Joe Rogan on the Dangers of Islam


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  • AK33M
    AK33M 43 minutes ago

    It is not our responsibility on any level to accommodate immigrants. We're struggling to get our own shit together. We don't need theirs added on. You want to become part of our team, then be ready to actually become part of our team.

  • Charles Rogers
    Charles Rogers Hour ago

    Religion is mans attempt to reach God!! I am non denomination Christian that opposes religion.. I read the Bible and whole the entirety of its context as true. Let me explain, it was written by I believe 49 authors spanning 1800 years telling of the one event that is Jesus coming to earth as Christ .. The resurrection of Jesus is the good news that all people can go to heaven by the gift of Grace... it has been made into a religion by man who wish to control.. But the Way the Truth and Light come thru relationship with Jesus Christ... In essence your faith is based in his mercy and forgiveness.... Your life is dependent on his Grace that knows no end and does not need to be earned... Jesus always gave mercy without judgement so you can be free and know you are loved by our Father..Sadly most Christian denominations and even non denominations teach Old Testament law( Ten Commandments)...I could go on an on but suggest Mr Rogan to open your ears to preacher Joseph Prince... he will show the right interpretation of the Bible by the Languages it was written..HEBREW AN GREEK.. I love your show and hope you listen because the Gospel of our times is Grace...

  • FaerieSensai
    FaerieSensai 2 hours ago

    Judasiam is not a race. And even if it was, it’s not the whites people think it is.

  • brajamtho757
    brajamtho757 2 hours ago

    Jews have no right to condemn genital mutilation.

  • dscuff man
    dscuff man 9 hours ago

    Speaking facts. People hate the truth

  • Alexisasheep
    Alexisasheep 20 hours ago

    Well, if my home is fucked I'm moving to japan. They won't get me there

  • Islam Rewards
    Islam Rewards 20 hours ago

    Why not introduce shaykh hamza yusuf to the show

  • Koba
    Koba 22 hours ago

    All religion is dangerous

  • Gerald Weir
    Gerald Weir Day ago

    Let's get this out of the way really quickly. The problem with Islam is that the religion was created as direct response to specific religions. If you actually read the Quran there are passages in it that reference Christianity, basically saying "This is what Christians believe, and it's wrong." So, the problem with Islam is that hating other religions is literally a fundamental part of the religion.
    It's the same problem with people who identify as Atheists. If you read Atheist literature, like The God Delusion, a key element is passages that say "Anyone who believes in religion is wrong, and they're also idiots." Can you really be surprised if an Atheist reads an entire book with that kind of rhetoric, then starts telling every Christian that they meet that they are wrong and stupid?

  • madiovich
    madiovich Day ago

    Why would joe invite a jew to talk about islam

  • MrStojjo
    MrStojjo Day ago

    Excellent points

  • oldnotweak
    oldnotweak Day ago

    Islam is shit. its a cult that brings with it a culture of rape murder and maiming

  • AndersonWave17
    AndersonWave17 Day ago

    I'd love to see A MUSLIM in a debate like this. One willing to sit in a long form of discussion. Just to see them justify their religions existence.

  • Sabina Catic
    Sabina Catic Day ago

    He exaggerates and misinterprets islam several times. I agree with some things, but for sure exaggerates some things, for example comparing the view of dogs as unclean to nonbelievers being impure....silly comparison. Also the clitoris thing. That is cultural and tribal and mostly African. Other examples too but cant recall ATM. He is clearly and understandably biased from his lebanese experience.

  • Amira Smith
    Amira Smith Day ago

    We're not 'terrified of muslims', we just don't understand why they are all flocking to non-muslim countries! It's quite strange, isn't it since they feel so oppressed by 'islamophobia'? There are also MANY muslim countries in the world that could accommodate all their silly little needs!

  • jayknight139
    jayknight139 Day ago

    We need to take a look at the concept of organized religion as a whole the main three monotheistic religions included it is not just Islam but the concept that a regime is to be followed underneath the orders of an invisible figure that cannot be questioned.

  • ItsOk ToBeWhite
    ItsOk ToBeWhite 2 days ago

    Basically all those countries that are only Islamic, were ran by dictators or their own royalty. Not a democracy. Will never happen in the US, personally I would die fighting to protect the US from becoming a Islamic country.

  • Chris Griffiths
    Chris Griffiths 2 days ago

    Religion of peace. Made by a war Lord paedophile.

