insulting me for being autistic

  • Jitesh Mishra
    Jitesh Mishra 2 days ago

    All vaccinated people are talking like they are new species appeared on earth with all injections in their pocket.
    We never had vaccination until before allopathic science and neither any other species.
    Problem is we messed up our health using unnecessary experimentation and now just trying to put patches on our own shit.
    No vaccination is required, what's required is to quit experimenting with our health and live according to NATURE. This is the only ultimate solution otherwise no medicine can save us.

    • The Shinto Railfan
      The Shinto Railfan Day ago

      Except obtaining immunity though a natural way can be deadly.

    • 1kSubsNoVids
      1kSubsNoVids Day ago +3

      Damn, I wonder what easily preventable disease almost wiped out the population of Europe, before we had vaccines?

    • Alex Is a noob
      Alex Is a noob Day ago +1

      Hey! I would really like to see the evidence according to this theroy, it would be an interesting read.
      First I want to say something, we haven't messed up our health, we're neither trying to patch up our own mess.
      And no other species doesn't have vaccines, or technology of any kind, that's because humans are the only species smart enough to use electricity, or make complex inventions. And we made medicines and technology to *help* us, if there were no need to make our lives better, we wouldn't have technology, or medicine. And we are not "experimenting" with our own health, the vaccines are always tested, and testing can go as far as 10-20+ years, and even when they are in use, they are still monitored **closely**, and we've never had vaccines, because, now, we're smarter than ever.
      But, we're not perfect though, many people are still acting moronic.
      And, we're still according to nature, our nature, humans are curious, and always wants to make it better for themselves, and they do this, with vaccines and technologies and such.

    • Ordinary Shiba
      Ordinary Shiba Day ago

      not everything in nature is good, take malaria, is it natural? yes! is it good? of course not! so don't go aroud spreading misinformation about how vaccines are not "natrual" your phone is not natrual so you should probably not use that

    • Omega animations and gaming
      Omega animations and gaming 2 days ago

      wow a wild karen with there 5 minute google search
      its as fun as spot the vegan

  • MinecraftExplorer YT
    MinecraftExplorer YT 2 days ago +2

    Why don’t they get a syringe containing the needed memory cells?

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 2 days ago +2

      Because the memory cells would have to come from someone who'd had the disease or been vaccinated, and they would be treated as foreign invaders and destroyed, same way organ transplants can be rejected.

    • Tunahan Kuzu
      Tunahan Kuzu 2 days ago

      MinecraftExplorer YT because is way harder to harvest memory cells

  • Star Wars Chronicler
    Star Wars Chronicler 2 days ago +4

    Let's ban abortion! It kills babies too! We definitely don't want that happening.

  • Sayandip Dhali
    Sayandip Dhali 2 days ago +1

    i love to watch the videos because of the graphics!! GREAT WORK!!!

  • Xxspaceman85xX
    Xxspaceman85xX 2 days ago

    “Dangerous diarrhea” lol

    • Richard Gregory
      Richard Gregory 2 days ago

      Diarrhea can easily kill you because of dehydration. Especially babies and elderly. It is th emain way that cholera kills, through massive fluid losses. The main treatment before antibiotics was simply rehydration.

  • Joshua Bullock
    Joshua Bullock 2 days ago +4

    Imagine being a anti vaxxer xD

    • Alex Is a noob
      Alex Is a noob Day ago

      Not gonna lie, I see quite a few of then in the comments.

  • Ben Gill
    Ben Gill 3 days ago +3

    Great video... vaccinate your kids ffs! Honestly, these "alternative thinkers" are nothing but fucking idiots!

  • C00kii0
    C00kii0 3 days ago +6

    I over heard some moms at a birthday party at my job today talking about one mom they apparently all blackballed because she went on a huge anti-vax rant but now her son is dangerously sick.

    • The Doctor
      The Doctor Day ago

      Fake news

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 2 days ago

      Send her a tissue box with a vaccine pamphlet attached to the top of it

  • mimi lili
    mimi lili 3 days ago


    • Rainbow Shrimp
      Rainbow Shrimp Day ago

      mimi lili *maybe you shouldn’t be racist*

    • The Shinto Railfan
      The Shinto Railfan Day ago


    • mimi lili
      mimi lili Day ago

      @Rainbow Shrimp LOL AWWW
      am I meant to be offended you can do better then that shit face
      try harder.

