The Flash: Why Season 4 Failed


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  • Ross McIntyre
    Ross McIntyre  6 months ago +1006

    Y'all can stop asking now

    • Tortanus The MegaCarrier
      Tortanus The MegaCarrier 7 hours ago

      +Suicidal Spaghetti except for Nora's existence, it's going great.

    • Jan Gabriel
      Jan Gabriel 8 hours ago

      You saying that almost all the series is shit to you

    • Zero Cool
      Zero Cool 7 days ago

      Also, Barry and IRIS had Twins. not ONE daughter. and it was WALLY'S daughter Iris West (Impulse II/ Kid Flash III)
      who was a Speedster. Not Barry and Iris' FYI: the daughter was named "Dawn Jae Allen" - another reason this show is crap.

    • Tortanus The MegaCarrier
      Tortanus The MegaCarrier 17 days ago

      Ross McIntyre please review Arrow season 6 and 7 without having actually seen them because I wouldn't wish upon anyone to actually watch arrow season 6 and 7.

    • Tortanus The MegaCarrier
      Tortanus The MegaCarrier 17 days ago

      Howdy What's next, you tell him to rot in hell? A more reasonable request would be "Ross McIntyre please review Arrow season 6 and 7 without having actually seen them because I wouldn't wish upon anyone to actually watch arrow season 6 and 7"

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    Easy way to prove that Ralph isn't DuVoe: Ask him what the first 50 digits of pi are.(14159265358979323846264338327950288419716939937510)

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    Wouldn't the sound manipulator that DuVoe controlled lose her accent because since DuVoe was controlling her, he'd use the accent(or lack there of) that he spoke with.

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    My mousepad is the flash running. I always keep Barry's face covered because I'm scared that if I look into his eyes, I'll become 100x dumber(Barry is so stupid that he is literally the medusa of stupidity.)

  • Loser life gaming and stop motions

    The flash season 4 doesn’t exist it’s the iris west Allen show

  • Kistilan
    Kistilan Day ago

    When everyone is a Hero, No one is a Super Hero.

  • ukholdaway
    ukholdaway Day ago

    My biggest issue with the villain in this season was DeVoe's impossible means of knowing *everything* that was happening around him. His decisions were based upon statistical analyses, which produced probability models. He could then use the probability models to develop plans and contingency matrices to those plans. The problem is that with so many autonomous actors acting at once, the number of errors in his models would be astounding and would require continual gathering and processing of information. But where is he drawing all of this information from, using what techniques or equipment or technology, and how is he finding time to process the insane amount of information necessary to maintain and keep his models current. Nevermind that he would have to replicate this across the multitude of other earths.

  • Nightshadow 78898
    Nightshadow 78898 2 days ago

    If you think it (season 3) was bad then why do you continue watching the show. Or why didn't you just stop watching it.

  • Version
    Version 2 days ago

    It failed when they started their hatred of white people. This universe pulls to the left so hard.

  • JettiDoesThings
    JettiDoesThings 2 days ago

    Why Season 5 is going to work!

  • jack sjsjs
    jack sjsjs 3 days ago

    U go from the god of speed who create meta humans to a guy in a wheelchair. A guy in a wheel chair vs go faster Flash faster.

  • andre gentles
    andre gentles 3 days ago

    the sky beam..........

  • Chubby Pumpalo
    Chubby Pumpalo 3 days ago +1

    Great video man. I mean I personally love the flash but I respect your opinions and appreciate how you didn’t feel the need to just trash on the show. You were very fair and respectful with your observations. Keep it up man!

  • mrtigretiger
    mrtigretiger 3 days ago

    Dude u r excessive

  • Tobias Helmus
    Tobias Helmus 3 days ago +1

    I agree with everything but have to correct you, barry fresh from the speed force was latterly mumbling every event happening. Future and past. He was constantly giving hints to both the future and the past. As the new welsch also said after he was losing his intelligence.

  • lucky jay
    lucky jay 3 days ago +1

    the shittiest thing is how they make the flash weak as shit, like wtf devoe managed to have the reflex time of a god to capture barry charging at full speed. it really doesnt make sense how barry becomes much much worse at his power. and the writers do it on purpose because they seem unable to find another way to prolong the episode.

