Joe Rogan on the Dangers of Islam


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  • Noah Lytle
    Noah Lytle 9 hours ago

    Joe makin himself look like a amateur

  • K B
    K B 11 hours ago

    'those kind of shows promote disingenuous communication'.... So true - and exactly why you have such a wide following Joe...

  • tungtjockis
    tungtjockis 20 hours ago

    A huge problem with these western debates about islam is that there are almost never muslims involved in the concersations.
    Want to have an honest conversation? Invite an imam or some muslim authority. This is just talking behind peoples back.

  • Mr Chrysler
    Mr Chrysler 22 hours ago

    26:00 and specifically 26:50 You are mandating that only your belief, in other words religion be served, that being secularism by the sounds of it.
    And many non theists, and secularists have done many a bad thing when measured against morality.
    You are reacting to fear. A terrible way to come to any situation as the emotional disarms the logic.

  • Talon Black
    Talon Black Day ago

    If you need religion your week

  • Corey Dawson
    Corey Dawson Day ago

    How this video has 2.8k dislikes i will never know! Nothing but truth and common sense.. my guess is its a bunch non interested muslims downvoting this!

  • j szers
    j szers Day ago

    The problem with this conversation is they don't talk about the internet and technology at all. When people can fact check your religion with the click of a button in a secular society, good luck trying to sell religion. Christianity has the same track record of abuses, it has evolved, Islam will be forced to as well. You are already seeing this today where woman are fighting for rights in Saudi Arabia. Religion can't dominate an informed populace, the minute people start thinking in scientific and rational terms, it loses power. We are seeing the reformation before our eyes. It will be messy and take some time but arc of the universe does bend towards justice

  • ykz ykz
    ykz ykz Day ago

    Sperm is not even considered impure.. this man has some good points but doesn't know too much.

  • Dwight Stone
    Dwight Stone Day ago

    I'm 100% sunni and I love my life and don't have any beef with America or Americans. Let's stop the separation? We all just want to provide for our families and be obedient to God period.

  • Alex Spies
    Alex Spies Day ago

    While he is describing Islam and their intolerance towards other beliefs, I am also thinking.... doesn't that describe Christianity,.. and may other religions as well. I have not researched Islam,.. perhaps they are more violent aspects to it. But I can say from what I understand about many religions is that they go by a policy of "join us or you are damned" They may do it in a way that says "if you do not think like us you are going to burn for eternity" (which I consider psychological warfare) or they may do it in a way of "abortions are an affront to god" or "Death to fags" But most of them are still doing the same sort of thing on some level. So when this guy says "if you want to join our society leave your religious aspects at the door" isn't that kind of hypocritical? Since similar religious aspects exist in most religions across the world? Overall I agree with what Joe said "you can believe what you want to believe as long as you don't oppress other people" But I take it a step further... believe what you want to believe as long as you don't try to convert every person you come across into your flock. Respect that people have different views and respect peoples abilities and rights to make up their own minds without someone trying to influence or sway them for their own religious causes. I don't know about Islam,.. I understand that some countries that are Islamic have some pretty barbaric laws and systems. But I also know that if the Westboro Baptist Church for example were in charge of a country they would be equally barbaric due to their belief systems.

  • aa dxb
    aa dxb Day ago

    Wow Joe is spot on. He got the Jew.

  • corporate world woke slave

    My oldest stepson is an idiot and is always dragging muslim guys to my house so i always feed them pork disguised as beef or chicken then i tell them after they ate it for my own amusement .

  • saifMSK
    saifMSK Day ago

    "when the Islamic rule comes, there are three choices only". This is not true. Why not have a Muslim scholar come and speak instead of having this random dude come in to speak about Muslims. It's literally like asking men what it's like to be pregnant.

  • Alexander Colon
    Alexander Colon Day ago

    I would love to hear from the people that down voted this video and hear what the reasons for down voting this video was for.

