I had given up on AMD… until today - Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

  • Published on Jul 7, 2019
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    AMD is launching ALL of their third-gen Ryzen CPUs today - We’ve got our hands on two of the best to see if they really can take the fight to Intel’s doorstep: Gaming.
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  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips  5 months ago +953

    Check out the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit at ifix.gd/2L6qikW or visit ifixit.com/Linus for more great tools!

    Use code LINUS and get 25% off GlassWire at lmg.gg/glasswire

    • Son Of Troy
      Son Of Troy 28 days ago

      Hey LTT, I’m in the process of building my very first PC but out here in central California their are no computer hardware stores in my area that can supply the build I want, I even went to Best Buy and they don’t carry high-end pc build parts, I’m left with the option of ordering online... if you were going to buy very high-end parts for a pc build online, who would you buy from? Or where do you go to get all your pc build parts...

    • 2nde06 BOUNAJMA Mehdi
      2nde06 BOUNAJMA Mehdi Month ago +1

      amd is fucking intel simply

    • Lovro Mačič Kotnik
      Lovro Mačič Kotnik Month ago

      Hi linus i started you watching last year when i started to get really into computers i watched every your video and i love your channel and everyone on this channel i just wanna make sure that you know how much your channel do to me

    • Hop Pine Cliff
      Hop Pine Cliff Month ago

      I just got a brand new laptop do you have a video on what I should do to it?

    • Ben R.
      Ben R. Month ago

      Yes, that's what I always say too. People just don't know how bad they are getting screwed when buying all these Taiwanese semiconductor parts. All of it is based from there and is so cheaply designed and made. Any real technical person in the field can or that works in a fab can tell you how cheap these damn products are. These monopolies all rip people off with these price fixing products. Who puts the value on the products? The monopolies do. Like real estate. Same damn thing. It's because there is no free market any longer just monopolies that buy every competitor or price them out of business like Amazon. Corsair, Thermaltake, Gigabyte, MSI, Zotac, Biostar, all these cheap Taiwanese based companies use the same damn parts in everything cheaply designed and put together without any real engineering thought that goes in it. Cheap controllers, PWM, VRM, Caps, switches, everything is so damn cheap in every part yet most people don't give a shit as long as it works. The failure rate is at it's highest today with these parts being at the highest cost it has ever been. AMD might be the underdog but who's to say that they wouldn't be Intel today and vice versa. Fanboys. Monopolies have killed the free market along with good products that used to exist 30 years ago.

  • Pixels
    Pixels 23 hours ago +1

    Not as picky you say? My PC can't even post at 3200 MHz. Only at max 2666Mhz with LOTS of experimenting, researching and updating everything I can find.
    RAM is 3200 MHz Corsair Vengeance LPX
    Mobo is Asus Prime B450-Plus

    • Pixels
      Pixels 23 hours ago

      CPU is R5 3600
      BIOS is latest 2008
      (12 Dec 2019)

  • criz nittle
    criz nittle Day ago

    I get anxious anytime Linus says "speaking of" anticipating an ad

  • InsaneDark
    InsaneDark Day ago

    But you are all forgetting 1 crucial thing. If you are currently running Intel and you want to switch to AMD (because hey now at the moment AMD is better, but who knows what will happen in next 2 years and if you do the switch you might wanna switch back if Intel comes ahead again) you'll need to buy new motherboard meaning you'll be paying more for AMD structure than Intel. So the real question that none of you tech gurus are answering is how much of a real difference is for an average user in different situations.

  • Nicholas Martinez

    3:44 - I thought he was going to bring up another sponsor

  • shaolinskunks88
    shaolinskunks88 Day ago

    I’m still chugging along on my pc from 2012 wanna upgrade every time I consider it something new comes out so I wait. I have gtx630 16gb ram i7 3770k use it to stream consoles. Dare I step into pc gaming I’m looking for a monitor with hdmi output

  • Mitch
    Mitch 2 days ago

    AMD still has 5nm coming up

  • creator Space
    creator Space 2 days ago

    That's a good one.

  • niel mananquil
    niel mananquil 2 days ago

    Do i need to upgrade my A8 7650K? Or should i upgrade my wallet first?

  • Nikolay Klimchuk
    Nikolay Klimchuk 2 days ago

    Imagine what 3950X would do!

  • J P
    J P 2 days ago

    AMD Ryzen 9 3900X build with MSI Meg Ace, MSI Frozer XL, gskills neo 3600mhz 32gb, GTX 980ti, 2 970 plus m.2 (2tb), meshify S2.

