The Side Effects of Vaccines - How High is the Risk?

  • Published on May 12, 2019
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    Vaccines are one of our best tools to prevent dangerous diseases, but they come with side effects. So would it be safer not to vaccinate?
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  • Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell

    Dive into sources and further reading here:

    Vaccines and their side effects are a hard topic to cover - we know we keep saying this, but this case especially, there were a lot of things to consider. You can’t blame people for being worried, so we wanted to take their concerns seriously.

    Because it is impossible to cover everything there is to know about vaccines in a ten minute video our sources are extra extensive and explain a lot of aspects in more detail, with an extra focus on further reading.

    So if you want to dive in deeper or have more arguments at hand for your next heated discussion, here you go.

    • Jarley
      Jarley 5 days ago

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell you forgot one thing that vaccines cause:

      adult hood
      I don’t want that happening to my children

    • GodmanBG
      GodmanBG 6 days ago

      It would be nice if you had touched upon, or at least mentioned that we vaccinate against a multitude of other diseases besides measles.

    • Austin Yang
      Austin Yang 6 days ago +1

      Kurzgesagt - In a Nutshell The only person to actually have sources in the entire comment section.

    • BrettC11B
      BrettC11B 6 days ago

      +Rox Paid people or bots, the lot of these post aren't even real people. 0 subs.

  • Midnight Darkwolf
    Midnight Darkwolf 23 hours ago

    antivaxer: im not going to vaccinate my child
    child dies
    Me: im calling 911 for your stupidity

  • Fluffy Fluff
    Fluffy Fluff 23 hours ago

    You want to ban something?

    Ban cars

    Car accidents are one of the biggest causes of death in the world, all for the sake of getting places faster

    instead of cars, a country could invest in public transport (like trains) which are not only safer, but more ecologically friendly and efficient, and then reserve cars as being something to use outside of the main infrastructure (like when driving to and in less populated, or otherwise underdeveloped areas like...say a mountain!)

    Not to mention that reducing the number of cars on the road by stipulating a specific use for them would also reduce the actual danger of car accidents, since with less drivers at any given time the chance of an accident plummets

    The ability to arrive at different places quickly is also growing less and less relevant as our modern world becomes more and more digital, it would be relatively easy to minimize the commute time by focusing more on the virtual aspect of life (something that is already being done to an extent) which would inherently reduce the need for quick, widely available transportation, the main obstacle stopping this from happening being that human beings don't deal well with sudden changes, so it must be done gradually, alongside older folks who refuse to accept change by sheer stubbornness.

    Of course that point brings up the argument of human interaction online VS human interaction in person, which I won't touch since it's hardly something I can definitively say I'm on the right side of (as it's mostly a matter of personal opinion at that point, and anything that isn't opinion-based is beyond my knowledge either way)

    Or caffeine, one of the most widely used ADDICTIVE and HARMFUL chemical substances, which goes almost completely unregulated because even those in charge are either hooked or well aware of the massive backlash that taking action again caffeine would create.

    In short, instead of worrying over babadooks and boogeymen, look at the big, rational and REAL problems modern society has and take a stand on those, if you have the will to change the world for the better, at least try to actually change it for the BETTER and not plunge us back into Medieval times.

  • BS15
    BS15 23 hours ago

    Thank you for making this video. I image it wasn't an easy decision but the world need to hear this. Let's make our society better with facts.

  • Francias II
    Francias II Day ago +1

    I hope this video changed some 40 y/o mum's mind somewhere.

  • Silverwhisper's Studio

    Any Disease: *it's free real estate*
    Vaccines: Hippity Hippity get off my property

  • Immune Sand
    Immune Sand Day ago

    Anti vaxx parents made this rate
    ▄▬*Extinction of diseases*▬▄
    Rate:0.00% (all diseases arent close to extinction)

  • USS Liberty Incident

    Funded by the (((Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation))). Hmmmm ✡️

  • lily Knight the space cat

    I support vaccination so for people who want to find and anti vaxxer
    (Note I am vaccinated but to me that's how an anti vaxxer sounds...they probably do it for attention i dunno)
    THIS VIDEO IS 100% FAKE!!!!!

  • Captain Redbeard
    Captain Redbeard Day ago +1

    Great job at being objective and using real life data as always.

    And that's exactly why your target audience will never see this.

