I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
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    AMD is launching ALL of their third-gen Ryzen CPUs today - We’ve got our hands on two of the best to see if they really can take the fight to Intel’s doorstep: Gaming.
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  Month ago +807

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    • JD Ward
      JD Ward Day ago

      Linus claiming "AMD always has been, and always will be 2nd choice! For poor people!"...... Must not have been into computing in 2005 when AMD released the Athlon 64 X2 3800+ CPU..... The first dual core that blew Intel out of the charts and shook the computing world to its core! Intel was not ready to compete and resulted in scandals, blackmail and bribery (Intel was heavily sued for it and had to pay AMD in the region of $1.5 billion for their anticompetetive and illegal tactics) That was doubled when smaller companies sued Intel also for their losses as they were unable to sell AMD products without losing their Intel discounts. Intel caught up in 2006 with their first (but rushed and crappy) dual core CPU..... I had Both and my AMD x2 4200+ blew my Intel core 2 duo E6320 to bits! But the AMD x2 was brand new when I used it, the Intel E6320 was outdated by the time I got it in used condition. The x2 was a overclocking beast back in its day compared to the always locked Intel's! Only their server chips could compete at huge cost premium! So, for over a year AMD dominated Intel with a iron fist! Intel showed that if fights very dirty when it is the underdog! I never have been able to afford a new Intel! My Intel Even my Intel Pentium 133 (yes, 133MHz) was a used computer repair shop buy, they were £1,500 with a dead cheap 8 bit Graphics or £2500 for the new 32 bit GPU..... I kept my first ever CPU (intel i960) from my acorn PC....... Still, AMD has always dominated the budget market and Intel never really competed the low end users until recently. AMD, I believe they offer better high end CPU than Intel (thanks to the thread ripper) but Intel does dominate the market in terms of performance! But AMD always has given better value and more performance for your money, which is Why I have always been a AMD buyer since the dual core days! But a lack of progress from AMD put me to the i5 3330. After 4 years, my i5 setup died, and the amazing value of a new Ryzen 5 2600x being better performing than any used intel i7 at the same price and the Ryzen containing 16Gb RAM vs the intel i7 without RAM (I wanted to go beyond a 3rd gen i5 to a i7 4th gen or newer). So in my opinion, AMD is the top dog at the moment since they offer amazing value for the power, competing with the current Intel line for a fraction of the cost.But in 2005, AMD was the Intel killing superking that left a trail of chaos that cost Intel billions further down the road! Maybe you can cover the Intel scandal in one of your videos and decide if Intel has learned from their multi billion dollar lawsuits or if they will do it all over again with the pending Ryzen 9 and new threadrippers line set to dominate the Intel flagships yet again. Problem is that the mainstream CPU market is a 2 horse race lol

    • Will Cookson
      Will Cookson 6 days ago +1

      Another dodgy result table is the Adobe sample 4K export where for some reason the 3700x out performs the ryzen 3900x like what? That's a 8 core 16 thread cpu beating it's 12 core higher up cpu... really these results seem stupid and at best in accurate. My God linus doesn't even talk about the lack of mother board support which AMD said they was gonna do. Oh and many early adopters are reporting black screens, crashes and VERY HOT temps due to AMD having the voltage way over what it should be and in turn the CPU is already overclocked out the box just to hit the base line figures like this 3000series launch is so dodgy it makes AMD look like they ain't consumer friendly.

    • Will Cookson
      Will Cookson 6 days ago +1

      OMG this is legit so rigged, you used cup encoding for jobs when normal people would use GPU encoding like that's just PURE AMD Bias My God this video made so many people angry after they bought ryzen 3000series and didn't get anything near what they wanted with some owners saying in Amazon reviews they would send the cup back and go back to their ryzen 2700x

    • fabian santos
      fabian santos 12 days ago

      What’s a good cheep graphics card to use for the 3700x

  • NikoliZZer
    NikoliZZer Hour ago

    I've already made my decision, gonna buy the R7 3700X, just enjoying intel getting reamed.