  • shawnless
    shawnless 2 days ago

    what about 3800x? i would like to buy it instead of the 9700k, someone help me pls, sorry for bad english t.t

  • Sam EM
    Sam EM 3 days ago

    "Look Closlier"

    TMX SPM 3 days ago

    Like and subscribe... Talking of subscription.... *Tunnelbear*

  • Flexico
    Flexico 3 days ago

    So is this worth upgrading to in december?? I've got an I7 6700k and cant decide if i want to upgrade to a 9900k or go AMD :/

  • Alan Walker
    Alan Walker 3 days ago +1

    wait, i7 9700k an run MORE FPS than ryzen 9 and 7 and i9-9900k you can check thexvid.com/video/y8_OLaiHgzY/video.html
    plz reply

  • Brett Ross
    Brett Ross 3 days ago

    So glad I stuck with amd all these years I only just upgraded my 200ge to ryzen 3 3200g now I will upgrade to ryzen 7 3700x I'm still using my rx580 and I'll upgrade that when the next amd cards come out

  • jory henwood
    jory henwood 3 days ago

    Really like your channel here. Just subscribed. You make it easy for me to learn and love your humor too, reminds me a lot of Michel from vsause with your intros. Keep up the good work

  • Ooh Snap
    Ooh Snap 3 days ago

    Why is the ryzen 7 3800x not in the review, is something wrong with it ?

  • Robin Hugli
    Robin Hugli 4 days ago

    Amd please take my wallet

  • wolfmanjacksaid
    wolfmanjacksaid 4 days ago

    given up? hello? 2700X??

  • carlos casiano
    carlos casiano 4 days ago

    AMD is good in Price and performance intel have the performance but to expensive.. comprende..

  • carlos casiano
    carlos casiano 4 days ago

    Intel fan boys , Amd start all the shit with games.... Amd all the way...😆

  • Gaming Kap -Youssef
    Gaming Kap -Youssef 4 days ago

    Today i geht my baby Ryzen 3600 and it like so Sexy :D

  • jonathan lankford
    jonathan lankford 4 days ago

    so you think ......... closelyer is a word I know I know I am one of the millions of people that seen this but yea....... While I am writing this my Grammarly is yelling "AT ME" Linus do you have a reading disability too.

  • H2V PRO Eternal
    H2V PRO Eternal 4 days ago +1

    The day Linus went back to AMD

  • Dan Santoso
    Dan Santoso 5 days ago

    For gaming Intel is better. thexvid.com/video/y8_OLaiHgzY/video.html

  • Tom Driver
    Tom Driver 5 days ago

    I like AMD.

  • Nyarlathotep
    Nyarlathotep 5 days ago +2

    I knew my loyalty to AMD would pay off someday.... Even if they loyalty came from the fact that prior to now I could really afford high end intel chips lmao.

  • Toad The Theorist
    Toad The Theorist 5 days ago +1

    Ryzen 9 3900X + Nvidia rtx 2060 super = my dream pc

  • Khola
    Khola 5 days ago

    Finally thinking of upgrading from my trusty 4770K. Still doing great in Games with a 1080Ti but is a little lacking for my 3D hobby work (Blender, Zbrush, DAZ etc)
    I'm looking at the 3900X very, very closely but something is still making me lean toward a 9900K or a 10900X/K once more benchmarks arrive (9900K seemed to beat 10900X in a lot of Games and Gaming is still very important to me as I also mess with UE4 and Unity as a hobby (who knows in future!).
    Someone just bloody decide for me? (budget ~£550 for CPU, £200+ for board, £150+ RAM, high speed low latency B-die for Ryzen)

    • Ronin
      Ronin 3 days ago +1

      @Khola Ebay is your friend. The CPU was also almost new. :)

    • Khola
      Khola 4 days ago

      £340? Can I ask where? That would be a clincher at that price and I'd prob buy it immediately :D
      Maybe I'll check out some board & chip bundles, too.

    • Khola
      Khola 4 days ago

      £340? Can I ask where? That would be a clincher at that price and I'd prob buy it immediately :D

    • Ronin
      Ronin 5 days ago +1

      I think the i9 9900K is still the king IF you can find it for £100 less than what it is currently selling for which is £450. But the NEXT AMD CPU will mean serious trouble if Intel doesn't change their pricing. I would say for now get the 9900k if you can find it at a good price. I just did it myself and was also contemplating getting the 3900X before that. I got my 9900k for £340 so its a very good price.

  • Oscar Oscar
    Oscar Oscar 7 days ago

    I enjoyed the introduction.

  • David Holland
    David Holland 7 days ago

    I dont understand the bit around 10mins in. Do you have to buy one of those motherboards/chipsets to use an AMD Ryzen 3rd gen processor? Id like to just not have that in my build and use either a separate better fan or do away with it entirely

  • Shane Rogers
    Shane Rogers 7 days ago

    real work to do on your computer? lulw

  • Cam
    Cam 8 days ago

    I'm happy with my 9700k... stop giving me upgrade fever!