  • windows_x_seven
    windows_x_seven Day ago +1

    saying vaccines cause death is like eating expired food, getting hit by a truck hours later and blaming food poisoning for the death

  • Szymon Wydymus
    Szymon Wydymus Day ago +1

    Yeah. But you don't mention new vaccines, whitch pharmacological companies want to sell in countries to increase there income. By making this video you want to make vaccines more socially acceptable, and i hope it wont turn bad for You if one day those companies forget about what vaccines are used for and they start to make profits from them. In that case vaccines can contain a lot of not tested components and people will be "experimental rabbits". Good for companies because they will have more and more new customers if there will be some complications. VACCINES CAN BE GOOD, but CAPITALISM MAKES PEOPLES (minds) SICK.

  • Local Loaf
    Local Loaf Day ago

    I have been vaccinated and now I have autism plz pay respects in the chat

  • This Guy
    This Guy Day ago

    … i am not vaccineted for measles ….

  • Cloud Washer
    Cloud Washer Day ago

    Vaccines: *the most powerful tool we have*
    Anti vaxxers: but my kid will die (11years later) well vaccines

  • Multic_games -
    Multic_games - Day ago +2

    Before i look at the comment section i think there is going to be a bunch of white moms saying that they do cause autism

  • Melissa m
    Melissa m Day ago +1

    Omfg. Why are your videos so good. I mean how long does it take to do the research/script writing/animation/voice recording for one single video?
    Thank you very much and please keep up the amazing work, Kurzgesagt!

  • Mar Celo
    Mar Celo Day ago

    00:42 The anti vacinne group individuals miss that kind of cell... at their brains.

  • Yuri '
    Yuri ' Day ago +2

    Uh oh i hear the Anti-vax moms breaking into my house

  • Oreo & Co
    Oreo & Co Day ago

    Welcome to another episode of the infographics show

  • Tudor_XD
    Tudor_XD Day ago +1

    D I C K I N F E C T I O N 6:58

  • Matt The Wildcat

    My mom thinks that vaccines are extremely dangerous because my brother and I always get fevers after every single vaccine and I get the bonus of a little rash that last like... one to three days. She thinks that every kid gets these reactions and that many die.
    I also have Aspergers but luckily, she connects that to some Christian thing and not vaccines.
    Also, I’m not Christian. I’m just a weird kid who believes in the craziness that is mythical spirituality. I think it’s kinda stupid but I still believe in it because I’ve been left no choice due to the fucking omens and shit. Even when I don’t get some sort of prophecy, there’s still the fact that I never get deja vu, instead, I relive moment from my dreams. So................. how else am I supposed to not only explain that, but also the fact that I started believing in it the same way everyone else did? (Which would be simply because it felt right before we even knew it was an actual belief)

  • Zak Kochis
    Zak Kochis Day ago

    So if I die in Space in a space suit in between the moon and Earth will I orbit the moon, earth, sun ? And if so at what rate?

  • CaptainHand
    CaptainHand Day ago +1

    Bruh i feel like a badass cuz of my immune system 😂😂

  • Feras Omar
    Feras Omar Day ago

    Can you make your next video about quantum gravity,kurztzeg

  • Xelocon
    Xelocon Day ago

    Vaccines don't cause autism, its just transmitted from their parents.

  • Technitium
    Technitium Day ago +1

    Major props to this TheXvid channel. Trying to educate the fuking fucks that dont vaccinate. Its fine like kill yourself but dont make a whole school sick becuz of ur kid

  • Natural Plays
    Natural Plays Day ago +1

    Unvaccinated Kid: *Exists*
    Diseases: Cha Cha Real Smooth

  • nini
    nini Day ago

    vaccines literally is our only weapon and ppl are stupid enough not using it
    fuck' outta here

  • Emperor Panda
    Emperor Panda Day ago +2

    Anti vaxer:why should I vaccinate my child
    You:*shows them this video*
    Anti vaxer:LIES ALL LIES!!!

  • Super_Shiba44
    Super_Shiba44 Day ago

    (virus enters body)
    Memory cells: LAUNCH THE ANTIBODIES!
    (nuke sirens begin to wail)
    Virus: shit what’s that in the distance?
    (Several hours later)
    Viruses: (are all dead)
    Cells in body: LONG LIVE THE BODY

  • tHe BiggEsT nErDyNeRD

    Oh, would you look at that. 7k pro-diseasers thought they could find ,,proof"

  • Sinclair
    Sinclair Day ago +1

    The 7K people who dislikes this are stupid leftist anti vaxers

  • Jonathan Hughes
    Jonathan Hughes Day ago

    Upper cervical spesific only chiropractic does not have side effects. Ask if they pop the condyles of the axis and atlas vertebra. Leave with them saying yes. Ask are you a full spine manipulator? leave with them saying yes. Web pages I suggest are these. Upcspine.The Spesific. Upper Cervical health Centers. Nucca. Be evaluated now. The only exception is when you fall, hit your head or have an accident. Wait 4 -5 day. Take it easy after an adjustment.