  • lucky jay
    lucky jay 3 days ago +1

    what i really hate about the show is how it relies heavily on bs tech that cisco makes.
    its as bad as the felicity hacking bs on arrow

  • Alkatrazs Vonstracom

    25:04 hell yeah it's always been there. And although some people may get a little fired up about it, season 1 especially had it. I just recently got done watching the flash season 1 again and I've gotta say, I ONLY felt nostalgia. The story was literally 90% teen drama with the other 10% being Barry not doing shit but run. Now that I got to re-watch it all, I see that it isn't all that different except for the tone. Season 1 tone: funny (but only because it was fresh and everything else was either dark as hell or full on comedy) and depressing and overusing itself throughout the season. Season 2: now we have flash season 1: dark as hell version, but with slightly more cool effects. Season 3: well, still dark as hell. Thank God we actually did get HR as a character otherwise the entire season would've just been season 1 without Harrison wells (basically worse than arrow season 4). Then season 4: comedy with some weird darkness, but just remember to "not kill" the bad guy. Relating back to what I said at the start; Season 1 of flash had the WORST of over used plot points in its interior. Some examples: Barry complains for half the season about loving Iris but Eddie being a cock blocker, the other half saying he's the fastest man alive and then saying he needs more speed, speed mirage for the sense of confusion that is still lingering in the show today just in different forms, basically the plot hiding behind all these special villains we want to see more of (meaning that the plot was painstakingly cringe worthy, and just trying to give us this really interesting toy we've never seen before to distract us), Barry constantly using his mother's death to make each episode simply last long enough to make it feel somewhat fulfilling after the dust settles, Iris being an absolutely incompetent fuck-up of a character (I don't care about fans' feelings or emotions on this matter, it is and always has been a fact), dumbass secrets and lies that would never be real ways with using information (like Joe not telling any of the police force about what metahumans are and can do in order to save plenty of lives early on), the list goes on. The point is, all of the seasons of flash have literally been the EXACT same thing, just with different details/factors to make it a different story.

  • Zeus _
    Zeus _ 4 days ago

    in my opinion season 2 was the best

  • flex
    flex 4 days ago

    you would be great at tvsins 😂😂

  • Dolly Hutapea
    Dolly Hutapea 4 days ago

    whats the song name when at 22:04 ? the skybeam part

  • BCLife
    BCLife 5 days ago +1

    The current season of arrow has been fantastic. Gave up on flash for the current season so don’t have an opinion

  • Mason Jones
    Mason Jones 5 days ago

    You are too bitter

  • Muhammad Uzair Bhatti
    Muhammad Uzair Bhatti 5 days ago +1

    iris is like that hot chick at your workplace who sleeps with the boss, and gets the promitions

  • Damsi Official
    Damsi Official 5 days ago

    when you need views and the only way you can do it. is saying shitty things about a popular show...... like i am just waiting for The flash > Why Season 5 Failed... like pls...

  • f
    f 5 days ago

    Why do you watch the show if you hate every second of every episode?

  • f
    f 5 days ago


  • Let’s Pandimate
    Let’s Pandimate 6 days ago

    Also Barry was enlightened.

  • Let’s Pandimate
    Let’s Pandimate 6 days ago

    Season 4 was better than 3 and a little above 2. 1 and 4 are tied. That’s my opinion.

  • Fwz Tornado
    Fwz Tornado 6 days ago

    Ur videos are really trash bruh..... If u have a better story why don't u create a series of ur own... Why blaming others

    • c0rnf4rm
      c0rnf4rm 4 days ago +1

      Why can’t he review the show?
      You don’t have to be the worlds best writer to review things.

  • Kendrick Theng
    Kendrick Theng 7 days ago

    Season five better

  • Shark Dude 7
    Shark Dude 7 7 days ago

    Ralph was the best part of season 4, he had an excellent character arc. Also season 5 and 7 of Flash and Arrow are much better

  • Zero Cool
    Zero Cool 7 days ago +1

    That wasn't "The Trial of The Flash" that was a lame excuse to fill in 23 episodes worth of Filler.
    Also; WRONG WALLY! oh who cares? he sucks ass.

