PlayStation Plus Monthly Games - PS4 & PS5 - December 2021

  • Published on Nov 30, 2021
  • Your PlayStation Plus games for December are LEGO DC Super-Villains and Mortal Shell on PS4, and new release Godfall: Challenger Edition on both PS4 & PS5 - all available from 7th December 2021 until 3rd January 2022. Don't forget you can still download bonus PS VR titles The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners - Standard Edition, The Persistence, and Until You Fall until the 3rd of January too!

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Comments • 687

  • Jakedesnake97
    Jakedesnake97 Month ago +91

    I've always been intrigued by the Lego games by held off on buying any because of their unique nature. I'm really excited that one of them (and a batman game to boot) is free! AAA blockbusters are always a treat but I love when PS+ offers these more niche games that, personally, I wouldn't have tried otherwise

    • Hipped_Golfer
      Hipped_Golfer Month ago

      Lego games are so fun my fav star wars

      WRYDSTEPBR0_0 Month ago +2

      I remember when ps plus offered a plague tale as a free game once so I decided to try it and ended up absolutely loving it. So excited for the 2nd one

    • TheNamesDitto
      TheNamesDitto Month ago

      they're really really really fun. Always have been

    • Sonic Sez
      Sonic Sez Month ago +2

      I tried Lego Ninjago recently as my first one and it was way better than I expected. Lego games are really fun

    • TayR0C
      TayR0C Month ago +3

      Lego Lord of the Rings is the best one that I've played.

  • wade1918
    wade1918 Month ago +384

    This month is the definition of, “I wanna try that, but I don’t wanna pay for it”

    • Ian Hinson
      Ian Hinson Month ago +2

      I won't even try any of it. I'll add it to the library in case I find out I have a tumor that grew in someone else for 9 months. Maybe when it's 11, it'll enjoy this garbage.

    • Mila İrem Aydın
      Mila İrem Aydın Month ago

      Exactly! 😂

    • Trevor LaVigne
      Trevor LaVigne Month ago +1

      But I already own them all

    • Hoss Bonaventure CEO
      Hoss Bonaventure CEO Month ago +5

      @Clide P No need to be disappointed because they aren't giving us the full version of Godfall. This version has only has post game content and no campaign.

    • Çağan Koyak
      Çağan Koyak Month ago +2

      Mortall shell was definitely was that and I am excited to play that game IDC the other games tho

  • Alsop’s Archive
    Alsop’s Archive Month ago +139

    So we’re basically just getting an end-game demo for Godfall with no campaign? This doesn’t seem like it should be a thing for Plus.

    • Kane
      Kane Month ago +2

      This edition is also free on steam, so we've been doubley robbed

    • The Earls Renegade
      The Earls Renegade Month ago +3

      The worse thing is Godfall champ edition is completely free, SUBSCRIPTION FREE on Epic games stores 2 days later.

      That 'free' game slot was WASTED on this demo.

    • James Anderson
      James Anderson Month ago +1

      They said 3 full games they lying now

    • Tomas Giardullo
      Tomas Giardullo Month ago +7

      In Asia they have the god fall complete with campaign and on top they give them a fourth game, impressive how sony laughs at us.
      The reasons why I sell my ps4 and buy a gamer pc are increasing

  • oppositesleeper
    oppositesleeper Month ago +241

    Godfall challenger edition sounds like a huge letdown. I was actually excited to try the game out but i wanted to try the actual game not some new end game only version of the game.

    • esketit
      esketit Month ago

      @JJJ lol you don't play games then

    • Robert Stanley
      Robert Stanley Month ago +2

      'New end game only version' = 'demo'. A new low, even for Sony.

    • Mostafa Sultan
      Mostafa Sultan Month ago

      On which side are you really!
      We get the game without it's camping, this is ridiculously

    • infring1
      infring1 Month ago

      don't worry the game is dookie water any way

    • Kane
      Kane Month ago +8

      Games like Godfall are played by most FOR the grind. Take that away, and you've got a pointless looter slasher.

  • ZombieVoldemort
    ZombieVoldemort Month ago +88

    You don’t “have access to all Godfall has to offer”. It’s only three modes and they give you endgame content. It’s essentially a demo.

