Shireen Abu Akleh: Videos contradict Israeli account of killing

  • Published on May 11, 2022
  • Investigations by Al Jazeera and the rights group B’Tselem have challenged Israel’s initial account that Palestinian gunfire could have killed reporter Shireen Abu Akleh.

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  • Sello C
    Sello C 14 days ago +89

    How sad that the International symbols that identify the PRESS was simply ignored. It’s barbaric
    To remain silent in the face of oppression and injustice is a crime in itself.
    This is not about who you support in the Israeli Palestinian conflict
    It is about an International order that guarantees the safety of Journalists that all upright and honest leaders must defend.

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 8 days ago

      @Patricia Lamb as one who watch only one side, says that "you only watch one side"?, palestnians automatically blamed israel without checking anything ..

    • Jeffrey Schwarz
      Jeffrey Schwarz 8 days ago

      @Patricia Lamb No offense but you have no idea what you are talking about. I posted a response and TheXvid removed it. You know nothing of the situation or the people you admire. Watch the YT video put out by the Israel Guys. It will answer many questions. Besides even the Palestinian autopsy failed to show who did the deed. The video makes a strong case for the Palestinians killing the reporter. And, the parents of the reporter wanted a quiet funeral which was agreed upon until the Palestinians ruined it, and brought guns. Watch the video as Palestinians fire at the police and watch and listen to one Palestinian admit he killed a soldier and saw him fall. Only none were killed or shot. So who did he shoot? Use your intelligence.

  • Muhammad Mahtab
    Muhammad Mahtab 14 days ago +46

    Please use words like 'Assassinated' or 'Martyred' A warrior of truth deserves it.

    • John Fleming
      John Fleming 6 days ago

      @Jeffrey Schwarz exactly my point. We shouldn't pre-empt the investigation. Both Israeli and palestine law enforcement officials should work hand in hand to achieve justice. We should unite not divide. She's not a martyr, she's not assassinated,but yes she is a victim.

    • Jeffrey Schwarz
      Jeffrey Schwarz 6 days ago

      We don't even know who killed her. Could have been the Palestinians whose own investigation was inconclusive as to who did the deed. It was a ridiculous incident that the Palestinians turned into a confrontation led by instigators. So martyr, no, accidental victim yes.

    • John Fleming
      John Fleming 6 days ago

      Nope let us stop using those words. She died but not assassinated for what grounds? Also she isn't a martyr. Stop using it. It will only grow hatred to the hearts of the people. We only need unity to make her death not in vain. To help her we needed each and everyone to gain justice. Not hatred but unity.

    ALI KULLUK 13 days ago +15

    God bless her and rest her beautiful soul!

  • WeeWeeJumbo
    WeeWeeJumbo 14 days ago +33


  • Max Fernandes
    Max Fernandes 13 days ago +8

    Shireen, you're a martyr 😭😭😭😭

    • David X
      David X 12 days ago

      Just like Mandela.R.I.P we love and salute you Shireen

  • Yusuf Sheikh
    Yusuf Sheikh 13 days ago +18

    If she was bbc reporter the west would spoke by now

    • Kate Åström
      Kate Åström 13 days ago +2

      Sweet Yusuf, I'm in the UK and it was reported on immediately here. When the second video was released it was also discussed immediately. Every article and news item that I have seen describes how implausible it is that poor Shireen was caught up in that gun fight. Regardless, it's very obvious to anyone who saw the video of Shireen and her team that the two videos show very different situations in a different area. So sad.

  • Samiur Rahman Chowdhury
    Samiur Rahman Chowdhury 11 days ago +3

    This ain't the first time they are lying

  • Amir Fahmi
    Amir Fahmi 14 days ago +23

    Israel voted yes for Russia to be expelled from the UN Human Rights Council.

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      @Marwa Bahdad The Palestinian people were invented by the KGB and their asset, Yasser Arafat. They were never one people, with one people ideology.