    • Yoshi24
      Yoshi24 Day ago

      mimi lili You got any proof?

    • 2spoopy 4u
      2spoopy 4u Day ago

      Bruh, I'm Muslim, and my family doctor is great

  • mimi lili
    mimi lili 3 days ago

    SO to the ones mocking why dafaq should any one be forced to take a medical procedure if it COULD HAVE SIDE EFFECT GO DO ONE!!!

      GERMAN GAMER 14 hours ago

      This is just too much dumbness concentrated on one point.

    • mimi lili
      mimi lili Day ago

      @The Shinto Railfan smh you really are a weak idiot aren't you
      I watched the whole video I considered the facts and I STILL DONT ACCEPT THE RISK

    • mimi lili
      mimi lili Day ago

      @1kSubsNoVids hmmm and you monitor all that receive it also dying isn't the ONLY SIDE EFFECT dumb fk !!!

    • The Shinto Railfan
      The Shinto Railfan Day ago

      Many people in these comment are joking about how anti-vaxxers just watch up to that point and come to a conclusion. I never thought that could actually be the case for an anti-vaxxer.

    • 1kSubsNoVids
      1kSubsNoVids Day ago

      The side effect is not dying

  • Jäffeh der Retardin
    Jäffeh der Retardin 3 days ago +4

    Sad thing is , Every anti-Vacc is going to dislike this video and say thats not evidence.... BUT the one guy saying a had a vaccene once and i feld really bad now THATS EVIDENCE RIGHT THERE oh jeah thats the gud sh*t.

  • apollinares
    apollinares 3 days ago +8

    People that are genuinely worried about autism being a side effect of vaccines are really not hiding their ableism very well. So you'd rather have a sick or dead child than a healthy autistic one?

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 2 days ago +1

      Also 4chan found a way to weaponize autism in a beautiful way and it’s going to be deployed constantly in 2020
      They even helped Russia drone strike Isis camps

    • apollinares
      apollinares 2 days ago

      @Silent_Stalker I mean, considering the popularity of Autism Speaks and the bullshit it's been spewing, I think they know what it is and still think it's life threatening

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 2 days ago

      Some don’t even know what autism is, thinking it’s a life threatening disease

    • Alien51
      Alien51 3 days ago

      unfortunately yes people think that

  • Kyler Kasper
    Kyler Kasper 3 days ago +2

    Memory cells, they member! And yes this was a member berry joke

  • cent z
    cent z 3 days ago +5

    This is the anti vaxxer favorite saying "outta the womb into the tomb"

  • Jackson
    Jackson 3 days ago

    its highly offensive to say autism comes from vacination, there are many people in history that had autism and lived fine

  • Toon Boy
    Toon Boy 3 days ago

    Anti vax: I have not vaxxed. And I am fine.
    Me: that is because when you were a Child, your parents weren’t dumb and vaxxed you.

  • Tix is gey
    Tix is gey 3 days ago +2

    Vaccines are the reason Anti-vaxxers exist.

  • Jacky Chen
    Jacky Chen 3 days ago +1

    The side effect is that you will become old

  • unspeakable non cuber
    unspeakable non cuber 3 days ago +1

    Memory cell. Aka the commander

  • Undefined Error
    Undefined Error 3 days ago +1

    The video is great but all the hate against anti-vaxxers in the comments is going to make anti-vaxxers leave the video before they can learn something from it. Great work all, you're making the problem worse.

