Dragon Ball Super: Broly Movie Trailer #2 - (English Dub Reveal) Exclusive - NYCC 2018


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  • Mannat Manohar
    Mannat Manohar 16 hours ago

    Please let the movie to come out to our country

  • Alec Jones
    Alec Jones 16 hours ago

    So are they rewriting the old 80s dbz ? Oh well time to reboot everything. The two thousand teens will be known as the reboot area. Can’t wait for this

  • Suranjan Pradhan
    Suranjan Pradhan 16 hours ago

    Is it real???

  • Fabio Pineda
    Fabio Pineda 17 hours ago

    We want blood

  • PokePersonPower
    PokePersonPower 18 hours ago

    ahh the art stye is amazing!!

    GTPHOTOGRAPHY - 18 hours ago

    I feel like all 3 of them are interconnected I really don’t want Broly to die

  • Farooq Hassan
    Farooq Hassan 18 hours ago

    Where is napa and raditz?

  • Norma Pulmis
    Norma Pulmis 18 hours ago +3

    🔵 *Dragon Ball Super: Broly ᴴᴰ (2OI8)* Fᴜʟʟ Mᴏᴠɪᴇ: t.co/b3HJyPtINb
    Amazing film 👍🏻
    Novi trending filmovi, preporučljivo je gledati !!

  • D'Aymian Pracht
    D'Aymian Pracht 19 hours ago +1

    I am SO pumped for this movie!! Way more than I was for resurrection f and battle gods.

  • Suquixgamer gd
    Suquixgamer gd 19 hours ago


  • Kevin Logue
    Kevin Logue 19 hours ago

    this looks dope AF

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 21 hour ago

    1:23 Vegeta looks intimidating and badass here, just how the prince of all saiyans is supoosed to look

  • PsychoJosh
    PsychoJosh 21 hour ago

    Just a reminder, Frieza did nothing wrong. By killing off the saiyans he did the universe a favor.

  • Carbonsteelblade The Original

    So is broly going to win this time around?

  • oscar q
    oscar q 22 hours ago

    "Select theaters?"
    Why not ALL theaters?!

  • Sebastián Hernández
    Sebastián Hernández 22 hours ago

    Yooo i cant wait for this movie

  • Ryuga Austin
    Ryuga Austin 22 hours ago

    I can’t wait for it to come out

  • Geoff Carsten
    Geoff Carsten 22 hours ago

    You know what? I think I’d love to see Broly take the center stage.

  • Power Surge
    Power Surge 22 hours ago +1

    Broly is the legend and he is strong but goku might kill him with ultra instinct. Vegeta is just a s strong arrogance prince who got got strong following goku everywhere.

  • Zachery Carrillo
    Zachery Carrillo 22 hours ago

    Going to be the greatest movie of all time idgaf what anyone says

  • Berny Fodjo
    Berny Fodjo 22 hours ago

    they said goku lost his memory’s while hitting his head on a rock when young and he became more gentle after that, maybe toriyama used that to tell us that his grandpa actually lied in making him and us believe that he arrived on earth as a baby

  • Ichiji
    Ichiji 22 hours ago

    1:24 Broly’s just mad that his One True Waifu Princess Trunks left before he could reach him 😔

  • Jakob S.
    Jakob S. 23 hours ago

    Hope Broly win this time

  • TraXXXtar
    TraXXXtar 23 hours ago


  • sharpshooter188
    sharpshooter188 23 hours ago

    This really needs to hurry tf up and get here.

  • Nobre™
    Nobre™ 23 hours ago +1

    Here we go "vegeta older than goku" comments...

    • Pz video art
      Pz video art 15 hours ago

      Well he is and I love people saying it cause it just points out how un cannon this is cause it just craps all over the original db continuity, shits just fan service 🤷‍♂️

  • _M
    _M 23 hours ago

    ahhhhhh mi pichula

  • Bobby Farmer
    Bobby Farmer Day ago

    Finally Brolly make his return and I can't wait for his origins story.

  • Yona Boyland
    Yona Boyland Day ago

    Wasn't vegeta born 5 years before goku and broly?

  • Jericho palero
    Jericho palero Day ago

    So vegeta, goku, and brolly are about the same age all along.