  • Sora Kurosaki
    Sora Kurosaki Day ago

    Dude what is going on in this comment section. We have people called others "muslim pigs" for standing up for humans. Let me get something straight, muslim countries are VERY VERY different then muslim ideology across the world. If u go up to a muslim in America and ask "does your wife drive" they would likely say "yes why not".
    Also let me get another thing straight. Not a SINGLE muslim in America will claim that 9/11 was deserved and that the Taliban and Sharia Law is human perfection
    Do us all a favor and walk into a Mashjid. I can guarantee you, you wont find a hint of hostility
    This whole "keep muslims and islam out the west" is fucking retarded. Muslims have existed in America for the past 200+ years you idiots. And no your looking for "islamic" extremists, people that even muslims dont even accept as muslims because there so out of there minds, when you think of a muslim sadly you think of this women hating turban wearing fucktard. When in reality you see Muslims everyday, you just dont know there muslim. I know many muslims that dont look muslim, the women dont wear scarves at all, and the men just look like your average joe.
    please spare me that "keep muslims out of America" bullshit, think logically.
    lol like yall actually believe anything the news or your sick minds can muster up.

  • Faetal Warlocks
    Faetal Warlocks 2 days ago

    zionist shill

  • Cesar Torres
    Cesar Torres 2 days ago

    very scary reality of a religion, great show thanks

  • nicholas morello
    nicholas morello 2 days ago

    Intolerance will not be tolerated. Says the hypocrite Joe Rogan.

  • Linda Kloss
    Linda Kloss 2 days ago

    I was Muslim. It's not a good religion. I was depressed when I got taqqiya'd into "reverting." I, too, thought, "something different, exotic, and possibly good." Islam is not good in any way. One would think that as a Texan, I'd be safe. A lady from an Islamic republic told me "Linda you think you are safe? They (Mullahs) will find you anywhere." I'm happy I can legally keep myself armed, but feel really bad for apostates or minority religions in Islamic nations. They are living in a hell.

  • Matt H
    Matt H 2 days ago +1

    Islam is cancer. Kill it with fire.

  • Slim Reaper
    Slim Reaper 2 days ago

    Why is it OK to shit on my below beliefs as a Christian? I am damned if I speak out against Islam and the reason it pushes violence against non believers. I don't hate on Muslims so why is it that they are allowed to push their narrative onto me. I'm from Ireland and we will not tolerate our Government pushing this on us here. Our GOV would do well to heed my words because we have a history of standing up against tyrannical measures. The left needs to go away.. Notice I didn't use the F word there Joe.. One question I have is what do u think about Alex Jones being banned from all social media forums?? Do u think free speech is dead, real free speech??

  • Terence Rosenthal
    Terence Rosenthal 2 days ago

    This guest is correct! If you want to know what Islam the ideology and religion is.

  • Rob Kader
    Rob Kader 2 days ago

    I’m a catholic and all I see is this Jew spreading a certain ideology against Muslims. He wraps it up in a nice covering but it’s still just a fucked up way of thinking.
    He keeps saying all this stuff on how you should deal with Islam but if they did this same thing to the Jew I’m sure he would be crying a river.
    This guy is petrified of Islam and Muslims to a point where he’s made an entire career saying how bad Muslims are using skewed statistics.
    But as long as America has Israel’s back they are here to stay lol
    So Palestine just needs build up what they do have because I doubt they’re going their land back anytime so
    Stop destroying those people countries.

    • K. Cole
      K. Cole 2 days ago

      You're full of shit. Go service the Poop, I man Pope - open borders for Muslims in Europe, covering up pedophiles, condoms are worse than AIDS, etc.

  • Sam Latifi
    Sam Latifi 2 days ago

    Spain and Portugal were under muslim rule for 8 centuries. Why weren't christians wiped out? Why aren't they muslim today?
    Really disappointing to read all these comments.

    KING RIDER 2 days ago

    All you deluded people will regret everything ALLAH IS THE ONLY LORD

  • mag tv
    mag tv 2 days ago

    Islam is completely against taxes, against usury and bank loans, against printing paper money, against enslaving citizens by mandatory 22 education + whatever obligatory service, against misandry and weakening of straight men/fathers by those gays/feminists, there is none of those systems in a real Muslim country, people are really free, no world bank enslavement for them, no stealing 95 % of your income for the government (taxes + printing money) which is itself in debt to those jewish bankers. Under real Islam, you need to work less than 5% of your daily work to have the same money you have and your money keeps its value because it is real non paper money, that's why Bankers created ISIS, Al Qaeda to scare people.

