SSD SMOKES inside Macbook Air, is it fixable?

  • Published on Dec 13, 2019
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  • Verlisify
    Verlisify Month ago +115

    TheXvid's algorithm is just baffling. I did notice that one day just no more Louis. I thought you took a break from the real estate uploads, but I missed all the good ones. I think it might have been the bikes to work. The second you have like 2 uploads that don't get more views than the last youtube just drops you

    • hxtr
      hxtr Month ago

      Facebook, Twitter, TheXvid/Google all run by A.I. and we will never be able to trust these A.I..

    • TTT Kyouma
      TTT Kyouma Month ago +1

      says the guy with millions of downvotes. lol

    • Bogdan Weiss
      Bogdan Weiss Month ago

      Apple has been the champion of built-inn obsolescence, with few, almost accidental reliable & serviceable products. Thanks to the work of great honest people like Louis Rossman, the greed & dishonesty of this corporate premadonna is being exposed. Not to mention the tremendous amount of human labour exploitation their designed_to_break hardware creates. The corporate Hydra decouples it's responsibility by leaning on subcontractors & exporting liability & accountability.

      TheXvid has been hijacked by a pack of expert liars & professional psychopaths who set & implement their Bolshevik propaganda.
      The comissars @ TheXvid are afraid of hearing the truth - an algorithm that preaches the lies of the ADL vs the LOGOS of Dr E. Michael Jones can not fly, just like pigs can't fly :-)

    • Epsilon Karamazov
      Epsilon Karamazov Month ago +1

      It's my fault. I was waiting for the real estate episodes to finish so I could binge the whole thing in one swoop.

    • Julian T.
      Julian T. Month ago +10

      yes, and then youtube sends me like 12000 videos ive already watched

  • Diego Castillo
    Diego Castillo 5 days ago +1

    Man, I just can't get enough of watching you move those little pieces around and pouring that kind of silicon? It's just so good

  • Dušan Barlík
    Dušan Barlík 8 days ago

    SSD smokes Air inside MacBook

  • Orlando Da Silva
    Orlando Da Silva 11 days ago

    You know how I clear through-hole solder. Heat it up and whack the board against the table. Just clean the splash when done.

  • 5argeTech /\
    5argeTech /\ 11 days ago

    Smokin' Hot Mac..... :(

  • R.J. Paltridge
    R.J. Paltridge 12 days ago

    You cat is licking your armpit your cat is disturbed well your cat is an animal and don’t know no better so wtf does that say about you Mr.Donated $1.99 not you Louis. Sorry I had to say that 😂😉🙂

  • Sean R
    Sean R 13 days ago

    SSD Filters are for filtering Louis's bad language, and it still doesn't work. :) Thanks Apple.

  • Filip Smid
    Filip Smid 13 days ago

    Was there any particular reason why you powered it on with the obvious liquid damage while keeping the SSD in ?

  • gile
    gile 14 days ago

    Boot you fucking peace of shit :D :D

  • Scott Bradley
    Scott Bradley 15 days ago

    Louis. ....stop making videos that I watch till 3am here in London. ....I got work in the morning. ...!!

  • MasterCommandCEO
    MasterCommandCEO 16 days ago

    Epic. And I learned lots. Very cool.

  • dksix1905
    dksix1905 17 days ago

    What is the hot melt looking gel he squirts on the board before heating and soldering?

  • R0cK GoD
    R0cK GoD 18 days ago

    I own a business for a living and Chase bad guys. Who am I?

  • Jason8r
    Jason8r 19 days ago

    Hey Louis, watched a ton of your video's and this is my first comment. I have no idea about how to even go about learning what you do but it's cool AF and love your content. Very interesting work :)

  • Kristian Diaz
    Kristian Diaz 19 days ago

    That data is still recoverable if you transfer the NAND and the controller on to a donor board

  • Will Doherty
    Will Doherty 19 days ago

    Nice job & brilliant outcome.

  • Gacheru Mburu
    Gacheru Mburu 20 days ago

    Well done!

  • Tait Hermansen
    Tait Hermansen 20 days ago

    Hey bud I know you’ll prolly not read this and it’s super basic and I could prolly google it but I wanted to know your method which you prolly said in one of your other videos but how do you get the flux off once your done soldering all your joints

  • Rafael Fusco
    Rafael Fusco 22 days ago

    Beatiful job. congratulations.

  • Son Of Age
    Son Of Age 23 days ago

    Google is this generation's IBM. Apple is still Apple. same crapple, more expensive. haha.

  • orionteck
    orionteck 23 days ago

    Amazing video Louis. What is the green stuff applied to ssd card and restores the connectors

  • Kamel
    Kamel 24 days ago

    I believed the same way you did about desoldering tools and stuck to wicks until I ran into the power jack replacement from hell on a laptop about 10 years ago. I got one of these and never looked back

  • underscore 2
    underscore 2 24 days ago

    What is that thing that swipes across the bottom of the screen at 1:13

  • czarny puchacz
    czarny puchacz 24 days ago

    That was incredible!

  • kutulukutu
    kutulukutu 25 days ago

    I think your problem is that you tend to expand minds, and not play to the small brains. TheXvid doesn't like that, so you can't sell mugs.