    • Marwa Bahdad
      Marwa Bahdad 9 days ago

      @Shaina Zion also give me please proofs of these archeological arguments

    • Marwa Bahdad
      Marwa Bahdad 9 days ago

      @Shaina Zion just because a society exists in a place without a unified government or name this doesnt man they dont have shared religion, culture and heritage. Palestine may have not existed before Israel, but the Palestinian people existed long before

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      @Marwa Bahdad People who moved there 50 to 100 years ago in 1948 are Not Natives. When they dig in the soil they find Hebrew writing, not Arabic. When they talk about the history of the land they mean Jewish history, not Palestinian history. When Archeologists dig in the soil they find Jewish antiquities, not any from any Palestinian people. There were between 250,000 and 350,000 people in this land for thousands of years, today there are over 14 million. They lived in houses of mudbrick without indoor plumbing and got Malaria and Typhus from the poor conditions here. The Palestinians for the most part came to this area of the Ottoman Empire or the British Mandate due to the Jews returning and rebuilding their country.

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      @Marwa Bahdad Its two very different things! When the Arabs came in the seven hundreds and made the country Muslim. The Jews were in this country for twenty five hundred years already! How many years were the Europeans in America when the boatloads of Europeans came?
      There has been Jews in Eretz Yisroil for over 3800 years. Through all different leaders. You think these people are the Natives?? They are NOT! Most are here only 150 years. They came to this land from Egypt in the 1800s, to escape the many political wars there, them from Syria, as laborers, from Lebanon and Jordan also.
      These people aren't Natives, the about 30% of the original people that called themselves as Arabs in 1948 were from this land, and those people had Jewish ancestry.
      Watch Misinai Tzvi's TheXvid channel, especially the Video, *"Palestinians of Jewish Origin higher resolution"*

  • bwalya muyobela
    bwalya muyobela 13 days ago +5

    With advances in ballistics. Can’t they recover bullets from the seen and determine what kind of weapon was used . Unless either there are no bullets to recover and both the Israelis and Palestinians use the same weapons.

    • E G
      E G 8 days ago

      @S how do you know? Evidence?

    • S
      S 9 days ago

      @graciepoo That's complete and utter nonsense. Try again.

    • Fazeela Laher
      Fazeela Laher 13 days ago +1

      I didn't know pslestinians had guns 😳 .
      Israel has to blame some1
      The other journalist last year was so badly treated although she said shes a journalist.
      The lies are catching up with them

  • Sadad Al Islam
    Sadad Al Islam 14 days ago +44

    We want Justice

    • தமிழன் டா
      தமிழன் டா 14 days ago

      India against violence
      India against Israel
      India support Palestine

    • தமிழன் டா
      தமிழன் டா 14 days ago +2

      India against violence
      India against Israel
      India support Palestine

  • Freddy Streamz
    Freddy Streamz 13 days ago +3

    A call to everyone STAND UP for justice and equality, otherwise sit down and keep your mouth shut

  • Rishabh Dwivedi
    Rishabh Dwivedi 8 days ago +1

    RIP Shireen 🙏

  • Marwa Durukan
    Marwa Durukan 13 days ago +9

    Free Palestine ❤️

    • Marwa Durukan
      Marwa Durukan Day ago

      @Rajkumar Ganesh Only time will tell brother.

  • fear less warrior
    fear less warrior 10 days ago +1

    May God bless her

    MD FARAZ 13 days ago +1

    Rise Voice of westmedia sport Al-Jazeera 👍

  • Mohamad Modathr
    Mohamad Modathr 13 days ago +6

    تحيا فلسطين، والرحمة والمغفره لكل شهدائها الأبرار.

    PSMS NELSON WARADIL ALIH 13 days ago +22

    May Allah forgive the sin of cowardice OIC 57 Muslim countries for not defending protecting masjidil Aqsa and Palestine and Muslim India human rights abuses and illegal masjid demolition.
    May Allah soften the heart of the Muslim countries for unity and peace and progress.
    And may Allah softhen the heart of the ENEMY TO ACCEPT ISLAM IS THIER RELIGION AMEEN

    • Swee Yong
      Swee Yong 9 days ago

      may allah and other allahs give her the opportunity to become a president of her country. she deserves it. do you agree.
      citizens like her deserve to be president of their country.
      what say you.

  • Hans Bjorkman
    Hans Bjorkman 14 days ago +36

    The Israeli racist state strikes again! In South Africa it was called apartheid, why isn’t that word ever used in media about Israel.
    During the boycott , SA beer was available in Israel! White SA and Israeli shared the same mindset.

    • Jeffrey Schwarz
      Jeffrey Schwarz 8 days ago

      One day in the future you will understand what apartheid means, but today is not the day, and neither is tomorrow. Why not try again in a decade, if you go to school.

