Moviepass Doesn't Add Up

  • Published on May 25, 2018
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  • Les Anderson jr
    Les Anderson jr 9 months ago

    I have had moviepass since 2014, no major issues. Moviepass deserves some of the cut since theaters are getting more people.

  • Jeremy Barlow
    Jeremy Barlow 9 months ago

    Variety can’t do math. They had $15 million cash in hand at the start of May BEFORE more than 2 million MoviePass subscribers were charged $9.99 for the month. Even with discounts from transaction fees that is in excess of $18 million in free cash flow. If the company follows through with what it expects will be a 35% reduction in spend by customers by the rule changes implemented in April 26th eliminating double viewings, the company will be profitable this month. Next month they start owning a percentage of revenue with American Animals as a co-distributor. If they get promotion money from studios which is likely with push notifications to 2 million plus movie loving movie goers, the company will be profitable before July.

  • David Cole
    David Cole 9 months ago

    Have been using Movie Pass for 2 Month Zero issues.

  • Timothy Shelsea
    Timothy Shelsea 9 months ago +2

    Giving it a try myself. Signed up yesterday, waiting for my card.

  • Drew Brown
    Drew Brown 10 months ago

    I’ve seen so many in the entertainment industry - through articles and commentaries like this - bitching and moaning and saying MoviePass can’t work. Why the he’ll do they care? Let the grownups do business and just enjoy it. I’ve seen more than 40 movies this year on MoviePass and am going to run it into the ground! If they fail, I got to go on the cinefiles ultimate ride!

  • Lee Morrow
    Lee Morrow 10 months ago +6

    If Moviepass wasn't part of a public company that has to worry about share price, then they'd be a media darling with investors who don't care about the risk looking for the next disruption.

    • Jeremy Barlow
      Jeremy Barlow 9 months ago

      Brent Pham if you can do math and read that report Variety is talking about MoviePass told Wall Street they were going to turn a profit in May. 7 months ahead of their projected time table to profitability.

    • Brent Pham
      Brent Pham 10 months ago

      Lee Morrow all I am concerned about is it lasts until my annual subscription is up lol