STUCK IN 150FT TREE! w/ Sam, Colby & Corey

  • Published on May 20, 2017
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    STUCK IN 150FT TREE! w/ Sam, Colby & Corey
  • ComedyComedy

Comments • 2 288

  • Megan Hovv
    Megan Hovv Day ago

    @6:54 // my heart. ❤️

  • Taryn Thorne
    Taryn Thorne Day ago

    Were Americans

  • shivery_storm 2007

    0:00 you will thank me later 🥳

  • Alfie Fox
    Alfie Fox 2 days ago +1

    Hi TFIL I love your videos, when I am down I watch them, and they make me happy and am happy for the rest of the day thank you so much for making me happy.

  • Kel-is Perkins
    Kel-is Perkins 3 days ago

    Ive done ropes course before ive zip lined and climbed a rock wall and this year im gonna be doing treverse exaactly what theyre doing

  • Mallie Codle
    Mallie Codle 6 days ago

    well what I mean is what was the place called that you went to in this video?

  • Mallie Codle
    Mallie Codle 6 days ago

    where were you guys at? my family is planning another trip to New Zealand, and I'm kinda interested on going to this place.

  • Beāte Šatrovska
    Beāte Šatrovska 6 days ago

    I would love to go to that trip with them

  • Cr!t!cal Music
    Cr!t!cal Music 8 days ago

    Part 2 🤔 where is it

  • Jai Ridolfo
    Jai Ridolfo 9 days ago

    This is Fortnite now

  • Maizey Cleary
    Maizey Cleary 9 days ago

    Sam : ow my balls
    Me : what balls

  • Alaka Stottlemire
    Alaka Stottlemire 11 days ago

    Sam: don't look down
    Also sam: points go pro to the ground
    Srsly sam

  • Liv Star
    Liv Star 12 days ago


  • Laura King
    Laura King 13 days ago +3

    AHAHA you guys always make my day

  • Kloe Washam
    Kloe Washam 14 days ago

    4:37 was the besttttttt

  • PeacefulGamer
    PeacefulGamer 15 days ago

    I LOVED! that intro!!

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago

    Nuttin like ggettin' stuckin dayer

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago

    Lol! I can finally say I've seen Colby's mommy face😜😜😜

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago

    That was Elton's smackdown! Lol. Doritos sound really good during the smackdown.

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago

    I gotta rewind

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago +2

    I am Lmao so hard I'm crying😂😂😂💃

  • Virginia Benken
    Virginia Benken 16 days ago

    Sam is friggin doctor that always starts thinkin in the gutter.

  • wig snatched
    wig snatched 17 days ago

    We're American oof love them so much

  • Jasrizza007
    Jasrizza007 17 days ago +1

    To save you when your in the comments the vid starts at 1:41

  • Party Panda
    Party Panda 19 days ago

    Ok, I gotta know.... What's the intro song?? 🎵

  • Blurryface???
    Blurryface??? 19 days ago +1

    Corey: Oh not his new jacket
    Sam: My new jacket

  • Gotcha_ girl Emo
    Gotcha_ girl Emo 19 days ago

    If Cory gets scared. My grandma did this and she didn’t get scared

  • Isis Dayton
    Isis Dayton 20 days ago


  • Buq0
    Buq0 20 days ago

    Sam and Elton

  • Gacha Kawaii Potato! The Potato Lives :3

    right as Corey said he was going to get Doritos, i just finished eating MY Doritos XD

  • Marianna Bodzenski
    Marianna Bodzenski 21 day ago +1

    Beach boys 2.0 including Sam Golbach, Elton Castee, Corey Scherer, and Colby Brock.

