Why Every Major Club Wants To Sign Haaland In January! | Continental Club

  • Published on Dec 6, 2019
  • Haaland is the player everyone wants in January and for his £17m release clause there are many suitors who want him

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  • Euro Football Daily
    Euro Football Daily  Month ago +28

    Where will Haaland end up?

    • nasra omar
      nasra omar Month ago


    • Jeffrey Laryea
      Jeffrey Laryea Month ago


    • ulises leon
      ulises leon Month ago

      Paranjoy Gupta Is he English and at the championship

    • khawaja bilawal
      khawaja bilawal Month ago +1

      Dortmund or Leipzig would be a great move for Haaland.

    • Robert Ellis
      Robert Ellis Month ago

      The reason all of his childhood photos are in city shirts is cause his dad played for city until Roy keane ended his career

  • Manuel Legarde
    Manuel Legarde 27 days ago

    Welp Dortmund got him now...

  • josh99
    josh99 Month ago

    ah yes, the holy trinity

  • Smudger
    Smudger Month ago +1

    Rashford isn't a centre forward , plays off the left

  • Sam
    Sam Month ago

    What is a Juventus ?!?! I’ve only heard of Piemonte Calcio

  • Liam Green
    Liam Green Month ago +1

    I’d like to see haaland go to Leipzig

  • MMAoracle
    MMAoracle Month ago +1

    Buy Haaland, sell Martial

  • Mauricio Paladines
    Mauricio Paladines Month ago

    Just sound like a bunch of United hater. Mason Greenwood, Marcus Ratchford, Brandon Williams, Tahith Chong, as if United wasn't capable of nurturing young players, clowns

  • Songezo Kahla
    Songezo Kahla Month ago

    The 17m clause makes total sense if he was bought by Salzburg to be sold to Leipzig as a Werner replacement in the event that Werner leaves. I don't see a place for him at United that makes me feel comfortable (as a United fan) going forward, but it'd be nice if we were thinking of challenging next season. United need 2 midfielders (6 and 10) more than anything whether Pogba stays or not and I'd prefer he didn't. Tonali in January would be a dream come true

  • Taylor McGilbra
    Taylor McGilbra Month ago


  • Skiddy
    Skiddy Month ago

    Haaland will go to United and flop.

  • Eduardo Borges
    Eduardo Borges Month ago

    actualy the contract clause isnt entirely the responsability of salzburg. The agent might have demanded it and salzburg wasnt the only club after halland at the time. So yea. Smart move from the agent if the clause is indeed true.

  • Eduardo Borges
    Eduardo Borges Month ago

    "i mean then salzburg can go in the summer and ask for 60M and they will say no cause halland is still 19 and its just one great season"

    Meanwhile atletico madrid sweating and looking nervously at joão felix

  • Dwayne Terry
    Dwayne Terry Month ago

    Chelsea is the club for him

  • Alex Tovey
    Alex Tovey Month ago

    Never knew he was a mackem pretty sad tbh

  • Shaun Twed
    Shaun Twed Month ago

    Haaland ripping up the AUSTRIAN League 😂😂😂

  • Daniel Bowens
    Daniel Bowens Month ago +1

    If rb Salzburg makes a good push in the champions league I could see him staying another year. Austrian league might a little weaker than others but Salzburg could compete in any league. they are an amazing team. Either way it’s an interesting topic, if he leaves though I see him going to Leipzig and staying in the RB system

  • khawaja bilawal
    khawaja bilawal Month ago

    Haaland should see what happen to Malcolm who went to Barcelona choice wisely.

  • Nathaniel Chambers
    Nathaniel Chambers Month ago

    smalldini been about since fifa 17

  • arctic 1878
    arctic 1878 Month ago

    Rashford will not compete with Haaland tho, Rashy on the left, Haaland/Martial in the middle and James on the right. Would be a brilliant attack.

  • william halford-thompson

    He should go chelsea could challenge Tammy or 2 up top

  • OtherSideOfMorning
    OtherSideOfMorning Month ago

    Rashford is not a striker ffs..

  • Connor Boyd
    Connor Boyd Month ago +4

    Pato loves jumping the gun and calling a young player who has a decent start to a season a superstar

  • BGr
    BGr Month ago

    Man Utd need someone who can truly finish a chance. Although the opportunities are few, too many get wasted. Haaland is highly focused on the job of getting the ball in the back of the net. Man Utd also have a lack of depth on the attacking side.

  • Dr Avalanche
    Dr Avalanche Month ago +1

    Haaland is superb. He won't sign for Man Utd because he has self respect.

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User Month ago

    In that photo he looks like Shrek with blonde hair

  • marco sanchez
    marco sanchez Month ago

    and man city

  • David Hardy
    David Hardy Month ago

    this show is so fucking good thank you

  • AviLOrkQ
    AviLOrkQ Month ago

    Why Red Bull would sell him? It's not like if they need money. He's staying in Red Bull system and will end up at Leipzig

  • Jamie Brown
    Jamie Brown Month ago +25

    When dougie says “they will be out till 2020” I’m still in the mindset where I go “holy shit that’s like 2 years”

  • JAKAFC1998
    JAKAFC1998 Month ago

    Arsenal should get rid of Auba and Lacazette and go for Haaland, he should use Arsenal as a stepping stone but you already know he's going to RB Leipzig to replace Werner

  • Koko Krimberger
    Koko Krimberger Month ago +3

    The Austria Club is called Wolfsberger AC or just Wolfsberg, "Wolfberger" on it's own doesn't make too much sense

    RUDI LUFC Month ago +1

    His a Leeds lad and he won’t go to united!!

