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Robin Williams on fatherhood


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  • Sally Taylor
    Sally Taylor 3 hours ago

    I miss Robin 😢

  • Tepes Voda
    Tepes Voda 22 hours ago

    I miss you so much, Robin! This world is so bleak and mundane without you...RIP

  • Adam Daus
    Adam Daus Day ago

    Only Robin Williams could make the phrase "nah... Fuck it" be so heartwarming.

  • steven
    steven 2 days ago

    Fuck it. ❤

  • Arimis Cedeno
    Arimis Cedeno 2 days ago

    I miss Robin so much. :(

  • drdassler
    drdassler 2 days ago

    One day, a few years ago, it occurred to me that this man is just not funny.

  • Jeremy Kurtz
    Jeremy Kurtz 2 days ago

    The sweet moment at the end 😭

  • Wesley Gray
    Wesley Gray 3 days ago

    The world lost a great person.

  • Smok3d
    Smok3d 6 days ago


  • J Spiel
    J Spiel 6 days ago

    Never had kids, never will. I see them screaming in the store and that's all I need to know. Nothing but a pain in the ass.

  • Marie
    Marie 8 days ago

    I have the full audio of this stand-up. It's amazing.

  • lilp kaibrown
    lilp kaibrown 9 days ago

    R.I.P The GOAT

  • MysticStrike ForceSSJ3

    Sometimes i say to my self i'm glad i'm a man because we'll i can create a life which a female can't i mean that's the only thing we can win in a argument from the far left or feminism.

  • Jake Martin
    Jake Martin 9 days ago

    One of the greatest, will always be remembered

  • Dusty Miller
    Dusty Miller 10 days ago

    This almost killed me. This man is very missed.

  • Rebecca Milam
    Rebecca Milam 10 days ago

    It's a shame he killed himself...

  • Rem kanji
    Rem kanji 10 days ago

    I swear the only other comedian that could ever match Robin Williams was George Carlin

  • xyzeddy p.hanter
    xyzeddy p.hanter 10 days ago


  • Nicki -diz0rder- Jensen

    R.I.P Robin brought so much joy to my life, i could NEVER thank you enough 4 it

  • Martha Bexley
    Martha Bexley 13 days ago

    RIP Robin, miss you still...

  • Xen Xander
    Xen Xander 14 days ago

    23 chromosomes, not 24, unless you're talking about any other great ape.

  • Tate Mcilwain
    Tate Mcilwain 14 days ago

    Oh god he's magical. Now I see why everyone was so say when he died. :,(

  • S3nate Plays - Battlefront

    You know, I really don't laugh at much. But I will laugh at Robin Williams.

    Yes, this was intended to be funny and yes it is stand up, but he has a deeper meaning to this: son's need their fathers throughout their life. To guide them. To teach them. And maybe one day that'll all go away and the dreams father had were untrue. That doesn't matter though. Essentially, don't let your life pass you by and take advantage of every moment. Cause it's short....... and so is the time with your father.

  • fitnesspoint2006
    fitnesspoint2006 17 days ago

    Cocaine is great drug until you become addicted.

  • Peter German
    Peter German 18 days ago

    Still the best comedian ever in my book.

  • Angela Baker
    Angela Baker 19 days ago

    i cried watching this just thinking about how far gone he must have been to take his own life its sad he couldnt find another way other than that way i miss him he was a great person the world is a bit sadder now he isnt in it any more may he finally find the peace in death that he couldnt find in life

  • MediaSubliminal
    MediaSubliminal 21 day ago +8

    When my son was born, he looked me right in the eyes in the delivery room and instantly stopped crying. It was like I was looking into all creation. That is the most memorable experience of my life.

  • Marc Aliventi Aliventi

    RIP Robin, you were the best. You will be missed

  • azzir325
    azzir325 21 day ago

    11:25 reminds me of the saying "Usually by the time a man realizes that his father may have been right, he usually has a son who thinks he's wrong."

  • Aladdin Salih
    Aladdin Salih 21 day ago

    every single fucking time i tell myself not to cry when i watch Robin but every time i cry.
    we really miss you,I really miss you Robin, RIP

  • lennier1
    lennier1 22 days ago

    It's funny to hear him like this, considering how amazing his kids turned out to be.

  • Shashank Kaveti
    Shashank Kaveti 22 days ago

    I wish that I could go to every person who is about to take their life and show them moments from their life where they truly lived. That would change somethings, wouldn't it?

  • Raspian the Right Wing Guy

    Robin, he is a great father figure.

