Huawei P30 Pro Review: Optical Excellence!

  • Published on Apr 24, 2019
  • P30 Pro is the best phone not sold in the US. Battery champ and incredible camera. What more could you want?
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  • Lucas Albuquerque
    Lucas Albuquerque 16 minutes ago

    this phone is impressive. i hope the nonsense ban of it is cancelled

  • Prince JamJam
    Prince JamJam 24 minutes ago

    Fuck Huawei they don't give out unlock code anymore. Don't buy this shitt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Paul Mshanga
    Paul Mshanga 2 hours ago

    Gone to soon, what is happening to the device those who have them🤔

  • Kevin Whiting
    Kevin Whiting 6 hours ago

    Rip wauwei

  • shunno pothik
    shunno pothik 7 hours ago

    It’s a dead phone now

  • Rassim Marref
    Rassim Marref 8 hours ago

    Rip huawei in america

  • Jia Jun Zhang
    Jia Jun Zhang 8 hours ago

    The zoom is better that the microscope we use in our school, (40x to 100x)

  • Unknowん
    Unknowん 8 hours ago +1

    Well all i got say is... *R.I.P.*

  • Ahmad Hasim
    Ahmad Hasim 9 hours ago +1

    Who's watching after Android ban on Huawei ?

  • Azim Arbie
    Azim Arbie 10 hours ago +1

    rip huawei

  • Adam Austin
    Adam Austin 10 hours ago

    Huawei a bad choice. I been warning people for months this was a terrible idea.

  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid 12 hours ago

    In reality every single piece of modern technology is a gimmick.
    We don't need any of it lol

  • zhen86
    zhen86 13 hours ago +1

    Do not buy this phone just yet

  • alpha bryan
    alpha bryan 13 hours ago +1

    im sure huawei is more than capable of making there own OS that will prove itself in time samsung would be smart to make there own as well.

    • alpha bryan
      alpha bryan 9 hours ago

      +Shodkev lol I remember that it was so painful to use hopefully it might be different this time around I hope.

    • Shodkev
      Shodkev 9 hours ago +2

      Remember when microsoft tried their own phone os? Not a good move huh?

  • Lim Xin
    Lim Xin 13 hours ago

    Does this mean that huawei can no longer receive android updates? And cant download apps on google playstore anymore? I just recently saw the news google banning huawei devices.

    • Jia Jun Zhang
      Jia Jun Zhang 8 hours ago

      they ban phone with 5g, that will be in like the p40 so that does not affect.

  • 79inimma
    79inimma 14 hours ago

    Hi Marques, I am not sure how many people wondering the same as me now... What will happen to their Huawei phones after Google's latest announcement in regards stopping android updates and google supports...To be honest I was just about to make a purchase. But now, I am really hesitating to chose huawei. It is not exactly clear to me what I am loosing out on, if I chose a huawei device? If you have the time, could you shed lights on this for us please? Thank you!

  • Tee Ngô
    Tee Ngô 14 hours ago

    Unfortunately, there will be no more interest in Huawei phones from now on.

  • Zulfikri
    Zulfikri 14 hours ago

    P30 is great camera phone .. I wanted to buy this but I ended up to buy S10 plus.. so far I am very satisfied with its performance...
    but today I read the news that Google will stop giving update to Huawei smartphone .. I feel lucky not to buy P30

  • sal sa
    sal sa 15 hours ago

    R.I.P Huawei

  • Kristoffer Varas
    Kristoffer Varas 15 hours ago

    Bruh moment

  • Jay Em P
    Jay Em P 16 hours ago +4

    RIP Huawei
    Gone too soon...

