Every Plate Meal Kit: Review and Everything You Need to Know (GiveAway Closed)

  • Published on Oct 26, 2020
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    In this video I am giving an EveryPlate review and tell you everything I think you need to know along with my honest opinion.

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Comments • 38

  • Her Vibrant Life TV
    Her Vibrant Life TV Year ago +1


  • Maya Bryant
    Maya Bryant Year ago

    Those meals look so good and easy to make. I would love to be considered for a free box.

  • Bee Goo
    Bee Goo Year ago

    Every Plate sounds pretty good! Nice meal set-ups. I get bored w/food sooo quick. Trying different dishes would help motivate me to cook versus take-out. And to be honest, I'm getting tired/bored of take-out.

  • Chermylife
    Chermylife Year ago

    I used your code. Will be getting my first box Friday. Ive used Green Chef before so im loving the fact that this box was reasonably priced.

  • Kickin' It With Net
    Kickin' It With Net Year ago +1

    I need to check them out I like those cooking kits it comes with everything you need

  • Priya in Germany
    Priya in Germany Year ago

    loved the way they packaged each ingredient:)

  • Von Bradley
    Von Bradley Year ago +1

    I know I have said this before this is very inexpensive. Jenny Craig is $155 every week. I have to check everyplate to see if they have lower calorie dinners. Great video.

  • Keiis Planned Lyfe

    I tried this and the hello fresh box but my store now has the pre made home made meals so I am doing that but the food looked really good

  • Chantal Harrison
    Chantal Harrison Year ago


  • Us Never Them
    Us Never Them Year ago

    Awesome pack! All those dish’s look good

  • Iliana Eduardo
    Iliana Eduardo Year ago +1


  • Deborah McCloud
    Deborah McCloud Year ago

    Sounds interesting and easy!

  • Donna B
    Donna B Year ago

    I always wanted to know about services like this....thank you!!! Count me in "feed a friend".

  • Candice Smith
    Candice Smith Year ago

    I would love to be considered

  • Angelica's Corner

    This is an awesome video ! thank you for sharing 🤗

  • As Told By Keva
    As Told By Keva Year ago

    Yes!! I hope you take pictures of the meals and taste review

  • Plan Your One Life

    The meals look delicious.

  • Fun and Fancy Free Floridians

    Mmmm that stuff looks good I just don’t cook very well. Lol! 😂💖Jenn

  • Asia Cierra Budgets


  • Joshua Gabriel
    Joshua Gabriel Year ago

    Nice lunch boxes!!!