  • Austin McClung
    Austin McClung Day ago

    Is anyone else getting the vibe that broly will join Goku and Vegeta? It probably won’t happen, but it’d be kinda awesome if he did

  • Azzeddine KHIDER

    The best movie in the entire anime😍😍😍😍

  • Junior Guantes
    Junior Guantes Day ago

    I wonder what's gonna happen when Goku and Vegeta find out berus ordered frieza to blowup planet vegeta

  • Draco Trap
    Draco Trap Day ago

    Goku:Mom dad don’t go!!
    Bardock:Sorry Kakarot but we need to go.

  • MrEpic01
    MrEpic01 Day ago +1

    10/10 Goku will somehow bring back MUI. Also id like to see SSB Kiaoken x100 just for the lawlz Lmao

  • MrEpic01
    MrEpic01 Day ago +1

    Apparently Goku's Origin Story is the same as Superman's now... Getting sent off their home planet before it exploded... Are we supposed to forget Goku's true origin story??????

  • Arturo Boss
    Arturo Boss Day ago

    Ign why do you guys allways let me lnow when me phone is going to die 😠😠😠 like its annoying

  • Chris Wheeler
    Chris Wheeler Day ago

    I'm glad they're using db minus

  • robhartjr1993
    robhartjr1993 Day ago +1

    I'm assuming on Gokus way to earth he hits turbulence and gets knocked out and loses his memory.

  • Baba mama
    Baba mama Day ago

    The worst anime

  • Achyut Badyal
    Achyut Badyal Day ago

    The trailer states that three warriors were born at the same time but then why is Vegeta older than Goku. And if Broly was exiled then why does he hate Goku?

  • Yashmaan Sharma
    Yashmaan Sharma Day ago

    Dragonball series is going to 'ROCK' again. 🐲
    Hoping to learn more that what saiyans had gone through & what they actually are.

  • Shrivasthav Durgam

    Non sense. Vegeta is 5 years older than goku. Every one know that.

  • dragon ball beast

    Hello monkey 😂😂😂

  • Hikarix
    Hikarix Day ago

    I missed dragon ball so much T-T

  • Dat_Meme_Bro RB
    Dat_Meme_Bro RB Day ago

    We need Yamacha
    he is the only one who can defeat broly
    like come on its common sense guys

  • Isaiah Navarro
    Isaiah Navarro Day ago

    You know what be cool if goku got punched in the head by broly so hard his memory of his saiyan race comes back but he still stays the same the only difference is he feels some type of saiyan rage something grows back and he goes ultra instinct and kills freiza then beats up broly

  • MessyJesse Games

    Welp, i guess this movie is officially non-canon

  • Kahl-Reyn S. Tris


  • Villainous Scar
    Villainous Scar Day ago +1

    First of all vegeta is older than goku and broly by more than 3 years. Only goku and broly are the same age

  • Legendary Ssj Reaper

    This might not be a common movie due to all the inconsistencies but no matter what I'll probably love it

  • ArunRaj Abraham
    ArunRaj Abraham Day ago

    Goku is Superman!!!!!!

  • Caleb Alfred
    Caleb Alfred Day ago

    Wait is this legal cuz vegeta is thr same age as bulma and bulma is older than goku even if vegeta uses the time chamber in the real world it isnt your birthday cuz it was only one day if it was one day more and vegeta in the time chamber spent 1year and 1year =1day that means if hes birthday is now then he got 1year old 😕

  • D POPS
    D POPS Day ago +1

    Not canon

  • Slime Drip
    Slime Drip Day ago +1

    Bardock should be alive

  • red miner
    red miner Day ago

    this movie will come the day after my birthday

  • Freeway Shark
    Freeway Shark Day ago

  • GorutoUzumaki 2YT

    Goku ui please?

  • heroesytumbas
    heroesytumbas Day ago

    First trailer was much better. I couldn't care less about Goku's mom and sentimentalism.

  • Furios Depper
    Furios Depper Day ago

    WTF Broly and Goku are Younger than Vegeta by atleast 3 years older

  • MythGaming
    MythGaming Day ago +1

    why goku no wish back Grandpa Gohan / Or Planet Vegeta

    • UltraAnimaniac101
      UltraAnimaniac101 17 hours ago

      I think the Dragon can't bring people back who's been dead for more than a year.

  • Jamew7
    Jamew7 Day ago

    am not gonna miss this

  • ItssYooBoii
    ItssYooBoii Day ago

    Why it says three sayians were born at the same time...vegeta is older than goku and broly

  • Mario Zuñiga
    Mario Zuñiga Day ago

    1:01 wtf!!!??