  • Michael Vestergaard
    Michael Vestergaard 9 days ago

    Would it be possible to see how it would handle with SMT turned off when it comes to gaming? Or is there already a video where you have tried that?

  • FordSierraIS
    FordSierraIS 9 days ago

    amd was better back in the days with the athlon 64 for gaming if i remember correctly. lower hz but better performing. so they called the cpus 3200 etc to show it was as fast ast intel 3200mhz counterpart

  • bluryz
    bluryz 9 days ago

    So which is better? The Ryzen 9 3900X or the Intel i-9 9700k?

  • swifty1969
    swifty1969 9 days ago

    yep! I also jumped the sinking full of security prone Intel ship after 4 1/2 years for a 3700X/x570 aorus Elite Wifi. Best of all if I decide to go with Ryzen 4000 in a couple of years, I don't have to change my mobo.

  • ice bread
    ice bread 10 days ago +1

    speaking of deeper: insert a yomama joke here

  • Brandon Dusk
    Brandon Dusk 10 days ago

    Pshhh. Been AMD for life since the beginning. I like money too much.

  • Nikos video pro.
    Nikos video pro. 11 days ago

    1:20 that's what she said. Okay I will give you 7.5/10 for acting. You both have a little room for improvement.

  • momo
    momo 11 days ago

    No you had not given up on AMD, false misleading statement.

  • Marco VChB
    Marco VChB 12 days ago +1

    Every time I watch this vid, it cracks me up!

  • Ali- R
    Ali- R 13 days ago

    Really like you but what do you mean by poor people....

  • Ruhan Slater
    Ruhan Slater 13 days ago

    Guys support amd they are the best

  • Hououin Kymeowma
    Hououin Kymeowma 13 days ago


  • Niem Nguyen
    Niem Nguyen 14 days ago +1

    This is the first time I've heard a person using the word "closlier", lol

  • Gustavo Gimenez
    Gustavo Gimenez 14 days ago

    Anthony's A+ acting skills

  • My Hero
    My Hero 14 days ago

    Will this CPU get over 240hz on modern warfare on high setting. Here are the spec.
    Ryzen 7 1700X 8 core 3.4ghz 3.8ghz boost
    Aorus b450 ITX motherboard
    16GB Gskill 3000 DDr4 memory
    512GB nvme OS disk
    2TB 3.5" storage disk
    MSI SeaHawk GTX 1080 8G GDDR5
    Powerspec 650w 80+ gold modular psu
    Both CPU and GPU are in the loop.

    • Mason Witt
      Mason Witt 9 days ago

      Depends on the resolution, but at 1080p and above, most games won't hit 240 fps even with high end hardware.

  • Ryan Schindler
    Ryan Schindler 15 days ago +2

    Man Iv been a intel fan for a long time but my old core i5 3570k is getting long in the tooth and is bottle necking my 2070 super and Im now actually thinking about doing a AMD build for the first time. Its hard to ignore the price per performance ratio in AMD's favor.

  • Jorda n
    Jorda n 15 days ago

    How much fun do you guys think he had saying Blender render?

  • mrgreen mrgreen
    mrgreen mrgreen 15 days ago +1

    Well I switched to amd......

  • Rohan Sai
    Rohan Sai 15 days ago

    People forgot programming and aiming on gaming 😥👍

  • Steve Frankes
    Steve Frankes 16 days ago

    I would never fund a chinese chip in my computer.

  • Corrosive_Edge
    Corrosive_Edge 17 days ago

    Oh Linus...I have a gen 1 Ryzen 1700x that's served me well...and you make me look at it like it's a traitor and want something new...
    My wallet: CURSE YOU LINUS! *while it shakes it's angry fist*

  • var1328
    var1328 17 days ago +1

    Linus is right - AMD is for poor people

  • Nicolas Rutkoski
    Nicolas Rutkoski 17 days ago

    How about for CAD? Would you still go with an Intel i7 or i9 over the new 3rd gen AMD CPUs?

  • True North
    True North 17 days ago

    Second choice epic and thread ripper 3950x be like hehehehehee

  • Big Moe
    Big Moe 17 days ago +1

    Hey guys I’m looking to build me own pc after saving for a while. Would this be a good build for 1440p gaming? Thanks for the help.

    • Mason Witt
      Mason Witt 9 days ago

      That build will do great at 1440, but the ram you chose isnt great for ryzen. It has a hard time getting to its rated speeds, so I'd recommend something like g.skill flare-x or something like that