  • Davis Schina
    Davis Schina 2 hours ago

    Intel fanboys be like Italy in WWII right now

  • Eduardo Arias
    Eduardo Arias 3 hours ago

    2400 memory!

  • Thomas Chapman
    Thomas Chapman 4 hours ago

    Would a Ryzen 7 3700X and a RX 5700XT make a good combo?

  • Caiman Frank Fillon
    Caiman Frank Fillon 14 hours ago +1

    Intel Fanboys: iNtEL iS bEtTeR tHaN aMd!
    Me:(Have AMD CPU. Playing video game while streaming in Facebook and Twitch while compiling my program in Android Studio while rendering my video while rendering in Blender while saving my 100ft x 100ft tarpulin picture in Photoshop while building my program in Visual Studio.)

  • David David
    David David 14 hours ago

    There was nothing on that note pad was there?

  • doodskie999
    doodskie999 14 hours ago

    Damn u AMD, first u broke my heart and wallet with the disappointing bulldozer series, but now you keep me coming back. Just ordered a 3600x and a b570 motherboard. Team red once more

  • robert carra
    robert carra 22 hours ago

    I bought 36 shares LOL

  • Christian Herzog
    Christian Herzog 23 hours ago

    Look *Closlier*

  • RandomGamer
    RandomGamer Day ago


  • C O
    C O Day ago +1

    My wallet is suffering. I built a 3900x rig that I don't need. Then I hoarded a Threadripper Motherboard just because some rumor of next Gen Threadripper that's 30% more than 2990WX. Then I hear about Epyc, and I want that dual socket 7742 build of CB 11000. Someone help me.

  • Marcus Söderlund
    Marcus Söderlund Day ago +1

    It’s going to be a fabulous X-mas this year...

  • krillerdk123321
    krillerdk123321 Day ago

    2430M here, barely 20-30% bottlenecking my internet, only slight lag on youtube and netflix, believe it or not, it's true. This is a hoax, I have 2 cores 2 Threads, which is already pushing it, some rare machines even have 4 cores, i don't know how people justify such hardcore machines. It stopped being funny after 8 cores, when you pulled out 12 cores it just got to a point where it was just too forced and exaggerated, such vulgarity.

  • Ded1cat3d
    Ded1cat3d Day ago

    Hey Linus and team. I love how deep into detail you always go. Someone recently mentioned to me about Ryzen's new warranty only being 1 year. WTH AMD? Intel's is 3, older AMD's are 3, why the change? Even went as far as to find out that Intel secretly covers most processors longer than this too if it is just the processor failing under warranty replaceable issues. Can you explain why AMD would do this and is the rumor about Intel covering chips like this further than warranty true?

  • koplerio
    koplerio Day ago +4

    AMD actually managed to make Intel pull down their prices… the i9-9900k is cheaper than the Ryzen 9 3900x now

  • Shmuel _06
    Shmuel _06 Day ago +1

    the doctor when you said to your mum your pp hurt so you don’t have to go to school: 1:17
    Me: *Suprised pikachu*

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray Day ago

    0:33 Why does the Ryzen 7 3700X beat the Ryzen 9 3900X in CS GO?

    • Planet Xtreme
      Planet Xtreme Day ago

      Noticed that too.
      Could be a glitch, could be they marked it wrong, or, it could be truth..

  • Rafael Nistor
    Rafael Nistor Day ago

    Introducing the new i11

  • Kanti123
    Kanti123 Day ago

    AMD is getting back to gaming like back in the day!!

  • Maxtorym
    Maxtorym 2 days ago

    Time to get back to amd. a while a go i had bulldozer then went to i7. now its time to go back and give my i7 to my kid

  • Cyber Fighter
    Cyber Fighter 2 days ago

    thexvid.com/video/EhRW912dW20/video.html, remember that your funny guy

  • NerdOnTheInterNet
    NerdOnTheInterNet 2 days ago

    Let's get this out of the way, I didn't even know Linus Tech Tips existed before I went looking for Ryzen 3000 reviews and benchmarks.