  • Alana Naomi
    Alana Naomi 22 days ago +1

    I died at 7:09 when Sam sand wrecking ball

  • Itsyegirldive Cruz
    Itsyegirldive Cruz 23 days ago

    8:51 jesus, jesus r u guys ok🤣😅

  • Hlynn Yates
    Hlynn Yates 26 days ago

    2:02 Elton: Colby what did you think we were doing
    Colby: I thought we were trying to be Michael Jackson, (pops knuckles)
    Colby: (Grabs crotch) HEE HEE

    that one was my favorite part

  • Taylor
    Taylor 27 days ago

    Ok never thought I would say this cuz knowing me I HATE heights and when they said they’re going up higher I thought to myself that actually sounds like fun... what is wrong with me?!?

  • Taylor
    Taylor 27 days ago +5

    Elton- “yeaaaa!!! We’re Americans”
    *says it again*
    “Same thing every time 😂😂”
    I would feel pretty stupid tho not gunna lie lol

  • hello children ok
    hello children ok 28 days ago

    One question why are you climbiny trees

  • Itz Meh:3
    Itz Meh:3 Month ago +3

    Wtf the hardest course I did it in grade 6 and I constantly fell I was screaming at people xD and I was a beginner dang my local zoo is mean ;-;

  • Alicia Mateo
    Alicia Mateo Month ago

    you have fun Im geten Doritos

  • Sam Nash
    Sam Nash Month ago

    Where's part 2????

  • Its Sydneyyy
    Its Sydneyyy Month ago +1

    Corey: do you think these trees could fall?
    Elton: yeah probably, bye coreyyyy

  • Its Sydneyyy
    Its Sydneyyy Month ago

    “We’re Americans!!”

  • Its Sydneyyy
    Its Sydneyyy Month ago

    After every stupid thing they do Elton goes “we’re Americans!”

  • astrnmclboi
    astrnmclboi Month ago

    8:06 sams balls got squeezed so hard it pumped to much testosterone into his body

  • Jordan Jonez
    Jordan Jonez Month ago

    16:02 "Colby?!?!"

  • Isabela Cruz
    Isabela Cruz Month ago

    Why was that intro so long

  • Sts. Sofia Acevedo Correa

    "we're American" 💀😂

  • Karin McHugh
    Karin McHugh Month ago

    was that the zip line or corys screeming

  • Milani Daily
    Milani Daily Month ago

    I went zip lining across the Smokey Mountains and this looks like nothing

  • Night Meow
    Night Meow Month ago

    "It's Sam and Colby for a reason" LMAO

  • Jinger Jones
    Jinger Jones Month ago

    2:02 *Michael Jackson is shaking*

  • Sky Hart
    Sky Hart Month ago


  • Beauty Lives Within You


  • Edddie Gonzalez
    Edddie Gonzalez Month ago

    this vid suck

  • ItsHailerrr
    ItsHailerrr Month ago

    Ahhh...noice thumbnail.😂❤️

  • Nicole martin
    Nicole martin Month ago

    Ohhh forgot to read the description

  • Nicole martin
    Nicole martin Month ago

    Is that delamere forest?

  • Riley Roblox Adventures

    Corey: OAH I FELL
    Me: -chokes on water-

  • Peyton Schoonmaker
    Peyton Schoonmaker Month ago

    The firs time i went on a rope coarse i cried because i didnt want to go on th zipline and i was 10

  • Beata
    Beata Month ago +1

    this video gives me anxiety. i have fear of heights and i was at this kind of park when i was maybe 13 years old. and for 3 hours i only have done something like wrecking ball... this was bad idea for me to go there:D (sorry for my bad bad english:( )

  • Annie AlphaPlaysYT
    Annie AlphaPlaysYT Month ago +32

    Corey:Who wants Sam the best?!
    Colby and Elton: pulling from each side
    Colby: it’s Sam and Colby FOREVER!
    Me:yasss it is #solby

    • Ashley Gonzalez
      Ashley Gonzalez 29 days ago +2

      He said it’s Sam and Colby for a reason 😂

  • Gustavs 1
    Gustavs 1 Month ago

    I once peed my pants when I was swinging from one tree to the other and I had to do it above a lake

  • unicorn_is_bae ._.
    unicorn_is_bae ._. Month ago

    Does anyone know the intro song name???