    • Lindrisca Mbou
      Lindrisca Mbou 8 days ago

      Ces images peuvent être celle d'un autre jour😏😏rien ne vous innocente bande de menteurs vous l'avez tués

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      Because Arabs and Jews are equal in Israel. There is no Apartheid in Israel.

  • کوروش
    کوروش 13 days ago +1


  • Hilly91
    Hilly91 11 days ago +2

    Whats amazing is that by the grace of God, he didn't let the coffin hit the ground

    • LJ
      LJ 10 days ago

      God protects his own 🙏

  • Radio G
    Radio G 14 days ago +31

    D A W N with m urderous apartheid regime.
    Free Palestine 🇵🇸✌️

  • **ধানসিঁড়ির দেশে** ALAMGIR HUSSAIN

    It is surprising to think that a nation can be so barbaric in the 21st century

    • je suis Palestinien
      je suis Palestinien 12 days ago +2

      @linda jackson
      He is talking about Shireens assassination. So stick to the subject matter.
      Or are you a zionist, and are trolling on here to belittle, denigrate and propagate Jewish agenda.

    • linda jackson
      linda jackson 13 days ago +3

      Hasn't alot of nations been barbaric thought out history

  • toni g
    toni g 13 days ago +4

    I mean so you really expect that Israel’s investigation will be free of bias. Ridiculous shouldn’t even give that idea any attention

    • toni g
      toni g 8 days ago

      @Patricia Lamb exactly

    • Patricia Lamb
      Patricia Lamb 8 days ago

      @toni g The journalists around, have ALL said it was the IDH, to the point that the prime minister had to take back what he said, in the beginning, blaming the Palestinians.

  • Micheal Nicholas
    Micheal Nicholas 14 days ago +1

    now the war will end. everyone of them will hold off their fire now . what a waste and shame .

  • Dante
    Dante 11 days ago


  • Khosro Aftabsavar
    Khosro Aftabsavar 14 days ago +10

    God bless resistant group.🇱🇧🇮🇶🇯🇴🇮🇷🇸🇾✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️✌️

  • MFH
    MFH 12 days ago

    Someone please call BLM and Rev. Al Sharpton in on this, they'll figure it out.

  • S
    S 9 days ago

    How anyone can consider this a serious news outlet is a mystery. There is no objectivity or honesty here.

  • Global Hostel
    Global Hostel 5 days ago

    World are silent,
    No justice anymore in the world??

  • Ram Borhan
    Ram Borhan 11 days ago +1

    In the end, no one will lift a finger on the Zionists over this. That is the saddest truth...

  • vek vok
    vek vok 10 days ago +1


  • MairePC O'D
    MairePC O'D 11 days ago


  • Ao
    Ao 11 days ago

    Where are the sanctions against Israel?

  • Jason C.
    Jason C. 14 days ago +26

    No one has yet too condemn Israel 🤦🏻‍♀️

    • Likhith
      Likhith 7 days ago

      @citricrat that's a Buddhist way of dharma I follow Lord Krishna way of dharma

    • citricrat
      citricrat  7 days ago

      @Likhith live according to Dhamma so Damma will protect you- Lord Buddha

    • Likhith
      Likhith 7 days ago

      @citricrat dharma also teaches me to defeat Adharma.

    • Likhith
      Likhith 7 days ago

      @தமிழன் டா I'm an indian we are investing heavily in isareli arms 2 billion dollars of weapons and you say we support Palestine 🤣🤣🤣if you follow current affairs.
      There is no such thing as humanity if you see history power is absolute and isarel is absolute 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱

  • RelativelyCivilized
    RelativelyCivilized 13 days ago +2

    So they are this arrogant when they are in power?

  • Rashid Ahmed
    Rashid Ahmed 13 days ago +2

    Boycott Israeli journalist and reporters world wide🔥🔥🔥

  • Malik Iskandar
    Malik Iskandar 13 days ago +3

    even the little boy who play fortnite knew that the person who shot the journalist was not the man in the video because he was using an AK (a heavy weapon that has the strongest recoil so how could he want to shoot the journalist right in the head at a distance of 200 meters ) 😒😒.

