We want this absurd smart desk with a built-in PC

  • Published on Jan 8, 2019
  • The Cemtrex SmartDesk with a built-in Windows PC is an absurdly over-featured, three-monitor, adjustable standing desk with a dizzying number of other integrated features. It’s the closest approximation to most modern office workers’ dream workstation. The cheapest configuration costs $4,500, but it’s a setup we’ve love to have in our office.
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Comments • 245

  • Raging Clue
    Raging Clue 2 months ago

    Damn this product looks bad, good in theory, terrible in practice.

  • the great Aslan
    the great Aslan 4 months ago

    i dont understand, on the official site of cemtrex they have the cost of this same one at 3000 bucks

  • The NIONX
    The NIONX 10 months ago

    That price isn't that bad. Bit more than a surface studio

  • Mazmurel Victory
    Mazmurel Victory 10 months ago

    Can we manually upgrade the components?

  • Fadlurahman Hadi
    Fadlurahman Hadi 10 months ago

    anyone remember Dell SmartDesk prototype?

  • Minut Film
    Minut Film 10 months ago

    What is the song playing at the beginning?

  • brooped
    brooped 10 months ago +1

    "hands-free gestures" *proceeds to do gestures with hands*
    Please... Hands-free means without hands, it's LITERALLY IN THE WORDS.

  • micheal bolton
    micheal bolton 10 months ago

    this FULL ARM movement gestures are so stupid....just try doing that for 30mins
    and see how quickly you tire.
    finger scrolling is so energy efficient.
    JUST BECAUSE it was in the movies doesn't mean we should blindly follow.
    Think for yourselves.

  • Amaan Khan
    Amaan Khan 10 months ago +1

    It feels like JARVIS and now we can do things that Tony Stark does

  • vivek subhash
    vivek subhash 10 months ago

    I thought I'd give this video a try...but was sorely disappointed
    Don't you think you guys should stop making computer videos?

  • GLR
    GLR 10 months ago +1


  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 10 months ago

    which stupid company buys that this is definitely for rich a$$h0l3$ who eat dads money

  • Berk Can
    Berk Can 10 months ago

    it is not laptop morons, do not put half sized up and down keys a$$h0l3s

  • Billy Kotsos
    Billy Kotsos 10 months ago


  • Kevin Salonga
    Kevin Salonga 10 months ago

    So you’re telling me that the upgraded version costs $1200 more for only parts that cost around $300 more? You could just buy the base model and upgrade the parts yourself.
    16gb ($150)
    32 gb ($230)
    1tb 7200 rpm ($45)
    2tb 72000 rpm ($60)
    Gtx 1050 ($135)
    Gtx 1060 ($250-$300)

  • Keegan Webb
    Keegan Webb 10 months ago

    This just makes things hard to upgrade.

  • Jon H
    Jon H 10 months ago +2

    This will be my new fap station, can you imagine?

  • King-of-Hero
    King-of-Hero 10 months ago

    "hands free gestures"
    *uses hand gestures*

    • King-of-Hero
      King-of-Hero 10 months ago

      aren't there more people involved in putting out a video? and how is it possible that relatively often mistakes like these are overseen?

  • /OttakuWarrior\
    /OttakuWarrior\ 10 months ago +1

    They could have at least put a 1070 or the 1070ti in there. Heck they could've just used AMD.

  • SOG989
    SOG989 10 months ago

    0:55 👀

  • Alexandre Schrammel
    Alexandre Schrammel 10 months ago


  • Al Pa
    Al Pa 10 months ago

    unmovable keyboard???? who would use such a thing?

  • Humbird00
    Humbird00 10 months ago

    This looks really damn cool... it's also stupid.
    The moment any button on that keyboard breaks you'd have to either replace the whole damn desk or plug in a cheap replacement keyboard and use it like a normal desk.
    There's a good reason why things usually come in separate pieces: So that each piece can be replaced easily and cheaply.
    I bet it doesn't even have a headphone jack. You know... in case you lose one of those wireless headphones.

  • Ryan lex
    Ryan lex 10 months ago

    Why does this guy shaking his body a lot😂😂

  • burner account
    burner account 10 months ago

    Buy a new desk every time you want to upgrade? No thanks.

  • Jason H.
    Jason H. 10 months ago

    At least it's not built by the Verge

  • Trevor Phillips
    Trevor Phillips 10 months ago

    Having everything integrated is a no deal.

