Rami Malek was a bad, bad boy | The Graham Norton Show | BBC America

  • Published on Oct 23, 2018
  • Having a twin can be fun. Devious. But fun.
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Comments • 2 531

  • Sydnie Dean
    Sydnie Dean Day ago

    Sally Fields you’re brilliant but please let Rami tell his own story.

  • Abraham Hagos
    Abraham Hagos 2 days ago

    Bloody Hell he's 38. He looks about 24.

  • gudderjahrgang71
    gudderjahrgang71 6 days ago

    👍 cool guy..

  • Fahad Khan
    Fahad Khan 6 days ago

    Whats wrong with Graham here? 3:37

  • Lee Ballington
    Lee Ballington 8 days ago

    Great story, probably bullshit, but I love a good tale.

  • Amber133 Lee
    Amber133 Lee 8 days ago +1

    Ian Somerhalder or Rami Malek? Which is more handsome,Hotter and attractive?

  • Isabella Danetti
    Isabella Danetti 8 days ago +3

    Every time i see Rami I think of Bohemian Rhapsody and Josh from Until Dawn

  • Logan Lucifer
    Logan Lucifer 9 days ago +1

    The woman was kinda annoying lol

  • Robert Wilkins
    Robert Wilkins 9 days ago +1

    They are smart and clever!

  • Ciaran Edwards
    Ciaran Edwards 9 days ago

    weird guy

  • Amber_cakes133 Lee
    Amber_cakes133 Lee 9 days ago +1

    Rami is 38 years old he looks 25 or 30 he doesn’t age at all

  • Gabriela Trindade
    Gabriela Trindade 10 days ago +1

    lmao he's in his late 30's and he does not look a day over 25

  • BatuhanD147
    BatuhanD147 10 days ago +1

    Need for speed?????

  • anywaythewindblows 89
    anywaythewindblows 89 11 days ago +1

    My neighbors are twins and they do this all the time

  • DanyulBean
    DanyulBean 11 days ago +1

    Rami gives me jeff goldblum vibes

  • Wendy forrester
    Wendy forrester 11 days ago +1

    He's so like Freddie mercury, his tone no wonder he sounds so like him speaking English accent

  • Taylormoon
    Taylormoon 12 days ago +1

    Wait but they literally don't look the same I'm confused

  • Diego Ornelas
    Diego Ornelas 13 days ago +1

    Let the man speak, Sally!

  • Matches_Malone
    Matches_Malone 14 days ago

    Seriously Sally? He's just about to segue into a story for a talk show, and immediately "YOU TOOK HIS TEST FOR HIM??" I would just be like "Uh, yeah"
    It's like that scene in Big Daddy when Adam Sandler immediately cuts off his Jon Stewart as he's about to propose to Leslie Mann

  • yellow content
    yellow content 15 days ago +1

    he is mr bad guy

  • Brooke Taylor Williams

    love of my life

  • Brooke Taylor Williams


  • Harshita Shukla
    Harshita Shukla 15 days ago +2

    Man, Chris Pine looks old.

  • SoCal Gal
    SoCal Gal 16 days ago

    Who's the guy with no socks on (😖yuk🤢) sitting, relatively too close, between Rami and Sally? I can't place him!

  • Shelby Breitnauer
    Shelby Breitnauer 16 days ago +1

    Dude he could actually get in trouble for that lol

  • Salmon Wrangler
    Salmon Wrangler 16 days ago

    Idk but this man fascinates me.

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 16 days ago

    So Freddy Mercury, Captain Kirk and Aunt May were all sitting on this couch..........

  • Kaagh178
    Kaagh178 16 days ago +1

    My gosh Johnny Depp has been reincarnated and he hasn't even died yet.

  • Leroy Banging
    Leroy Banging 16 days ago

    That woman was annoying lol

  • Jinxie_Jester_ Gaming
    Jinxie_Jester_ Gaming 16 days ago +1

    His diploma is definitely gonna get revoked 😂

  • Gaflgon
    Gaflgon 16 days ago +1

    Wow I didnt know he had a brother I thought he had 2 sisters...

  • Tommy L
    Tommy L 17 days ago +3

    Does anyone remember him playing Kenny in the war at home

  • Storm Auro
    Storm Auro 17 days ago

    if I ever get into a situation my twin and I should do this.

  • Jobro Telis
    Jobro Telis 17 days ago +1

    Wait, isn’t this the guy from until dawn

  • Aiko Nara
    Aiko Nara 17 days ago +2

    Sami was low , just watching the show over and over again😉

  • Shabba dabba
    Shabba dabba 17 days ago +11

    Sally we love you but please shut up and let Rami finish his story!

  • Helpahoe
    Helpahoe 17 days ago +3

    I’ve heard him tell this before 😂😂

  • s sunny
    s sunny 18 days ago +1

    Isn't it illegal what he did?! Even if it did happen in the past, his confession is a proof of their guilt, right?

