Video shows moment helicopter crashes into NYC's Hudson River

  • Published on May 15, 2019
  • A man visiting New York City captured footage of a helicopter crashing into the Hudson River off Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon. CBSN New York has details.

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  • D.r Offinsive
    D.r Offinsive Month ago

    Don tect ad driv ib cas
    Becisze yOu Wihl Cras

  • Rain Flop
    Rain Flop 2 months ago +1

    Wtf is she saying?

  • Andy K
    Andy K 2 months ago +1

    All you need to do is show the raw video with this text: "Footage of a helicopter crashing into the Hudson River off Manhattan on [date]".
    No need for all the nonsense TV channel talk.

  • Curi0u50ne
    Curi0u50ne 3 months ago

    I’m sorry Pegasus has reclaimed your aircraft, please call again later...

  • Talia Kay
    Talia Kay 3 months ago +1

    Computer graphics FF

  • _jeff _
    _jeff _ 3 months ago

    huh a chopper crashing into nyc twice today and a few weeks ago

  • pilot boy
    pilot boy 3 months ago +3

    Yap yap yap. Talking utter twodle from beginning to end

  • Tewthpaste
    Tewthpaste 3 months ago +2

    *look its a flying car not a helicopter. Why? because people called small aircraft "flying car" so it makes no sense if we do not call helicopter flying car.*

  • marcus brawner
    marcus brawner 3 months ago

    Need to replace reporter...js

  • Google User
    Google User 3 months ago +3

    Haha I don't know what it is but I find it really funny watch helicopters crash 😂

  • Toasty Doge
    Toasty Doge 3 months ago +1

    wrong one

  • Rams&Rotties
    Rams&Rotties 3 months ago +3

    2nd crash today. Seems like sobatoge

  • Indrid Cold
    Indrid Cold 3 months ago

    The small autorotate before the crash into the river probably slowed the helicopter down enough to save the pilot.

  • Askal the Original
    Askal the Original 4 months ago

    i saw one crash 8 years ago just behind Beth Israel Medical Center into the East River

  • ironmarty Sharpe
    ironmarty Sharpe 4 months ago

    They said that the crash is under investigation , You can see plainly that there was a problem with the tail rotor causing it to spin out of control , Back In the 1980s I remember hearing on the radio about a news helicopter crashing in New York city and the pilot was trying to land in it the Hudson River but was to no avail and the news reporter and the pilot were killed and it turns out the tail rotor failed , Later on down the road , Me and my buddy were watching the news and it showed the on board camera of another news helicopter and suddenly went into a tail spin , Another tail rotor failure , I'll bet that's the most common cause of helicopter crashes
    My cousin flies helicopters in the army and I asked him if there's a chance of landing a helicopter with a failed tail rotor , He said yes but the immediate area has to be clear because directing it is impossible , You can only land it in the area you're in and it takes a highly skilled pilot to do it

    • CJ Allaire
      CJ Allaire 4 months ago

      ironmarty Sharpe It’s possible to direct a helicopter with a tail rotor failure, you just need to maintain the forward airspeed at which the vertical stabilizers are effective and will keep the aircraft pointing in the general direction you want to fly. You must also immediately enter autorotation and make sure the engine(s) are not producing torque (throttle closed)

    GODFATHERLO 4 months ago +3

    Great job not landing into building ... *plot twist:* what if the pilot actually tried to land into the building, but missed😒???

      GODFATHERLO 3 months ago +1

      Just heard about this - only second ago - guys. *BTW: Have you guys heard that Uber will now offer helicopter rides???* Will this increase the risk of more helicopter crashes???

    • yerany fernandez
      yerany fernandez 3 months ago +1

      @eddyvideostar sadly😔😞

    • eddyvideostar
      eddyvideostar 3 months ago +2

      To Godfather: Unfortunately, today, June 10, 2019, not so much of a good job.

  • poe
    poe 4 months ago

    The fire.... the pilot.... what?

  • pilotdave1000
    pilotdave1000 4 months ago +1

    lol they said Blade helicopter company. lol

  • hellship rc
    hellship rc 4 months ago

    How much you wanna bet he forgot to switch to the correct tank after taking off?

    • Indrid Cold
      Indrid Cold 3 months ago +1

      He did perform an autorotate to slow the helicopter's descent. Give him some credit.

    GALACTIC RlG 4 months ago


  • giorgos1503197
    giorgos1503197 4 months ago

    *YOU SPEAK VERY FAST... STUPID "Rufian journalist" citizen of United States of Antichrist*

  • MyEyesBled
    MyEyesBled 4 months ago

    Can she read?... Nope!

  • Mike Sully
    Mike Sully 4 months ago +1

    That wasn't a HARD LANDING

  • muffhugger jones 86
    muffhugger jones 86 4 months ago +16

    Survived the crash but will he survive the diseases he got from the nasty @$$ Hudson river

  • Gnu Brown
    Gnu Brown 4 months ago +1

    Y is this news!! Ppl in Michigan need water wtf, Chicago u die getting hot dog & this is news!! Nvr any solutions!!!!

