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  • Marina Meyer
    Marina Meyer Year ago +1

    chicken heart is sooo good. In brazil we normally eat at brazilian bbq (churrasco) and we call it coraçãozinho (little heart), it's delicious.

  • NaYaB the GREAT
    NaYaB the GREAT Year ago

    i love cow heart

  • Brooke Stout
    Brooke Stout Year ago +1

    cow heart in Peru is super common and delicious, it's called anticucho and it's definitely one of my favorites

  • grace the person
    grace the person Year ago

    jayka grew

  • Daria Morgendorffer

    Cow heart is a tradicional food in Bolivia we called anticucho

  • whiterose12123
    whiterose12123 Year ago

    its a muscle just like regular meat. just a different type of muscle

    • K Paul
      K Paul Year ago

      Actually, it's an organ or viscus, rather than a muscle.

  • Valery Krum
    Valery Krum Year ago +1

    I'm always eat hearts 😈

  • Llamacookie 9
    Llamacookie 9 Year ago +1

    I ate this before because I'm from Peru and we eat this, ITS SO GOOD

    • sofia ondo
      sofia ondo Year ago +1

      Llamacookie 9 I love this dish from Peru. Isn't it called anticucho?

  • CurryKingWurst
    CurryKingWurst Year ago +1

    Heart is really delicious.

  • JJPU -
    JJPU - Year ago +1

    The raw heart looks more appetising than the cooked.. thing

    • Kalama A
      Kalama A Year ago

      Superkalkonen - lol 😂

  • Ainaz Aghdam
    Ainaz Aghdam Year ago

    in Iran we do eat this😂it's so good

  • Agent007
    Agent007 Year ago +1

    People eat pig bellies and you are saying that hearts are disgusting. Girl please

    ZK MUSIC Year ago +1

    Jillian is so pretty.

  • So Mexican
    So Mexican Year ago

    eww a hart

  • Maanav Khurana
    Maanav Khurana Year ago +1

    Make them try Hot Indian dishes!

  • LittleBlueWolf
    LittleBlueWolf Year ago

    I watched that movie be for

  • John Choi
    John Choi Year ago

    crazy lol

  • rainnnnn
    rainnnnn Year ago


  • Dániel Vincze
    Dániel Vincze Year ago +4

    Heart is literal meat... I just don't know why they're freaking out...

    • Le Faboo
      Le Faboo Year ago

      Dániel Vincze It's an organ that's why

    • Valentina OLIVA MATIZ
      Valentina OLIVA MATIZ Year ago

      Dániel Vincze yeah i know
      Here in Perú we eat cow heart. Its called anticucho and its delicious

    • Claydson Ohno
      Claydson Ohno Year ago

      agreed, we eat many other parts of a cow, so heart is just another part

  • Morgan Ramirez
    Morgan Ramirez Year ago +1

    compliments to the chef lol n yes I would try it

  • Random Robloxian
    Random Robloxian Year ago

    Why did I choose this video while I am eating?

  • romi
    romi Year ago +1

    I saw this and my peruvian soul said ANTICUCHO❤

  • Mateo Trokthi
    Mateo Trokthi Year ago +1

    They should Anticoucho

  • Oliver Vosper
    Oliver Vosper Year ago

    I eat Heart a the time

  • NSG
    NSG Year ago +3

    no one would react to this comment

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote Year ago +1

    That is one fatty heart! My mom would cook beef heart in the crock pot, it would turn out tender enough. Back in the 70's during the meat shortage, you ate what there was.

  • Piero Loza Palma
    Piero Loza Palma Year ago +3

    In Peru we have a dish with heart of cow, is called "Anticucho". You should try it, it's the best :D

  • Boring_Weirdo37
    Boring_Weirdo37 Year ago

    I've eaten chicken heart and turkey heart

  • Terrance Gibbs
    Terrance Gibbs Year ago +1

    3:16 Jeffery Dahmer

  • _itznoah Suarez_
    _itznoah Suarez_ Year ago

    Why is everything COW

  • Fresky
    Fresky Year ago

    Ox heart is very yummy. Ox heart casserole with dumplings is just the best.