  • Ferhan Khan Photography

    To think Judaism also doesn't think of non jews as being as pieces of shit is a joke. They're both the same and a problem.

  • Mario Legend
    Mario Legend 3 days ago +1

    Jews I like +1

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    His point was get the most at risk to the front of the queue. How is that religious discrimination he's saying Muslims arent as likely to be targeted as non-Muslims by Muslim radicals, generally?

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    Anyone that is cruel to animals is evil as fuck. To any living being. They aren't impure at all. I'd say less so than Humans who have shit like Islam infact. We're the malicious species. Also not sure why he laughed at the animal cruelty statement he made.
    Also, I find it odd a Jew mentions FGM like it's a bad thing but not the Male genital mutilation of his own religion and culture?

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    Tibetan Monks are Buddhist afaik.

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    Ostrich logic?

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    Wtf is progressive and regressive really? What are we progressinga towards?

  • TheTaterTotP80
    TheTaterTotP80 3 days ago +1

    Aslong as it's not oppressing any living beings* not just humans. Harm to any living being or creature or organism is awful.

  • aa dxb
    aa dxb 3 days ago

    It is interesting to see that they are saying things that exactly same things were asked by some folks in the time of Muhammad pbuh
    They used to tell him we will follow Islam but at the same time we will do whatever we like

  • nassim zway
    nassim zway 3 days ago

    So we have a Jew talking shit about muslims and christians agree withe jew fuck. Fuxk islam, but fuck all the other ones equally.

  • nassim zway
    nassim zway 3 days ago +1

    Funny you can do this with Christianitu and Islam but imagine saying shit on Judasim. Which is a millipk times worse than islam and christianity combined. Go read the Talmud.

  • nassim zway
    nassim zway 3 days ago

    Fuck islam fuck christianitu fuck judaism but bruh muslims be chillin compared to white christians who deatoryed the world and murdered way more people any one else. Islam is bullshut but wasnt a danger until america bimbed the middle east

  • David
    David 4 days ago +1

    "No one has an inalienable right to immigrate anywhere" Plain and simple. This is the crux of any immigration arguments for me.

  • Zbr Amd
    Zbr Amd 4 days ago

    The Saudi endorsed Wahabism is purely political and has nothing to do with Islam, they can themselves Islamic all they want but it will never make them Muslims, the message of all religions have been corrupted and twisted over thousands of years, its immensely dumb to think otherwise, ALLAH the term, describes a collective consciousness and thats what the message calls to acknowledge, all these know it alls coming here and telling the made up garbage are nothing but misinformed dimwits, you wanna talk about Christrianity and crusades and the amount of people they killed, talk about the world wars and hiroshima nagasaki vietnam, holocaust, if we consider all the fucking people killed in ISIS AL Qaeda or whatever the fuck doesn't even come close to the amount of people killed in wars endorsed by the west and colonialism. Zionism is Judaism, Catholicism is not Christianity and Wahabism is not Islam. Shariah Law is purely made up by humans, idiots.

  • Luai Odeh
    Luai Odeh 4 days ago +1

    Wow. Joe's guest is fucking retarded.

  • Dino Krso
    Dino Krso 4 days ago

    Complaining about people being sensitive to discrimination of Muslims in America... talk about the Anti-Defamation League

  • slim bakl
    slim bakl 4 days ago

    Let rogan house them if he likes them.
    Americans will never bow to Allah. Never. Our inner souls can not let us. Avoid bloodshed and keep em out. Let libs go to Syria and construct a new society.
    NOT HERE NEVER. OVER MY DEAD BODY. I feel confident in saying I speak for 50 million Americans who will full war against it.