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 4 days ago

      Zero Cool they couldn’t

    • Zero Cool
      Zero Cool 4 days ago

      +Thomas Raines they couldn't adapt a roll of aluminum foil into the cover of jiffy pop pop corn.

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 7 days ago

      Zero Cool it was meant to be an adaptation of it but came off as nothing more then an excuse for filler.

  • Vlog De Vincent
    Vlog De Vincent 8 days ago

    i'm pretty glad someone else also skipped earth x

  • Jayden L.
    Jayden L. 8 days ago

    17:27 “the demon” is so accurate

  • Xx_Tirant_xX
    Xx_Tirant_xX 8 days ago

    Alright if you don’t like it then don’t watch it simple as that.

  • MadCourier 6
    MadCourier 6 9 days ago


  • Izzymarine99
    Izzymarine99 9 days ago +1

    When i was watching season 3 and 4 whenever iris popped up in scenes which was literally every episode I would skip that scene and it would be more than half the episode such a waste of time
    The better pull an arrow and make season 5 great
    My fav thing about season 5 so far is killer frost cause all the others are useless against Cacada (don't know if I spelt that right) cause she can actually use her powers against him. (Imagine they just kill everyone expept killer frost that would be funny)
    Plus I think the next flash video is... everything wrong with flash season 5 lol

  • Michael Mello
    Michael Mello 9 days ago +1

    I always considered myself unable to hit a woman under any circumstances because that’s what my parents drilled into me. Iris made me question this ideology. Someone wrote the “We are the Flash” scene, a room full of people read it and no one thought that they should fire his ass. Really makes me lose faith in Hollywood.

  • Bryan
    Bryan 9 days ago

    That whole supergirl feminists stupid theme leaked onto the script of this season hope they stopped the leak

  • Aries13
    Aries13 9 days ago

    one word #feminism..

  • SuperDuurp
    SuperDuurp 9 days ago

    subscribed. great video

  • Bryan
    Bryan 9 days ago

    I don’t get why the ending cliffhanger lasts one episode this goes for arrow as well

  • Yoop Noop
    Yoop Noop 9 days ago

    Never even bothered to start S5

  • Yoop Noop
    Yoop Noop 9 days ago

    Season 4 was boring and trying too hard with humor

  • Ty Fletcher
    Ty Fletcher 9 days ago

    A plus you didn't mention was how Barry's character was much better. Being arrogant but messing up is so much better than he's ever been before. That was very entertaining. A flaw you didn't mention was how the Thinker worked. Sure, he's a super genius. That doesn't mean he knows everything. That doesn't mean he understands everything. And his fatal flaw, the one that ended up being the reason he died was being incapable of thinking about emotions even though that would be a factor in any number of calculations he'd been shown making. Maybe it's a flaw of mine, but I hate with extreme prejudice the "super-genius" villains that exist in media. Their plans suck and are so complex that a single hitch should derail them entirely, but they have the miraculous ability to know what hitches will arise yet do nothing to address the root cause and only set their plans not to derail because of them. Every villain that says "All according to plan" has the most Rube Goldberg plan that they could possibly imagine.

  • Robin Gilliver
    Robin Gilliver 10 days ago

    The flaws;
    The Prison saga
    The ideology
    The buildup
    The villain was annoying

    • Robin Gilliver
      Robin Gilliver 10 days ago

      Emunette was interesting but could have treated Killer Frost better.

  • Dan Nicholson
    Dan Nicholson 10 days ago

    The Thinker was a cool villain before he switched bodies and when he used Ralph to look like himself again. Iris was the worst person in the season.