    • Yoshi24
      Yoshi24 Day ago

      Vary Olla Yeah you're completely nice, and nice paragraphs

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla Day ago

      "Hate" indeed rarely solves any problem Yoshi. Meanwhile emotions are an inherent part of human response. Yet understanding that paradigm = we can if we try avoid their underlying influence when approaching some problem. When that fails to occur = poor conclusions tend to follow.
      That is the reason why as alluded to the anti-vaccine industry constantly pushes conspiracy theory and emotionally-laden rhetoric among their minions. They are intentionally trying to elicit emotional responses from them to cloud their judgment since things like fear and hate can be powerful motivators.
      That paradigm however also displays their lack of credibility - though I doubt they recognize this fact. If you have credible scientific evidence on your side you do not need such mechanisms to get a point across = because the conclusion then becomes self-evident based upon the evidence. Anti-vaxxers quite simply lack that credible evidence = hence their rationalizations based upon rhetoric and emotional response along with the "bastardized" pseudo-science they push.
      Moral of the story: credible facts should always drive your beliefs - rather than your beliefs driving your facts. That means you should not "read into" things based upon your underlying biases. You rather see them for what they are = nothing more - nothing less. Have a nice day.

    • Ninja Wiz
      Ninja Wiz 2 days ago +1

      Who the hell reads the commends BEFORE watching the actual video!?

    • Yoshi24
      Yoshi24 2 days ago +1

      Vary Olla That's exactly why I don't like to "hate" and let my emotions control my decisions.Knowledge over emotions is how it should be, there is nothing with being wrong and that needs to be shown more, people hate being wrong.

    • willfos
      willfos 2 days ago

      They naturally deviate from factual stuff so I doubt that there would be any

  • Tariq Rayman
    Tariq Rayman 3 days ago +3

    I’m a i gonna die?

    • Ninja Wiz
      Ninja Wiz 2 days ago

      If you get/are vaccinated then you will be immune to all these terrible diseases that can kill you.

    • Tix is gey
      Tix is gey 3 days ago +1

      No, vaccines causes one disease: A D U L T H O O D.

  • KCs Funhouse
    KCs Funhouse 3 days ago +6

    As an immune compromised individual, the entire group of people against vaccines really bother me !!

    • Silent_Stalker
      Silent_Stalker 2 days ago +1

      The ones saying disease s are “nature’s vaccines”
      One parent even got a entire grade of kids sick because they refused to vaccinate and then emailed all the parents saying “you better thank me for giving your kids the natural vaccine”
      The disease: chicken pox
      Which means they may develop another disease later in life.
      One of their husbands turned basically into a Leper and was confined to a wheelchair... at a bake sale the parent had all the food sitting on him before passing it out, only reason it was found out was because the guy died from overheating because she would just bring it out of the oven and set it on his lap

    • The Shinto Railfan
      The Shinto Railfan 3 days ago

      Yeah, they suck.

    QWASAD 3 days ago +4

    now 5.6M people died from measles

    Edit: CAN WE HIT 5.7M???

    • Alien51
      Alien51 3 days ago +1

      @Tix is gey hit subscribe, turn on notification
      every subscribe i get, a kid in africa dies of starvation

    • Tix is gey
      Tix is gey 3 days ago


  • Samsung Prime
    Samsung Prime 3 days ago +2


    • Best Girl
      Best Girl Day ago

      @Fortan Forten Dont worry. We are making the mother of all omulettes, cant threat over every egg

    • Fortan Forten
      Fortan Forten 2 days ago

      son what the fuck are you talking about

    • SnackBar
      SnackBar 2 days ago +3


  • UMadBro ?
    UMadBro ? 3 days ago +4

    Anti vax ppl never get sick
    They die before that

    Ok that made no sense

  • Heena Gehlot
    Heena Gehlot 3 days ago +1

    Now I m confused I m diabetic with hypothyroidism..may I take vaccine pneumovax and flu vaccine or not

    • Yoshi24
      Yoshi24 2 days ago +1

      Hello fellow diabetic (type one that is)

    • Vary Olla
      Vary Olla 3 days ago +1

      Correct Fliyo. Being diabetic as well as having a hypothyroid issue in an of itself should not preclude being vaccinated. Your doctor however is the best judge as they are informed about any possible contraindications you may have regarding being vaccinated. A simple phone call to the office should settle the issue. Have a nice day.

    • Fliyo MB
      Fliyo MB 3 days ago +3

      Ask your doctor. He should know if you can take it.

  • Hagriway
    Hagriway 3 days ago +6

    Every karen in here got clickbaited by the thumbnail

  • PawsGaming 216
    PawsGaming 216 3 days ago +5

    *Kurzgesagt set gamemode to Karen*