  • slim bakl
    slim bakl 4 days ago

    I have a black dog. I would let a dozen gihadi or muslims drown to save a dog.
    Muslims hate dogs. Dogs fuck their mothers a thousand years ago

  • Stephen garcia
    Stephen garcia 4 days ago +1

    Eat more bacon

  • platypusmaximus
    platypusmaximus 4 days ago

    Moreover, the internationalist establishment is assaulting Muslim lands one by one in every corner of the world, we have not had an international existence, which we are supposed to have as a unifying land/force since the Ottoman Sultanate was dissolved by Zionist planning and with the hand of secular West, and people want to talk about creeping shari'ah or you're not allowed to criticize Islam? C'mon! Look at any "terrorism" movie, who is made to look like idiots? You probably think 911 was perpetrated by a few random Ayrabs planned from a cave somewhere too. Booga Booga, the Muzlim is gonna git you! Think man think!

  • platypusmaximus
    platypusmaximus 4 days ago

    So he is insisting is that non secularists should abandon their Divinely guided lifestyle before they live in "his" Murica, but at the same time he is complaining that his ideology (zionist non spiritual judaism) should be considered as equal in a Muslim land?!
    He is a propagandist for zionist political judaism so I expect his comments, but for the goyim to go along with it is more surprising.

  • Patrick Dalton
    Patrick Dalton 4 days ago

    Disagree with most of this, primarily the fact that while saying "oh people use this as their pet project" and "they're defending Islam while attacking christian religions" and some of them do, but for the most part, and myself included, people are not defending Islam over other religions, which all have their "demons" too, just to hold them to the same standard as each other, but there's no (or very few) videos about the "dangers of Christianity" or Catholicism or Judaism circulating, because the nasty shit Catholics, Christians and Jewish people do is blamed (correctly) on the individuals of those religions rather than the religion or majority of the religious following itself, even when it's the clergy themselves doing that nasty shit. But this one religion, which teaches the same shit (good and bad) as the other religions, just in a different package, is the sole religion of them all that's to blame for the actions of a minority of individuals from what is not a small religious minority in general itself.
    It's quite similar to suggesting hitler was an example of "The Dangers of Atheism or Agnosticism" it's ridiculous and extremely biased.

  • Montez Dargan
    Montez Dargan 4 days ago +1

    Joe is so anti Islam, he brings anti Muslim advocates on his show, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, and this jerk, yet he has never once put a typical Muslim on his show and discussed Islam, why, because he is the gate keeper!

    • dilly daddler
      dilly daddler 3 days ago +1

      Good fuck Islam, every country is waking up to what they are finally. I read a lot of the Quran it's not even a fckin religion it's an evil political ideology. Europe is having a pretty rough time atm because of those bastards and at least they are getting the fuck away from the EU and deporting the fucks. You don't come to a western country and tell them they can't do this and can't do that gtfo here, that shit won't fly here we have lots and lots of guns in each house and are ready to use them against oppressors.

    • Montez Dargan
      Montez Dargan 3 days ago

      +dilly daddler oh that makes so much sense why Joe only puts islamophobes on his show

    • dilly daddler
      dilly daddler 3 days ago +2

      No because you can't discuss Islam with a Muslim they are sensitive little snowflakes about it.

  • Alina Ontarion
    Alina Ontarion 4 days ago

    It really hurts to see someone bash and say things that are completely untrue with an extremely biased view. Gad Saad is a Lebanese Jew that is known for his hate towards Arab muslims and Islam. Those terrorists and 'extremists' as you would call them have a completely wrong and different view of Islam and the values of Islam. THE RELIGION LITERALLY MEANS PEACE!! Those radical terrorists misinterpreted so many things in the quran which lead to the insanity thats going on right now with ISIS and Al Qaeda, etc. In the countries that you're talking about like Saudi Arabia and other countries you were talking about, the majority of religious people (including the crazy ones) who are also extremists (religious police, etc.) are good people and practice the religion as the religion of peace. The ideology of ISIS and all these other terrorists don't represent Islam, what they think and practice go against every element of Islam.

  • Brent Hidalgo
    Brent Hidalgo 4 days ago

    Mohammed hated dogs but especially black dogs...racist bastard!! LMFAO

  • enathanielg
    enathanielg 5 days ago

    All religions are supremacist. All religions murder. All religions do wrong. All religions are incompatible with modem society. We can talk about Islam all day but the flaws of Islam are the flaws of every religion.