    • XenoAlex2222
      XenoAlex2222 Month ago

      I heard it's end game stats. Maybe still fun to try out. But For December, I hoped for a Christmas-gift tier of games! :)

    • Modesty Blaise
      Modesty Blaise Month ago

      Yep, really low of the PlayStation team and of course Access had to do as they are told and promote it. This is not Godfall!

    • trole
      trole Month ago +1

      That's just a downer, why would ps4 do that?

    • M C
      M C Month ago

      But it's not actually

    • Sam Brockbank
      Sam Brockbank Month ago +4

      Came here to say this

  • Steve Pap
    Steve Pap Month ago +19

    My first reaction was that we have a good ps plus month. On the other hand, with little research my opinion has changed a little bit. Yes, Mortal Shell and LEGO DC Super-Villains are two games I want to play even though MS is short and LEGO is just LEGO. The big issue is Godfall. They give us an endgame demo and at the same time they give it for free at Epic Game Store. Great deal Sony...

    • Darrell G
      Darrell G Month ago

      I watched a speed run of mortal shell. The dude beat the game in like 10 minutes.

    • Maarten van den Berg
      Maarten van den Berg Month ago +3

      And dont forget u have to pay for the ps5 Upgrade of mortal shell. This month is garbage

    • ayyyebrody
      ayyyebrody Month ago

      If you kept up with ps store, mortal shell dlc was free at one point, adding lots of content

    • LargoLaGrande
      LargoLaGrande Month ago +1

      @Steve Pap don't know. This is the second time I recognized it. There's probably no hope Sony will change the line up for the rest of the world.

    • Steve Pap
      Steve Pap Month ago +1

      @LargoLaGrande I think it's pretty standard that we get worse games than Asia's PS Plus

  • Acheman
    Acheman Month ago +17

    If you have not already, please give Lego DC villains a chance. It's amazing. And I say this as a non Lego fan. It's so underrated but yet the people who did play it love it as well.

      BIG PASTA Month ago

      @Richard Barth hmm thats disappointing to hear. Which one do you recommend? Also - I'm assuming you get to play as characters other than the one you create yeah?

    • Richard Barth
      Richard Barth Month ago

      @BIG PASTA IF you never played a lego game you may have fun. If you played the series it is kinda a mediocre game. Outside of creating your own character (which kinda takes a lot of the fun out of it cause you are a noone) the game is just...a sequel cause the last one made a lot of money. I may just be burnt out on lego games but i was disappointed.

      BIG PASTA Month ago

      What do you guys like about it it? I'm excited, as I've never played a lego game but have been curious :)

    • clintbrew
      clintbrew Month ago +2

      I Love it, i brought it couple years back when it was on sale with the season pass included which is amazing specially the shazam and aqua-man movie dlc and also characters from the arrowverse and young justice shows might have to go back and replay it on ps5

  • The Wanderer
    The Wanderer Month ago +44

    Never heard of Mortal Shell, it sounds like a ton of fun. The Lego villains game will definitely yield some goofy fun w/ friends

    Edit) Reply tell me it's a Souls-like. I'm currently playing Sekiro so WOOO

    • Ian Hinson
      Ian Hinson Month ago

      Souls like games are for people with zero creativity. The Adam Sandler of video game genres.

    • Internet Spectator
      Internet Spectator Month ago

      @Akmal Ibrahim soulslike games can be a ton of fun wdym

    • renolife
      renolife Month ago +1

      Made by a team of 15 people, game is pretty good, got that satisfying souls-like combat and hopefully you'll enjoy it.

    • TheSuperSmash97
      TheSuperSmash97 Month ago +1

      It’s just like dark souls but instead of a shield you defend yourself by turning yourself into stone

    • The blood moon Warrior
      The blood moon Warrior Month ago

      its a soulslike so good luck

  • Jagdeep Singh Uppal
    Jagdeep Singh Uppal Month ago +19

    Godfall: Challenge Editon offers players the chance to step immediately into a full-levelled Valorplate, complete with an abundance of skill points and a series of powerful weapons. However, it’s worth noting that it only offers endgame challenges - Lightbringer, Dreamstones, and the Ascended Tower of Trials.

