Welcome to Blue Neighbourhood.

  • Published on Oct 14, 2015


    If you read this, type 'Good to be here.' in the comments section below! ;)
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  • Shayna Mehta
    Shayna Mehta 2 days ago

    Good to be here.

  • Quail Egg
    Quail Egg 4 days ago

    Coming back to see where he started bc the decade is ending and Troye was a big part of my life during these 10 years

  • jesús david
    jesús david 5 days ago


  • Anand Sharma
    Anand Sharma Month ago

    Good to be here

  • Andrea Summer
    Andrea Summer Month ago

    my baby has grown so much

  • nestlecronch
    nestlecronch 2 months ago

    I remember the first time I watched this it was about a month before release and I got THE BIGGEST chills hearing Youth at the end.

  • Hnin yuya Htun
    Hnin yuya Htun 2 months ago

    I miss you 😭

  • Chase Hubbard
    Chase Hubbard 4 months ago

    i watch this when i wanna feel something

  • africorn
    africorn 5 months ago

    Good to be here 🙂

  • Johnathon Hilliard
    Johnathon Hilliard 6 months ago

    Who’s here in 2019💙💙💙

  • Paige
    Paige 7 months ago

    it’s been 2 years and i’m still crying

  • Charlie Lingner
    Charlie Lingner 7 months ago

    almost 4 years since this dropped Oh My God

  • i love gee way
    i love gee way 8 months ago

    I still come back and watch this from time to time, I love Troye and he’s grown so much since this❤️

  • kia s
    kia s 8 months ago


  • wonu
    wonu 9 months ago +1

    fuck i miss this ):pls take me back

  • Cande Gelabert
    Cande Gelabert 9 months ago


  • Daniel- Hurley
    Daniel- Hurley 9 months ago

    Who’s watching this in 2019 seeing all of Troyes old videos

  • Samer Al Kaabi
    Samer Al Kaabi 10 months ago

    Good to be here

  • What Am I doing
    What Am I doing 11 months ago +2

    Now it’s bloom ❤️❤️🌺

  • Ava S
    Ava S 11 months ago


  • John Elliot
    John Elliot 11 months ago

    Jan 2019🙌🏻

  • serena soobrattee

    this makes me so sad now

  • AFandomNerd
    AFandomNerd Year ago

    Happy three years to this Blue Neighbourhood

  • Dilamd Sugar Smiler

    Happy 3 years of this amazing album💙

  • Daisy Lopez
    Daisy Lopez Year ago +1

    Came back here 2018 & I have chills rn 😭❤️

  • Dylan Chua
    Dylan Chua Year ago +2

    i miss troye in perth. this road reminds me of my own blue neighbourhood, mainly because i grew up in perth too

  • Kathrin H.
    Kathrin H. Year ago +1

    Good to be here ♡

  • Sugam Dev
    Sugam Dev Year ago +1

    Good to be here still at 2018

  • DJ Dal
    DJ Dal Year ago +1

    i’m going to the bloom tour literally in 24 hours and i’m actually watching all his old videos and crying so hard. he’s come so far

  • One Aesthetic Username

    What is a blue neighbourhood anyway?

  • AFandomNerd
    AFandomNerd Year ago +1

    I'm not crying...SHUT UP SO ARE YOU!

  • Diezel Ampil
    Diezel Ampil Year ago +1

    watching this today when bloom album came out.
    so much feels

  • go away im shy
    go away im shy Year ago +1

    bloom out tomorrow 😭💓

  • Adam W
    Adam W Year ago +4

    So proud of how far Troye has come, still remember how excited I was before Blue Neighbourhood was released! :')

  • Melissa Elisabeth Bos

    I miss this

  • KatTheFanchild
    KatTheFanchild Year ago

    Good to be here.

  • quinn briar
    quinn briar Year ago

    I’m crying wow

  • Diezel Ampil
    Diezel Ampil Year ago +4

    i fucking miss THIS troye but im so excited with the new era coming

  • Mark cutepie
    Mark cutepie Year ago

    Good to be here

  • Nia Cummings
    Nia Cummings Year ago +1

    I can't believe this was 2015 I remember how excited it was and how badly I wanted to know what the last song was and now Troye is global and I'm so happy for him but I'll always miss his youtube days

  • erinchohope
    erinchohope Year ago +3


  • Trinity Savant
    Trinity Savant Year ago

    Im crying

  • Aditya Suryana
    Aditya Suryana Year ago


  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar Year ago

    Good to be here, again

  • Khushbu Luhar
    Khushbu Luhar Year ago


  • Peter Howell
    Peter Howell Year ago +1

    omg i was so stoked when i first seen this, brings back amazing memories.

  • Aaaa Aaaa
    Aaaa Aaaa Year ago

    why does this remind me of call me by your name??

  • Megan Bell
    Megan Bell Year ago +1

    Every time I watch this video, I get GOOSEBUMPS and TEARS in my EYES

  • Reagan M
    Reagan M Year ago

    Good to be here

  • Naomi_JG
    Naomi_JG Year ago

    Troye, i am so incredibly proud of you! I just know that this song is gonna be absolutely everything and more.❣️

  • Ryan Kuscus
    Ryan Kuscus Year ago

    Good to be here😭❤

  • Sammatha Richmond
    Sammatha Richmond 2 years ago

    Good to be here. Im late oh well

  • Wendy Araujo
    Wendy Araujo 2 years ago +1

    this is night 4 of my troyeathon, and i’ve stayed up every night til 4 ish and im almost finished

  • Raven Whitley
    Raven Whitley 2 years ago

    Today is the 2 year anniversary of the release of "Blue Neighborhood"

  • Laura Gragirena
    Laura Gragirena 2 years ago

    TWO YEARS!!!!

  • Breanna Nicole
    Breanna Nicole 2 years ago

    2 years ago. I'm dead inside

  • Kathleen R
    Kathleen R 2 years ago

    Our little bean has grown up so much!

  • David Gil
    David Gil 2 years ago +2

    I think to a certain extent everyone is from a blue neighbourhood.
    It's where you call home.
    The comfortability of it, the warmth, the nurturing Suffocation's.
    Mine is where all of these stories took place for me.

  • Álvaro Salomão
    Álvaro Salomão 2 years ago

    i love this trailer so much

  • cluster hug
    cluster hug 2 years ago

    I asked my friend if she knew who Troye was and this was her response:
    "Oh yeah, he's that guy who made YOUTH, right?"
    Time to kill a bitch