  • Fandom Chan
    Fandom Chan 24 days ago

    He was so hilarious!!! It’s a shame he ended up killing himself. RIP Robin Williams

  • Lloyd Carter
    Lloyd Carter 24 days ago

    Outstanding. I miss him so much.

  • lazar lazarevic
    lazar lazarevic 25 days ago

    He is hilarious and funny at the same time

  • Vintage Wulf
    Vintage Wulf 25 days ago

    lol.. ish funnys.. thankies for sharing

  • Karen Williams
    Karen Williams 25 days ago

    I'm so sad that you are gone... But I have hope that we will see each other in Heaven.👍🏻😘💙
    I love you so much, Robin Williams and your comedy will live on! 👍🏻

  • Nick Giles
    Nick Giles 25 days ago

    It's worth having kids, as long as you're not poor. Please people in poverty (Nothing against your misfortune, I hope things get better for you), please don't have 7 kids. Think about it in their shoes. Don't be selfish.

  • TrollingAround
    TrollingAround 25 days ago

    Robin, I so wish ….. too late, you're gone. Let's prevent...… Let's offer...… Let's offer.... How can I help?

  • Mimma Delorenzis
    Mimma Delorenzis 26 days ago

    Miss him

  • Jacob Schute
    Jacob Schute 26 days ago

    "It makes me want to hang myself"

  • Michael S
    Michael S 26 days ago

    RIP Robin

  • Madeline Peter
    Madeline Peter 27 days ago

    His words are so funny and so true! 100%! God bless him!

  • Ariadna Cobain
    Ariadna Cobain 27 days ago

    'You're sitting in your own shit and now you're Carl Sagan?!?' THIS MAN WAS A GEM I LAUGHED SO HARD. #RobinWilliamsForever

  • Ultraman 400
    Ultraman 400 29 days ago

    God rest his soul I miss him

    TW1ST3D R3DN3CK 29 days ago

    R.I.P. Robin

  • TheTriforceKid
    TheTriforceKid 29 days ago +1

    this makes me cry....he had so much to live for..but his depression beat him down..he smiled on the outside, taught the world to laugh at itself...but he could no longer laugh at himself and remain cheerful...he couldn't stand living in a world so broken and divided and full of pain and anguish and suffering...
    We miss you, Mr. Williams..We didn't know what we had until you were gone..

    • 최명수
      최명수 13 days ago

      not what you're making up right now. Though he did also have depression.

    • 최명수
      최명수 13 days ago

      He had LBD.

  • Bailey Z. Leone
    Bailey Z. Leone 29 days ago

    it's how to prevent births with young ppl. what is robin Williams on fatherhood?

  • allyssa nehls
    allyssa nehls Month ago

    We miss you, buddy😞

  • Melissa Lemon
    Melissa Lemon Month ago

    He is so funny I love this man he made me laugh😂😂😂 all my life til his death ⚰️😫😫😫

  • Logan True
    Logan True Month ago +1

    I am 21 and scared to death of the concept of fatherhood. This routine doesn't help at all.

  • Tony Cole
    Tony Cole Month ago

    I'm glad that loser killed himself.

  • Charlie Steinhoff
    Charlie Steinhoff Month ago

    Sure miss him.

  • Anton B. Ingibjartsson


  • Donald Walbruck
    Donald Walbruck Month ago

    Robin williams A night at the met.. the name of this special

  • Andi
    Andi Month ago

    He was a great comedian he will be missed I grew up watching him

  • Sean Havlin
    Sean Havlin Month ago

    Wow. wow.

  • kalashnikov96
    kalashnikov96 Month ago

    88 Retarded Feminists disliked this video.

  • Josiah Hill
    Josiah Hill Month ago

    24 chromosomes?

  • shadow king13
    shadow king13 Month ago

    “Mickey mouse to a 3 year old is a 6ft fucking rat” brilliant lol

  • shadow king13
    shadow king13 Month ago

    An undisputed master of ad lib hands down
    “bull shit it’ll make her period look like nothing”

  • Mason French
    Mason French Month ago +15

    12:07-12:27 this man was able to put a very deep message about life into his comedy routine. That’s something that many people can’t do correctly, Robin Williams will forever be missed by us all.

  • sally king
    sally king Month ago +2

    when I watch this I wonder why there are so many of us. Kids spew, poo and keep you awake and make you poor, then they grow up and back chat you, then they leave home which is bad, then they come back which is worse.
    Then they decide which old peoples home to put you in (lowest cost) that they will never visit you in!
    Ahhh Condoms, what a great idea.
    Robin Williams RIP we miss you

  • Ashley Rios
    Ashley Rios Month ago

    Hmm fight undead evil creatures or go to class??? 🤔.......... 😆

  • Fred Flintstone
    Fred Flintstone Month ago

    Miss him

  • Vanessa Montoya
    Vanessa Montoya Month ago

    Awww love & miss you Robin Williams G.O.A.T

  • samantha suiter
    samantha suiter Month ago +1

    he goes from super manic to heartwarming in no seconds flat

  • Sheila Clark
    Sheila Clark Month ago

    I love robin Williams

  • TM Rezzek
    TM Rezzek Month ago

    "A little tiny Jolson..." Just the fact that he referenced Al Jolson in this routine makes me miss him more.