  • Spooky Boyy
    Spooky Boyy 10 days ago

    I left a dislike
    You know which joke for
    Come on son

  • Cam Alft
    Cam Alft 11 days ago

    remember,the future is female,and diverse(which means non whitee)thats right,they have already done it,but they hed put a white boy in the flash suit,so they had to run with it!but they just gave everyone powers and made super...soon no one will be super!!and in these shows,no one will be white!and diversity rules right!!??tolerance right!?!..just make the white characters funny and stupid,oh,they do that already!so yea,they should just call it the iris west show and be done with it!!
    all these TV superhero shows...suck now,some from the start,but now they all suck and are stupid!like her becoming the leader overnight,she is a reporter!!!a waitress....thats it!!oh,and she is black,forgot that,but maybe thats why she is now in the lead?!?hmm....nope ,no way!cant be the reason!.............................................................just saying

    DAVID BANNER 12 days ago

    Season 4 was silly.

  • Laugh Nation 34
    Laugh Nation 34 12 days ago

    Any one going to talk about his hat southside serpents for life

  • RyanR85
    RyanR85 12 days ago

    If it just keeps getting worse, I just want them to cancel the show.

  • RyanR85
    RyanR85 12 days ago

    A lot of wasted potential on this show, Miss how it was in season 1 and 2. Season 5 can be cool but I just wished we scrapped cicada all together because he’s trash. I’m interested into seeing Eobard manipulate Nora. I’m just tired of the pep talks and cheesy characters.

  • The Flash
    The Flash 13 days ago

    No body cares about wally

  • Tomi Hultman
    Tomi Hultman 13 days ago

    Iris really should be killed off. This show should focus more on Flash not Iris. "We are the Flash" and "#Feminism"... Seriously get a fucking grip CW.

  • Mike Johansen
    Mike Johansen 13 days ago +1

    Why does we have to see u face all the time? You reaction to season 3 was much better!

  • Bonish Koirala
    Bonish Koirala 14 days ago

    how did it fail? season 4 is the only season where the main villain wasn't a speedster and they handled that pretty well.

  • Rachel Amber
    Rachel Amber 14 days ago

    Are we not gonna talk about how they just forgot about firestorm

  • Mubarak Shifa
    Mubarak Shifa 14 days ago

    I hate you so badly

  • Vishal Belavi
    Vishal Belavi 14 days ago

    "Iris" worst character & actress yet in Flash

  • Michael Živěla
    Michael Živěla 14 days ago

    Just finished the show and you are right, the only thing you haven't mentioned is that Flash is super weak in this show. On one hand he can "Flashtime" - run for hours with nobody moving or atomic bomb exploding - on the other hand when he runs, he gets hit by Siren X for example, I mean he should use Flashtime every bloody time when nobody is moving and put the neutralizing cuffs on any villain ... or take a bloody knife and stab them (not to kill them) or whatever...but no, he .. THE FLASH .. gets hit every time and is on the ground .. that is so annoying.

  • Commander Spock
    Commander Spock 14 days ago

    I was invested in the Thinker UNTIL HE BECAME A WOMAN

  • mijmijrm
    mijmijrm 15 days ago

    i liked season one. i quit at the start of season three.
    The problem is obvious. Too many episodes to write and develop per season. Twelve episodes per season would allow new ideas, proper char development and consistency. Never happen, unfortunately.

  • The Legend27's Toxic Mailman

    Season 5 is pretty good tho

  • Jfighter 11
    Jfighter 11 15 days ago

    Iris is the real Heir to the Demon not Nysa she’s Merlyns enemy Iris is Iris Al”Gual”

  • Basier Ahmad
    Basier Ahmad 16 days ago

    Fuck of u like non of the seasons

  • Shqde_
    Shqde_ 16 days ago

    If you don't like what the writers are doing with the show, then you make one.

  • Beatbox Blade
    Beatbox Blade 16 days ago

    Elseworlds was cool

  • lovefrompraha
    lovefrompraha 16 days ago

    Also the nuke episode was by far the best one.

