Shaquille O'Neal: Kobe Belongs in the NBA G.O.A.T. Discussion | The Rich Eisen Show | 1/31/19

  • Published on Jan 31, 2019
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  • Der Potsdamer
    Der Potsdamer 10 days ago

    I love that discreet laughter at 1:06 in the background... Describes the surprise we all might have had just perfectly 😁

  • So Cool1
    So Cool1 15 days ago

    Its nothing that anybody can do that will bring Kobe in the Goat Convo.

  • josh k
    josh k 16 days ago

    If the big Aristotle himself said its disrespectful to mention lebron over kobe in the goat much as he hated the guy...then yall betta take notes...!!!

  • Eurick hidalgo
    Eurick hidalgo 18 days ago

    lebrons better than kobe the stats show it better score with less shots better rebounds and assits and thats why it's always between jordan and lebron not kobe

  • Cesar Ortiz
    Cesar Ortiz 19 days ago

    Crazy how Shaw has nothing but respect and appraisal for Kobe but Kobe goes and calls Shaw lazy

  • Darth Raishic
    Darth Raishic 19 days ago +1

    I like how every Kobe fan leaves a comment with no facts in it at all and just says: kObE iS thE GOaT

  • E46325mod
    E46325mod 21 day ago

    I'll take Kobe over anyone, Jordan or LeBron can't touch him really, he was a more creative better shooting version of Jordan but less as a defender in my opinion than jordan or even LeBron but defending is not basketball

  • Jay Villa
    Jay Villa 29 days ago

    1) Put Kobe in the GOAT discussion
    2) Point out you were better than Kobe
    3) Shaq now in the GOAT discussion

  • Juhan Voolaid
    Juhan Voolaid Month ago

    It's disrespectful that no black ever mentions Bird as GOAT.

  • Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis Month ago

    who would you rather play with lebron or kobe actual quote from larry byrd: lebron if you wanna have fun kobe if u wanna win what does that tell u bronsexuals?

  • Pantelis Hapeshis
    Pantelis Hapeshis Month ago

    The reason Kobe is not in the GOAT convo is cos he is a copy of MJ, but not as good. Kobe was phenomenal though. But not as good as MJ.
    Look at it this way. If I assembled the greatest team and bench of all time, MJ would be starting SG, and Kobe would be his sub.

  • Franklyn Southwell
    Franklyn Southwell Month ago

    alright folks, Lebron is better than kobe because he has averaged more points, assists, rebounds, steals and blocks in his career in regular season and playoffs. However, Kobe is top 5 on lock

  • Alan Bustillo
    Alan Bustillo Month ago

    Thanx shaq!!! Ive been saying Kobe is one of the best forever!!!!

  • Armando Koz
    Armando Koz Month ago

    Kobe, as a young player and in his prime was able to win championships. He a bigger threat on the court than any other player, and can play with his teammates.
    Playoff record vs 50-win teams:
    Kobe 25-10
    LeBron 12-8 !
    The difference in competition is ridiculous yet Kobe still has two more rings!

  • A-rob Is Beast
    A-rob Is Beast Month ago

    About time Shaw sound balanced and humble for once ..

  • C.T. RAM
    C.T. RAM Month ago

    I love Shaq, but their is nothing to discuss. JORDAN GOAT!

  • Bryant Duong
    Bryant Duong Month ago

    even the dude that got pushed out of LA by said person, still respects said person thats how good he was lol

  • Jesse L
    Jesse L Month ago

    Why do people want to keep on shoving lebron down other people’s throat?

  • Musa Digobo
    Musa Digobo 2 months ago


  • Chris Gilligan
    Chris Gilligan 2 months ago

    To those who belive Kobe’s not here or Lebron is better your not looking at the full picture basketball isn’t just stars advanced stats achievements that makes you the greatest it’s all very simple when you realize all that added up doesn’t compare to the eye test watching someone and bring like yea he’s better than everyone else on the court that’s why I belive Lebron ranks three out of three he never compares to them in straight basketball his mentality to win and destroy his opponents is non existent compared to the others his stats might be better but stats tell a piece of the story @ me I’m willing to argue

  • Hugo Soup
    Hugo Soup 2 months ago

    How about instead of having one GOAT we can rank some of the best in each position?
    Top 3 IMO in each position:
    Guards: MJ, Magic, Kobe
    Forwards: LeBron, Bird, Tim Duncan
    Centers: Kareem, Wilt, Bill Russell
    Honorable Mentions:
    Guards: Jerry West, Oscar Robertson, John Stockton
    Forwards: Dr. J, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley, Dirk Nowitzki
    Centers: Hakeem Olajuwon, Shaquille O’Neal, Moses Malone, David Robinson

