Speed Dating 9 Men Based On Their Dancing

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Comments • 80

  • Jubilee
    Jubilee  2 months ago +536

    What things do you all look for on a first date? Chemistry? Values? Conversation? ... dance moves? The best ideas and inspiration for our episodes can come from hearing stories & perspectives from the people around us - so fire away :)

    • Zand Ortamo
      Zand Ortamo Month ago


    • Jazzi Sexton
      Jazzi Sexton Month ago

      You guys should do follow ups of the people that ended up together to see if they’re dating or what has happened since then.

    • W h a t e v e r
      W h a t e v e r Month ago +1

      Please do one on speed dating guys/girls based on their poetry. (to be done with a group of poets)

    • kasian009
      kasian009 Month ago

      Nina Masic Suave Girls by Def Manic.

    • Laurence Gaudreau
      Laurence Gaudreau Month ago

      Jubilee their origins like if they are asian or african iam in love

  • Jamonica aricy
    Jamonica aricy 39 minutes ago

    Adarsh sweety you’re beautiful 😍 I was literally waiting for that mask to COME OFF 🗣

  • Ankit tiwari
    Ankit tiwari 5 hours ago

    Dancers always appreciate each other.

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz 11 hours ago +1


  • Joseph Grasman
    Joseph Grasman 15 hours ago

    She kinda got a stache

  • Mayanin Munoz
    Mayanin Munoz 21 hour ago

    What's the. Name of the song?

  • Angelie Romero
    Angelie Romero 22 hours ago

    That second to last guy was bold as fuck anyone else see that lip bite😂

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    6:11 "-if its not right fit i'll just keep going do tiktok dances ahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    6:11 "-if its not right fit i'll just keep going do tiktok dances ahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    6:11 "-if its not right fit i'll just keep going do tiktok dances ahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    6:11 "-if its not right fit i'll just keep going do tiktok dances ahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    6:11 "-if its not right fit i'll just keep going do tiktok dances ahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    2:47 he is like a TIKTOK dancer ahahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    2:47 he is like a TIKTOK dancer ahahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    2:47 he is like a TIKTOK dancer ahahahah

  • duia
    duia Day ago

    2:47 he is like a TIKTOK dancer ahahahah

  • Jess L
    Jess L Day ago

    is tim k from twin my heart season 1? 😂

  • Javion Metcalf
    Javion Metcalf Day ago

    He was on twin my heart season 1

  • jo
    jo 2 days ago

    TIM H INSTANTLY DREW ME IN SDSJJFJS speaking as a dancer too myself i loved his vibe sjdjs

  • Danielle_xx
    Danielle_xx 2 days ago +1

    yea *hahah*
    you were good *hahaha*
    sorry *hahahahh*

    _this triggered me_

  • Evan Jair Esqueda
    Evan Jair Esqueda 2 days ago

    5:32 I have never felt pain this deep

  • The Sakhi Fantasy Planet

    The final Tim is the one from Twin my heart.. Anyone from there recognized him

  • Xelav
    Xelav 3 days ago

    She'd be a perfect Starfire for a teentitans irl.

  • raven
    raven 3 days ago

    It was cute having the eliminated boys admit being whipped for her

  • sweetener
    sweetener 3 days ago

    if park jimin or jung hoseok were there

  • Technicality
    Technicality 3 days ago

    Why they all Asian

  • Aziz N
    Aziz N 3 days ago

    How to spot a break dancer ?
    He will keep moving Everytime he hear a song.

  • Sophia B
    Sophia B 3 days ago

    people that can dance
    me: imma take you all guys thats it

  • O C E A N I C
    O C E A N I C 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else realize that Tim K. Is from the first season on Twin My Heart???? ♡
    Like if you realized to!

  • Remy Le-bridge
    Remy Le-bridge 4 days ago

    All your contestants are always mainly Asian, need more diversity

  • Ricky Njoku
    Ricky Njoku 4 days ago +1

    anyone else remember tim from that vanessa merrel thing

  • Yash Panjrath
    Yash Panjrath 4 days ago

    i can't unsee how orange she is like chill damn

  • TheFanCritic
    TheFanCritic 4 days ago

    This. This is how I believe ancient humans competed for mates. In addition to singing.

  • TheFanCritic
    TheFanCritic 4 days ago

    Speed dating based on their MVs (AMVs, MAPs, Crackvids, etc)

  • C She
    C She 4 days ago +1

    It would’ve been hilarious if there was a tiktok dancer in there 😂

  • catherine arreola
    catherine arreola 4 days ago +3

    He's so cute.🥺 "You gonna be disappointed, this mask was protecting me."