  • sirprintalot
    sirprintalot Month ago +342

    Oh hey, I can finally play Godfall without paying for it.

    • NewDawnFadesX
      NewDawnFadesX Month ago

      @Nyarlathotep the Egyptian God of No One F*n Cares

      Dramamine-N Multi-Purpose works.

    • RaymanFreak
      RaymanFreak Month ago

      @Axskull It's on Epic Games too so maybe not Sony. Lol

    • Axskull
      Axskull Month ago +2

      Sony said sike it's just a demo

    • RaymanFreak
      RaymanFreak Month ago +2

      It's only a demo, jumping you to the endgame content unfortunately. :/

    • Marcuri
      Marcuri Month ago

      Ironically,it's ot even the full game you get 😂

  • WithoutTheJuice
    WithoutTheJuice Month ago +12

    What a month!! Mortal Shell is a game Ive wanted since it released, and i haven’t tried either lego dc or godfall.

  • Willy Severus
    Willy Severus Month ago

    Been wanting to play both godfall and mortal shell! LEGO is also a nice change of pace and bit of fun. Definitely one of the better months for PS+ in a while.

  • PAKO D.
    PAKO D. Month ago +14

    I smiled when I found out that this game will be;), but when I found out that it was only a multi mode, I was terribly disappointed, what is happening to Sony ?? I did not expect such a play.

  • Solemn Jester
    Solemn Jester Month ago +14

    Thank god I didn't splurge on Godfall or mortal shell. I wasn't planning on buying Lego Villians because the price was usually either ridiculous or just not worth it imo because most lego games play the same. But now that I can play them all for free I don't see why I wouldn't. Great line up hoping they keep it up

    • Jotaro Kujo
      Jotaro Kujo Month ago +4

      The Godfall version they are giving is not the complete version tho
      So disappointed for that

    • mac1bc
      mac1bc Month ago

      Enjoy sir! 😉

  • Tiger Bears
    Tiger Bears Month ago +65

    Such a great month. I’ve been meaning to play Mortal Shell for a long time and I’ve heard nothing but good things, Lego games are always fun even I don’t exactly play them that often, and while I haven’t exactly heard great stuff about Godfall I’m more than happy to mess around in it with friends if it’s free.

    • Tiger Bears
      Tiger Bears Month ago

      @mastarops I literally could not care less if it’s in 30fps if the game is fun.

    • mastarops
      mastarops Month ago +1

      Mortal Shell has no pf4 upgrade so 30 fps.

    • Kadeo123321
      Kadeo123321 Month ago +2

      @Lee Bonnar the issue is that we don't get the full game.

    • Lee Bonnar
      Lee Bonnar Month ago +1

      Mortal shell is fantastic and honestly mate godfall isn't as bad as people make it sound, combats excellent

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago +5

      I wish more gamers had this attitude

  • Rahat
    Rahat Month ago +40

    Would have liked just the standard version of Godfall, it would have boosted their player base

    • jet pectyl
      jet pectyl Month ago +1

      @Robert G Godfall Challenger Edition is just a glorified demo.

    • Gurt
      Gurt Month ago +5

      @Robert G challenger edition is pretty much just a demo I believe

    • Robert G
      Robert G Month ago

      What is the difference between the two?

  • Dan Hodson
    Dan Hodson Month ago +13

    I almost bought the Lego villains last week, glad I held off 👌🏻

    • GaMeR_bOi_83
      GaMeR_bOi_83 Month ago +1

      @Nana _ well when your friends are stuck you can help them out. Also you know the game in and out so maybe some quick trophies?

    • Nana _
      Nana _ Month ago +1

      Lol I bought it a long time ago on my switch and played the game already 😅 guess I'll pass on it lol

    • Vgygxs Gvjnbjkl
      Vgygxs Gvjnbjkl Month ago +1

      Big W

    • GaMeR_bOi_83
      GaMeR_bOi_83 Month ago +1

      I bought it a few months ago. Paid $17 for the game and season pass. Well worth the money.