  • SonOfTexas 1836
    SonOfTexas 1836 4 months ago +4

    Oh here we go, I bet he is gonna get his own movie now

  • Ted Byerly
    Ted Byerly 4 months ago +10

    You need to give up reporting.. You were all over the place.. Made no sense..

  • Rolandboyd.rb60  Boyd
    Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd 4 months ago +1

    is Sully Sullivan flying helicopters now

    • Connie Crawford
      Connie Crawford 4 months ago

      Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd LOL on Harrison Ford !

    • Rolandboyd.rb60  Boyd
      Rolandboyd.rb60 Boyd 4 months ago +1

      Connie Crawford oh you're right thanks I knew it had to be either him or Harrison Ford

    • Connie Crawford
      Connie Crawford 4 months ago +1

      His last name is not Sullivan but Sullenberger!

  • Paid to Drive!
    Paid to Drive! 4 months ago +2

    Holy crap!

    LAST CALL 4 months ago +1

    *He was a libturd searching for the mythical "blue wave".*

    • Rs Rt
      Rs Rt 4 months ago

      Unofficial statistic taken from the Doctors that perform the FAA class physicals is that the majority of pilots tend to be conservative.
      Perhaps it's just the left leaning ones that crash.

    • JT
      JT 4 months ago +3


  • Scott Wise
    Scott Wise 4 months ago +7

    "There was only one person on board... the pilot" Ya Think

  • Derek T
    Derek T 4 months ago +2

    Well that's not where he's supposed to park it...silly goose.

    • Rs Rt
      Rs Rt 4 months ago +1

      Hey, it's New York.
      YOU try to find a parking spot in Manhattan on a work day.

  • J B
    J B 4 months ago

    It was a Blade helicopter, a water landing. He couldn’t make it to the landing pad

  • MusicMoviesGames
    MusicMoviesGames 4 months ago +1

    I was hoping to see flames, and a huge helicopter crash! God I'm awful lol.

  • Jonas
    Jonas 4 months ago

    not again

  • wayne p
    wayne p 4 months ago +3

    the weird thing happening to the landing skids as it passes below the fence line is the inflatable floats used on helicopters that are used around water. stops the helicopter from sinking or rolling over on its side if the pilot can set the copter down on the water..

    • wayne p
      wayne p 4 months ago

      @Slartybarfast B there are military copters with that feature. heck.. i want to mount one of those on the top of sail boat masts.. so if there is a blow over. or a capsize.. they inflate and the sail boat rights itself. it might need to eject from the top of the mast. or just be a round buoy that inflates. heck.. do you see the flat plastic panels under the sides of truck trailers.. somebody read that in a reply i made about 10 or 12 years ago.. i see them all over now..

    • Slartybarfast B
      Slartybarfast B 4 months ago

      @wayne p it almost seems like there should be floats at the top of the cabin on both sides instead. Helicopters roll over in water so stopping the roll over at the heaviest point (top) seems logical. A helicopter on it's side is better than upside down. If you invent it, cut me a percentage please.

    • wayne p
      wayne p 4 months ago +1

      @Slartybarfast B the do stop it sinking to the bottom though .

    • Slartybarfast B
      Slartybarfast B 4 months ago +1

      @wayne p They only work if you land the helicopter on water. All bets are off if you crash into water.

    • wayne p
      wayne p 4 months ago

      @matty t the CNN news store showed the chopper turned turtle floating upsidedown with big yellow pontoons holding it up.

  • dogmeat jesus
    dogmeat jesus 4 months ago

    They say not to get out to fast because the blades will cut off your head

  • goapebilly
    goapebilly 4 months ago +14

    newscaster is a friggin idiot and clueless nice incompetent reporting once again!

  • Richard Ralph Roehl
    Richard Ralph Roehl 4 months ago +17

    The pilot was damn lucky. Helicopter crashes almost always result in fatalities.

    • Richard Ralph Roehl
      Richard Ralph Roehl 4 months ago +1

      @sas haqs
      I never click on links posted by people too damn lazy to provide a brief synopsis of the link.

    • Richard Ralph Roehl
      Richard Ralph Roehl 4 months ago

      @Rs Rt
      You talk "accidents". I talk crashes.

    • breezyjr
      breezyjr 4 months ago

      Rs Rt was going to say the same thing, but I didn’t have the stats. Thanks

    • Rs Rt
      Rs Rt 4 months ago +5

      According to the FAA list of 2018 rotorcraft Accidents and Statistic, there were 134 helicopter accidents last year and 28 fatalities. Even assuming that each fatality was associated with it's own separate accident, that would mean that there is a 21% chance of dying in a helicopter accident.
      In short, the real world data does not support your opinion that a helicopter crash "almost always" result in a fatality, let alone multiple fatalities.

    • Christopher
      Christopher 4 months ago

      He is extremely lucky, to not get trapped inside and drown....

  • movie guy
    movie guy 4 months ago +2

    The pilot did not su... suffer injuries

  • King Baldwin IV
    King Baldwin IV 4 months ago +7

    He was texting for sure.