    • The Brawler
      The Brawler 7 days ago

      @s sunny Honestly, he could be if someone has the motivation, time and effort to do it. However, why would someone even bother? In addition the university has to get involved
      and the adminstration and many more people. That will be incredibly hard since it was such a long time ago.

    • s sunny
      s sunny 8 days ago

      @The Brawler I don't care actually.. But I'm really curious whether he could be held accountable for something he did a long time ago.. I mean he did confess that he cheated in a university exam..

    • The Brawler
      The Brawler 13 days ago

      Who cares bro, you can go ahead and justice your trial if you want xD

  • John Cribbs IV
    John Cribbs IV 18 days ago

    Rami malek is a cool identical twin of the legendary late Freddie mercury in my own words I know when a doppelgänger pops up I know it whenever I see one peace and blessings to you all.

  • pulse pulsate
    pulse pulsate 18 days ago

    what a true g

  • WhiteDude Music
    WhiteDude Music 19 days ago

    When Rami Malek smiles it scares me 😱

  • John Robinson
    John Robinson 20 days ago

    carpe diem? What the hell? Aldous Huxley here. Why even tell that dumb story? Rami is talking, and the show is free so we aren't entitled to a punch line I guess. Mere words are too valuable. And of course Norton is giggling like a spazoid

  • B W
    B W 20 days ago +1

    what a story

  • Gray Gilbert
    Gray Gilbert 21 day ago +1

    I’m a twin so I can easily tell them apart with my twin vision

  • Alexander Guerero
    Alexander Guerero 21 day ago

    wow!! that's a great story, it would fit in a comedy starring Rami Malek!!

  • DimWinterss sss
    DimWinterss sss 22 days ago

    For i love his eyes

  • Melvin Mansoor
    Melvin Mansoor 22 days ago

    Awesome story

  • Veronica Lodge
    Veronica Lodge 22 days ago

    So I gotta go

    BECAUSE I'M BATMAN 23 days ago

    That lady ruined the story before he got the chance to talk about it.

  • katerina z
    katerina z 23 days ago

    no dont say it at 23 there was darren and james look alikes

  • Love
    Love 23 days ago

    Can this lady stop ruining the story please? Jesus Murphy

  • Lauren Full
    Lauren Full 23 days ago

    Is it only twins that can see the differences between twins? Speaking as a twin i know i can

  • Aniket Mukherjee
    Aniket Mukherjee 24 days ago +1

    It's like a good movie plot

  • sAAd
    sAAd 24 days ago

    مشرفنا يا ابن النيل

  • Maxine Opata
    Maxine Opata 24 days ago

    who is this lady and why is she taking the story right out of his mouth???

  • OG Deadeye
    OG Deadeye 24 days ago

    He took a Greek studies exam his brother was meant to......my only question is why didn’t he get into gangsta rap instead of acting? If that’s not thug life I don’t know what is.

  • Kumi Ko
    Kumi Ko 24 days ago

    Rami and Sami are completely different

  • megha singh
    megha singh 25 days ago

    Could you please shut up lady😖

  • Wolf Nixo
    Wolf Nixo 26 days ago +2

    Anyone who got reminded of despicable me when he said I’ve been a bad bad boy.

  • Sage Markham
    Sage Markham 26 days ago

    Bro he was Kenny in The War At Home and his character was just a gay disaster... not that different from him playing Freddie Mercury honestly lmao 😂

  • Nicolas Licastro
    Nicolas Licastro 26 days ago

    Best anecdote ever

  • Aliyah Khan
    Aliyah Khan 27 days ago

    She's soo annoying 🙄🙄🙄

  • Jaco Wium
    Jaco Wium 27 days ago +7

    I love how he emulates the sceptical professor beckoning him over - the mark of a natural actor right there! 03:43

  • Leon K
    Leon K 27 days ago

    I hope the brother doesn't get in trouble now.

  • TheLeatheryman
    TheLeatheryman 27 days ago

    He looks so different since he had his teeth done

  • crv
    crv 27 days ago

    I *do not* understand why people find this man attractive. I simply *do not.*

  • choudhry ali
    choudhry ali 27 days ago

    He looks like a frog

  • John Mobley
    John Mobley 27 days ago

    I like the theory that Michael B Jordan tried out for the role of black panther when actually he tried out for the role that he got he didn't pull a Tom Hiddleston no offense

  • John Mobley
    John Mobley 27 days ago

    Their faces are identical but their face structure built around their faces aren't I would be able to tell the difference from them in person will not actually without my glasses but with them on I would be able to

  • KAD10895
    KAD10895 28 days ago

    Rami and Sami.