  • Richard Solar
    Richard Solar 2 days ago

    I just got a pc with a 2nd gen Ryzen and now I hear about this. For ffs...

  • Satorr Channell
    Satorr Channell 2 days ago +1

    Second choice for poor people I cant

  • SpecialOneSLO
    SpecialOneSLO 2 days ago

    you are stupid

  • Alex Wizard300
    Alex Wizard300 2 days ago

    Yes finally
    AMD the best

  • Steve Wall
    Steve Wall 2 days ago +13

    My crazy friend went bananas and sold his PC just to make himself a new AMD build, he even forced me to watch this Video.

    • Planet Xtreme
      Planet Xtreme Day ago +1

      Show him this comment and how much people agree with you

  • Seth S.
    Seth S. 2 days ago


  • Aceflare Zero
    Aceflare Zero 2 days ago +2

    Every time Linus says "Speaking of..." I'm like "I don't want whatever you're advertising."

  • Dave N
    Dave N 2 days ago

    ryzen gen 3 = time to build a new pc

  • DoctorShroom
    DoctorShroom 2 days ago +1

    PassMark's CPU Price/Performance Scatter Chart is a beautiful thing.

  • Valkota
    Valkota 2 days ago

    I just upgraded my system to a Ryzen 5 2600... yes, budget was tight, but I have no complaints in how freaking well it runs

  • Cabo_ose
    Cabo_ose 3 days ago

    Let's get this on the way you can BURN!!!!!! just foff

  • I Can Explain
    I Can Explain 3 days ago

    2:27 he called the super graphics cards

  • Fellzer
    Fellzer 3 days ago

    AMD peasants disgust me. Pull yourselves up by your boot straps.

  • robert robertino
    robert robertino 3 days ago

    i've just got ryzen 2700x a month ago i dont want to buy 3900x pls stop showing me how good it is my wallet its screaming NOoo

  • Nekosly
    Nekosly 3 days ago

    Closelier :3 good job Papa Linus

  • Wendy Wegleiz
    Wendy Wegleiz 3 days ago

    Can you build me a pc because I never had a PC before and I want one

  • charles widmore
    charles widmore 3 days ago

    Love your review.
    I was just thinking about my old Phenom today.
    Had not even heard the name mentioned in quite some time.
    Then you pull up an old write up about it.
    Synchronicity is telling me it is time for that Ryzen.

  • Splinks
    Splinks 3 days ago

    1:21 Speaking of Deeper let's go balls deep in crushing some intel puss

  • TheCrimsonIdol987
    TheCrimsonIdol987 3 days ago

    AMD's been killing it. Glad to own a Ryzen myself. :)

  • Søren Markov
    Søren Markov 3 days ago

    honestly I love Linus, what a great dude!!!!

  • AR-UA
    AR-UA 3 days ago

    Hahaha look closelier

  • Alex The Hedgehog
    Alex The Hedgehog 3 days ago

    But can it run Crysis?

  • darren b
    darren b 4 days ago

    I'm still using intel 920 and ati 8750 card my next cpu be 3900x

  • Spiri Roam
    Spiri Roam 4 days ago

    “Speaker of Deeper”

  • Doctor Too-Much
    Doctor Too-Much 4 days ago

    intel fanbois: OMAR! OMAR!
    amd: y they call us omar?

  • ProjectLunar
    ProjectLunar 4 days ago

    It's good to see AMD taking advantage of Intel's complacency! I think my next CPU will be Ryzen, unless Intel manages to pull their thumbs outta their asses over the next few years :P

  • hussain mahmud
    hussain mahmud 4 days ago

    linus: speaking of....
    me: here comes another sponsors ad, let's skip 20 secs

  • Administrator
    Administrator 4 days ago


  • Reya Dawnbringer
    Reya Dawnbringer 4 days ago +1

    I'm happy AMD is making CPU worthy of that name.
    Intel will be forced to step up their game, and in a year or two we will get a new beast like in the prescott/opteron days :)

  • Naveen S Nair
    Naveen S Nair 4 days ago +72

    AMD - One of the few companies that can fight two different market leaders at the same time!