  • lovefrompraha
    lovefrompraha 16 days ago +2

    I actually liked season 4. My only thing is that Iris being a leader is stupid and there was too many plot points and nonsense teen drama. There was a lot of great episodes though. And you're crazy about Arrow. Arrow has been great the entire run. 3 and 4 were annoying though. 1,2,5,6, & 7 have been awesome aside from a couple irks. Also Elongated Man is by far one of the best characters of CW. He is just constantly hilarious. Amunet being all British was pretty annoying though

  • BossKing ‘
    BossKing ‘ 16 days ago

    If all your going to do is hate on the show then just stop watching it

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    please review Arrow season 6 and 7 without having actually seen them because I wouldn't wish upon anyone to actually watch arrow season 6 and 7

  • Tortanus The MegaCarrier

    please review Arrow season 6 and 7 without having actually seen them because I wouldn't wish upon anyone to actually watch arrow season 6 and 7

  • Kyel Calland
    Kyel Calland 17 days ago

    It's just not fun, it's bland and so predictable and never uses the chemistry of the orginal cast at all anymore it just piles on new pointless characters.

  • Levi.luxford
    Levi.luxford 17 days ago


  • Totally Tori Videos
    Totally Tori Videos 17 days ago

    The Kaitlyn and killer frost backstory and the stuff Barry was writing down after he came out of the speed force is all talked about in season 5. Which to me is a lot better than before

  • Hey There
    Hey There 17 days ago

    did anyone realise that oliver defeated a villain named devoe in arrow 2x01

  • jjnn1
    jjnn1 17 days ago

    Each issue comes up every episode after being resolved only one episode before. And the hallway talks are so predictable and boring, even the characters are aware and take TURNS. *Character storms out of room over something stupid* *Remaining characters look at each other* Random character: "I got this one"

  • Mark Can
    Mark Can 17 days ago

    4 words...we are the flash

  • Dwayne Gaither
    Dwayne Gaither 18 days ago

    The more characters they add the worse it gets.. that's all the heroes CW shows

  • WeeF _
    WeeF _ 18 days ago

    i like the vid but the part about devoe and the sattelites was flawed on your part. The sattelites that devoe needs, have to be able to reboot 1/5 of the worlds minds. from what i know, most sattelites we have today, cant do that. and also, i think that barry and team flash wanted to destroy more than one sattelite but werent able to.

    • Thomas Raines
      Thomas Raines 8 days ago

      WeeF _ Thinker easily takes control of the star labs satellite with seemingly no trouble at all with how causally he does do he could’ve most likely done it to literally any other satellite on earth.

  • BossBaby GetALife
    BossBaby GetALife 18 days ago

    The Flash: Why flash season 1938 failed

  • Albert Fowler III
    Albert Fowler III 18 days ago

    You should show less of your ugly grill

  • Pottinq L
    Pottinq L 19 days ago

    I stopped watching after season 1

  • wolf gaming team
    wolf gaming team 19 days ago

    It didn’t fail

  • Marco Ruiz
    Marco Ruiz 19 days ago

    They tried to make Amunet a kind of shitty female metahuman version of Damien Dhark

  • Beinerth Chitiva Machado

    Episode 15 was a masterpiece tho...

  • Nick Spitty
    Nick Spitty 20 days ago

    Just stop

  • Another Week Music
    Another Week Music 20 days ago

    Amunette (probably misspelt) was so forgettable. She was supposed to be a counter to Caitlyn but damn it failed hard

  • Mariah and Heather singing !

    You are not the flash Barry. WUT?

  • CS Truth
    CS Truth 20 days ago

    Season 5 is looking up

  • Team Audi
    Team Audi 20 days ago

    meh s4 wasn’t as bad as s3

  • Diego Rozo
    Diego Rozo 21 day ago +1

    Thank god you’re not watching the shows anymore, you’d just criticize them

  • Diego Rozo
    Diego Rozo 21 day ago

    Nah bro you’re just a critic, just watch the god damn show

  • Dark Ninja
    Dark Ninja 21 day ago

    I see where u come from, but I do not like judging shows because I like enjoying them, but I do see where u come from

  • itay malik
    itay malik 21 day ago

    I wish iris died instead of h.r she does nothing and some times shes so annoying

  • chris burrows
    chris burrows 21 day ago

    I actually liked the fact that Barry was in prison for a few episodes

  • Maxwell maggio
    Maxwell maggio 21 day ago

    Also the stuff the that confused u is all going to be explained

  • Maxwell maggio
    Maxwell maggio 21 day ago

    How can u skip the best crossover