  • 500_OZ BROS
    500_OZ BROS Month ago

    Is it scary

  • Jack C
    Jack C Month ago +1

    At the very begining i thought it was a ad but god the prity

  • Kinsey Jayne
    Kinsey Jayne Month ago +1

    In 2:08 why does Colby look like Marcus from deadly class?..

    ITSYOURUNCLE Month ago +2

    "What the hell."
    19:12 this was honestly the funniest part.

  • Mystic_Dragon Colouring

    I could skip across that I’ve done those soooo many times

  • Smoreo
    Smoreo Month ago

    Lol I've doe this before when I was 8

  • Smoreo
    Smoreo Month ago

    Who here is a Kiwi ?

  • Lisa Reynolds
    Lisa Reynolds Month ago +4

    Was this video ever continued? Can't find part 2

  • Julia Rizzo
    Julia Rizzo Month ago +1

    where were you!! That looks so pretty!

  • Savage Gamer
    Savage Gamer Month ago +2

    I have done that before in so much wind😅 still fun to watch u guys tho!👍 (As always)

  • Slime Asmr & more
    Slime Asmr & more Month ago

    This was made on my birthday

  • Miguel Medina
    Miguel Medina Month ago

    1:46 you’re welcome

  • Audrey Farias
    Audrey Farias Month ago

    i hope ur balls feel better XD

  • LazyTown
    LazyTown Month ago

    this video literally gave me anxiety.

  • Pastel Honey
    Pastel Honey Month ago

    People from new Zealand must both hate and love Americans

  • Jaden Me
    Jaden Me Month ago

    Edit: I don’t really think the Same as that

  • Kiggy’s Kingdom
    Kiggy’s Kingdom Month ago

    “We’re American!!”

  • Regan Baker
    Regan Baker Month ago +3

    Corey:Do you think these trees can fall?
    Elton:Yeah probably *leaves on zip line*

  • Bubble Burst
    Bubble Burst Month ago

    Sam:I can see daylight
    Colby:this sucks

  • Vivian Anderson
    Vivian Anderson Month ago

    Just chillin in the eEdgee. OH OH OH I FEALL

  • FizzPop23 Draws
    FizzPop23 Draws Month ago

    Colby:Is Corry In The Garbage!?

  • Liberty Savage
    Liberty Savage Month ago +6

    Colby: I'm Michel jackson.
    Elton: *Touches Corey*
    Corey: Not here..
    *Everyone laughs*

  • Thressa David
    Thressa David Month ago


  • littlesmiley09
    littlesmiley09 Month ago


  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete Month ago

    But the differences

  • Kelsey Negrete
    Kelsey Negrete Month ago +1

    Spot the differences
    Hard😝😝😝😝😝😝😛😝😝😝 no

  • Grace tiffany Covers and more

    Cory knows nothing about scared of heights I am scared to go on a swing is how scared I am

  • GachaWolf_Toxic Gacha_Toxic

    It’s okay Corey I’m scared of heights to 😂

  • TK55NZ
    TK55NZ Month ago

    such a cool place

  • TK55NZ
    TK55NZ Month ago

    iv been there before

  • A Lone Wolf
    A Lone Wolf Month ago +1

    Pause the video at 13:44 and it looks like Colby's eyes are different colors!

  • Fallxn
    Fallxn Month ago

    13:44 did anybody notice that one of Colby's eyes r green and the other one is brown?

  • Xplr Ashton
    Xplr Ashton Month ago

    Ok so they all have muscles to help them not die but poor sam 😂😂😂his high voice and small body will die

  • SxdlyBrooke
    SxdlyBrooke Month ago

    Sam - Its hurting my crouch its hurting my crouch!
    Corey - what the hell

  • The Haymans
    The Haymans Month ago

    Omg I’ve been there heaps

  • summer westbrook
    summer westbrook Month ago

    sam is so cute i can’t 😭💞

  • Rayna Marshall
    Rayna Marshall Month ago

    8:26 Sam looks like bakugo