  • Farquad_rocks
    Farquad_rocks  Month ago +1

    I'm looking really forward to mortal shell. Godfall is awesome and Lego DC supervillains is a fun funny romp

  • Rork, The Game Master
    Rork, The Game Master Month ago +8

    Honestly, I bought the deluxe edition of DC supervillains in April for $15, I’m not never mad lol

  • lulzPIE
    lulzPIE Month ago +22

    Never heard of Mortal Shell but it looks great. Maybe a bit difficult to get into, but looks like it’ll be worth it.

    • mac1bc
      mac1bc Month ago +1

      Just like all Souls games, it gets easier the further you get.

    • Deetsitmeister
      Deetsitmeister Month ago +3

      Mortal Shell is supposedly much easier than any of the soulslikes. I mean I just got the platinum for Sekiro so something easier would be a nice change of pace.

    • Scifi geezer
      Scifi geezer Month ago +3

      I'd never played a game like this before. It was a bit tricky at first and required patience but I managed to complete it. If I can do it anyone can. Great little game.

    • ZaGreen
      ZaGreen Month ago +4

      It's a soulslike, it's a good Game, I recommend it to you

  • Derek Ryan
    Derek Ryan Month ago +40

    This edition of Godfall doesn’t even include the Campaign 🤦‍♂️

    • esketit
      esketit Month ago +1

      @anthony wilson if I wanted to play demos I'd never buy games mate

    • pretzxl
      pretzxl Month ago

      @anthony wilson nah but where’s the fun in that that’s just a demo bro

    • anthony wilson
      anthony wilson Month ago +3

      It's actually a blessing in disguise. Now you don't have to play the horrific campaign. Now you can jump straight into crappy end game content.

    • Arineko Music
      Arineko Music Month ago +5

      Are you kidding? No wonder they're losing millions of subscribers every month

    • Fly By Night
      Fly By Night Month ago +2

      Why am I not surprised 😂

  • Winfried Bauer
    Winfried Bauer Month ago +65

    Mortal Shell is amazing! Highly recommend it!!

    • N7 Engineer
      N7 Engineer Month ago

      @Kalder if you have the disc and don't update it, it runs at 60

      Yes there's a free update planned as well

    • Kalder
      Kalder Month ago +1

      @Geralt of Rivia Geralt of Rivia is also still 30fps on PS5 so shut up. Unless it has been updated but I heard CD Red is working on the PS5 versions of it and crybersmunk.
      Anyway, who are you to decide if someone can or can't have fun with 30fps?¿‽

    • Kalder
      Kalder Month ago

      I never heard of it before... might give it a try, but I'll pass on the other games, not into Lego games and from what I've seen of godfall, I'm not impressed.

    • Geralt of Rivia
      Geralt of Rivia Month ago +1

      30 fps version, so have fun with that on PS5.

    • Adam Gould
      Adam Gould Month ago +1

      Would be even better on PS5. Pity we get Godfall: Half Complete Edition instead.

  • Dominator Jeff The Gamecat

    Getting The walking dead S&S for free is an amazing steal one of my favorite games of all time!!

    • HopOnTheHype
      HopOnTheHype Month ago

      @ImMagnetz I mean, if you use it in regards to the positives of cocaine, you could say that. You're looking at it's ability to ruin your life, and saying no, which is valid, but vr doesn't have those sort of things. If you tried cocaine though, you'd love it (to a fault)

      Did they try super far apart, or did they try back to back? Did they play through vr sickness? (playing through it makes your body naturally repulsed by it). What was their condition when they played it? Dehydrated? Tired at end of day?

      Also as far as I'm concerned, these are made up anecdotal arguments.

      Not to mention psvr 2 will have remarkably less vr sickness cuz of higher resolution, more steady framerates, haptics in the vr headsets, etc.

    • ImMagnetz
      ImMagnetz Month ago

      @HopOnTheHype I absolutely can say that it doesn't appeal to me, what are you talking about? That's like saying that I'm not allowed to say cocaine doesn't appeal to me because I haven't tried it.

      Again with the assumptions. No, they tried time and time again, with all kinds of different VR games, the format just doesn't agree with them and makes them motion sick. Why can't you get that through your head?

    • HopOnTheHype
      HopOnTheHype Month ago

      @ImMagnetz You never playing it means you don't have the ability to say it doesn't appeal to you, because trying vr is needed to understand what it is.