  • Trinical
    Trinical Day ago

    Its dangerous obviously!
    It causes you to not get diseases!
    Dont want that to happen right?

  • jblakmoon M
    jblakmoon M Day ago

    If vacs are bad then why is it pretty much illegal to not take one?

  • perrenifenyalio.

    This is very vague, if you want to learn about vaccines, take a class.

  • Ouchi Ouchi
    Ouchi Ouchi Day ago

    Anti vaxxer video?

  • Trooper 1139
    Trooper 1139 Day ago

    All I'm saying is that malpractice is high with the use of vaccines... all I'm saying is there not perfect guys...

    *is labeled as anti vaxxer*

  • DatLazagna
    DatLazagna Day ago +1

    I've lost respect for Kurzgesagt for making a retarded video like this. I appreciate their research on their videos, but the people that you would explain this to are such close-minded idiots that this video feels like a waste of energy.

    • La Marie
      La Marie Day ago

      DatLazagna look you twat your little gang are going too die a painful death.

  • Me Troll
    Me Troll Day ago +1

    Guys, I have a question. I never vaccinated and recently I got a cold and have been fehtredfwuiol4begwsxdiyk uewsa4ikftu bgyh , e3w

  • Sleppypiggy
    Sleppypiggy Day ago

    Hmmm today I will not vaccinate my child

  • Angelic Evil
    Angelic Evil Day ago

    Brilliant work as always guys!

  • HEY
    HEY Day ago

    *Anti Vaxxers Kids* : Ahh, what a time to be alive!!
    *Death, Himself* : *R U B S H A N D S* not for long my child

  • Alexis Burrows
    Alexis Burrows Day ago

    I remember when I was little, I had to get a live vaccine shot, then a few weeks or months later (barely remember) they came out with a nasal vaccine and I was so excited to get it with my family, but that was also a live vaccine, and I was still in the 'recovery' time for the first vaccine so instead of the nasal spray they had to prick me again with a needle for the vaccine and I was so bitter about it for weeks

  • MGfails
    MGfails Day ago

    I think that the space is not expanding. It simply exists and the matter was expanding and the "kinetic force" and probably "dark matter" of the explosion spreads the mater away. The ac

  • Pandora's Box
    Pandora's Box Day ago

    4:52 *Looks like we have to make a new earth.. Our last one was destroyed completely.*

  • Salty Sucks
    Salty Sucks Day ago

    I got my tetnis shot a few days ago but my mom refuses to give me a flu shot it's annoying

  • Esteban Arias
    Esteban Arias Day ago

    Do you release more videos on patreon? I would love to see more of your content and sometimes it takes a long while to get anything new >.

  • Fire Panda Party Penguin

    Here, listen!

  • Jacek Jacek
    Jacek Jacek Day ago +1

    Antivax got some unknown cure and they're immune to F.A.C.T.S.

  • Cori is livin
    Cori is livin Day ago

    Dangerous diarrhea


  • Zac Mead
    Zac Mead Day ago

    Shame on you for making this. Time for you to sit down with one of the thousands of parents whose child was broken and changed overnight after an injection.
    I ask you this: why don’t you make a research video on FLOURIDE FORCED INTO EVERY WATER SUPPLY. How every man woman and child’s pineal gland is rock solid from fluoridation. Research into that and you will start to see what’s going on.

    • ElectroLuxray _
      ElectroLuxray _ Day ago

      Zac Mead why don’t you sit down with one of the millions of parents who had a child DIE form a preventable disease or have gotten severely injured. Also, the amount of fluoride in water isn’t dangerous, because it’s not the thing itself that is the poison, it’s the amount. Water can be lethal if you drink enough of it. You probably consume small amounts of fluoride from your toothpaste every day.

    • Lillium 95
      Lillium 95 Day ago

      +miranda f Why would a parent advocate for something that injured or killed their child. They wouldn't. Side effects aren't that rare actually. I have just read to new mmr vaccine info and when 10% of the kids needed to go the er due to complications that tells me something is seriously wrong.

