Watchmen: Episode 8 Promo | HBO

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
  • Every love has a story. New episodes of Watchmen air Sundays at 9PM. #HBO #WatchmenHBO
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    Watchmen: Episode 8 Promo | HBO
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Comments • 1 162

  • Al FA
    Al FA 17 days ago

    I am human who rise in the country of more then 100 of nationals and this is the Most racist movie i ever seen. And it's racist to white people.
    Sory for my english.
    I hate you americans. You are rotted nation. After you're movies and series i started to hate black people.

  • JL
    JL Month ago

    I want watchmen season second everybody support watchmen

  • King Kid
    King Kid Month ago

    Does anyone has link of ep.8. or how can I watch ep 8 online pls?

  • le frog
    le frog Month ago +1

    Jon with no h

  • Miroslav Kružlík
    Miroslav Kružlík Month ago

    Is 7th cavalry threat?with truth? Like...hmmm did they killed even someone?Angela is pretty voilent,cursing too much,agressive,beating and killing like about 30 people...her entire family(granddad) is killing everyone her son beating in school..evil.i see its true face.and evil must be punished..

  • nnamdi ijeh
    nnamdi ijeh Month ago

    Dr Manhattan's about to fuck shit up

  • Daniel Gillett
    Daniel Gillett Month ago

    does anyone know what music this is?

  • Youtuber Number 99
    Youtuber Number 99 Month ago +1

    Dr. Manhattan gets blacked and I thought /tv and /pol was trolling

  • How to by Chris
    How to by Chris Month ago

    Fantastic !!

  • rusty padlock
    rusty padlock Month ago

    This series is the grossest thing I have ever seen. With the exception of episode 1, I never managed to finish an episode. The movie was a masterpiece. This series, however, is a parody.

    • Nerd Empire
      Nerd Empire 29 days ago +1

      rusty padlock The movie was ok. Nothing, compared to the comic

  • DJ James Morris
    DJ James Morris Month ago

    This was a masterful episode

  • Veno Bender
    Veno Bender Month ago +1

    That was hands down one of the best episodes of TV I have seen in a long time

  • BillyRunsShow
    BillyRunsShow Month ago +1

    Such a phenomenal reveal in this episode. This show is SO DAMN GOOD!

  • Guilherme
    Guilherme Month ago +1


  • Drew Blake
    Drew Blake Month ago

    Damn, that was a bucket! Amazing!

  • Gabriel Luiz
    Gabriel Luiz Month ago

    Does someone know the song playing?

  • DanielGary
    DanielGary Month ago

    Who watches the Woke Men

  • Niilo !
    Niilo ! Month ago +1

    What time does this Come

  • Andy Pitt
    Andy Pitt Month ago

    Tonight is the night!

  • Okolie NKIRU
    Okolie NKIRU Month ago +4

    Have never been so hyped for an episode like this since the beginning of s8 of Got.
    I hope they dont ruin it.

  • soundwaveshadlow
    soundwaveshadlow Month ago

    Dr Manhattan is going to save her kill all them but they will teleport him into that cage

  • SuperSubject20
    SuperSubject20 Month ago

    Just from the previews he looks like some guy covered in blue paint rather than a whole different being. Hopefully it’ll look alright but my money says Snyder’s version of the character will prove to be better.

  • ch h
    ch h Month ago +2

    This show is garbage!

  • valitsaki AVG
    valitsaki AVG Month ago +3

    Episode 1-5: what the fuck is going on
    Episode 6: ok I finally understand what's going on
    Episode 7: what the fuck is going on

  • SuperCrazydada
    SuperCrazydada Month ago

    You guys saw a video talking about the blue dildo called Excalabar? Like EX CAL ABAR?

  • Alexander Diaz Rivera


  • Akshaj A
    Akshaj A Month ago

    A god walks into a bar

  • Ish R
    Ish R Month ago +1

    that HBO emblem at the end was dooooooooooooooooooooooooope

  • Daddy1724
    Daddy1724 Month ago

    petey is lube man and mirror guy is inside the kavalry, so hes gonna save the day. and the clock is gonna free him from his insanity, by wiping all their memories.

  • wittafa
    wittafa Month ago

    This show is brilliant ‼️

  • Archie Buchan
    Archie Buchan Month ago

    The Villains plan makes 0 sense and is the coolest hing I have ever heard

  • murat karakuş
    murat karakuş Month ago

    Now this frikking show became a gotta rewatch it to fully grasp it! Fuck!!!

  • N L
    N L Month ago

    I'm sorry, I know this might get some backlash, but I still think it's hilarious. When I saw this I couldn't help but think of Will Smith's Genie. It was just so surreal.

  • John Hunter
    John Hunter Month ago

    The better Watchmen is the more I hate what they did to the end of GoT

  • talalbyt
    talalbyt Month ago

    The 7th Calvary were using the equipment of Lady Trieu when Joe Keene was talking to Laurie. Ozymandias - who look like Mermaid Man - is the father of Lady Trieu and she’s the one who wants to destroy Dr. Manhattan for the sake of her father Ozymandias and she’s using the 7th Calvary to achieve that

  • Vuilnis God
    Vuilnis God Month ago +1

    Im sorry, but there will be no better dr manhattan then Billy Crudup. And why tf he not glowing?