  • Ozzy Shaheen
    Ozzy Shaheen 2 days ago

    Funny I agree a lot with Joe, but bro u need to study the real threat to society which is not Islam and Judaism but Zionism. How can u ask a jew to explain Islam, that's like asking a giraffe how do u hunt prey. History is a lot deeper than they want u to believe. Dont fall for this B.S.

  • W AH&HA
    W AH&HA 2 days ago

    Hey Joe you've always been honest and guy who speaks his mind but bringing a piece of shit to show and talking about Islam is not a good idea, you had to bring real scholar or someone who doesn't hate and has real knowledge of Islam, this shit talking about Muslims who hate Jew's but him self look at his words how much hate you find why should someone love a person who who hate him.... DON'T LET THIS SHITS MESS YOUR HEAD!!!

  • Tariq Aslam
    Tariq Aslam 3 days ago

    ISIS=Israeli secret intelligence service

  • truth show
    truth show 3 days ago +1

    Huge difference between a Muslim and someone who practices Islam. Huge difference between a Christian and someone who practices Christianity. Huge difference between a Jew and someone who practices Judaism.

  • javierg602
    javierg602 3 days ago

    This is a great video, eye opening.

  • Jack
    Jack 3 days ago

    Bee keepers bwahahahaha!!

  • David Rapalyea
    David Rapalyea 4 days ago

    Islam Source List To Pass On
    Islam 201
    I chose these TheXvid videos to compliment my Islamic history shelf. The videos are selected from hundreds of entries reviewed so far. I have not tested the links for a few months so some of them might not direct you to to the intended presentation.
    1) Good moderated and timed debate - excerpts. Religion of peace (20 min)
    2) Good two sided debate on evidence for historical Muhammad and one of the most scholarly. It is easy to follow though a bit long. The first few presentations are adequate to set the stage. (1hr 24 min)
    3) Bill Mahar - Charlie Rose discussion with inter-cut excerpts from an Islamic sermon. (6 min)
    4) Critical thinking on Islamic migration to Europe - pessimism. Douglas Murray. (24 min)
    5) Conference on Islamic instruction methods. (20 min)
    6) Dramatic collection of phone videos from Europe. A minor anti-migrant film but includes the best street fight I have ever seen. A young couple are accosted by refugees and in a protracted engagement the guy manages at least four or five definitive violent take downs. The fight is near the end but is well worth the wait. (10 min)
    7) This is an amusing "Sunday" school lesson for kids (5 min)
    8) Examining the Newest Historical Research on Islam and the Earliest Quranic Manuscripts. This is a Christian polemic but is one of the most informative and scholarly pieces I have seen on early Islam. Very long but worth it. (1 hr 7 min)

    9) Finish lady describing migrant problems. Curious anecdotal piece. (10 min)
    10) Under cover in Belgium. This is a good report but the person who posted it does not help his case with the title. (6 min)
    11) Syrian woman critical of both the U.S. and Islam. Erudite presentation with excellent Q&A. (48 min)
    12) This is a disturbing lecture on sexuality in a number of Muslin countries. I will not give the link but only how to find it because it is very much the deep end of pool. Fearless whisp of Christian lady. Very gruesome. (60 min)
    key words jani rasanen Islam sexuality.
    13) The following book is a polemic but it has its Hadith references in good order. "Understanding Muhammed and Muslims - by Ali Sina
    14) This discussion of Jihad is a bit humorous a little scholarly, and bit simplistic but very informative. (27 min)
    15) Sharia Law Textbook.
    Here is a fascinating reference. The next time someone uses the term Sharia Law you will have some idea that it actually exists in textbook form. This is reference to the classical Sharia Code in text format available from Amazon.
    "Reliance of the Traveler: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law"
    (1,232 pages)
    The following link is to several passages in separate translation that had not, apparently, been included in the larger work. I find them fascinating.
    16) This video is amateurish and tedious. By the end it had become one of the most chilling videos I have seen.
    17) My favorite evidence that Islam gives many rights to women. (40 min)
    18) Diane Sawyer tells us Muhammed wished to live in peace with other religions. (satire 38 min)
    19) Islam for Dummies. Ten fun facts in eight minutes!
    20) Strong reaction to Islamic PC from a European perspective. This includes a very poignant discussion of organized Islamic gang rape of underage girls. (35 min)
    The issue of organize gang rapes in Europe may seem incredible. I chose this Christian URL text site because is the best single source I could find. I am not convinced this could ever happen in the US.
    However, keep an eye on Canada where blasphemy laws protecting Islam are already showing very green sprouts.]
    21) This video is the single most concise and humorous Islamic satire I have seen. (8 min)
    22) This is a migrant photo used to illustrate uncomfortable cultural realities. It is marked as faux but I have seen it used to illustrate the problem and I think it does.

