I Went To A Sensory Deprivation Tank Like in STRANGER THINGS | Michelle Khare

  • Published on Sep 15, 2016
  • I tried a sensory deprivation chamber (a.k.a. isolation tank) like the one in STRANGER THINGS to help my anxiety! It was a wild ride. Thumbs up if you want to see me vlog more!
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Comments • 582

  • Blake Mullins
    Blake Mullins 18 hours ago

    She came out and she was suddenly like Daredevil

  • jjodoin05
    jjodoin05 3 days ago

    Jenna Marbles outro

  • Bridget Ryan-Samonte

    I have always wanted to try that!

  • pwk22
    pwk22 7 days ago

    I would like to do a sensory deprivation tank drunk.

  • Carlos Rodriguez
    Carlos Rodriguez 10 days ago

    I've been to a sensory deprivation tank with a friend and I was falling asleep. I though they would be better it's not my favorite hobby. You should try going to school and recording it. lol

  • Fil 1056
    Fil 1056 Month ago

    We need a collab with Yes Theory

  • Ethan Mojo
    Ethan Mojo Month ago

    Rhett and Link did it many years ago

  • doThatGWalk
    doThatGWalk Month ago

    I want to try this now.

  • Unisparks !!!!
    Unisparks !!!! Month ago

    I saw stranger things in the title and I was like..


    and then I notice it’s by Michelle and I’m like....


  • Live On Pointe
    Live On Pointe Month ago

    You just fell asleep floating on your back?

  • alison caballero
    alison caballero Month ago

    Good trick you put stranger things on your title so more people would be interested 👌👍

  • Joel Cunha
    Joel Cunha Month ago

    Why is TheXvid suggesting this to me? Never seen it before

  • k i w i k a t i e
    k i w i k a t i e Month ago

    At first I thought it looked like a gas chamber.. bruh

  • ii_tamara_ii Campos
    ii_tamara_ii Campos Month ago +25

    2016: nope..
    2017: maybe.. nope
    2018: not yet
    2019: yes

  • xMebutt
    xMebutt Month ago

    Sometimes u look like Mia Khalifha

  • Alia Zein
    Alia Zein Month ago

    Too dramatic🙄

  • Sheryl Seijo
    Sheryl Seijo 3 months ago

    Indoor skydiving, mudbaths, since you are athletic a triathlon or multi-challenge obstacle course.

  • pabloesco2007
    pabloesco2007 4 months ago

    I don't know if I could, with my claustrophobia, panic just by making this red door. Already when entering a movie theater, it's hard for me. Require me to put myself on the seat closest to the hallway now. Here, I think I would have a panic attack on the inside. It's frankly brave to do it anyway, well done.

  • Ali Llamas
    Ali Llamas 5 months ago

    Honey I'm claustrophobic I can't

  • Jason Chen
    Jason Chen 6 months ago

    She lost me when the video started. Not attractive

  • Katy Westlake
    Katy Westlake 6 months ago

    This is the same place they shot the beauty trippin

  • Margarita Mendez
    Margarita Mendez 7 months ago

    Plz try this again !!!

  • Lisa Lollipop
    Lisa Lollipop 7 months ago

    Did anyone realise how dangerous that was!!!
    I'm glad you're ok 🤪

  • Brazen Brunette
    Brazen Brunette 7 months ago

    Please don't use God as a word, God Bless

  • Not today Satan
    Not today Satan 7 months ago

    So what if you don't fall asleep then will it feel like an eternity?

  • Patricia Kempinska
    Patricia Kempinska 7 months ago

    Yu need to practice meditation. Yu have no idea how much your consciousness will benefit. Nd if yu believe Nd do just that Nd go back in there you will have an ENTIRELY different opinion

  • Kermit Is Sexy
    Kermit Is Sexy 7 months ago

    Can u get barb back plz?

  • Lipton tea
    Lipton tea 8 months ago +1

    I read the title and clicked as fast as I could

  • L i l i a n n a
    L i l i a n n a 8 months ago

    You have to go to Hoffman laboratories obviously

  • CraftyUmbrella
    CraftyUmbrella 8 months ago

    *Did you see Barb?*

  • Richard Smith
    Richard Smith 8 months ago

    OMG,, the made-up drama......

  • kjek1
    kjek1 8 months ago

    Why do people always confuse regular nerves with anxiety? Anxiety’s quite a serious thing, not something you would really passively remark on, on camera

    • Mama Belle
      Mama Belle 7 months ago

      Anxiety disorder is a serious thing, but that doesn’t mean people that don’t have the disorder don’t experience anxiety, everyone does, just not all to the extent that it’s a disorder. They’re not claiming to be having an anxiety attack or even claiming to have a diagnosed disorder, only that they’re experiencing anxiousness. Maybe the real issue is those of us with a diagnosed anxiety disorder are conflating it with the very basic term “anxiety”

  • Jojo Draws
    Jojo Draws 9 months ago

    Why was no one assisting her?
    That could be dangerous!
    She could have gotten up and then slipped cause of how disoriented she was!