  • Ted H
    Ted H 17 hours ago

    @Marques Brownlee Can you comment on the recent Huawei phones being BANNED by Google? I own two Huawei phones. Love them both. I have a Mate SE that I gave to my son and he loves it. I got a Mate 20 Lite. I did have a One Plus 6 with 8GB Ram and 256GB Storage and I hated the One Plus 6. Bad battery life, bad audio, terrible display, and horrible camera. Most of this stuff in my opinion was software related but One Plus refused to fix it. I bought the Huawei Mate SE and actually liked it better than my One Plus 6 and so I sold the OP6 for a huge loss and then I got the Mate 20 Lite. But I've been waiting for the Android Pie update and the EMUI 9.0 update and it sounds like I might not ever get any updates and IF I do, then I could lose Google Play and the suite of Google Apps and Tools. I am within the return window for my Mate 20 Lite and I can get something else but I really like my Mate 20 Lite. I want to keep it under $300. The Motorola G7 Power is the only other thing I can find but the display and camera aren't near as good. Are all Chinese phones banned from Google, or just Huawei? This is such a sad story. Please help with your suggestions. Do a video on phones under $300 that work in the USA. I need AT&T LTE Bands 2, 4, 5, 12, 17. In the USA, we have a selection of the Samsung Galaxy or the iPhone or the Pixel. I hate the Galaxy and the iPhone and the Pixel is WAY overpriced. This is ridiculous.

  • Dima

    How you did bought this MONE💵💵💵to buy this item

  • niksack
    niksack 17 hours ago

    watching this after the ban of Huawei by Google, Qualcomn and Intel.

  • Mohammed Abdul Muthakabbir

    Bro check out the zenphone 6

  • Peter Nugent
    Peter Nugent 22 hours ago

    USA government is shit propaganda shit storors spys they say China never tried to harm or take over a country. Fuck the USA apple as there Koream owned or they got 80 percent shares in Samsung.. And you you only give half reviews the LG phone review you really made a cunt of that phone you were all over the place with that review. I seen the review first and you back peddled you shot yourself in the foot so fort. Your been paid by certain people

  • nnukeshot
    nnukeshot 22 hours ago

    Rip Huawei phones aren't supported by Android anymore😂

  • Moudire Ifan
    Moudire Ifan Day ago +2

    Huawei might be having its last days. Google might kill it

  • Pieter Visser
    Pieter Visser Day ago

    Mate 30 Pro must have 4k 60fps, because the P30 pro still doesnt have 60fps on 4k

  • Pino Kio
    Pino Kio Day ago

    im not sold on their software optimization. common like samsung phones i had be4 they gonna lag if you do multiple things so annoying and gives feeling of cheapness

  • ImpatientTurtle
    ImpatientTurtle Day ago

    "Are you a spy?"

    Huawei has left the chat.

    • Nomad Girl
      Nomad Girl 10 hours ago

      not sure. but sure google is

  • OMGness
    OMGness 2 days ago

    That’s just the waway way.
    Hwaei hay-
    The waway way.

  • Kurdistan Diary Duhok

    Well Done , Very Clear Explanation

  • XxKazxX xoxo
    XxKazxX xoxo 2 days ago

    It’s the HuaWay lmao...

  • belkacem omar
    belkacem omar 3 days ago +1

    *Wah-Wei Way*

  • Gabriel Branco
    Gabriel Branco 3 days ago +1

    Zenfone 6: I'm about to end this man's whole career.

  • Khalid Alhajri
    Khalid Alhajri 3 days ago

    I cant divorce Apple.

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh
    zyxwvutsrqponmlkh 3 days ago

    What other phone can shoot 720p at 1000 frames per second?

  • Bob Stiffle
    Bob Stiffle 3 days ago +4

    Huawei P30 is an incredible phone. It really changes the way you take photos and videos.

  • Brian Frobey
    Brian Frobey 4 days ago

    Please stop reviewing/giving attention to Huawei products.

  • Brian Frobey
    Brian Frobey 4 days ago

    Please stop reviewing/giving attention to Huawei products.

  • jan seger
    jan seger 4 days ago

    Wow as always You deliver a high standard. funny fact. i got the exact same colour of the P30 pro, the 8 gb ram 256 gb memory version.. for the same reason. (had, have the P10 plus , but that one has a weak battery by now.must) point out one thing though. had issues with the selfie camera. doesnt seem to focuse that well. but then again it could be the screen shield i got on messing that up?. again thanx .

  • Jay
    Jay 4 days ago

    Wow. A black Rubik's cube huh

  • Masked Singer
    Masked Singer 4 days ago

    RIP Huawei. Trump just killed you by banning US exports to you.

    • Masked Singer
      Masked Singer 23 hours ago +1

      +Akash VT You were saying?

    • Akash VT
      Akash VT 4 days ago

      +Masked Singer That won't change, the ban lies on use of huawei as hardware products and on import.

    • Masked Singer
      Masked Singer 4 days ago +1

      +Akash VT Not when Huawei cannot use Android as its OS...