  • ManlyCurves
    ManlyCurves 4 days ago

    Joe "we can have these long form conversations" Rogan

  • Ali G
    Ali G 4 days ago


  • J. H
    J. H 4 days ago +1

    Gads interviews with Hamed Abdel-Samad tell all about Islam
    If one wants to know how Islam really is, reads also the books of Hamed Abdel-Samad. He is the son of an Imam from Egypt, was a Hafiz, a person who has memorized the whole Koran and is able to recitate it out of his mind, he was Islamist in his youth, and learned to see his religion sceptically, studying in Europe. He sees through the untruth of his former religion, he speaks and writes about the submissive tactics of Islam in our societies, only wating for the right moment to turn the table. He is all the time under save guard from the police, cause of threats against him from islamic extremists.
    To defend their interests, members of Islam are allowed to use lying against the so called unfidels, all with the goal to conquer finally the whole planet, the same way they dit this in the first 120 years from Cordoba to East Asia. They are just using us as tool for their main goal and are therefore not stringent in talking, thinking and acting. They are not telling the truth, use only tactics to cover their goal, as Muhammad did also and told them to do, as long as they are a minority.
    Understandable, we in the west, get to your limits, cause we think in reason and not in tactics as they do. They are therefore slippery like fish, you cant grab them within their tohuwabohu thougts, an other tactic.
    The relativism of the Post Modernists helps them, is a gift to them, specially with their victimhood policy. So Islam is playing the victim card also succesfully, speaking about Crusaders and Colonialists, to hide their brutal submission history in the belt from Cordoba to East Asia, and the hundreds of years of supression of the Osman Empire and their history of slavery, still existing in some tribes. In fact they were the main occupants in history, pushing now the west into this position. The west who reacted only 300 years after Islam submitted the Christians and the Jews in Middle East, to help them with the crusades which were not lastingly succsessful though.
    They speak about Islamophobia, and hatered of Islam in the west, all tricks to put guilt on the west, who is far more self critical, which they are not. A disadvantage for the west in this case. Remember, the Turks are still not accepting theire role in Armenia. All in all, Islam is one of the darkest chapters of religions on the globe so far, the west with its naivity does not want to realise. An ignorance which could be very costly some day. They will not and dont want ever really integrate, they do as if, but they will not, says also Hamed Abdel-Samad, a reasonable interpretation.

  • Lifesizemortal
    Lifesizemortal 4 days ago

    2.3k khafir disliked this video

  • gagan joshi
    gagan joshi 4 days ago +1

    Islam is the most shitty thing....I will an example....I m from India and there are 190 million Islamic people... They create chaos here rape girls of age 7-8 purposely in order to insult and provoke Hindu people ...they kidnap Hindu girls....and rape them.....they spread love jihad......and kill Hindu man in order to show their dominant nature......but we are getting tired of it.....we will start to wipe them out

  • Hunter Tobey
    Hunter Tobey 5 days ago

    Has problem with cruelty towards dogs but yet eats pigs condemning them to a life of cruelty and a knife being slid across the throat or dying slowly in a gas chamber.... #hypocrite

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 5 days ago

    this guys a genius

  • Mansour mohamad
    Mansour mohamad 6 days ago

    fuck this guy he talking nonsense when the civil war started Lebanon was 70% Christians wtf is he talking about.
    he said 95% of Muslims hates Jews then he said 90% of Muslims who knows lovely. to him what kind of statistics is he using ?

  • Pee Wee
    Pee Wee 6 days ago

    Fuck the drughead Joe rogan and his fascist guest

  • belal ahmad
    belal ahmad 6 days ago

    You bring a Jewish guy to discuss Islam? Lol wtf Joe. I don’t agree with most of what he said, not because I’m Muslim but I’m American and lived in multiple Muslim countries. He lived in shiite Lebanon, Shiite Persian religion I agree is evil. Bring a Muslim at the very least to debate with, bring this guy on to discuss Jews (more taboo of a topic)

  • Elias Housseini
    Elias Housseini 6 days ago +2

    I'm from Lebanon and living in France and this guy is 100% true. All Muslims in Lebanon practice the Islam Cafeteria, where they choose whatever they see as good from the Islamic Sharia law.
    The problem in Lebanon is not between the Christians and Muslims, it's between the Muslims Sunni and Shia.
    And this comes straight from political conflicts and nothing more.