  • Suresh Kumar
    Suresh Kumar Day ago +1

    I am gonna cry

  • Octavio Vélez Romero.

    Que asco.

    • Alan Maxi
      Alan Maxi 20 hours ago

      Tu das asco pelotudo de mierda

  • Jimmy Hoang
    Jimmy Hoang Day ago


  • Cero
    Cero Day ago

    So by the Frieza saga, the Ginyu Force has been around for like what? 30 years?

    NO FUN NO LIFE Day ago

    so in all short goku is another superman

  • XPopCornX
    XPopCornX Day ago

    The animation is horrible. Why rehash an old movie.

  • IRuinEverything
    IRuinEverything Day ago

    Broly will really deadlift Vegeta this time!!!

  • Rell Facts
    Rell Facts Day ago

    Dragon Ball Super: Retcon Movie

  • Joaqauin Camacho

    I'm confuse didn't kung Vegeta stab broly and escape when the planet was about to be destroyed and didn't bardock faced frieza and his army alone.

  • Orry Main
    Orry Main Day ago

    Goku= very powerful (hero)
    Broly= most powerful (legend)
    Vegeta= least powerful (the punching bag)

  • Franky's Dating
    Franky's Dating Day ago

    I wish Broly was in the cartoon more.

  • The Collector J-RUSS

    LIT 🔥🔥🔥

  • StarChar
    StarChar Day ago

    Hold on, if this movie is canon. Then the saiyan and frieza saga in Z just became not canon, and is effectively worthless.

  • Sammy Lopez
    Sammy Lopez Day ago

    Bro who going to watch it i will

  • The Robotic Snob


  • TheChosenOne
    TheChosenOne Day ago

    how come people die and u see em in the after life but king vegeta and bardock ud ont

  • Carlos Paradox
    Carlos Paradox Day ago

    Goku will have Limitations from his body he was born with...
    Broly was born with Insane power which Goku wasn't...

  • ZeskGames
    ZeskGames Day ago

    I can't tell you how much I love this trailer from 1:00 to 1:30, the dramatic music, kid Vegeta's signature arrogant smirk, baby Broly looking so adorable and innocent. (and of course that planet burst tho)

  • Alcar Godslayer
    Alcar Godslayer Day ago

    How can this be canon if we've been shown a completely different origin story

  • ko kobawi
    ko kobawi Day ago +1

    Freiza:who the heck are you
    Bordock:we are saiyan

  • Amethyst Rock
    Amethyst Rock Day ago +2

    I ain't gonna lie but the new upgrade for broly. He looking like a snack 😍😍😍
    But also are we just going to forget that vegeta is actually as old as bulma was when she first meet goku as a child. He wasn't born in the Sametime as goku broly was. Also vegeta was about 9 or maybe 7 when vegeta was destroyed while goku was just a baby. In the series he was sent to earth as a baby not a full grown child??? I don't mind the concept of it but it seems that the newer fans don't know this while the older ones like myself are like hmm 🤔🤔🤔what gives. So shouldn't they make in turn bulma a small child?

  • bcount1
    bcount1 Day ago

    I'm confused. Wasn't broly the guy that just screamed kakorot over and over

  • Dark Cloud
    Dark Cloud Day ago

    Where does Tarble fit in to this? I know he's not in the movie. But still..

  • IAmTheBigDogOfThisYard

    Looks dope.

  • єdgє
    єdgє Day ago

    This may be the first time we see Gine in an anime adaptation of the series.

  • Mach9330
    Mach9330 Day ago


  • marc
    marc Day ago

    Now, it's time for GT to be Canon.

  • Alisha Ramkissoon

    I have a feeling after his movie people are going to start hate Frieza ( sorry if I spelled it wrong )

  • Sparx Pichu
    Sparx Pichu Day ago


  • Nolan Vargas
    Nolan Vargas 2 days ago

    Wooooooooo super !

  • Hugo E.
    Hugo E. 2 days ago

    „... and one day i will have my revenge!!“... damn I love dbz

  • hhh hhh
    hhh hhh 2 days ago +1

    This trailer disappointed me

  • Fried Kalamari
    Fried Kalamari 2 days ago

    1:10 Bowser Jr? What are you doing here!

  • Youngwil
    Youngwil 2 days ago

    I hope krillins in the movie