      Sounds like they jumped right into something like skyrim vr without getting their vr legs, which is achieved after a week or month tops, then you don't have to worry about it unless you go like a year without vr.

      It effects different people differently, yes, some people DO NOT get motion sickness from it. Really the main thing that give people motion sickness is that the brain thinks it's moving when it doesn't, but this isn't like "getting used to riding a boat", it's much easier to get your vr legs than something like that, cuz it's a completely different system in general.

    • ImMagnetz
      ImMagnetz Month ago

      @HopOnTheHype What do you mean "what am I talking about?". I've said that it doesn't appeal to me and that I know many people who have trouble with motion sickness with it. What are YOU talking about? Motion sickness effects different people differently. Don't be so ignorant as to assume that your experience is the same as everyone else's will be. I know people who have tried time and time again to get into VR but can't simply because it makes them motion sick. That's the fact of the matter.

    • HopOnTheHype
      HopOnTheHype Month ago

      @ImMagnetz You haven't tried vr, so what are you talking about?

      Also vr sickness goes away within a week, and you are supposed to take a break when you start to feel it, so you never have to suffer through it. Also you'll never get it with certain games anyway.

  • Carlos Alves
    Carlos Alves Month ago

    Fantastic month yay!
    Mortal Shell was on my list for a long time, this is perfect. LEGO is always awesome.
    The Godfall not having the campaing but only end game stuff is weird, but oh well could be worse.

  • Blackbeltgamer98 Fire-spitter

    Lots of games from my list on here this month. Lego DC villains and Godfall? This should be fun.

  • David Velasquez
    David Velasquez Month ago

    Lego DC Super Villains and Mortal Shell are both worth a look.

  • yahir hernandez
    yahir hernandez Month ago +4

    Yes, thanks for giving us the trimmed games, I am paying for a Playstation plus subscription and the full payment, as well as the versions of the Playstation plus games should be complete

  • DerangedVoices
    DerangedVoices Month ago +1

    This is the kind of game lineup I like to see. I'm not huge into difficult Souls type games, but I can play them for a little while if interesting. I've wanted to try Mortal Shell without paying the full price in case I hated it, so thank you PlayStation! And the Lego game is just a nice extra as well. There's so many of them, I don't find it worth while to buy every one, so I'll only get them if hugely discounted.

  • I Daniil I
    I Daniil I Month ago +8

    And this is not by chance the first time in the history of the service, when they give not a full-fledged game, but a stub?

    THESWAGWAGON Month ago

    Never heard of mortal shell but it looks right up my alley and I’m wondering how this is the first I’m hearing of it

  • maxgrieve
    maxgrieve Month ago

    The Lego games are always such dependable entertainment.

  • Ghost De Razgriz
    Ghost De Razgriz Month ago +9

    The lovely feeling of seeing an entire lineup of psplus games that I don't own ^ ^.

  • Dominic Nhem
    Dominic Nhem Month ago +5

    Niiiiiiice. I really wanted to try mortal shell and Godfall too!

  • James s r Bond
    James s r Bond Month ago

    Finally a lineup that I'll actually play!!!!

  • Fernando Caixeta
    Fernando Caixeta Month ago +3

    Solid month! I´ve been wanting to play Mortal Shell for a long time! Almost bought it a couple of times it was on sale.

    Side note: Am I the only one who can´t take lego games seriously? Never played any. Talking about judging a book by its cover lol.

    • Kristopher G
      Kristopher G Month ago

      Some really good lego games are the original lego Star Wars 1 and 2. Lego Harry Potter, lord of the rings, and Jurassic world.

      Oh also avengers !

    • Gorilla_Goo30
      Gorilla_Goo30 Month ago +2

      I was the same, had wrote them off as kids games. Nothing to lose now I guess, you never know right? And if you end up liking it then there's about 30 other titles you could check out.

      Mortal Shell is a love letter to dark souls. It is fantastic, albeit short.

    • Akmal Ibrahim
      Akmal Ibrahim Month ago +1

      Same. Was considering it for a long time when I was on a marathon of souls-like games. But I end up buying DS2 and then got tired of playing souls-like games.
      Now with the soon to be released Elden Ring, Mortal Shell would be a good game to prepare myself with.