  • Beth Yh
    Beth Yh 4 days ago

    " fr she was cute tho hehehjskdhhh "

  • Jorel funny, random, cute moments

    isnt tim from that dating show with the merrel twins?

  • yung jose
    yung jose 5 days ago +1

    This woman looking like a Tamaranean lol

  • Its_MJ_BTW
    Its_MJ_BTW 5 days ago

    Any body remember Tim from twin my love

  • Shabi Dhabi
    Shabi Dhabi 5 days ago

    Black people are pro at getting get girls easily

  • A_wAnNaBe
    A_wAnNaBe 5 days ago

    Where the kpop dances at??

  • theresa
    theresa 5 days ago +1

    bro its like those paradise birds that do mating dances to get the females

  • Electrickz
    Electrickz 5 days ago

    Why is Caroline orange

  • Ace D
    Ace D 6 days ago

    What about the wepa

  • ꧁༒𓆩 🄰🅅🄳🄷🅄🅃 𓆪༒꧂


  • emilie wubs
    emilie wubs 6 days ago

    This is the only video in which the guys actually wanted to date the girl so badly

  • Lulu Mpofu
    Lulu Mpofu 6 days ago +1

    It looks like she tanned her face

  • Jessica Torres
    Jessica Torres 7 days ago


  • gogoflame Cast
    gogoflame Cast 7 days ago

    i have never cringed so hard before

  • Ponce
    Ponce 7 days ago

    Tim H’s pants were fire, where’d he get thoseeeee?

  • Levi van der Ceelen
    Levi van der Ceelen 7 days ago

    Any bboy's in watching this vid?

  • Saanvi B.
    Saanvi B. 7 days ago +2

    i just realized that tim k. was from twin my heart for nessa

  • D. Stax
    D. Stax 8 days ago

    What did was victor doing

  • Mira AlKadri
    Mira AlKadri 8 days ago

    Did she actually paint herself totally with foundation

  • addie lewis
    addie lewis 8 days ago

    they should do like a lgbtq+ one🥺

  • Prestige Doggy
    Prestige Doggy 9 days ago


  • Prestige Doggy
    Prestige Doggy 9 days ago

    TikTok dancers

  • Honey Buns
    Honey Buns 9 days ago

    Tim H. stole my heart-

  • Honey Buns
    Honey Buns 9 days ago


  • Honey Buns
    Honey Buns 9 days ago

    Nothing is sexier than a guy that can dance- can’t change my mind

    YOINK 9 days ago +1

    8:30 😂🤪😂🤪 ASIAN LICKED HIS LIPS!!!!

  • Cheyenne Wardell
    Cheyenne Wardell 9 days ago

    i really didnt think she was going to eliminate Tim

  • I Like Turtles With Big pp

    Me: oh I’ve seen this vid before

  • Diego Achon
    Diego Achon 9 days ago

    She picked a fellow yellow fellow

  • Rachel Conley
    Rachel Conley 9 days ago

    Idea: speed dating based on what martial arts people do

  • potato hello
    potato hello 10 days ago +2

    I just notice the guy Tim was in another dating show of the Merrell twins

  • Maricon Nyah
    Maricon Nyah 10 days ago


  • sxc mia
    sxc mia 10 days ago

    Alot of asains/chinese

  • sansans
    sansans 10 days ago

    the boy she chose is sooooooo good i love that she chose him :(

  • Savana Deer
    Savana Deer 10 days ago

    Ok but wasn’t Tim K on the dating show with the Merrell twins???

  • gamesforlife 1
    gamesforlife 1 10 days ago

    Tim: ( takes off mask )


  • helooits :D
    helooits :D 10 days ago +1

    Is it Timothy from twin my Heart??

  • Charlene Oosterman
    Charlene Oosterman 10 days ago

    Why is she like, idek, dark yellow..?

  • Alexzandra O’Neal
    Alexzandra O’Neal 11 days ago

    wait like the tim from twin my heart

  • Reagan S
    Reagan S 11 days ago

    She was in the dancing with the girls one!

  • ChaosHex
    ChaosHex 11 days ago +1

    Isn’t Tim from that merrel twins show on TheXvid where one of them try to find a date

  • Al-X Lu
    Al-X Lu 11 days ago +1

    Yes someone not racist 👍

  • Benjam1n
    Benjam1n 11 days ago

    The last black dude doesnt have eyes lol

  • Sekandi
    Sekandi 12 days ago

    Cmon just let my man Larry vibe