  • AWDTH1111
    AWDTH1111 10 months ago

    This is the future. All you haters can stay in the 90’s ✌🏼

  • The Cake Glutton
    The Cake Glutton 10 months ago

    Wow the built-in keyboard looks trash. Who had such a stupid idea of putting such a personal component fixed in? Also the earphone tray looks incredibly flimsy.

  • sl1ckk1ll3r
    sl1ckk1ll3r 10 months ago

    The specs are not up to par for what you are paying for.

  • Drew Lakebrink
    Drew Lakebrink 10 months ago

    Lol, this product is DOA. No IT department would willingly buy these. What happens when it's time to life-cycle that user's computer/desk? It isn't going to tear apart the desk to slot in new components. This is a neat idea, but it's not practical.

    LOOSE SCREWZZ & VIEWS 10 months ago

    Wow that’s cool that you can use hand gestures to control the screen!

    • Nathaniel's Phone
      Nathaniel's Phone 10 months ago +1

      No, it's Leap Motion. They discontinued support for it and you could get it at Walmart for $60 before. I used it in conjunction with VR games before. It is utter garbage and trash. Glitchy as hell too. It's for kids games. Can't believe they put that in a $4000 desk lmao.

  • Amanze Ogbonna
    Amanze Ogbonna 10 months ago +1

    Spill hazard

  • Captn Maico
    Captn Maico 10 months ago

    If you like to buy useless stuff, look no further

  • FTM Studios
    FTM Studios 10 months ago


  • Kabi Ebl
    Kabi Ebl 10 months ago

    "better finish" yeah... the better finish would be the matte... because look at all those finger prints!

  • Niklas Bauer
    Niklas Bauer 10 months ago

    Still better than the Surface Studio :D

  • Rowan Strang
    Rowan Strang 10 months ago

    I cant figure out who this would be good for

  • LordManhattan
    LordManhattan 10 months ago

    Pure stupidity

  • Darkhound1116
    Darkhound1116 10 months ago

    I can finally be Tony Stark

  • TheDanielmeeks
    TheDanielmeeks 10 months ago


  • LegendaryLoyald
    LegendaryLoyald 10 months ago

    Still cheaper than Samsung's 8k qled TV

  • sherlock
    sherlock 10 months ago

    Mind Blown. I want one

  • Tatar More
    Tatar More 10 months ago

    Did tony stark make this

  • Small Island Fish Guy TT
    Small Island Fish Guy TT 10 months ago

    Id love this for my bedroom

  • Adhi 1023
    Adhi 1023 10 months ago +1

    Nice components? This is clearly meant to be a workstation and they're offering a 1070 with i7 8700k? Increase the price but if it's meant to be a workstation then an Intel xeon w series processor with a Quadro or threadripper 2nd gen with Vega 64 graphics should be a configuration along with maybe a barracuda 6tb drive, this isn't a workstation it's more like a fancy toy for rich kids

  • thatguy4142
    thatguy4142 10 months ago

    I like the idea, but can you upgrade anything? Keyboard, displays, computer specs is all something I'd want to upgrade down the line.

  • erik olsen
    erik olsen 10 months ago

    I still want this

  • Hamza Husain
    Hamza Husain 10 months ago

    Why you shakin bruh?

  • Oscar Lee
    Oscar Lee 10 months ago

    What's the point of 3 monitors without a seamless transition?

  • Brenden Pragasam
    Brenden Pragasam 10 months ago +6

    I'll buy it... Unless the verge builds it.

  • BOO5T
    BOO5T 10 months ago

    "you can zoom in on out with two hands"

  • Scott Sonnenberg
    Scott Sonnenberg 10 months ago


  • Miles Axelberd
    Miles Axelberd 10 months ago

    4500$ is way too much for a freaking 1050

  • Alexander Dockham
    Alexander Dockham 10 months ago

    The length to which people will go to not google "Windows hotkeys" is absolutely ridiculous. "Look you can zoom!" The entire idea of an efficient workflow is to make sure your fingers leave the keyboard as little as possible.

  • Johnny Jones
    Johnny Jones 10 months ago

    I wonder about upgradeability.
    If I buy something high end like this I really want at least a 1080 in there to play some games

  • Cameron Jones
    Cameron Jones 10 months ago

    I disagree that the gloss finish is better then the matte finish

  • legitmontrellthigpen
    legitmontrellthigpen 10 months ago

    It's cheaper than the 2018 Macbook Pros. for 6k I can be Tony Stark? I'm down

  • RF Arrow
    RF Arrow 10 months ago

    That keyboard better be flipping amazing. also, it would be much better with a wireless charging mouse.

  • KY
    KY 10 months ago

    Where is the shitbucket?