  • ilovemagikarp and Pikachu

    I have tried chicken heart

  • U Wot M8
    U Wot M8 Year ago +10

    wow eating cow hearts prevent heart disease that's like saying eating someone's brain makes you smarter lol

    I deserve a like for that.

  • ZanuDA9711
    ZanuDA9711 Year ago

    I like chicken hearts. And I once dissected a cow heart for my biology class, which was fun.

  • SirLaggzzalot
    SirLaggzzalot Year ago +1

    steak's a muscle, heart's a muscle... makes sense

    • Kim Ly
      Kim Ly Year ago

      SirLaggzzalot I think it depends on what part of cow steak is made of

  • Garrett Huckabay
    Garrett Huckabay Year ago +1

    gives new mean to "eat your heart out"

  • Thomas Yonex
    Thomas Yonex Year ago

    react to lemme smash

  • Derp_lord080
    Derp_lord080 Year ago +3

    lol I eat this all the time XD (fun fact: Mexicans eat mostly everything of a cow but she stuff which I forgotten XD)

  • sleepy cabbiege
    sleepy cabbiege Year ago +79

    i'm going to show this to my vegan friends

  • Erik Hughes
    Erik Hughes Year ago +1

    my dad has tride a chicin hrt

  • Lem Sunga
    Lem Sunga Year ago +4

    Alberto is so freakin' hot!!

  • Liam Is Alexander Hamilton

    Lydon is hot af ❤😍

  • David Verghese
    David Verghese Year ago +44

    Did she just say "his hopes and dreams?" for a cow?😑

  • LD Entente
    LD Entente Year ago

    Office vlogs!!!

  • Gaming Marvel
    Gaming Marvel Year ago


  • Emay. I guess
    Emay. I guess Year ago +1

    I have tried chicken heart before

    • aywin shaju
      aywin shaju Year ago +1

      Emay suchada Suanprikthai wtf this is a cow

  • Joey Holden
    Joey Holden Year ago +1

    I love cow heart

  • Elkin Torres
    Elkin Torres Year ago

    teens eat cow tongue

    • 빌리
      빌리 Year ago

      Elkin Torres already did that

  • Min Suga's Natural Hair Is Daebak

    Meat isn't my stuff in general so... ^^'

  • christina qi
    christina qi Year ago

    depends on how it was made

  • ᗷEYOᑎᗪ TᕼE ᔕᑕEᑎE

    I like duck heart

  • NielronGamer
    NielronGamer Year ago +6

    Here in Brazil, eating chicken heart on a stick is very common.

  • Cove
    Cove Year ago +2

    dog meat taste the best

    • Dani S
      Dani S Year ago

      The Ghost miner don't say that 😤😨😦😧😰😭😪😥😵

  • Cove
    Cove Year ago

    I bet this guy's are all meat eaters

    • Cove
      Cove Year ago

      +Magnus Chase literally the first thing that came up,www.un.org/apps/news/story.asp?newsID=20772#.WJhDF_l97IU

    • Magnus Chase
      Magnus Chase Year ago

      The Ghost miner can you provide proof of that that the UN said that, because cause all the sites I research are saying the burning of fossil fuels is the main contributor to global warming and I got that text from......climate.nasa.gov/causes/

    • Cove
      Cove Year ago

      +Magnus Chase this is a text form National Geographic. And no a lot of organisations are finally addressing animals agriculture for example the UN just realized a report saying a switch to a plant-based diet is crucial to reduce green-house emissions

    • Cove
      Cove Year ago

      +Magnus Chase #WATCHCOWSPIRACY

    • Cove
      Cove Year ago

      +Magnus Chase I thought everyone knew that animal agriculture was the main reason, of global warming search it up.

  • Mārtiņš Krastiņš

    Sheep, goat, pig bird hearts are tasty

  • IK86
    IK86 Year ago

    jayka is so grown up now!