  • Lindsay Bagnall
    Lindsay Bagnall 5 days ago

    joe Imam tawhidi on your show, look him up he has a youtube channel, he is a third generation Imam from iraq or iran (can't remember which one) and raised in australia he is speaking out against islam he gets death threats, etc get him on your show!

  • Joseph Ponthier
    Joseph Ponthier 5 days ago +1

    Very good interview Joe, I enjoy how calm and rationally you are able to discuss delicate issues.

  • dima azayzeh
    dima azayzeh 5 days ago

    i am muslim and i was ok with everything that they said ,untill he spoke about black dogs that is just pullshit

  • Klilax
    Klilax 5 days ago

    victim mindset doesn't take us anywhere, rather than blaming what always humans did to a particular group it is better to work on an individual level.

  • Omi Manni
    Omi Manni 5 days ago

    we need a debate made of the most eligible speakers from each religion and some one like sam harris and someone like Dr Zakir , and whoever is best for other religions because i dont know. but as a muslim i want answers god damnit .

  • John Wright
    John Wright 5 days ago

    Christians are so pure are they not.

  • HaqimHimself
    HaqimHimself 5 days ago

    Listen all you fuckers, don't blame islam and talk shit none of you are theologist or study whats inside the quran. Whats in the bible is worst than the quran but we don't say shit about you catholic idol worshipping fuckers.
    Your fucking country attack the most countries in the world and make fucking excuses to attack another country by a fucking hearsay. Veto my ass, no country in the east now respect western people. You fuckers full of shit like LGBT, Pedophiles Elites, Hypocrite Governors, Sexs addict society, Alcoholic fuckers, Cult, Bitches, your vegans are noisy as fuck while eastern vegan people have no fucking problem for thousands of years. You fucking westerners are really full of yourself, the most hypocrite motherfuckers ever.
    Even in colleges, most high ranking students majority are asians not you fuckers, why? You fucking materialistic fuckers are lazy, complain alot. Why you din't realize that? Because you never been out of your fucking country you morons beneath a fucking tree & never fly out. Even if you did you just go europe where those guys are more Civilize than you mericans. Europe are more accepting and open minded than you fuckers. Most people of euro don't like Americans, every trash that comments here are mostly same as Paul Logan. Fucking white americans who believe in race supremacy.
    Call yourself a christian while fucking girls in a week, drink intoxicants alcohol everyday, drug addict. noisy uncivilized fuckers. Look at yourself before attacking islam. Im too pissed off with you fuckers say its a freedom of speech. Fuck yourself. Mocking is not a freedom of speech. Heres your own medicine you white trash

  • Grady W
    Grady W 5 days ago

    Can we have a fresh start to humanity and just nuke every 3rd world country?

  • Martin Martin
    Martin Martin 5 days ago +1

    I live in Denmark and I work in the mediabuisness. I dont dare saying a critical word about islam. Because I have sorrounded myself with leftwing social warriors, who would be happy to make me unimployed if i say anything politically incorrect. HA! what a missery.

  • veoma zanimljivo
    veoma zanimljivo 5 days ago

    he should bring muslim so there is other side

  • Ibra_Dza
    Ibra_Dza 5 days ago

    Is he ever gonna have Muslims to talk about Islam ? If Muslim would go on a show saying racist shit on a show antisemitism

  • Rich Vuchetich
    Rich Vuchetich 6 days ago

    Why is it that they are the only religion in their countries? They should talk about that....

  • Geo Hurtado
    Geo Hurtado 6 days ago

    Fuck Muslims

  • Eric Siggins
    Eric Siggins 6 days ago

    They are coming to the USA to go on welfare mass produce and kill us make no mistake about it if you think there peaceful please go to a Muslim country with a go pro on and link it to facebook live so I can laugh while they burn stone hang run you over with a car all at same time just like farqounda/farqoonda and lets not forget about taharoush the rape game

  • nmkzf
    nmkzf 7 days ago

    Very fair video You get a Jew who classifies Islam.

  • nmkzf
    nmkzf 7 days ago

    Ha Ha HA Israel is the ultimate humanitarian nation in the world

  • Sean S.
    Sean S. 7 days ago

    Islam is the skid mark on the underpants of society....anyone of Islam is satanic and is going to Hell.....simple.