    • joe clancy
      joe clancy Day ago

      The pineal gland has nothing to do with this

    • miranda f
      miranda f Day ago +2

      Kids who have suffered the (extremely unlikely) side effects of vaccines are just the unlucky ones who shouldn't be vaccinated, but are protected by herd immunity (everyone else being vaccinated). Their parents should be the biggest advocates for vaccines if they want to keep their child safe.
      If you can't be vaccinated that's a shame, but everyone else SHOULD! Otherwise everyone will start dying from all kinds of illnesses again like in the 1400s

  • Ray Wyman Jr
    Ray Wyman Jr Day ago +3

    BRILLIANT. Eleven minutes well spent with a rational conclusion - no more excuses, get your children vaccinated.

  • Pecu Alex
    Pecu Alex Day ago +2

    "Contrary to popular belief what doesn't kill you doesn't make u stronger"
    Then proceeds to explain to us how what doesn't kill u makes u stronger

  • Little T-man
    Little T-man Day ago +1

    Vaccines are just level grinding for your body

  • Dennis Nick
    Dennis Nick Day ago +4

    we all know those downvotes are from angry soccer moms from a facebook group somewhere

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet Day ago +7

    I’m Anti Vax
    And I have 5 beautiful Children :)

    4 children :/

    3 children :(

  • Ghoul.16
    Ghoul.16 Day ago +3

    The ones who disliked are either anti-vax retarded people who cant hear logic or people who dislike as a joke lmao

  • the change
    the change Day ago

    Next is side effects of being a flat earther...

  • Master TheBreaker

    We ran out of anti-vaxxers only 7k dislikes

  • Lizard King
    Lizard King Day ago

    I sense a prisoners dilemma calculation... it's (very very *very* slightly) advantageous for a single person to defect and refuse vaccination, relying on herd immunity to give the benefits of vaccination to them personally, while avoiding the risk of side effects. But when *everyone* does that (or, 5% of people do that) this calculation breaks down, and everyone loses.

  • Lushen
    Lushen Day ago +1

    Anti-Vaxxers should be executed or exiled to an island where they die from starvation or hopefully some disease. Fucking low intellectual individuals who bring nothing to society.

  • Ella Woolworth
    Ella Woolworth Day ago +1

    I don't get why people say "My child will have Autism if I get them vaccinated" Okay. 1: You would rather have your child die than have Autism? I don't think you should have a child. And 2: Why should you risk their child's life because of your stupidity?

  • ExtraRaven
    ExtraRaven Day ago +1

    I love this style of explanation, thanks Kurzgesagt.

  • Cuan fenton
    Cuan fenton Day ago

    You forgot the biggest side effect of all, staying alive

  • Savage King23
    Savage King23 Day ago

    7000 anti vaxxers disliked

  • Pyrosaurus_Rex
    Pyrosaurus_Rex Day ago +3

    Even if Vaccines did cause autism, why would you rather your kid get polio than autism?

  • All The Action
    All The Action Day ago

    can't wait for an anti-vaxxer to appear in the comment section

  • Indowolfdog
    Indowolfdog Day ago

    this is what birds discovered soooooooooooooooooo its a lie

  • Ants Mexico
    Ants Mexico Day ago +7

    My father lost his hearing in one ear when he was a child thanks to measles, so yep vaccinate.

  • Typrus
    Typrus Day ago +4

    Here's how I see it. Vaccines have risks. Ok, what do I mean and what is to be done?
    My nephew had a reaction to a combination of vaccines that resulted in a high fever that has had long term effects on his speech. "Oh no!" I hear you say. Well, yes it's unfortunate- so what has my sister done about it? Has she become an ardent anti-vaxxer? No. Well what about me? My daughter had a bad reaction to a combination of vaccines that resulted in high fever, febrile seizures, and nasty rashes. Am I an ardent anti-vaxxer? No.
    What both my sister and I did is to have frank, honest, and open discussions with our children's pediatricians. We developed a strategy, a little different in each my nephew and daughters cases, to get them their needed vaccines, but staggered out.
    Both my daughter and my nephew (not to mention my son, other nephew and 3 nieces from the sister in question) are up to date on their vaccines. We developed a staggered and delayed strategy to get them what they needed while considering the risks and individual concerns.
    What about autism??? Well, both my daughter and nephew have ADHD- the real deal not some hyper-diagnosis hoopla. "Ah-hah! The smoking gun!" No. Again, no. My grandfather, uncle, father, 2 of my sisters, and myself have diagnosed REAL ADHD. We have genetic predisposition for certain neuro-atypical characteristics.
    We need to approach vaccines, like many other things, with respect and healthy caution- not blind fear and ignorance. Is there risk? Yes. Are there ways to deal with the overwhelming majority of those risks? Yes.