    • Akash VT
      Akash VT 4 days ago +2

      They still going strong in European and Asian markets. Its erica's loss.

  • Bryan A
    Bryan A 4 days ago +31

    Delete this vlog...trump will send you to Jail via Presidential

  • Ahmed Zahid
    Ahmed Zahid 5 days ago

    is this 24? hurts my eye a little

  • Carlos Rossetti
    Carlos Rossetti 6 days ago

    The aspect ratio is nearly unwatchable on a tablet. Holy hell!

  • Nelson Fluckz
    Nelson Fluckz 6 days ago

    Somebody should buy me that fone.

  • 7th Second
    7th Second 6 days ago +2

    iPhone left the chat

  • Praveen Selvaraj
    Praveen Selvaraj 6 days ago

    Compare Huawei p30 lite vs Poco F1 !!!!

  • eppzattack
    eppzattack 6 days ago

    That rubix cube @ 1:42 looks real easy

  • xyoxus
    xyoxus 6 days ago +6

    Why would you want the volume rocker and power button on different sides?
    I see no use in that, just put them both on the right side (where your fingers are)

    • coolymoody
      coolymoody 4 days ago +3

      Because you can easily press the volume down button instead of the power or the other way round by accident. When I take selfies and I want to capture using the volume buttons, I tend to switch off the screen most of the time instead of actually capturing. I don't know if it is just me and my small hands or if this is a common thing.

  • Bistto Basil
    Bistto Basil 6 days ago

    P30pro is best camera phone. Pixel crushed.

  • Steve OJW
    Steve OJW 6 days ago

    That's huawei way...

  • stevebenbob
    stevebenbob 6 days ago

    5Gs coming to get ya!!

  • master boss
    master boss 6 days ago

    everyone needs telephoto lens

  • BBN
    BBN 7 days ago

    Why does it look like Galaxy S7 edge in dark mode?

  • Hiwa Barzanji
    Hiwa Barzanji 7 days ago +2

    I found you wia tech niga

  • Rango Green
    Rango Green 7 days ago

    Nightlife phone

  • SteelyD
    SteelyD 7 days ago

    Great camera, not so sure about the phone. Anyone else having brightness display problems? Getting tired of adjusting my brightness 20 times a day (not exaggerating)! Yes I have all my power saving options and auto brightness shut off. I've read this is a feature in Huawei phones thank can't be disabled. If so, and this is not corrected, I'll never buy another product from them. If I'm missing something, I'd appreciate some help.

  • Bogdan Capanu
    Bogdan Capanu 7 days ago +1

    This is my perfect phone 😁

  • Jehoiakim Jade Esgana

    Is that the logo for your upcoming podcast?

  • MastaMan88
    MastaMan88 7 days ago

    Who doesn't want a Chinese listening device in their pocket?

  • Hanna Santos
    Hanna Santos 7 days ago +39

    UFO footages would never be the same. Thanks Huawei.

    • Merie Ham
      Merie Ham Hour ago

      Hanna Santos nah somehow they’ll get shitty just when a UFO passes by 😂

  • Scout Scamp
    Scout Scamp 8 days ago

    You set the table wrong... Fork on the Left, Knife on the right with the blade facing the plate and then the spoon after that

  • Hithaishi Maldeniya
    Hithaishi Maldeniya 8 days ago

    Hi, I noticed something interesting about the camera of this phone. When you zoom through window that has a mesh, the camera filters it out. You should give it a try and see. I was taking a picture of a bird when I realized this. It is quite interesting.

  • bharat chaudhary
    bharat chaudhary 8 days ago

    Mk be like just skip the o forplay and gime a orgasam.

  • Wrex Reeva
    Wrex Reeva 8 days ago

    It's a camera with phone, not phone with camera.

  • satnav1980
    satnav1980 8 days ago

    I've always used Sony. Don't know if I should upgrade. Although I am a bit fed up with Sony phone. I only stay out of familiarity

  • Nuno Borges
    Nuno Borges 8 days ago +2

    Your videos regarding smartphones are the best on you tube by a mile. Thanks!

  • Lurich Michael Lee
    Lurich Michael Lee 8 days ago

    Great review!

  • Dasha Clark
    Dasha Clark 8 days ago

    How many people watching this from iPhone?