  • Rania Asad
    Rania Asad 7 days ago


  • Patrick Nolen
    Patrick Nolen 7 days ago

    any religion or similar activity can be radicalized.

  • TheStonesQT93
    TheStonesQT93 7 days ago

    This can be solved by Americans actually traveling 😂 google pictures of beach parties Dubai, Beirut, the belly dancers in Cairo in the 30s that were celebrities. This is just hilarious and over dramatic. Even Saudi (the only country where women can’t drive) have completely shifted in the past 2 years. Women can drive, cinemas have entered, they’re making free zones where you can get drunk.

  • Faz Naz
    Faz Naz 7 days ago

    1.6 Billion Muslims on planet earth, lets say for arguments sake that 0.6 Billion are practicing and 1 Billion are casual as in sometimes they pray sometimes they drink and whatever we're all people so they sort of do whatever they want.... how many are terrorist? a few hundred...a few thousand? lets say 10-20 thousand which is a joke but lets just say its that high it still wouldn't add up to the 0.6 Billion that are practicing so then why are we like sheep just believing shit we hear and never taking a step back to think. if the claim that Islam is an evil ideology is true don't you think based on numbers alone we would have a much larger terrorist problem? or is it possible that like Nazi Germany there is a political agenda at hand that requires the misinformation of people towards Islam so that "they" can get away with everything they're doing in Muslim countries whilst also keeping us asleep about all our own government issues in the west like income Tax, like education, distribution of wealth, health care, increasing cost of living and lack of pay increases. Don't be so simple minded and wake up.

  • Vinny Encarnacion
    Vinny Encarnacion 8 days ago

    i stopped around the "they don't like dogs" part. any religion against dogs is against god

  • sadok cherif cherif
    sadok cherif cherif 8 days ago

    the Dangers of Islam ??? wat that !!?? islam is religion as judeisme and crestianisme wat the hell this layer talkhing about ???

  • sadok cherif cherif
    sadok cherif cherif 8 days ago

    wow so mutsh ignorants !!! islam is mean pice

  • Jeffrey Phillip
    Jeffrey Phillip 9 days ago

    Bro there's millions of Muslims that aren't idiots you're mixing up Religion and culture. How bout the Muslims in America? Millions of em and they're "normal" bah I hate using that word to describe someone... Hence the parentheses. I guess I mean, they're like us.

  • Balkan Mode
    Balkan Mode 9 days ago

    I find it odd that members of a shitty and filthiest nation of gang rapists, people from a country which increased its population by a BILLION in less than a century -despite the practice of aborting female fetuses- are warning the western countries against another shitty religion, as if theirs was any better.

  • Bry 117
    Bry 117 9 days ago

    I thought LA is supposed to be liberal

  • Bill Whittenberger
    Bill Whittenberger 9 days ago

    Thought provoking. Good points on both sides.

  • ofahia
    ofahia 9 days ago

    Answer to his final question "why should i be tolerant towards the intolerable?": Because you have no choice.

  • Fuad Siid
    Fuad Siid 9 days ago

    Very fair. A Jewish guy who's expert on Islam who was minority on where he claims he was from. GO AT IT

  • عبدالرحمن العتيبي

    If you want to know someone you talk to him , not bring someone else to talk about him.

  • Bruce Wayne
    Bruce Wayne 9 days ago

    islam is like a virus. The world don't need islam.

  • Freddy Marcel-Marcum

    Fuck Islam and the donkey it rode in on.

  • Rhett Price
    Rhett Price 10 days ago

    Fuck religion

  • ZERO
    ZERO 10 days ago +1

    It's really silly to try & make Islam & the west get along. They are not compatible. There's nothing I am missing that prevents me from converting. I would never submit to the ideology. For the very same reason I would never become a Jehovah's witness. I consider their ideas inferior in the same way they consider mine inferior.
    All we will do is fight if we are forced to be together. Separation is really the only logical answer. It's either that, or bombing them out of existence. Why does this continue to be under debate? What are people hoping for here? Nip it in the bud. I'll stay in my country, you stay in yours.