  • J Johns
    J Johns 6 days ago

    The civil war in Lebanon, unfortunately, led to hordes of Muslim Lebanese being let into Australia as refugees during the Malcolm Fraser Liberal government. What a BIG mistake. "Lebos" as we know them in Australia, have been a disaster. Some are good and decent. Most are scum.

  • sesh wondo
    sesh wondo 6 days ago

    Europe has so much guilt on its soul it was inevitable it would choose to commit suicide.

  • Spartacus XLVI
    Spartacus XLVI 6 days ago

    In the same context Judaism condones the stoning of fornicators.

  • Spartacus XLVI
    Spartacus XLVI 6 days ago

    The argument is radical Islam is not Islam at all because they take the Quran out of context and use it for their selfish homicidal agendas.

  • gambart2002
    gambart2002 7 days ago

    all religions are nonsense

  • Gizmo
    Gizmo 7 days ago

    The problem with Islam is that it never went through an enlightenment phase. Currently, there are intellectual leaders trying to lead one in Islam. The reason progressives want people to stop treating Islam as a homogeneous group because it's not true, and treating it that way is hindering the reformist Muslims who are trying to stop the horrific elements of Islam.
    What progressives want is to empower the reformers within Islam while opposing their orthodox, regressive opponents.
    Literally no liberal ever said or thought we should be allowing Islamists into the US. And yes, Islamism *is* distinct and separate from Islam. Saying that "Islam is Islam" is as stupid a statement as saying a "Christian is a Christian." Yeah...Catholics, Protestants, and Eastern Orthodox are totally the same. /s

  • mangela marde
    mangela marde 7 days ago +1

    The Shoe Bomber was a Muslim
    The Beltway Snipers were Muslims
    The Fort Hood Shooter was a Muslim
    The underwear Bomber was a Muslim
    The U-S.S. Cole Bombers were Muslims
    The Madrid Train Bombers were Muslims
    The Bali Nightclub Bombers were Muslims
    The London Subway Bombers were Muslims
    The Moscow Theater Attackers were Muslims
    The Boston Marathon Bombers were Muslims
    The Pan-Am flight #93 Bombers were Muslims
    The Air France Entebbe Hijackers were Muslims
    The Iranian Embassy Takeover, was by Muslims
    The Beirut U.S. Embassy bombers were Muslims
    The Libyan U.S. Embassy Attack was by Muslims
    The Buenos Aires Suicide Bombers were Muslims
    The Israeli Olympic Team Attackers were Muslims
    The Kenyan U.S, Embassy Bombers were Muslims
    The Saudi, Khobar Towers Bombers were Muslims
    The Beirut Marine Barracks bombers were Muslims
    The Besian Russian School Attackers were Muslims
    The first World Trade Center Bombers were Muslims
    The Bombay & Mumbai India Attackers were Muslims
    The Achille Lauro Cruise Ship Hijackers were Muslims
    The September 11th 2001 Airline Hijackers were Muslims
    The San Bernardino (14 dead, 29 wounded) Attackers were Muslims
    The thwarted Strathroy, Ont attacker was a Muslim
    The Berlin Market Truck crash (12 dead, 50 injured) driver was a Pakistani Muslim
    The assassin of the Russian ambassador to Turkey was a muslim
    The shooters at the Reina Nightclub in Istanbul were muslims
    The British Parliament attacker was a muslim.

    Think of it:
    Buddhists living with Hindus = No Problem
    Hindus living with Christians = No Problem
    Hindus living with Jews = No Problem
    Christians living with Shintos = No Problem
    Shintos living with Confucians = No Problem
    Confucians living with Baha'is = No Problem
    Baha'is living with Jews = No Problem
    Jews living with Atheists = No Problem
    Atheists living with Buddhists = No Problem
    Buddhists living with Sikhs = No Problem
    Sikhs living with Hindus = No Problem
    Hindus living with Baha'is = No Problem
    Baha'is living with Christians = No Problem
    Christians living with Jews = No Problem
    Jews living with Buddhists = No Problem
    Buddhists living with Shintos = No Problem
    Shintos living with Atheists = No Problem
    Atheists living with Confucians = No Problem
    Confucians living with Hindus = No Problem
    Muslims living with Hindus = Problem
    Muslims living with Buddhists = Problem
    Muslims living with Christians = Problem
    Muslims living with Jews = Problem
    Muslims living with Sikhs = Problem.