  • Anthony Monaghan
    Anthony Monaghan Month ago

    The an aside, becoming a parent ruined my life. I am officially the worst parent in the world....ever! Yeah, 9.22, that's me for sure. Oh Robin, you were the best man, the very best.

  • Adam Dyer
    Adam Dyer Month ago

    Damn. Realist ending.

  • Free China
    Free China Month ago

    Headspace video before The Geniuses started...’’turn off your chest”😄

  • Jack Bjorn Wulf
    Jack Bjorn Wulf Month ago +4

    "Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Häagen-Dazs!"
    I fell on the floor and spilled my soda everywhere WORTH IT!

  • Patrick Montone
    Patrick Montone Month ago

    Someone so funny and purely talented possessed such intense demons .....

  • Bruce Yami
    Bruce Yami Month ago


  • I am just a mom
    I am just a mom Month ago

    My first son took 21 hours Active labor. Two weeks inactive. Second son 4 hours and 23 minutes active labor. Three weeks inactive and two weeks late. No drugs for that one. They said it was too late.

  • Wuft Chan
    Wuft Chan Month ago

    I almost died laughing again

  • Robert Sanko
    Robert Sanko Month ago +6

    There will never be a day when I don’t miss the energy, and laughter from this brilliant man. He raised us all up with humor, but kept our feet on the ground. RIP dear Robin. 😥

  • Manish Biswas
    Manish Biswas Month ago

    What a legend!

  • loveNaturesWrath
    loveNaturesWrath Month ago

    "Oh and after ten fifteen hours of sheer bliss.. your awarded with a baby! but Bullshit! its not a baby.Its a little old man dipped in 40Wt." -Williams. ,.. LmMFAO! Godbless!

  • Patti Diggs
    Patti Diggs Month ago


  • Patti Diggs
    Patti Diggs Month ago

    just, because can make others laugh,doesnt mean you make yourself laugh,thats sad

  • William Calhoun
    William Calhoun Month ago

    This whole album is THE BEST!

  • Xavior TheLycan
    Xavior TheLycan Month ago

    I see you actually deleted the scene where he talked about the Teddy Ruxpin doll...Because around 7:57 that is where the Teddy Ruxpin doll joke comes in...why did you delete it?

  • Nathan Mooney
    Nathan Mooney Month ago

    RIP Robin Williams

  • REDX Reviewer
    REDX Reviewer 2 months ago

    Have you seen the great white mother?

  • Zeus Ra
    Zeus Ra 2 months ago

    Maybe in America ... In rest of the world ....................

    • doggo
      doggo 28 days ago

      All sorts of F***ed up

  • Ian Sin
    Ian Sin 3 months ago

    Ahhh back then when comedy actually made people laugh, not clap, and the jokes actually had a deep message behind, instead of being there for fun.

  • Heidi
    Heidi 3 months ago

    🌿👀 I still miss him. Always will.

    MEMEZ MASTER 3 months ago

    Rest In Peace RW, he was one of a kind.

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 3 months ago

    11:11 “God Dad your fucked” LOL

  • Vince Evans
    Vince Evans 3 months ago

    Omg lol

  • MalTronix Gaming
    MalTronix Gaming 3 months ago

    yeah i really want to be a parent and i'm 14 but i don't know how to

    • Lamia Zlogonje
      Lamia Zlogonje 2 months ago

      MalTronix Gaming trust me wait. 14 is too young. Theyre expensive precious but very big responsibility

  • mice hunter
    mice hunter 3 months ago

    i cry everytime at the end

  • Timid Tornado
    Timid Tornado 3 months ago +1

    pure genius at/to the end

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 3 months ago +5

    Yeah the infernal question of WHY? I started asking it back. They shut up then. ROFLMAO

  • TootsiesCreationz
    TootsiesCreationz 3 months ago +2

    Yeah most men can't deal with changing the diapers

  • Jose Acosta
    Jose Acosta 3 months ago

    Unspoken Genius. Only in death could we see the greater marvel that he truly was.

  • melllyanna013
    melllyanna013 3 months ago +19

    “Part toxic waste part velcro” hahaha