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 11 days ago

      @Hata Sakuta from what i have saw , aljazera never says the full story it shows only the part that helps palestine , in israel news it shows all story even if it hurts them , so who i will believe? Israel doesnt says its not their fault 100% its says its unlikely idf soldiers to shoot journalist(doesnt help them look what it did even if no proof that idf shot)

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 13 days ago

      Have you been on the scene? , did you see idf soldier shoot her? Last time i checked there are no clear evidence from checking the body that idf shoot the woman

  • Noni
    Noni 13 days ago +14

    No it wasn’t a Palestinian 🙄🙄take accountability Israel literally other press that was with her said that IDF shot at them

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      @Marwa Bahdad The other journalists works for al Jezeera. Israel destroyed the al Jezeera building in Gaza last summer because they were shooting rockets ftom it.

    • Noni
      Noni 12 days ago

      @Αρκαδικό αστέρι boutv

    • Noni
      Noni 12 days ago

      @Pasha Pavlov go away u bout 🤣

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 13 days ago

      @Nur Musfirah what kind of things you talk about?

  • Garry Slater
    Garry Slater 14 days ago +8

    Ha ha busted.

  • Barry Sila
    Barry Sila 12 days ago +4

    It's a shame what Israel is doing.. totally unacceptable

  • Mansur Ahmed
    Mansur Ahmed 13 days ago


  • MOjoMan
    MOjoMan 13 days ago +1

    So question for alJazeera - what will you do next ..?

  • Hz. haLiT bin VeLit el dalyaprak

    Funny 😂😂😂😂
    💙🤍 ❤🤍
    Shalom Israel Todah Israel 👍👍👍👍

  • aniza Pileges
    aniza Pileges 5 days ago

    The prophet pbuh doesn't want the oppressed person.the most beloved of prophet pbuh is oppressed.remember how much God loves his servants on earth.because there is always testing.peopls patient are success in hereafter but bad people he deserves to hellfire ☝️🙏

  • fear less warrior
    fear less warrior 10 days ago

    May God stay her soul in jannah paradise beutiful soul

  • Sabontu Oromo
    Sabontu Oromo 13 days ago +1

    Justice human be. On the world

  • mustafa kamal
    mustafa kamal 3 days ago

    Those who killed the prophet Jesus do not have mercy on children, women and innocent people!

  • mohammed salman
    mohammed salman 14 days ago +2


  • Ggery Port
    Ggery Port 12 days ago +1

    *All intolerable act by non-Palestinians.*

  • John Fleming
    John Fleming 6 days ago

    Oh.. It was from the other side. It was not from the suspects.

  • cool cat
    cool cat 10 days ago

    Pelistinian adores her, thousand of pple palestanians mourn for her deceased..d isreail even do nit respect her casket..instead disturb d the mourners...

  • cool cat
    cool cat 10 days ago

    Has any isrealis show any respect to any palastinian if at all?

  • Vanacutt
    Vanacutt 12 days ago +1

    Where are the sanctions against Israel?

  • Bg Bg
    Bg Bg 11 days ago


  • Nelsa Correas
    Nelsa Correas 12 days ago +1

    Protest in her honor she was on their hit list shameful hidding the truth get out of Palestinian lands

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      If she was on their "Hit list" nobody would even suspect that she was killed by someone. Yes, they are that good.

  • chuck leo
    chuck leo 14 days ago


  • Noni
    Noni 12 days ago +1

    So many Israeli bouts loooool

  • Adriaan Swanepoel
    Adriaan Swanepoel 11 days ago


  • taj hotel
    taj hotel 11 days ago

    This is so sad when there is no respect for a people it is another matter but no respect for the dead is cruelty on another level. Meanwhile Arab leaders are mum if anything they should stop any oil or whatever they export to Israel but then greed is another matter.

    • Shaina Zion
      Shaina Zion 9 days ago

      Israel has its own oil. Maybe Israel should recall all the computer components it makes, amd printer components, and lasers, and computer programs, and medications........

  • cool cat
    cool cat 10 days ago

    Y d isrealis disturbed .... marching to d hospitals ??? Do not shiw any respect even to d dead?? Un accaptable...

  • Bg Bg
    Bg Bg 11 days ago

    רק בן גביר

  • Nilufar Karim
    Nilufar Karim 13 days ago


  • Brijesh Parui
    Brijesh Parui 12 days ago +2

    Good job done by Israeli forces
    What she doing between civil disturbances

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    TheXvid Google facebook Like from the

  • Dilshad Alam
    Dilshad Alam 14 days ago +6

    Free Palestine

  • Henry Nasal
    Henry Nasal 13 days ago

    It's concluded that the video is shot in the same area. it's convenient that the actual shooting was lost misplaced or deleted by the Palestinians side...