  • Twml
    Twml 25 days ago

    The 'magic smoke' fixed a charging issue on a galaxy a5 I was fixing. Corroded port pins shorted together. Solution was plug in cable burn the corrosion between pins. Then it charges now :)

    • Twml
      Twml 25 days ago

      Already tried the Scrappy Scrappy. Alcohol and a few other cleaning things. Don't have the tools to solder a new port to board yet. So worked with what I had. And hey it wasn't charging now it is. Customer said wouldn't charge. Little wiggle wiggle on charger 'poof magic smoke' then it works

  • John Smith
    John Smith 25 days ago +1

    Louis streamed on my fking birthday and I didn't even get notified, gotta love TheXvid these days

  • SidebandSamurai
    SidebandSamurai 26 days ago +2

    That was an awesome repair. To bring an SSD back to life after the magic smoke was released was fantastic.

  • boulder89984
    boulder89984 26 days ago

    You should tell everybody how to screw with AI. After messing with it for a year it has no idea what to recommend.

  • Joe Angell
    Joe Angell 27 days ago +1

    Have you looked into the youtubers union? TheXvid is ripe for unionizing.

  • Alex PR
    Alex PR 27 days ago

    Very sexy Mac repair @33:00 Techno porn by Louis...

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons 27 days ago

    You truly rock

  • David Parsons
    David Parsons 27 days ago

    Still really enjoy your videos

  • lllsophisticatedlll
    lllsophisticatedlll 28 days ago

    Well, having a desoldering pump would make it very easy.
    I understand it's rare job, but the nuisance of it.
    Having one cheap desoldering pump in shop wouldn't be a strain.

  • Eddie Almukahhal
    Eddie Almukahhal 28 days ago

    What software are you using to see all those board parts.

  • kruyf73
    kruyf73 28 days ago

    You Practice Wing chun? Nice. Just start the day with the Siu Lim Tao.

  • Allen Nicholson
    Allen Nicholson 28 days ago

    I had a 128GB A1708 SSD smoke and burn a hole in the metal shielding. The components were vaporised but unbelievably the SSD functioned and we were able to clone it so it could be replaced without replacing the burned components. Here is the proof.!rsNggCBY!jbi2uZBZOYHGSg-VHWU30PCQPRkqFb2wxWWJecfV5SY!O8UTTAZJ!yVvd-rli2_yDBt4PVBQasmSoV2NnEPVyuV-v0bx5epY

  • Goldenhordemilo
    Goldenhordemilo 28 days ago


  • Sonlirain
    Sonlirain 28 days ago

    Don't rely on Wing Chun for anything other than a form of cool looking aerobic exercise.
    Eastern martial artists are generally getting massacred in MMA (With a handful of exceptions like Judo).

  • Red Sauron
    Red Sauron 28 days ago

    A tip from me ...heat up the hole and then use a mini.air compressor with a small tupe output to blow out the hole of the solder stuff mutch easier and quicker... less stresfull

  • The Tech Genie
    The Tech Genie 29 days ago

    Same here I find doing SMD way easier as much quicker even large IC can just drag solder it in a few seconds, then thur-hole as having to clear each the hole can be a pain especially when changing 50 plus components on one board.

    DANK MEMES 29 days ago

    3:22 yeah. demonetized

  • LostMarbles
    LostMarbles 29 days ago

    Hello Louis, you can get low melt solder which melts at 70°C and stays liquid long enough for you to remove the component. I believe Chip Quik alloy may be the original but I use the generic stuff off of eBay with fantastic results. If you haven't tried it you should give it a go as it's amazing stuff, it would help with removing the SSD connector for example.
    Thank you for making these videos and for all that I have learned from them.

  • Jorge Dominguez
    Jorge Dominguez 29 days ago

    The UV light is hurting my eyes, I'm suing.

  • Anthony Chopra
    Anthony Chopra 29 days ago

    TheXvid company are brick idiots and its unfair and unhuman. fing youtube

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  • vjxpiro evo
    vjxpiro evo Month ago

    Fac apple shit!

  • Phiberop840 M
    Phiberop840 M Month ago

    Louis - Boot you fuckface, boot!!

  • Sirus
    Sirus Month ago

    Blow the holes out with air.

  • ChikyTheMan
    ChikyTheMan Month ago

    just a question but what is that jell or liquid , paste you put on there and what's it for ?

  • Tracy LF
    Tracy LF Month ago

    Hi Louis. I adore your, "boot, you f*ck!"!". Lol.

  • Antz Wilkz
    Antz Wilkz Month ago

    100% of monitors do not reproduce UV. So you can watch any UV cure video you like for as long as you like. But then you are just playing with us!

  • Googleisevil GoogleisCancer

    I keep old pieces of stripped housing wire around for clearing those through holes.

  • John S
    John S Month ago

    But at the same time, if not for Apples countless mistakes, millions of repair technicians could not make a decent living doing what they love to do.

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally Month ago

    Before I got real copper wick, I was using my iron and repeatedly scrubbing it on the wire pad to pick up extra solder and fix shorts like that.
    Wick is SOO much better!

  • pakaxc
    pakaxc Month ago

    what a waste of time, why not using a pump suction?

  • Dave Evans
    Dave Evans Month ago

    how about a solder sucker (I don't know if you call them the same thing in US) it's a vacuum plunger with a release button. Useful for sucking solder out of plated through holes.

    • Io
      Io 27 days ago

      He mentioned them as being complete rubbish.

  • Dakota Lally
    Dakota Lally Month ago

    7:14 Is "pre-heating" a board still a thing? That's a a lot of heat you're throwing at it.

  • Jacek
    Jacek Month ago

    GG man you are the best :)

  • gerry kavanagh
    gerry kavanagh Month ago

    when I want to clear a through-hole I just heat it up and tap the board against my bench... blob pops right out