  • Eroraf86
    Eroraf86 Day ago

    The power of science compels you! The power of science compels you!

  • James Horace
    James Horace Day ago

    Side effect is that I begin to to have gray hair at a certain point in my life. That’s because I’m growing old and not dying at the age of 9


    Vaccine: Exist
    Virus: Ah shit here we go -again-
    **Boss music start to play in background**

  • Logan Jenkins
    Logan Jenkins Day ago

    I want to see how many people posted this on vaxxhappened

  • Federico N.
    Federico N. Day ago +1


  • Nir Dragneel
    Nir Dragneel Day ago +3

    I'm so disappointed that this has 7k dislikes

    • Nir Dragneel
      Nir Dragneel Day ago

      +Fbi I am guessing the dislike are antivaxxer who are like "this video is stupid, It said on Facebook that vaccines cause autism so its obvious that vaccine cause autism"

    • Nir Dragneel
      Nir Dragneel Day ago

      +Car Door ur an antivaxxer? U guys are part of the problem

    • Car Door
      Car Door Day ago

      yeah it needs to be higher

    • Fbi
      Fbi Day ago

      Nir Dragneel why

  • Aiden Gaming
    Aiden Gaming Day ago +2

    Hmm, I wonder who the 7K likes are....


  • Pedro Vinícius
    Pedro Vinícius Day ago

    Vaccines cause Being alive and since James Charles,The Paul Family and RiceGum exist vaccines cause a big amount of pain Also vaccines cause Big Gay

  • psycho BOI
    psycho BOI Day ago

    Persone:as smooth as a baby butt
    Anti-vaxxer:wait rashes are smooth?

  • Kiruuttori
    Kiruuttori Day ago

    Great video, though i have heard that vaccinating can also help the viruses to develop, but that is a minor minua though.

  • CringeFire9
    CringeFire9 Day ago +1

    Therapist: Kurtzgesagt Doduo doesn’t exist. They can’t hurt you.
    Kurtzgesagt Doduo: 4:12

  • DragonRage
    DragonRage Day ago

    Basically vaccines prevent more deaths

  • Danielle Daniels

    Have you done a video on bluetooth/ wifi/ computers effects on unborn/ newborn babies???

  • Hyperz
    Hyperz Day ago

    Ok I think I have lots now memory cells

  • TheGaming Llama
    TheGaming Llama Day ago

    I can’t have live vaccines

    I don’t know if that’s a bad thing or a good think...

    • TheGaming Llama
      TheGaming Llama Day ago

      ElectroLuxray _ Yeah, I have Juvenile Arthritis and the medicine I take makes my immune system weak. If I take a live flu vaccine then I’ll come out with a full blown flu XD

    • ElectroLuxray _
      ElectroLuxray _ Day ago

      TheGaming Llama It’s not your fault, what you can do it promote them so other people can help with herd immunity

    • Fbi
      Fbi Day ago

      TheGaming Llama bad

  • Asim and Aysha
    Asim and Aysha Day ago +1

    Thanks for sharing this valuable lesson!

  • Efan Howard
    Efan Howard Day ago +1

    Of course vaccines have side affects

  • blackenedragon23
    blackenedragon23 Day ago +1

    You're the best Kurzgesagt, Never disappointed with your videos.

  • Romy Panda
    Romy Panda Day ago

    Oh god, I just discovered this channel is agaims't vaccines. Omg...

  • dumpad
    dumpad Day ago

    What should i do after getting anxiety after this video because i take vaccines ;-;

  • Anton Vacal
    Anton Vacal Day ago +1

    Can we just appreciate how well animated the video was?

  • hipersonicrace 1000

    And anti-vaxxers think that because those 120 kids had something wrong with them it will happen to everyone even their kids and they make me wanna 🙂🔫

  • Hosted
    Hosted Day ago

    53:1 people watching this video will believe that vaccines are bad for you.

  • ChickenDoinks
    ChickenDoinks Day ago +2

    Screw the 7k people who disliked

  • Budder Man123
    Budder Man123 Day ago

    Don’t show this to a anti vaxer

  • timeROBLOX
    timeROBLOX Day ago +3

    Vaccines keep children alive and that means more children get raped by pedophiles


  • LegitChipmmunk
    LegitChipmmunk Day ago

    imaging getting a vaccination and losing an entire chromosome

  • MKFM_ HunterDrone
    MKFM_ HunterDrone Day ago +6

    Anti-vac mom: but my essential oils with do everything