    Muslims living with Baha'is = Problem
    Muslims living with Shintos = Problem
    Muslims living with Atheists = Problem
    ********SO THIS LEADS TO ***************
    They're not happy in Gaza
    They're not happy in Egypt
    They're not happy in Libya
    They're not happy in Morocco
    They're not happy in Iran
    They're not happy in Iraq
    They're not happy in Yemen
    They're not happy in Afghanistan
    They're not happy in Pakistan
    They're not happy in Syria
    They're not happy in Lebanon
    They're not happy in Nigeria
    They're not happy in Kenya
    They're not happy in Sudan
    **** So, where are they happy? ******
    They're happy in Australia
    They're happy in England
    They're happy in Belgium
    They're happy in France
    They're happy in Italy
    They're happy in Germany
    They're happy in Sweden
    They're happy in the USA & Canada
    They're happy in Norway & India
    They're happy in almost every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam... Not their leadership...
    Not themselves...
    And they want to change the countries they're happy in, to be like the countries they came from where they were unhappy.
    Palestine Liberation Front: AN ISLAMIC TERROR ORGANIZATION
    And somehow Canadian liberals can’t figure out what's causing the problem....

  • prathification
    prathification 7 days ago

    Love when Joe has these really intellectual conversations, really creates perspective

  • Nuovo Profilo
    Nuovo Profilo 7 days ago

    also jew religion is intollerant and suprematist (see Israel) and also christians are intollerant because of religion (see pogrom and nazi camp)

  • mmzen
    mmzen 8 days ago

    Joe rogan is a fucking cunt “Sam Harris came from money that sinner”
    Says this glib asshole as if the vast majority can live the life of leisure that scam Harris has spending most of his days opining about things he has no idea about. And then this fucking turd says at 8:56 “Bullshit progressive courses” as if this fucking brown cunt could have gotten away with saying jack shit to a white man 40 years ago. The only reason you fucking exist and can flap your lips is because of some whiny liberal faggot who fought for your rights against right wing American evil scum. Fuck you.

  • mmzen
    mmzen 8 days ago

    More completely decontextualized Bullshit from joe rogan

  • ahmed
    ahmed 8 days ago

    why would you call a jew to talk about Islam

  • David W Warren
    David W Warren 8 days ago

    Islam spiritualism is like Oktoberfest?

  • Citizen X
    Citizen X 8 days ago

    I was a former fan of Joe Rogan, But Damn has he sold out !!!

  • TheBrownViking
    TheBrownViking 9 days ago +1

    Every religion is dangerous. History proves this.

  • aaron khan
    aaron khan 9 days ago

    This guy with grey beard has no clue what he is talking about .

    OIFJESSE 10 days ago

    Great discussion guys. You can’t coexist with people who want to kill you.

  • ir crane
    ir crane 10 days ago

    Alf is right.

  • The House that Jack Built

    People dont remember in the early 80's all the bombs set off in the name of Irish Catholics that was all over US news every night.

  • Garett Libby
    Garett Libby 10 days ago

    there's a book called radical islam

    • em745a
      em745a 7 days ago

      "Radical Islam" = redundant redundancy.

  • madquiver2
    madquiver2 10 days ago "it is not for the prophet to take his captives until he has made a great massacre in the lands..." Mohammed took captives after making a great massacre! and please do check the link to the most trusted source on the internet, it really does say that!

  • ABC 123
    ABC 123 10 days ago

    786 786 786

  • TNL Strength-Conditioning

    Stupid bald twat moaning about ideologies where you are "taught to think" is a tad ironic, since this shithead believes in atheism, a belief system by which you indoctrinate a little boy into believing he's a little girl, and forcing him to dress as such. Where you atheist p.o.s tell us that full growm men can identify as little girls and use their toilets. Where you sick bastards kill babies BEFORE they've even left the womb! Where your reprobate communist poster boys killed hundreds of millions of their own citizens on the blood thirsty alter of militant atheism. As a non muslim, I agree that Islam would have to go some to meet the bloood thirstyness of you insufferable atheist lunatics, who make yourselves God with awful consequences!