  • Jai Park
    Jai Park 2 months ago

    Kobe wasn’t the best player on his team let alone the goat! Shaq won the 3 finals MVP’s on the lakers not Kobe

  • Void
    Void 2 months ago

    Sure, Kobe belongs in the conversation but, let's be honest there is no Kobe Bryant (at least not in this form) without Micheal Jordan. Bryant's game was modeled directly from Jordan and you'd have to be a total idiot not to see it. But, what makes up the definition of GOAT? If it's rings then, MJ is around 10th. PTS? Nope, Lebron and Kobe both have him beat. In the playoffs? Lebron still has MJ beat. Minutes, MJ is 28th all time. In almost all "all time" stats, Lebron is dominant on almost every metric.
    Now, if it's style and inspiration, yeah, I'm with Shaq when he includes Dr. J.

    • Sharinngan
      Sharinngan 2 months ago +1

      Void That’s what I’ve been saying, Kobe is a little bit too disrespected by the media and it bothers me, (ESPN ranked him 13th all time are you f’ing kidding me!?!) He definitely belongs in the conversation. You are also absolutely correct in the MJ comment as well, Kobe was a carbon copy of Mike just a tiny bit less athletic and less efficient. People like to knock on that fact as if it’s a bad thing tho, “Kobe is just a copy-cat MJ”. Everybody wanted to be like Mike and play like him, Kobe just wanted it more

  • William Samuel
    William Samuel 2 months ago

    Kobe is the most disrespectful player ever. But you know what? It doesn't matter because all his peers think that he is one of the GOAT. And that matters ways more than what these analysts think or say

  • Jarekx2007
    Jarekx2007 2 months ago

    So many Kobesexuals on here. Kobe doesn't get mentioned because he is a lesser version of Jordan. LeGM is a different kind of player. He is like Magic reincarnated with more power. If LeGM played ball in the 90's, who knows how physical his play would be. His sissy antics are just a testament to the current state of the league. They don't want ANY sort of physical play after Rumble in the Palace.

    • Jarekx2007
      Jarekx2007 2 months ago

      @Royal Eight MJ should have taught Kobe how to be clutch because Kobe has an abysmal clutch shot percentage.

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      @Jarekx2007 You could make an argument for Kobe as GOAt and im a huge mj fan. You are not acknowledging the fact that there would be no MJ without DR J etc. MJ pulled Kobe under his wing and showed him the game. People act like they aren't extremly close and Kobe just fanboy'd over MJ. They consider eachother real life brothers on and off the court. MJ and Kobe are guards and LBJ is a point forward thats the difference. LBJ isn't skilled enough to be kobe or MJ so the point of him playing different is irrelevant because he can't play like them.

    • Jarekx2007
      Jarekx2007 2 months ago

      @Hugo Soup Yes, Kobe is one of the greatest players of all time, but he's not the GOAT. Jordan is objectively better than Kobe, and, seeing as how Kobe literally styled his game around Jordan, Jordan beats him out by any metrics used to argue for Kobe.

      Lebron gets mentioned because he has a different style of game to Jordan and Kobe. He's not a hero ball kind of guy, but he IS a guy who can singlehandedly elevate a bunch of scrubs to an NBA finals. It's the same reason why guys like Shaq, Magic, Kareem, Bill, Wilt, etc. get mentioned. Arguing between different positions and time periods make the discussion, as you said, subjective and very interesting.

    • Hugo Soup
      Hugo Soup 2 months ago

      Jarekx2007 Jordan, LeBron, and Kobe all belong in the conversation for some of the greatest players ever. Also, guys like Kareem, Magic, Wilt, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Hakeem, Tim Duncan, Dr. J, Jerry West, and Oscar Robertson are all some of the best men who ever played basketball. The debate will always persist and go on as long as we as a species are alive on this planet. That’s what makes the discussion so interesting and nuanced is the fact that it’s totally subjective. You can argue for a lot of candidates for GOAT. It’s not fair in my opinion to count any one person out of that conversation. That’s my point of view on the matter.

  • t. ismail bilolo
    t. ismail bilolo 2 months ago

    Who knows basketball than former players who played for years...most former players pick kobe over lebron....especially those players that played with or against kobe and lebron...kobe was a killer. Lebron ain't no killer not to go 3 of 9 in the finals as great a player as he is....LBJ is a better version Westbrook. How lebron let this kid steph curry... a kid he went to watch play in college took him under his wing and now curry as just as many rings as the king in almost half the trips to the finals....kd or not lebron shoulda showed kd n curry who the king is...smh

  • 1981yama
    1981yama 2 months ago +1

    I can’t hear Shaq EVER!!!!!