  • vasileios konstantellos

    One question !!! Will mortal shell be upgraded for ps5 owners?? Or will we be limited to the backward compatibility PS4 version ???

  • Akmal Ibrahim
    Akmal Ibrahim Month ago

    I've been saying since the launch of Godfall after watching reviews of it that the game is gonna be Free to Play or available on PS+ soon.

  • MrSamuelSir
    MrSamuelSir Month ago

    excited for DC supervillains!!

  • dimape
    dimape Month ago

    Finally a good month!

  • Glaz Wrld
    Glaz Wrld Month ago

    Been a while since I played a Lego game so I'm hype for this

  • trole
    trole Month ago

    The second one looks insanely good

    FLOZENEN Month ago +1

    Finally a month I can play something

  • Cameron Lock
    Cameron Lock Month ago +1

    I’ve been wanting to try Godfall!

  • John Hanzely Jr
    John Hanzely Jr Month ago

    Wow....finally. A month with good games I do NOT have. Lego Super Villians and Mortal Shell. Next up?...another 6+ months of games I already own, as usual.

  • Victor Hugo
    Victor Hugo Month ago

    I played lego super villains, it's badass and funny, mortal shell seem savage, nice month

  • César Hidalgo
    César Hidalgo Month ago

    God fall deberia venir con la campaña

  • Ashen Phoenix
    Ashen Phoenix Month ago

    Sweet Ive been wanting to try godfall. Now that its free i can hop in.

  • Lashor
    Lashor Month ago +1

    Wow, real games for PS-Plus, I can’t remember the last time I was actually happy with the lineup lol

  • qazi hoq
    qazi hoq Month ago

    Hello Access team from one of the VOD squad members 🙂
    Looks like Sony has decided to release new PS Plus games on my birthday. Wish they'd at least check my wishlist 🤪

  • buddah1978egypt
    buddah1978egypt Month ago +1

    Great month. I need the psvr2 for saints and sinners, I just can't get on with the move controllers

  • Archduke of Intelligence

    Finally good games. Definitely going to download Godfall and Mortal Shell.

  • Sister Elfriede
    Sister Elfriede Month ago +1

    Soon as I get a PS5 I can play Godfall for free, yay!!!

    Edit: Nevermind it is just a glorified demo

  • Flynn°-°94
    Flynn°-°94 Month ago +1

    Wow, three games I’d actually play

  • Assassin 1015
    Assassin 1015 Month ago

    Games I actually want for once during a month i cant afford it because of the holiday figures that would be my luck 😩

  • Daniel Piloiu
    Daniel Piloiu Month ago +53

    Oh Sony, please don’t do Demos. You’re better than that. It will not be easily forgotten.

    • Daniel Piloiu
      Daniel Piloiu Month ago

      @trole godfall challenger edition is basically a demo

    • trole
      trole Month ago +1

      @Forward-Fax3 oh well that's ok the second one looks 10x better

    • Forward-Fax3
      Forward-Fax3 Month ago +2

      @trole God fall its just a glorified demo

    • trole
      trole Month ago

      Which one is a demo?

  • It's Over 9000 Productions

    Godfall is absolutely worth it for free. I bought the whatever edition for 30 bucks (it was 70 bucks off) and poured weeks into it. Its repetitive towards the end but a group of friends and some cool builds will easily lend you a 100 houra in this game.

  • KermythOw
    KermythOw Month ago

    Lego dc super villains i wanted this game so much yesssssss

  • Orochi Samurai YGO
    Orochi Samurai YGO Month ago +5

    Great lineup this month, thanks guys 😃

    NEOMERCER Month ago

    I already own Mortal Shell but this is a great month nonetheless

  • Jerry Mendoza
    Jerry Mendoza Month ago +1

    I kind of like this month, would have been amazing with Godfall Deluxe tho

    • Jerry Mendoza
      Jerry Mendoza Month ago +1

      @Ellio7 Yeah I didn't like this edition but Lego and the kinda Dark Souls game are a nice add, the Deluxe edition or even the base/normal game would have been better than only have like everything fully maximized and online but without the actual campaign which I honestly wanted to try.