  • John Doe
    John Doe 13 days ago +1

    Look on the rooftop at 0:23 you can see a Palestinian gunman shooting in the very direction of the journalists, and since he isn't at street level he could very likely have shot her.

    • Fazeela Laher
      Fazeela Laher 13 days ago +4

      I think its a sniper 🤔
      Snipers don't miss
      Where do you find snipers.israeli sniper

    • Nur Musfirah
      Nur Musfirah 13 days ago +1

      Not a stranded area. It amaze me just how these bullets manages to get to her.

    • dabdab10
      dabdab10 13 days ago +1

      There's no one that roof.

  • Noni
    Noni 13 days ago +5

    Free Palestinian

    • Noni
      Noni 11 days ago

      @Pasha Pavlov depends if they are Palestinian yes

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 12 days ago

      @Noni justice for all who died because of terror , your support making them stronger

    • Noni
      Noni 12 days ago

      Justice for shireen

  • Rinato
    Rinato 13 days ago

    Who cares about video. Is this the video that contradict? 😂 😂 😂

  • coma cuma
    coma cuma 13 days ago +1


  • fidel catsro
    fidel catsro 14 days ago +2


    • S.M. Junayed
      S.M. Junayed 14 days ago +10

      If someone occupies your home, will you support them?

    • Joshua Laborde
      Joshua Laborde 14 days ago +8

      Do you have proof?

  • Steve Ndocha
    Steve Ndocha 13 days ago +7

    God protect Israel from their enemy🙏

    • E G
      E G 8 days ago +1

      But what if the enemy of God is Israel?

    • Patricia Lamb
      Patricia Lamb 8 days ago +2

      God protect Palestine, I've been there, and WOW I could not believe what Palestinians have to take. The many, many settlements are unbelievable! Why is Israel allowed to go and take their land? This is only a small part of what is going on there.

    • Samiur Rahman Chowdhury
      Samiur Rahman Chowdhury 11 days ago +2

      @Kate Åström Clearly it was Israel who did this.

  • linda jackson
    linda jackson 14 days ago +3

    Both sides their are killings and in both religions it says shall not kill

    • linda jackson
      linda jackson 12 days ago

      @citricrat hi why a question mark and why state what each side has this has nothing to do with what I've said ok

    • Abd Allah
      Abd Allah 13 days ago +1

      @Pasha Pavlov lol I quoted to you Moses 30k virgin captives , plus all world wars are related to you 70 millions in ww2 , more in ur history for example he French Wars of Religion (1562-98), the period of civil infighting between French Catholics and Protestant Huguenots. Between 3 million and 11 million were killed as a result of war , so don’t dare to tell me about my history

    • Kate Åström
      Kate Åström 13 days ago

      @Pasha Pavlov Pasha, I really like and agree with what you just wrote about leadership. It's a shame that it seems to have disappeared from this thread. Anyway, yes! And please, please can someone teach all of our leaders a big lesson on leadership.

  • coma cuma
    coma cuma 13 days ago


  • Dhakaiya Poribar
    Dhakaiya Poribar 14 days ago +3

    fake video

  • Rocky Beio
    Rocky Beio 14 days ago +4

    Free Israel.

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 13 days ago

      @Marwa Durukan wut , who is greedy?

    • Marwa Durukan
      Marwa Durukan 13 days ago

      Yes, from their own greed

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 13 days ago

      @lina sami from their crazy peoples? Yeah i agree

    • lina sami
      lina sami 13 days ago +1

      @Pasha Pavlov Free Palestine 🇵🇸🇵🇸🇵🇸

    • Pasha Pavlov
      Pasha Pavlov 13 days ago

      Free Israel!!

  • L Scott Schlager
    L Scott Schlager 14 days ago +1

    And speaking of false claims, let us ask why the Palestinians insist on conducting their own private investigation. That's all you really need to know and at the end of the day, whatever good this journalist might have done in the past means nothing. The Palestinian Arabs will see to it that her life meant nothing more than fodder for their propaganda machine. And speaking of impunity - check the record - on the rare occasion when an Israeli citizen commits a crime, he or she is tried by an Israeli court and imprisoned. Has the PA EVER arrested a Palestinian Arab for an act of terrorism? No, when an Arab Palestinian commits a crime against an Israeli citizen, he is paid with cold hard cash - not punished - rewarded!

  • gorilla
    gorilla 14 days ago +3

    U can not blame Israel, there are two sides of a coin