  • Kirby B
    Kirby B Month ago

    They should've had Dr. Manhattan be portrayed by Billy Crudup in his true form. Otherwise, great series!

  • Inimical Intent
    Inimical Intent Month ago +2

    "You can't save me" -Dr. manhattan

    Looking Glass and Lube Man saving the day then

  • HPMcQueen
    HPMcQueen Month ago +2

    HBO: "GoT has ended. What will we do now?"
    Watchmen: "Bitch, you ain't ready."

  • Mλtheus S
    Mλtheus S Month ago

    Someone: a
    This show: the white supremacists are killing people

  • Dominic Ammon
    Dominic Ammon Month ago +2

    Everybody's fear just happened they used a black guy painted him blue and called him dr Manhattan smh

  • Jivago dos Santos
    Jivago dos Santos Month ago

    Must be so HARD to hate this show. (from a Watchmen book superfan)
    Lindelof, you did it again you bastard! (from a The Leftovers superfan).

  • Why We Love Film
    Why We Love Film Month ago +2

    I haven't watched this show at all yet. I just haven't found the time. But seeing everyone in the comment section say their mind is blown, that the clues were there the whole time, and just going crazy over this Dr. Manhattan reveal. I'm officially calling in sick for work tomorrow just to spend the weekend watching every episode. I hope it's as good as people say...

  • Jkong Hong
    Jkong Hong Month ago

    How tf are they gonna try to capture doctor Manhattan

  • Tchaikovsky Champion

    Bro John Full Of Shit Could Save Himself But Wont

  • Diana Karol
    Diana Karol Month ago +2

    When cal is getting up as Angela comes back home, you can see Dr. Manhattan in the glass reflection behind him.

  • tabularasaconfirmed

    So is Yahya gonna play Doctor Manhattan? Cause obviously he was previously a white man and came to inhabit the real Cal's body. Will we actually SEE his face?

  • R
    R Month ago

    The character is a literal God who can have anything he wishes... And between billions of women, he falls in love with such an ugly creature? Nice

  • Youl get your rent when you fix this damned door !

    Anyone notice how Jon’s voice morphed into Cal’s ? I’m assuming that’s the form he takes to stay hidden. I wonder who’s playing the actual Dr. Manhattan.

  • Timothy Lee
    Timothy Lee Month ago +8

    Does this mean we can finally see Dr. Manhattan’s god-tier schlong in the next episode?

  • Bro Science
    Bro Science Month ago +1

    This is the best show on tv right now

  • Marcos Tadeu
    Marcos Tadeu Month ago +1

    This teaser and this show are really good!!!!!

  • Edge Lord McCringe MK-3000

    Watchmen is one of the greatest comics stories ever created. The movie did a good job.
    But no, the fat fucks want more money. Now they want a "progressive" sequel. This is a cheap cash grab and worse of all a disgrace.

  • Salkafar
    Salkafar Month ago

    I can't wait!
    ....for this nonsense, which started so promising, to be over.

  • Whoopsie DayZ
    Whoopsie DayZ Month ago

    "Hey, let's turn Rorshach into a group of white supremacists..."


    • Batman Arkham Central
      Batman Arkham Central Month ago +4

      Whoopsie DayZ Once again, have you read the comic? His writings are that of a rambling madman. He has broken sentences that if Thaler out of context, could be seen as justification for racism. If you think that Rorschach is a moral and rational person, you need to get your head checked.

    • Whoopsie DayZ
      Whoopsie DayZ Month ago

      ​@Batman Arkham Central This show is fucking terrible and if you enjoy it I pity you. I'd rather rewatch the Sopranos or Deadwood for the 5th time than watch another episode of this garbage. Rorshach was the only one of the 'superheroes' that stuck to his code and cared about the truth. Ironic that he, of all of them, is made into the villain...

    • Batman Arkham Central
      Batman Arkham Central Month ago +2

      Whoopsie DayZ Have you ever read the comic? Rorschach’s writings could be viewed years down the line as an excuse for racism.

  • ROB
    ROB Month ago

    Bro he was blue, with a blue mask. I swear to god if she act surprised when he takes off the mask. Like the Joker in Dark Night at the hospital 😂

  • dallas
    dallas Month ago

    Dont like the story. Little cheesy but ill keep watching.

  • PhantomX
    PhantomX Month ago


  • Chris Doe
    Chris Doe Month ago +3

    So whos the actor who plays Dr.Manhattan is it Cal? it sounds like a Dr. Manhattan impersonation

    • WavyTv
      WavyTv Month ago

      Chris Doe i heard two voices, one similar to the movie and Cal’s, so I think your right, the actor for Cal is trying to mimick the voice for movie dr manhattan.

  • Klorg Lork
    Klorg Lork Month ago +1

    Dr. Manhattan in the mix now. It's full throttle till the end.