  • Sayan datta
    Sayan datta 2 months ago

    Well although Shaq always jokes around but deep down he is a great guy and he honestly opened out his heart in this interview. Well done Shaq

  • techracer2003
    techracer2003 2 months ago

    i don't know if we should ever compare just the stats (all around offense, defense, titles) to define what a GOAT is, or it also has to do with the combination of their immense tenacity, will power, fearlessness, hunger to win, work ethics, drive to be the best of the best, mind over body, say something and do something, consistency and incredible seemingly impossible come backs - 1) Look at how Jordan was sick in the 1997 finals and still got things done with 38 or devastated by dad's murder, retired to baseball came back 1.5 year and took 3 more titles, and 2) look at Kobe's 81, Archilles' heel injury/recovered and still at it and last game 60...These two will win over Lebron any day.

  • Ozamataz Buckshank
    Ozamataz Buckshank 2 months ago +1

    Kobe fan be mad he got overlooked in goat discussion. What about kareem? The only player who not only win, but DOMINATED all levels high school college and nba and also highest point scorer. Tim duncan also got overlooked he never have losing record throughout his career have 5 rings as a leader never have teammates hate him never have locker room drama unlike kobe. And bron, simply put bron is better than kobe if u disagree u just a hater

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      Your point is subjective so you cant call another subjective argument hating. Bron is a better "ALL AROUND" player than kobe if we are talking stats. To me I leave stats out because there are too many variables ppl leave out for their argument. I trust the players that played against both and all rank Kobe higher. Even if you don't agree he is in the convo no matter what.

  • Jack MWH96817
    Jack MWH96817 2 months ago

    Black Mamba

  • eddie brock
    eddie brock 2 months ago

    Lebron doesn't deserve to be in the conversation with Jordan... KOBE does... I don't know why people keep putting lebron in that conversation

    • Dare Blane
      Dare Blane 2 months ago

      League Mvps
      Kareem 6✔ (most ever)
      Kobe 1
      Kareem 6✔
      Kobe 5
      Points scored
      Kareem 38,387✔ (1st all time)
      Kobe 33,643
      Field Goal%
      Kareem 55.9%✔
      Kobe 44.7%
      All Star Games
      Kareem 19✔ (most ever)
      Kobe 18
      Kareem better player then Kobe
      Kobe 14,481 most missed shots all time
      NBA top 10 greatest players ever
      1. Michael Jordan
      2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      3. LeBron James (could rise 2nd)
      4. Wilt Chamberlain
      5. Magic Johnson
      6. Larry Bird
      7. Hakeem Olajuwon
      8. Shaquille O'Neal
      9. Tim Duncan
      10. Kobe Bryant
      Kobe Bryant not in goat convo even a little bit

  • Martin Smith
    Martin Smith 2 months ago


  • Marcos
    Marcos 2 months ago

    There u go

  • Turk
    Turk 2 months ago

    Shaq should have been in the best ever conversation.... He is lying when he said he did not want to be..... He yearned for it until his Miami years.

  • streetsweeper49
    streetsweeper49 2 months ago

    5 beats 3 every time.

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago

    If DC comics ever drop another Justice League, Shaq should be Darkseid that will be so awesome

  • Luis Rodriguez
    Luis Rodriguez 2 months ago

    Man Shaq has to be the coolest dude of the entire planet

  • Zevonfan524
    Zevonfan524 2 months ago +1

    “I never wanted to be the best”
    The man is a top 3 big man of all time & it’s about dead even between him, Wilt, and Kareem.

  • Nicola Chita
    Nicola Chita 2 months ago

    lol sempatichou XD

  • Damian Bailey
    Damian Bailey 2 months ago

    Amen! The media tries so hard to keep Kobe out of the G.O.A.T. conversation. Shaq is a real one for standing up.

  • DaddyRaka
    DaddyRaka 2 months ago +1

    Hi 41year old here. I grew up watching Jordan rise to his prime over that bad boyz. And dominate the 90's as a kid and young teenager. I 100% agree that Kobe belongs in that discussion. And also LeBron can't lace Kobe shoes. Thank you

  • Eric R
    Eric R 2 months ago +1

    People don't personally hate Kobe, its just that the rest of the country personally hates on the city of Los Angeles itself.

  • Kel Gee
    Kel Gee 2 months ago

    It's tuff for Kobe to be looked at as the GOAT, his game mirrored MJ's too much. I don't think there's nothing bad about being the 2nd Goat though.