  • Lunyoo
    Lunyoo Year ago

    This dude might have one of the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen

  • mjstory1976
    mjstory1976 Year ago

    Under 3⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣

  • Scott Matsubara
    Scott Matsubara Year ago

    Lydon looks very similar to brizzyvoices

  • Ramiro Rodriguez
    Ramiro Rodriguez Year ago

    Jayka is a teen already. She is growing up fast, comment Jayka if you agree

  • PewDiepie I
    PewDiepie I Year ago

    I eat chicken heart

  • oldcowbb
    oldcowbb Year ago +1

    i like liver more than heart, but they probably wouldn't like liver

  • genesis Herbert
    genesis Herbert Year ago

    swedish candy!!!

  • Takki Min
    Takki Min Year ago +10

    This videos would be banned in India 😅

  • Zoe young
    Zoe young Year ago

    I have directed a cow heart!

  • Bruce Leeds
    Bruce Leeds Year ago

    Teens should react to curried goat and rice

  • ItzTheGuy TheGreatest

    Mmmm it's good

    It tastes like a stick 🤤🤤🤤

  • Harley Quinn
    Harley Quinn Year ago

    This girl watches cow breed?! Gurl you got problems.

    • Ragey Memer
      Ragey Memer Year ago +5

      Yes, she breeds cows for a living

  • joxysson
    joxysson Year ago +3

    Teens vs Surströmming

  • titas cerneckis
    titas cerneckis Year ago +4

    3:13. vegant confirmed 😨😨😨😨😨

    • Lucy Clarke
      Lucy Clarke Year ago

      titas cerneckis if she were a vegan she wouldn't have eaten it...

  • cik nutt
    cik nutt Year ago +2

    but i like chicken heart more.......its taste good

  • Celine Xie
    Celine Xie Year ago +73

    ITS JUST A HEART! A PIECE OF MUSCLE TO PUMP BLOOD AROUND! Stop making such a fuss about it...

    • Celine Xie
      Celine Xie Year ago

      Foxylove AJ alright! I'll stop judging, still, when the apocalypse comes then the ones that can gain nutrition more efficiently will survive. That is you and I my friend!

    • Foxylovebackup AJ
      Foxylovebackup AJ Year ago

      No, I'm not. Unless we're talking about cannibals, because then yes. If it's in their culture/tradition, it's okay. If it's about cannibals, then screw that.

    • Celine Xie
      Celine Xie Year ago

      Foxylove AJ I don't understand... Are you one of them? Could you maybe clear things off for me?

    • Foxylovebackup AJ
      Foxylovebackup AJ Year ago +1

      +Celine Xie I'm not vegan, but I just don't see why you're making a fuss about others making a fuss about eating hearts. Some people out there just don't think that's okay. Don't judge them for how they are, god.

    • Foxylovebackup AJ
      Foxylovebackup AJ Year ago +3

      Yeah. Then we'll move onto eyes. That's hot. I love seeing people eat organs. *sarcasm*

  • XxGet _ R3ktxX
    XxGet _ R3ktxX Year ago

    im not vegan i just like animals

  • Kensbabe Blackshaw

    that gross😱😮

    • I lob u
      I lob u Year ago +2

      You somehow enjoy eating meat like chicken and beef but not a cows heart? It's just meat with a different or similar taste

    • Adrian Arevalo
      Adrian Arevalo Year ago

      lol thats why

    • Kensbabe Blackshaw
      Kensbabe Blackshaw Year ago

      Celine Xie I am 13

    • Celine Xie
      Celine Xie Year ago +3

      Shirley-ann Blackshaw how old are you?

  • iakoli
    iakoli Year ago

    heart tastes great! but beware of purine which when metablized, becomes uric acid and leads to gouty arthritis.

  • Junior
    Junior Year ago +3

    3:48 you dont eat a cow heart raw, you eat a hoddog, and it a heart, bone, anus, tounge of a cow and pig

  • Spectre
    Spectre Year ago +5

    "It's not too gamey."
    Uh, that because it's COW. Gamey is a flavour wild GAME is associated with. Please stop trying to sound like a culinary expert when you're not.

    • Jacob K
      Jacob K Year ago

      Internal organs contain much more silverskin (a type of connective tissue) than many muscles, this is often trimmed away prior to cooking, as it can leave a gamey taste. It is not much of a stretch to assume a heart could have some gamey-ness.
      Source: Hunter, butcher, and eater of organ meats.

