• Published on Oct 14, 2019
  • I taught my brother how to skip and scared him when he was playing VR!
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Comments • 225

  • Lena Mackay
    Lena Mackay 28 days ago

    My dad has that jacket 😂

  • Lena Mackay
    Lena Mackay 28 days ago

    Can we get another zombie vid with you and joe? Bc that was hilarious 😂

  • Cheese_and _crackers

    I challenge you to not say ‘oh my word’ for a full 24 hours do you accept the challenge?

  • Tia P
    Tia P Month ago

    Can you make more Minecraft videos with James please

  • Thomas Peebles
    Thomas Peebles Month ago

    Panthers are super bowl winners

  • Thomas Peebles
    Thomas Peebles Month ago

    Go panthers

  • Thomas Peebles
    Thomas Peebles Month ago

    Go Carolina panthers

  • Thomas Peebles
    Thomas Peebles Month ago

    Carolina panthers are going to the super bowl and win because they are the best

  • Daniel Kiersey
    Daniel Kiersey Month ago

    Technology haul

  • Mst rmf898
    Mst rmf898 Month ago


  • Priyanka Ahmed
    Priyanka Ahmed Month ago

    how has james never skipped before? lol

  • Mollie Dumbleton
    Mollie Dumbleton Month ago

    There like 30 p

  • Sharpey's World
    Sharpey's World Month ago

    30p fredo

  • Kaching
    Kaching Month ago +2

    U have gone downhill mate

  • Krypto98
    Krypto98 Month ago

    Alex is cute 🤗

  • Fahim Rahman
    Fahim Rahman Month ago +1

    Long long time ago: by 2015 we will have flying cars

  • Shareen Khan
    Shareen Khan Month ago

    Fredos are 25p

  • Destiny Sampson
    Destiny Sampson Month ago

    The chocolate sweet is 25 p

  • Joeseph Llewellyn
    Joeseph Llewellyn Month ago

    What's the app called

  • Stanley Lane
    Stanley Lane Month ago

    Fred is cost 25p

  • Cody Chester
    Cody Chester Month ago

    25 p

  • Sam Rutledge
    Sam Rutledge Month ago


  • Hannah Jane
    Hannah Jane Month ago

    Could u make more brother Minecraft videos pls x

  • Claire Speight
    Claire Speight Month ago

    He does 10 but my boxing coach makes us do 100 in 3 mins

  • Jack Grealis
    Jack Grealis Month ago

    Love your vids

  • Leo Davies
    Leo Davies Month ago

    Oli white brother Eyebrows get thicker as he go through puberty

  • Sadie Howells
    Sadie Howells Month ago

    Freddos are 25p x

  • missy missy
    missy missy Month ago

    Unpopular opinion: If James opens his TheXvid channel right now and move away from Oli White it’s over with Oli’s TheXvid career.
    Edit: and Oli knows that by the way... reason why he won’t encourage him to start TheXvid now.

  • Libby Garnham
    Libby Garnham Month ago +1

    I think the skipping rope is to long for James as it is dragging on the floor xx love you so much ❤️ ❤️

  • James Bellamy
    James Bellamy Month ago +2

    “are you walking on the floor” can’t just be me that laughed

  • Maisie B
    Maisie B Month ago


  • Maisie B
    Maisie B Month ago

    25p for one freddo bar 🤙🏼

  • lindsey nobody
    lindsey nobody Month ago +1

    That isn't the correct way to jump rope at all... You aren't meant to jump only when the rope is almost at your feet! You're supposed to do sort of a small jump in between as well. No class is going to let him jump rope like that... it defeats the purpose!

  • Sophie Hine
    Sophie Hine Month ago


  • Sam Foggo
    Sam Foggo Month ago


  • K.F.C Chicken
    K.F.C Chicken Month ago

    What is the shoe app called?

  • max Dunne
    max Dunne Month ago +3

    Oli and James should have a cook off against joe and Diane

  • Freya Bellingham
    Freya Bellingham Month ago

    Freddo’s are 25p

  • Charlie Killick
    Charlie Killick Month ago

    Fredos are 50p

  • Steven croucher Speaking

    Go to a restaurant!

  • Steven croucher Speaking

    What are Freddy’s?

  • Steven croucher Speaking

    James is like me he doesn’t want to hurt anybodies feelings !

  • Mathew Williams
    Mathew Williams Month ago

    Christmas decorations up in October it's a bit early for Christmas also freddos are 25p each

  • Hollie Dent
    Hollie Dent Month ago

    A shop where I live sells Freddo’s for £1.10

  • Lennon Dunn
    Lennon Dunn Month ago

    James is just dosey thats why hes funny

  • GetDatPromo
    GetDatPromo Month ago

    Oli back at it with the materialism. You don’t need to rub it in everyone’s face, guess you never heard the world humble before !

  • Luis Højfeldt
    Luis Højfeldt Month ago

    You and James should box


    Whats That shoe app

  • Nicole Kerrigan
    Nicole Kerrigan Month ago +2

    What else can James not do and make another video 😂🙏❤️

  • Suraya Andrews
    Suraya Andrews Month ago

    At my local Tesco Extra Freddos cost 35p when there on offer but when there not there 50p and I’m just like 😱 I remember when they were 5p 😂 xoxo

  • white werewolf18
    white werewolf18 Month ago

    Play call duty mobile together that would be awesome

  • ShowbizSeven04
    ShowbizSeven04 Month ago


  • Will Hudson
    Will Hudson Month ago +1

    Wow!! James can skip🤣

  • Josh Copsey
    Josh Copsey Month ago

    Sorry oli fredos are 55p

  • Ellis Wood
    Ellis Wood Month ago +5

    Bet this doesn’t get a heart 😢

    • Turtle
      Turtle Month ago

      you won the bet :))

    • Ellis Wood
      Ellis Wood Month ago

      Carla Clifford yes you can

  • Haris Qadeer
    Haris Qadeer Month ago +1

    Fredo’s are now 30p

  • oliver salmon
    oliver salmon Month ago

    james needs to grow up

  • Isobell Cooke
    Isobell Cooke Month ago +4

    James is so funny I can’t lie or not laugh when hi is so funny
    Fredos are 25p I was just eating one

  • Rafi Rahman
    Rafi Rahman Month ago

    is james dumb or something

  • matthew murphy
    matthew murphy Month ago

    What the app call what you can have a look at the shoes on your feet