    • Ellio7
      Ellio7 Month ago

      It's not even the full base game unfortunately, let alone the deluxe edition

  • skorpio love smith 1/64 diecast racing

    Yay! Love it!

  • I'm A Lombax
    I'm A Lombax Month ago +16

    Glad I get both versions of godfall. I can play the ps4 version now, and when i get a ps5, i can play the ps5 version

    • Mappy Bc
      Mappy Bc Month ago

      Don't buy anything.
      If any part of Godfall is worth it is the endgame so give it a try and stay if you like and don't worry because the campaign, the only thing missing, is only a few hours of absolute garbage.

    • Vonder Drake
      Vonder Drake Month ago +3

      Unfortunately u don't get the main game just the end game content, u still have to buy Godfall!

  • Jack and Jeff Hardy

    oooh a Lego game for PS+ ya know imma keep my eyes out for a trophy or 2 hehe
    still though Mortal Shell seems like a ton of fun
    i hope my PS4 can handle it pftb looking forward to it either way

  • Janice Brown
    Janice Brown Month ago

    This is my Fav line up looking forward to the 07/12.

  • Midtoker Marius
    Midtoker Marius Month ago

    Im not that into the Lego games but I've been eying DC supervillains for a long time.. Excited to try it

  • B10H4CK3R
    B10H4CK3R Month ago

    Top choices team defo games I have thought about buying in the past 👌

  • joseph payne
    joseph payne Month ago +1

    What Sony needs is to put more ps2 games on the ps now

  • Rafael Sanfilippo
    Rafael Sanfilippo Month ago +2

    I Just hope that challenger is optional, i want to play by my own ways and unlock things my way

  • nonage gamer
    nonage gamer Month ago

    I hope they will be release on December 3rd instead of 5th

  • Anthony Pugh
    Anthony Pugh Month ago +2

    Once again this absolutely destroys games with gold

  • Денис Шестаков

    Thank you, this is a good game selections

  • Stephen Wood
    Stephen Wood Month ago

    Mortal shell I am exited about that one

  • Chris Massey
    Chris Massey Month ago

    Finally 3 games I don't own tbh it's a good month to end 2021

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago +2

    Will it be the ps5 version of mortal shell for ps5 owners? Or just the backwards compatible one?

    • Jacob
      Jacob Month ago

      @Antonio Carranza it’s the regular ps4 version for mortal shell and a glorified demo for godfall; this week not looking as good as it first seems :(

    • Antonio Carranza
      Antonio Carranza Month ago +1

      nope, just the regular PS4 game which is sad.

  • ape
    ape Month ago

    happy with this month. Not the best but still interesting, gonna play godfall with my friends as that is the only way I will be able to tolerate it. Mortal shell is awesome though. excited enough

  • Ricardo Vieira Music
    Ricardo Vieira Music Month ago +35

    This is actually a good month, I already have Mortal Shell (amazing game) but I'm excited to try Godfall and the Lego game :D

    • Ricardo Vieira Music
      Ricardo Vieira Music Month ago

      @Geralt of Rivia yeah just saw that lol I'm still trying it since it's free ahaha There's also going to be the option to upgrade to the full version, let's see the price of that.

    • Geralt of Rivia
      Geralt of Rivia Month ago +1

      It doesn't have the campaign. Just a demo, lol.

    • One piece,Naruto,Bleach,Fairy Tail,HXH,FMAB,AC,
    • Dante S
      Dante S Month ago +3

      I would agree if it wasnt for the fact that it isnt the full game of Godfall

    • Two Gamers
      Two Gamers Month ago

      The Lego game is very cool

  • Dirvinator
    Dirvinator Month ago

    A fair warning for those getting LEGO DC Super Villains: *mute your sound upon starting the game*
    There's a licensed song that plays EVERY single time you start the game and the menu loading times are so long you just get this single guitar riff playing constantly and it's so annoying.
    Once you're out of the main menu and into the longest LEGO loading screen in history, you're good to go.

    • cpard2d2
      cpard2d2 Month ago

      Ones does not simply mutes the WOLFMOTHER.