    • Ellanion
      Ellanion Year ago +3

      Spectre You realise of course that at the time that comment was made the person didn't know it was from a cow and was trying to identify it.

  • Sweenkid
    Sweenkid Year ago +2

    That Indiana Jones clip though 😂😂😂

  • Idham Kalbuadi
    Idham Kalbuadi Year ago

    We eat lots of cow parts in a "COTO MAKASSAR"

  • Krystal_Kitty
    Krystal_Kitty Year ago +2

    They should try balut

  • Miguel Angel Padilla

    Jayka is too kawaii ✨

  • Kat Namu
    Kat Namu Year ago +1

    Sign me up for Alberto

    • wtfghaha
      wtfghaha Year ago

      Koyangi Kim lmfaooo me too

  • Darkest Vesperas
    Darkest Vesperas Year ago

    I already had this :)))

  • Sebastian Lacerna
    Sebastian Lacerna Year ago +4

    Well, peruvian here, the dish is called Anticucho

  • IamMi
    IamMi Year ago +1

    They don't eat hearts in the us ?

    • Peter2kx
      Peter2kx Year ago

      IamMi I do! It's sold in some stores, same with chicken liver. Some stores sell them.

    • nexalacer
      nexalacer Year ago

      The offal gets turned into other products. The meat producers do not waste that stuff, generally.

    • IanJackson33
      IanJackson33 Year ago +2

      damn so they just waste food......... thats cold

    • Nicholas C.
      Nicholas C. Year ago

      so they don't eat foie gras?

    • nexalacer
      nexalacer Year ago +1

      We used to eat offal, but I believe it became a sign of being low class after WW2. It's very uncommon for people to eat heart, brain, kidney, liver, or any other parts of animals in the US, or at least in California, where these guys live and where I'm from.

  • SpheredMaple870
    SpheredMaple870 Year ago

    It could be good I mean I eat brains

  • TøXIc_ Cat X
    TøXIc_ Cat X Year ago +2

    Teens react to PETA...

    Just because I can.

  • James Dooling
    James Dooling Year ago

    I have been trying for two months, in one of the largest cities in the US, to purchase a single veal heart... In Texas, I cannot find one to stuff. Bastards.

  • XxGet _ R3ktxX
    XxGet _ R3ktxX Year ago +4

    that makes me sad for the cow too

    • Celine Xie
      Celine Xie Year ago +2

      Ricardo Garcia why? You vegan? It's the same with beef and steak. It's a perfectly ordinary piece of meat.

  • XxGet _ R3ktxX
    XxGet _ R3ktxX Year ago


  • Asuna XI
    Asuna XI Year ago +2

    Me: time to find a country that cooks cow heart so I can go there for holiday

  • Sergio Soria
    Sergio Soria Year ago +9

    Jillian Fine AF

  • Julius Jumao-as
    Julius Jumao-as Year ago +1

    I beg react to sepak takraw

  • Keith Fernandes
    Keith Fernandes Year ago +1

    Teens react to Nintendo switch

  • Mayang Gika Andani
    Mayang Gika Andani Year ago +25

    theres anyone realized jayka its move from "kids" to "teens"

  • Starshine
    Starshine Year ago +3

    I actualy like chicken hearts
    Dont juge me...

    • Celine Xie
      Celine Xie Year ago

      Green Gandzumian yum

    • James Crawford
      James Crawford Year ago

      Chicken hearts are tasty.

    • Ilona Bondarenko
      Ilona Bondarenko Year ago

      Love it too. I eat them and chicken liver at least once a week, flambeed with cognac or whisky. Delicious!

    • Ton Doan
      Ton Doan Year ago

      i do 2

  • Damon Benson
    Damon Benson Year ago +2

    Show them the heart uncooked "eeeeeew"
    Cooked "mmmm"

  • Bouitaz
    Bouitaz Year ago +1

    If they liked this they should try smoked moose heart (warm not cold-smoked).

  • ginghbu
    ginghbu Year ago +1

    ' it tastes like steak'