    • Pb J
      Pb J 3 hours ago

      And will never reach the height of both market leaders

    • panzerkiller13
      panzerkiller13 2 days ago +16

      While being smaller than either one!

  • Jamey Summers
    Jamey Summers 4 days ago

    Linus, those are only laptop fans cooling the x570 mobos. If it breaks, I have 4 or 5 of them lying around.

  • The Spectator
    The Spectator 4 days ago

    Thanx Linus, im going 3950x, very lovley times we live in :)

  • Twizzl Godz
    Twizzl Godz 4 days ago +1

    Look closelyer

  • kamran M
    kamran M 4 days ago +12

    *speaking of deeper .....
    Me:*skips the video 15 seconds*

  • BuRntCircuItz
    BuRntCircuItz 5 days ago

    It only took AMD 18 years to get back to challenging Intel. Ahh the old Athlon XP days, pre Intel hyperthreading..

    Intel is still an option, if cooling and enviorment is an issue

  • wintrparkgrl
    wintrparkgrl 5 days ago

    Such a perfect time to upgrade. New rtx super lineand intel being toppled by the"value" cpu

  • Victor Sanchez
    Victor Sanchez 5 days ago

    There is an error on the charts, its i7- 9700k not i9 - 9700k.

    AduDOMBA ABLE 5 days ago +2

    what CPU Google use for their main server?

    a: Chipottle

  • shayelad shayelad
    shayelad shayelad 5 days ago +3

    I will like to see ryzen first to third gen cpu at gaming on 4k differences and how memory clock and latency affects them
    Who is with me hit the like botton

  • Hotdogman
    Hotdogman 5 days ago

    Blender render

  • hatu schilli
    hatu schilli 5 days ago

    linus is stupid


    13:27 you heard it from linus soo don't hate on epicgame store

  • mucks
    mucks 5 days ago

    There IS liquid cooling for M.2

  • shay henderson
    shay henderson 5 days ago

    I wish the 3700 wasn't all sold out, Intels now cheaper than all the sellers for the new ryzen chips ...would love to pick one up

  • M M
    M M 5 days ago

    Sure it's faster maybe. But The price difference of some high end boards like the Aorus Xtreme x570 and the Z390 is around 250 dollars with the Z390 being the cheapest with Titan Ridge Thunderbolt 3 support. Maybe the processor is cheaper or costs the same, but a good board is more expensive than the Z390 platform thus not upgrade worthy if you calculate in the price to performance ratio.

  • Axlman222 ·
    Axlman222 · 5 days ago +1

    Amd is now double the price of intel

    • Bri W
      Bri W 4 days ago

      Maybe in a shithole country like yours..

  • Colin Ferral
    Colin Ferral 5 days ago

    Is this a commercial?

  • John Smith
    John Smith 6 days ago +1

    Linus: Competition is always good for the consumer
    Apple: hold my beer (removes headphone jack, everyone follows suit, adds notch, everyone follows suit)

    • Bri W
      Bri W 4 days ago

      Except Apple sucks. Comparing apples to oranges is such buffoonery.

  • Michael Rinkle
    Michael Rinkle 6 days ago

    Thank you Linus for being honest and transparent. I'd give two likes if I could!

  • Erick Rosa
    Erick Rosa 6 days ago

    Waiting for that 3950X review.

  • Eugene Molenaar
    Eugene Molenaar 6 days ago

    Wow !! AMD is way better now ! I am a shock 😵😵

  • Qui3t Storm
    Qui3t Storm 6 days ago

    AMD really ryzen up in the ranks eh?