  • Nakadu
    Nakadu 28 days ago

    Annoying woman chiming in other people's interview

  • Alyssa Bisi
    Alyssa Bisi 29 days ago

    What a good brother

  • Raynovik Pchevotszcheck

    Snafu, is that you??

  • Daddy Paddy
    Daddy Paddy Month ago

    Hollywood please do a baby comedy called " When Rammy met Sammy" 😁

  • baldielou
    baldielou Month ago

    lol i love the lil cheeky look he gives his mama in the crowd 4:41

  • Domihork
    Domihork Month ago

    I know this is just a fun story but what Chris said is right... At least in my country he could lose the points and the degree retroactively...

  • Phebe
    Phebe Month ago

    why did that woman give away the end of the story when he hadnt finished explaining?

  • yakuza01
    yakuza01 Month ago

    Is his brother an actor? Because it would be interesting having the first Bond villain twins. I am aware that with how advanced CG is nowadays, you don't need an actual twin but it would save a lot of money in production ;)

  • crazzi-j north
    crazzi-j north Month ago

    Me and my twin don’t think we’re identical but everyone else says we are 😂

  • K Klo
    K Klo Month ago +25

    Plot twist, Rami is now being brought into the college cheating scandals.

  • One MercilessMing
    One MercilessMing Month ago

    My high school class had five sets of twins and each set was an identical. However, the high school didn't have a large population and, hanging around with sets of twins, even identicals, you notice that they have slight differences. Except for one pair of twin boys. They were notorious. They were so identical that their mother, in their infancy, had to keep their hospital wristbands on them for a very long time to tell them apart.They remained just that hard to differentiate all through school. Those boys took full advantage of their alike-ness in school. They would answer for each other. They would claim to be the opposite twin. One would be absent and the other would pretend to be one twin in one class and the other in another class, driving the attendance Nazi crazy. For our senior year, the administration chose to put them each in a different class. Didn't work. They just attended each other's classes and STILL drove the staff bats. Fifty-plus years later, I often wonder what happened to those boys and how they fared in life. Never heard anything about them after graduation night.

  • Sarah holland
    Sarah holland Month ago +30

    Sally took over his story. Twice. Not polite. He's so charming & funny.

    • lacvi
      lacvi 13 days ago

      Eleanor Taylor if you thought about all of that Im sure you are not a rude person :) i believe it can be find the right timing on when to interrupt a conversation

    • Eleanor Taylor
      Eleanor Taylor 23 days ago +4

      I get you, but some people listen by interrupting. I do it and am trying to get out of the habit of doing it, it's not intentionally rude or that I want attention, just that I'm trying to show how attentively I'm listening and how invested I am by putting my own input/asking questions. I love it when people do the same back to me, but recently realised it could be perceived as rude - the opposite of my intention so I'm trying to stop myself.

  • Soph’sLife Channel
    Soph’sLife Channel Month ago +1

    Rami is so cute xx 😘

  • MARS
    MARS Month ago

    Oh shit thats josh outta until dawn

  • JD
    JD Month ago +1

    Rami Malek came to my house :)

  • Not Gay
    Not Gay Month ago +1

    God blessed us with 2 Rami

  • Barney Chislett
    Barney Chislett Month ago

    That woman's annoying

  • MarshyMoo
    MarshyMoo Month ago

    it's cool how a person who played a demented psychopath could also play one of the most influential person in the music industry.

  • G L
    G L Month ago

    Sally learn to shut up!

  • GeeZee
    GeeZee Month ago

    Can you please shut up and let HIM tell the story?

  • Lady Lancelot
    Lady Lancelot Month ago

    I too, am a bad boy.

    I pour my milk in before the cereal...and eat it with a fork.

    • phapnui
      phapnui Month ago

      that's an outrage, a scandal. shame on you.

  • criminyy
    criminyy Month ago +1

    Its embarrassing how many times I've watched this. The 6 million hits this video has is just me

  • Kenny Albert
    Kenny Albert Month ago

    Lad still looks 20

    VIVIAN ARLETH Month ago

    This shit is the parent trap! 🤣

  • Hi There
    Hi There Month ago

    Is anyone else binge watching all of Rami Malek’s interviews and getting a huge crush on him all over again?

  • Hector Lalalala
    Hector Lalalala Month ago

    J lo was born because of my Selena. Rami just resurrected Freddie. I love him

  • SHarpyHaMMeR
    SHarpyHaMMeR Month ago

    that old lady should probably get kicked out for interrupting stories 24/7.....

  • soy boy
    soy boy Month ago

    two of them

  • Brad MacInnis
    Brad MacInnis Month ago +4

    "Carpe diem?" You're not supposed to mix Latin and Greek, Rami (or Sami)!

    Sally Field looks amazing!

  • Amanda A
    Amanda A Month ago

    Sally fields is still hilarious 😂😂