  • Sebzett1
    Sebzett1 9 days ago

    That intro song is sick

  • Mladen Jakulic
    Mladen Jakulic 9 days ago

    I am so sorry but iPhone is the King.

  • hervyn ondo
    hervyn ondo 9 days ago

    What's the phone with the best screen resolution?

  • K3Y666
    K3Y666 9 days ago +1

    Have to say, this is the type of Review I'm looking for.
    One of the best reviews on the net about this phone.

  • Owais Iqbal
    Owais Iqbal 9 days ago +2

    Gimmicky phone for a premium price. Their android skin is horrible.

  • John Hang
    John Hang 9 days ago

    But does it have a headphone jack??

  • hsamoo hsamoo
    hsamoo hsamoo 9 days ago


  • hsamoo hsamoo
    hsamoo hsamoo 9 days ago


  • divyanshu soni
    divyanshu soni 9 days ago +1

    You sounds like a hater while reviewing the phone. Bitter truth !

  • Mikayla Stewart
    Mikayla Stewart 9 days ago

    This is probably the best phone with the s10 and pixel 3 close behind although I dont understand why phone companies keep getting rid of headphone jack's when people are obviously not happy with that. Kinda strange

  • Michael S
    Michael S 9 days ago +8

    You are one of the best reviewers. You speak clear and concise which makes it easy to listen. Good job.

  • Carlos Carrascosa
    Carlos Carrascosa 9 days ago

    Doubt! Does this phone allow you to zoom in when the resolution is 40mpx or do you need to constantly change the setting to go from full res to zoom/wide angle (like the mate 20 pro). I wouldn’t buy the phone just for that reason

  • Silent OWL
    Silent OWL 10 days ago

    Waiting for phone by living legend Elon musk

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 10 days ago

    6:40 *Beware of 'Dark Mode' when turned ON on my phone I could not find it for 2 weeks, my wife eventually discovered it lurking in the walk-in wardrobe, amongst some **_Darth Vader_** Costumes. I swear I do not know how they got there, must belong to my son who is a Star Wars Fan I said.*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 10 days ago +1

    (5:40) *My Cubot Note S has a 4200 MAh battery and a great camera for less that £70 Plus if ever I happen to run low on my **_Tesla 3_** I just plug in the phone to handy USB port and I have another 50 miles.*

  • GrrMeister
    GrrMeister 10 days ago

    1:10 *Huawei sure stuck gold at £899 in the UK. Far better to get a cheaper 'Smartphone and a Camera from Amazon at around £195 (Sony DSCHX60)*

  • Andy Dawson
    Andy Dawson 10 days ago

    I would love all phones to have 50x zoom I think it's amazing

  • Arbaaz Patwari
    Arbaaz Patwari 10 days ago

    That power button UI is pretty poor

  • Rickbearcat
    Rickbearcat 10 days ago

    Why are you reviewing a phone which can not be purchased in the United States of America?

    • J. Chips
      J. Chips 9 days ago

      Because his viewers come from all over the world, not just the US. And people can still buy these phones from Amazon if they want them

  • MegaLifeChanging
    MegaLifeChanging 10 days ago

    For photos, can't be beat

  • MegaLifeChanging
    MegaLifeChanging 10 days ago

    Buy one on Amazon or eBay if you live in USA. Buy the international version. I have on on AT&T network, works great, best phone ever if you put value on cameras, battery life and overall

  • MegaLifeChanging
    MegaLifeChanging 10 days ago

    Not mentioned much, the MACRO camera quality. So zoom AND up close is great

  • Lmwpitt
    Lmwpitt 10 days ago

    Galaxy Fold hahahaha,

  • Ashikur Srabon
    Ashikur Srabon 10 days ago

    wow very informative video...

  • Kenzy & Izzy
    Kenzy & Izzy 10 days ago +7

    I'm planning to buy this phone.... Thanks forr the info...💖

  • SuperHoldenC
    SuperHoldenC 10 days ago

    Enjoy having the chinese government spy on you

  • Leandro Amon
    Leandro Amon 11 days ago

    Is p30 pro compatible in USA?

  • Kelvin McGlynn
    Kelvin McGlynn 11 days ago +1

    Possibly THE worst review video I have ever watched. Had to turn it off. Had no concept of why people may want features HE HIMSELF doesn't want. WTF?