  • Barbeliever86
    Barbeliever86 10 days ago

    Look up armed Jihad and what does and does not validate it. Factually youre wrong.

  • ajsuflena
    ajsuflena 10 days ago

    the title is misleading

  • Andrew Bellinger
    Andrew Bellinger 11 days ago

    Habibi Nurmagomedov

  • Shawn Kay
    Shawn Kay 11 days ago

    Ahh Gad Saad the Jewish Zionist spreading his propaganda.

  • Pee Pas
    Pee Pas 11 days ago

    Man, we're fucked.

  • Samuel Snodgrass
    Samuel Snodgrass 11 days ago

    What do you mean no solutions how about ending the wars in the Middle East and stop trying to overthrow president Assad

  • Roy Weatherby
    Roy Weatherby 11 days ago

    Joe Rogan needs to do a show about Linda Sarsour when talking about this topic if it may help clarify a few things.

  • Tripper Harrison
    Tripper Harrison 11 days ago

    I’m sorry but Islam and western civilization just don’t mix .....

  • kevin hickin
    kevin hickin 11 days ago

    Affleck should stay in the gym, juice won't beef up your intellectual muscle

  • kevin hickin
    kevin hickin 11 days ago

    a phobia is an irrational, unfounded fear, so, islamophobia cannot exist

  • Kevin Hormozi
    Kevin Hormozi 12 days ago

    How about the dangers of Satanisim Freemason and owel and cremation of care that should talked about keep Satanisim out of this world

  • O.I
    O.I 12 days ago

    Stop being afraid of Islam and study it for your self.

  • Øyvind Alexander Frivold

    islam = religious national socialism

  • Alexander Kelly
    Alexander Kelly 12 days ago

    Just because 99 percent of people aren't blowing shit up doesn't mean 99 percent aren't terrorists and aren't a danger to America and the west

  • Fahad Ayoub
    Fahad Ayoub 12 days ago

    Umm YEA. Nazi's in WW2 would be REJECTED, and that would be the RIGHT thing to do.
    So WHY is it DIFFERENT To Block/Screen MUSLIMS from coming in When They are ATTACKING America on so MANY levels!

  • Fahad Ayoub
    Fahad Ayoub 12 days ago

    It IS So Frustrating!
    Im an ex-muslim and people are freaking ridiculous!
    I was muslim
    I was born into and AROUND it(Dearborn)
    And People act like they KNOW.
    Oh and I Love the Dirtmonkey's that Respond to my comments with..
    "FAKE ACCOUNT"...i wonder why...? because there's NO Possible way an Arab born muslim would denounce it,
    OR be PROUD of OUR Country, AMERICA, and Don't want Islam in my country.
    Whats Right is What's Right.
    Islam IS Radical and it is WRONG.
    P.S. It's America, you can be wrong. BUT if you don't like OUR country. Go Back Home, and that goes for anyone, if this is your home, go to Canada or wherever you think its PERFECT.
    Let America Be America.
    Let Izlamabod be somewhere else.
    Islam is Islam, it's a Radical Religion. there is no "REAL islam"
    He explains this PERFECTLY.
    They Don't Want ACCEPTANCE,
    They Want Dominion and Destruction.
    Jews Should be worried, muslims hate them to the point of hitler worship

  • Fahad Ayoub
    Fahad Ayoub 12 days ago

    Very Common.
    Muslims are Horrible.

  • Rajesh Naidu
    Rajesh Naidu 13 days ago

    Best people discuss sensibly like this

  • George Garvey
    George Garvey 14 days ago +1

    Danger in all three Abrahamic religions. Look at the disgusting practices the Talmud teaches. The old testament is originally known as the Hebrew bible. It's all disgusting. We have to get in touch with nature.

  • Corn Bread
    Corn Bread 14 days ago

    Funny, Catholics account for the majority of terrorism in the USA and Europe. But we are mad at Muslims?

  • Razor_Blade 88
    Razor_Blade 88 14 days ago

    Allahu Ekbar ☝

  • Niall Quinn
    Niall Quinn 14 days ago

    So Ignorant.
    US prevented democracy and Arab Nationalism in Muslim countries, along with Britain.
    Inconvenient truth. Wahhabism comes from America's client state, Saudi Arabia. Military aid still goes to Egypt. And look at Indonesia 64-65 for example.