  • SupaSports 22
    SupaSports 22 2 months ago

    Y'all Kobestans are idiots Shaq being sarcastic and y'all don't even realize it he know why Kobe ain't mentioned cuz he played with me but he not gon say it for PC purpose

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      Then why does he keep saying this along with him wanting that MVP he also said Kobe deserved more MVP's too you trolling bruh

  • King Green
    King Green 2 months ago

    I love Kobe but he just doesn't have the accolades as the other,sorry

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      HOW???? Kobe did just as much as the other two even if you rank him third he is in the convo. He is not MJ but the argument is if he should be in the convo....YES HE SHOULD

  • Shaun Brooks
    Shaun Brooks 2 months ago

    Kobe copied jordan every move so he was a carbon copy of another man,lebron all lebron yeah boy

  • julian flores
    julian flores 2 months ago

    Lebron not even close to kobe or shaq's dominance !!!!

  • julian flores
    julian flores 2 months ago +1

    1.jordan 2.kobe 3.magic 4.wilt 5.shaq

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      @Dare Blane oooooo didn't see that comment coming. try again

    • Dare Blane
      Dare Blane 2 months ago

      @Royal Eight
      Durant would knock Kobe out 💀

    • Royal Eight
      Royal Eight 2 months ago

      @Dare Blane The problem with your argument is the stats you can't use them for the ESPN analytic argument. The only way those stats work is if they all played together in the same era. The media makes ppl quick to forget how good Kobe is. KD recently came out and argued with the media because ppl really don't realize how good the man is and KD will be knocking somebody out of the list soon.

    • Dare Blane
      Dare Blane 2 months ago

      Points Scored
      Kareem 38,387✔ (1st all time)
      Kobe 33,643
      Field Goal%
      Kareem 55.9%✔
      Kobe 44.7%
      Kareem 6✔
      Kobe 5
      League Mvps
      Kareem 6✔ (most ever)
      Kobe 1
      All star games
      Kareem 19✔ (most ever)
      Kobe 18
      Kareem better player then Kobe
      NBA top 10 greatest players
      1. Michael Jordan
      2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
      3. LeBron James (could rise to 2nd)
      4. Wilt Chamberlain
      5. Magic Johnson
      6. Larry Bird
      7. Hakeem Olajuwon
      8. Shaquille O'Neal
      9. Tim Duncan
      10. Kobe Bryant
      Kobe 14,481 most missed shots all time
      No way Kobe 2nd all time
      I would to know the dope you on😂

  • MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo
    MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo 2 months ago

    Kobe came in watching Jordan.. And played just like him.. And all in a 10 year mark.. LeBron came in 20 yeas later and is now the new kit.. But when there was Jordan .. There was Kobe.. They played against one another .. That close together... And it was then everyone wanted to be like Mike .. When Mike left.. Kobe was overlooked .. And now they only have LeBron in this era.. Even though you have Curry noone is watching him.. Because he came in behind LeBron but hasnt won as much either..

  • MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo
    MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo 2 months ago

    But why not.. Is probably because Kobe was the one that acted excacly like Jordan

  • MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo
    MiXiAbLeShAgGy Yo 2 months ago

    Kobe was closer to Jordan than LeBron

  • Malcolm Antonio
    Malcolm Antonio 2 months ago

    "Simpático" means "Friendly" in Portuguese

  • D Bottle
    D Bottle 2 months ago

    Rodman’s not a dominant big man? 🤔

  • Richieray04
    Richieray04 2 months ago

    If MJ is a 10 Kobe is 9.8

  • Fred Dukeduong
    Fred Dukeduong 2 months ago

    Shaq played with both and he says MJ. Ray Allen who helped LBJ win a ring used to hate on Jordan in his early days said MJ is the GOaT. 90s kids that thinks LBJ is better than MJ because they never saw him play. If you were old enough to have seen both play knows without a doubt MJ is untouchable.

  • dadoripak
    dadoripak 2 months ago

    Lebron the most flop in the nba history 3-6 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Salvador Alvarez
    Salvador Alvarez 2 months ago

    Kobe will always be the goat for me. I grew up watching him. Hes the reason I became a fan. I dont care if hes a A-hole . Hes a competitor. He just wanted to win. I dont care what he did outside of the court. Just inside the court.

  • D Watchman
    D Watchman 2 months ago

    Kobe over Lebron!

  • Michael Corleone
    Michael Corleone 2 months ago +1

    The reason everyone hates Kobe its because he played in Los Angeles everyone hates LA.!

    Hating ass fools still have the hardware 16🏆