  • Alex Murray
    Alex Murray 9 months ago

    michelle looked so high when she got out

  • Miguel Aguilar
    Miguel Aguilar 9 months ago

    As a man I would probably jerk it in there


    Facciamo sesso che te la sfondo la vagina bona♡♡♡

  • Shaun Romios
    Shaun Romios 11 months ago +1

    Michelle Khare my head feels empty all the time!

  • Celita Douglas
    Celita Douglas Year ago

    When u got out u look high or on something lol 😂 😂😂😂😂

  • Ebony Staples
    Ebony Staples Year ago

    i would freak out being trapped in a black room and i cant float

  • Sam Hart
    Sam Hart Year ago

    This is like the chamber of secrets

  • Greg Putnam
    Greg Putnam Year ago

    I think you are suppose to take a shower after you go in it as well becausr when you come out, you might feel like their is a layer of slime or residue on you from the salt water

  • Asis
    Asis Year ago

    Yikes reminds me of a cure for wellness

  • Marra Baker
    Marra Baker Year ago

    Did she have to hold her pee in

  • alecksdoesstuff
    alecksdoesstuff Year ago

    did you find barb

  • Bella Mia
    Bella Mia Year ago

    You used wiki as a source? Really...

  • David Bermudez
    David Bermudez Year ago

    You're a cutie

  • Whippy
    Whippy Year ago

    Once a week for the past 9 months I’ve been going into the sensory deprivation tank, it’s become a part of life for me, I have a busy life and I get so much from my tank sessions, I’ve experienced hallucinations many times, which I find pleasant. I have benefited a lot from it, I think a lot clearer, I sleep great, it’s like a recharge of the mind. I tell people that if they want to get the most out of sensory deprivation tanks, commit to a few sessions and see how you feel, the first time not knowing what to expect will go against your experience.

  • App Man
    App Man Year ago

    The problem is the weak human, who ingest multitudes of medications into their bodies, starve themselves of good foods, are vitamin deficient, then when they cant handle life, they think jumping into a chamber of warm water will cure their ills. Throw some Epsom salts into your bathtub at home, light a candle and play Yanni, your cured....

  • App Man
    App Man Year ago

    So prior to going into the tank you had a hard time hearing truck noise and children playing, LOL.

  • App Man
    App Man Year ago

    How can you be assured that the people that used the tank before you did not urinate or extract some bodily fluid into the tank before you use it? And if your using it later in the day or evening weren't there a dozen in that tank before you? even if the water is refilled, there are multiples of germs lying all over the parameter. People take all sorts of medications that are extracted from their pores.

  • Neb Uluos
    Neb Uluos Year ago

    I found you so beautiful and enchanting as you calmly struggled to regain your bearings after the leaving tank. You were so sensual and took your time as touch everything lol when you smoothed your eyebrow it was like you were fascinated being in an adult human body for the first time ever.

  • Joslyn Polenz
    Joslyn Polenz Year ago

    I’m young and these videos help me a lot. I’m someone who pushes myself to have a very busy and stressful life and I have a lot of anxiety. She helps me a lot.

  • Hola Ya
    Hola Ya Year ago

    Some people from prison could last pretty long

  • MJade
    MJade Year ago

    I learned my anxiety was from adhd.

  • Matthew Martin
    Matthew Martin Year ago

    I did this once before. For an hour. I’m going to do it again next week. I had a very similar experience. I got mad anxiety in there and then it went away and my mind shut up. I didn’t sleep. And when I walked out I was soooo alert and focused on everything. I honestly felt recharged in a way I never have before.

  • elizaul1
    elizaul1 Year ago

    Can you asleep safely in there?

  • Jan Jarosz
    Jan Jarosz Year ago

    I think smoking a joint before would enhance the experience

  • Him
    Him Year ago


  • Daniel Bailey
    Daniel Bailey Year ago

    it is really great for someone who is an introverted extrovert in the way that they are social people but get recharged from being alone. I work in a field that forces me to interact with people constantly, and while I enjoy socializing it is still very draining to me. I like to float at least once a month to just reset my psyche and recharge. Honestly, I can really only afford once a month because it is kind of expensive, but I would definately do it once a week if I could.

  • Rivka Van Breugel

    How can you fall asleep underwater and keep breathing??