  • adz brah
    adz brah 14 days ago

    this guys obviously has deep hatred for Muslims , yes the prophet told us dogs are unclean but doesnt mean were allowed to abuse and hurt them this is bullshit Islam had the first animal rights ever introduced . Muslims dont owe you nothing how the hell do i know your a good person just because your a christian or a jew i can turn that argument around and say the samething just from your statistics of crime muslims of america have less crime rate them any other race or minority .

  • LtJackboot
    LtJackboot 14 days ago

    @ 26:47 THANK YOU SIR! Caps intended!

  • LtJackboot
    LtJackboot 14 days ago

    This man speaks with such clarity of vision..

  • Val Drake
    Val Drake 14 days ago

    Joe Rogan For President !!!

  • Clash Lord
    Clash Lord 14 days ago

    so do they even consider how a muslim listening to this would feel?

  • Clash Lord
    Clash Lord 14 days ago

    Joe your points are flawed, not your fault, many people try to brain wash people with your points. I have answers to all of your points, if anyone wants to ask me reply here or on my email (

  • Hazzah King
    Hazzah King 15 days ago

    I agree 200%. But I think the solution is to allow Immigrant Muslims into western society. Because nearly every single one of them is fleeing harm, they will have to incorporate western ideals and ways of living if they want to live. They will be forced to be exposed to other ideas, and that will help western societies fight off the fundamentalists and help Muslims living in the west to challenge their ideas, and ultimately not practice such insanity.

  • Tamerlane Villanos
    Tamerlane Villanos 15 days ago

    Oh Joe.... why does the USA love Saudi Arabia? It has nothing to do with their religion... unless they're Shiite. The Saudi's hate them so those people are the enemies of the U.S.

  • crazy10bears
    crazy10bears 15 days ago

    Not hard line enough. Islam is a dangerous cult that needs to be banned from the West.

  • Lars Marius sivertsvik

    Also: If you dont want refugees, dont Fucking BOMB they're Countries!!!
    Ignorant fuck.
    And Palestinians Are Semittic people.
    Just shows how ignorant the Israel "antisemittic" propaganda is, not least the ignorants supporting them.
    Islam and muslims have been victim of persecution and hate, systematically, for the last 25 years.
    No doubt Muslims is, by far, THE most persecuted and victim of violence ethnic/religiuos groups. Globally, by Far.
    Facts Do Matter. And unjust Never Stands for long.
    All men are created equal.

  • connor donohoe
    connor donohoe 16 days ago

    Jews have despicable ideas too about how they view the world as well. They have racist ideas about their kin being better than everyone. Islam is a branch of Judaism which explains why it's so scummy too. But ultimately it's not religion, its just human monkeys twisting and inventing things to obtain power. Religion used just as a conduit. This guy should quote his own religion too if hes gonna throw stones about somoene elses.

  • Modal Skill
    Modal Skill 16 days ago

    Wrong guest, have no credibility to talks about Islam
    Invite Muhammad Hijab, sir Joe.....

  • Modal Skill
    Modal Skill 16 days ago

    Who the fook is the source ? What is that guy credibility to talks about Islam ?

  • American Fuel TV
    American Fuel TV 16 days ago

    Lots.of whiny, butthurt Musilims here. Get the fuck over yourselves and fix your broken culture.

  • leastmaturepersononyoutube

    don't google 'islam black dogs'... fucking mistake

  • Santos Santander
    Santos Santander 17 days ago +1

    They don't criticize jews either!!! Try to criticize jews, Rogan and your channel will receive 10 strikes in a week!!!

  • Colonel Elmo of the SS, 1st Sesame Street Div

    Im Muslim and joined the Marine Corps and fought the Taliban, you mad keyboard warriors?

  • Natasha Seer
    Natasha Seer 17 days ago

    @15:15 describes the Black Race/darker pigmented peoples way of life in America

  • Colonel Hakeev
    Colonel Hakeev 18 days ago

    I'm fine with you believing in a person in the clouds but when your religion says murder is OK this is where I draw the line,sure,all religions did that in medieval times,but for some reason Islamic religion didn't change,in fact they went backwards,any Muslim who thinks killing someone is okay deserves being deported,especially in fucked up Canada