    • nicholas morello
      nicholas morello 2 days ago

      Mário Gama I've never met or even heard of anyone running into a Muslim trying to impose any ideas on them. What I do run into on a daily basis is Media both large and supposed alternative trying to impose all types of ideas on me with no facts logic. And a sense of disgust with their adversary that would make anyone scared to question or look at the other side. The only propaganda I see is right in front of us.

  • Christopher Jacobsen
    Christopher Jacobsen 10 days ago

    Look up "Taqiyya".
    Muslims are allowed to lie and deceive anyone who is an unbeliever. It is allowed to be deceptive towards non-Muslims as long as it is for the purpose like advancing the power of Islam. This is like the entire basis of when they invoke the victim card in western society. Because playing the victim card has a chance of giving more power to them if people agree.
    Fucking disgusting people who believe in this garbage.

  • Edguji Frswdg
    Edguji Frswdg 10 days ago

    Let's do what Saad says, Let's make America completely Islamic for 1 year and see if crime rate goes down, discrimination goes down, debts go down....if after 1 year, things get worst or stay the same we can change back to Capitalism!

  • Paul Sasso
    Paul Sasso 10 days ago

    Your guest was way biased. All religions have extreme sects: Hasidic Judaism, Right Wing Christian Fundamentalists/Evangelicals, Mormonism, violent Buddhism in Myanmar... They all exert control over women, and believe that their beliefs are the only true beliefs.

  • Sha Man
    Sha Man 11 days ago

    The jewish holy book is also really fucked up. Like God killing people, people killing people, God killing people for being gay, but this guy kinda forgets that because he's afraid of the other. He can choose not to look at that stuff, but he doesn't trust normal people from that area, born in muslim families to make the same choice. Christianity and Judaism killed a lot of people also, Hinduism as well probably. What Israel is doing now is awful, USA as well. People get your shit together, don't fear other people if you don't know them and don't make the same mistake as fucking nazi Germany, because i can see that that shit is happening.

  • Sha Man
    Sha Man 11 days ago

    The caffeteria jew is biased. He has some good points but he's letting his personal "religion" and/or ethnicity and fear get the better of him. How many Americans are really christian or really jewish? There are normal chill muslims. This guy is racist. Yes the middle eastern country's are fucked up, for a multitude of reasons. Does that mean all muslims are from the middle east? No. Does that mean all muslims are alike? No. Does that mean all muslim women wear burkas abd cant drive? No.
    If i have christian heritage does that mean im a christian. No it doesn't. If a have muslim heritage does that mean I'm muslim? No. Those people are human. Their setting influences how they act. Muslims from Saudi Arabia are different than muslims from Bosnia, or muslims from Germany.

  • 3d Gichboy
    3d Gichboy 11 days ago +1

    ''Women have to dress like beekeepers'' Looool, I died. My ghost is the one that's tying this comment!

  • mr caution
    mr caution 11 days ago +1

    wow an atheist with a Jewish background is gonna Lecture us about Islam , what a good choice of guest's talking about this topic joe rogan real fucking professional

  • Don Francisco
    Don Francisco 11 days ago

    I put a piece of bacon formed into a cross inside my aunt's Koran She was in her period so she was wearing gloves to flip the pages so when she flip this one page she jump lol!! She had to throw the book away

  • sean95451
    sean95451 11 days ago +3

    the most bios guest ever! all religion are exactly the same when it comes to extremists. A jew's, christian's, or muslim's actions and behaviors is his/her interpretation of the religion. KKK, zionist, or isis are all the injection of personal belief and ideology into the religion and justifying their wrong action and behavior by the religion.

  • Milton Waddams
    Milton Waddams 11 days ago

    Jews are double faced, this is why they are hated. They are American 90% of the time in public, other times they are Jewish and favor other Jews. This is why non-Jewish companies who include Jewish people eventually end up 100% Jewish because others are being discriminated against.

  • JamesBaker1960
    JamesBaker1960 11 days ago

    have you sold out

  • JamesBaker1960
    JamesBaker1960 11 days ago

    Joe watched several episodes this evening the global warming and this one I thought you were intelligent until now

  • Azrael
    Azrael 12 days ago

    How can one tolerate those who does not tolerate you?