  • Clara Talbot
    Clara Talbot Month ago +44

    I can finally get Lego DC Super-Villians, Godfall, & Mortal Shell without paying more than $5 for them

  • Nikola
    Nikola Month ago +1

    Ladies and gentelmen, we got a Godfall-Demo lol

  • Scud the Disposable assasin

    The second one looks sick

  • Twigletts
    Twigletts Month ago

    Glad I sold godfall last month before the trade in price drops this month :)

    • carpetfluff
      carpetfluff Month ago

      This isn't the full game, so probably won't make much difference. If anything the fact it's the the sale right now would matter more.

  • wolfpacknight2
    wolfpacknight2 Month ago

    YES I can finally try Godfall

    • pretzxl
      pretzxl Month ago

      It’s just basically a demo don’t get ur hopes up

  • Jeylista
    Jeylista Month ago

    What’s the song name for the lego trailer, that is banging.

  • Steven Seagul
    Steven Seagul Month ago +34

    Great month, not the best games ever, but three very solid offers.

    I'm happy with them!

  • mudbutt _
    mudbutt _ Month ago

    2 months ago mortal shell was on sale so I bought it for $30, i still haven't played it and now it's free

  • NoobKalboPlays
    NoobKalboPlays Month ago

    Thanks much PS!

  • CORourke
    CORourke Month ago

    Didn't realise Godfall was for ps4 as well as ps5, better month than I thought so

  • Carrie Thomas
    Carrie Thomas Month ago

    Another month of the only one I'm interested in I own already lol

  • Frosty the Ram
    Frosty the Ram Month ago

    Wow finally some good ps-plus games xD was thinking i wasted money getting ps-plus back in January.

  • Michigan Mir
    Michigan Mir Month ago

    Godfall is amazing. Super underrated

  • Noah Nelson
    Noah Nelson Month ago +1

    Wish Solar Ash was on this as a day 1 release 🙎

  • Chris West
    Chris West Month ago

    You had me at "gland retrieval".

  • Maki Sky
    Maki Sky Month ago

    Well this is cool finally. Bf loves the lego games and hasn't played this one yet. And i keep wanting to try godfall but could never bring myself to pay for it. Buuut also gonna be busy with Endwalker this month. 😌

  • Whale_boi20
    Whale_boi20 Month ago

    Best line up in months!!!

  • RichSwish
    RichSwish Month ago

    Great month

  • daniel williams
    daniel williams Month ago

    Did Godfall ever get any updates about players' concerns over loot drops and difficulty? I'm gonna try it out but I hope it has gotten better since release. Its early reviews were rough

    • anthony wilson
      anthony wilson Month ago +2

      The game is hot garbage and this is just an attempt to get people to pay for the upgrade cause this isn't the full game.

  • Antonio Carranza
    Antonio Carranza Month ago +1

    They at least could let us PS5 owners download the proper PS5 version of Mortal Shell.. You know, the one that cost the same than the PS4 game and that's free if you own the PS4 game but that's not available if you get the game from PSPlus; That alone could save this month. Instead, this month is a let down for PS5 owners.

    • mhorvath514
      mhorvath514 Month ago

      I was just thinking this. It's bullshit. Series x owners enjoy smart delivery and gamepass while us PS5 owners get stuck with multiple versions of games, save file transfer headaches, and free versions of the lesser versions of games. I love Sony but am honestly getting fed up with some of their practices.

  • Large Big79
    Large Big79 Month ago +1

    great month

  • M C
    M C Month ago

    I actually kept looking at Mortal Shell but held off on buying it

  • Unimaginative Username

    already played Lego DC Supervillains, but I really enjoyed it so glad a Lego game is coming to PS Plus just in time for Christmas

    • BLINKQ_
      BLINKQ_ Month ago

      @Jack Chewbacc im more of a marvel guy but ill 100% give this a go thx

    • Jack Chewbacc
      Jack Chewbacc Month ago +1

      @BLINKQ_ if you like DC it’s a must. It has the actual voice cast (Kevin/Batman +Mark Hamill/Joker as an example) it’s so good!!

    • BLINKQ_
      BLINKQ_ Month ago

      as somebody who hasn't played a lego game since i was young is it good?