    • Ellis McConnell
      Ellis McConnell Month ago

      RUDI LUFC break the bank if we get promoted his movement up top ,bam ford won’t get a look in

  • CB 4567
    CB 4567 Month ago


  • Giovanni Fiore
    Giovanni Fiore Month ago

    Inter don't have to better the result of Dortmund! They have to equal it so if they beat Barca what ever happens inter go through! But inter won't win haha

  • iPad App play
    iPad App play Month ago +3

    I thought RB Leipzig had first shout on him and there was something in his contract regarding this

  • Deltux
    Deltux Month ago

    Big match preview 0-0...

  • Elias Mordal Sørbø
    Elias Mordal Sørbø Month ago +2

    Props to hail who scouted him before the season started

    • XsdJames zz_
      XsdJames zz_ 28 days ago

      @Diogo Costa yeah he's a nice guy

    • Diogo Costa
      Diogo Costa Month ago

      @XsdJames zz_ nice

    • XsdJames zz_
      XsdJames zz_ Month ago +1

      @Diogo Costa i know that i live in the town where haaland played

    • Diogo Costa
      Diogo Costa Month ago

      @XsdJames zz_ he was signed in August 2018, so Salzburg knew about him way before this season

    • XsdJames zz_
      XsdJames zz_ Month ago

      @Diogo Costa salzburg scouts

  • Ibasab06
    Ibasab06 Month ago +2

    It is pronounced BareLLA not Bareya , same with Montella, double LL in Italian isn't like in Spanish.....

    • Ibasab06
      Ibasab06 Month ago

      @Dougie Critchley it was driving me crazy in the podcast too lol, love the channel though, I'm too busy to watch as much football as I'd like so guys really keep me informed !

    • Dougie Critchley
      Dougie Critchley Month ago +1

      Ibasab06 thanks mate, duly noted!

  • S Saeed
    S Saeed Month ago +1

    No Liverpool need to go there and avoid a loss

  • aymane benkhaldoun
    aymane benkhaldoun Month ago

    Atletico Madrid has scored 16 goals in 16 games and they're 6th in the La liga and can be 8th depending on the weekend results, they're not the third best team in Spain, they're shit simple as that

    • Mashiat99
      Mashiat99 Month ago

      aymane benkhaldoun They’ve scored less as a team than Immobile.

  • Jason Houliston
    Jason Houliston Month ago +10

    I want to hear Pato’s opinions on flashy sneakers. I bet he could spit fire on that topic.

  • Jason Houliston
    Jason Houliston Month ago +4

    Dougie doing another great job. Always improving. Hats off to you.

  • Muhammad Daiyan
    Muhammad Daiyan Month ago +1

    There's Jan fiete arp for lewandowski long term successor

    • Anthony Paul
      Anthony Paul Month ago

      I got him to a 85 in Fifa20 though, soooo....

    • Muhammad Daiyan
      Muhammad Daiyan Month ago

      @Traxo still under development

    • Traxo
      Traxo Month ago

      He is not very good though

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  • Hei Sann
    Hei Sann Month ago +2

    299 minutes, 8 goals and 1 assist in the champions league

  • Moose Lord
    Moose Lord Month ago

    Racism = Falling off a large cliff with a large rat burrowing into anus at the same time.......both not good!

  • Victor
    Victor Month ago +2

    Pato is a Tory who acts like he's Labour. For the likes.

  • karoll kaveen
    karoll kaveen Month ago

    United am9 would play quite well in the 10 spot

  • iulian gheorghe
    iulian gheorghe Month ago

    I'm still can't understand how this Football channel didn't understand that players peak between 27 and 32.....

    • Mashiat99
      Mashiat99 Month ago

      iulian gheorghe When did they say that 25 is too old?

    • iulian gheorghe
      iulian gheorghe Month ago

      @The Handicrapped Stain of course....25 and you need to be replaced

    • The Handicrapped Stain
      The Handicrapped Stain Month ago

      That's an old statistics. Nowdays it's clearly far earlier than that.

  • Diggen Cash
    Diggen Cash Month ago +1

    Martial injury prone, no other holdup player

  • Vincent Productions
    Vincent Productions Month ago +3

    the title should be:
    Why Every Major Club *Apart from Bayern* Wants To Sign Haaland In January

  • Callum Thomas
    Callum Thomas Month ago

    the greatest lineup FD/EFD has to offer? was starting to skip uploads for the first time in years but not if episodes like this are coming out great work!

  • TheMiniCale
    TheMiniCale Month ago

    Poch to Athletico and Simeone to Arsenal?

    • J haych
      J haych Month ago

      @The Handicrapped Stain number 1 I don't want to fix their defence, number 2 if you have a defensive coach who will obviously play a defensive start, then you'll get caught out with that defence and it'll take at least a year to get new signings to settle and for the players to understand that style, managers don't get that much time anymore, also can arsenal identify and then be able to afford that talent? I don't believe so, they need at least 2 new centre backs and a right back, then they'll need at least 1 or 2 centre defensive midfielders. And they'll need money to replace that ageing aubueyang and a winter if they want to play pepe as he is literally their only option. Someone like simeone wouldn't particularly like pepe either, do they want to lose and waste that 75 million spent on him? Why would simeone leave his champions league football for europa league too.

    • The Handicrapped Stain
      The Handicrapped Stain Month ago

      @J haych so how do you want to fix arsenal defense then? Bring in great defensive coach and he can find a good talent later. You need to find the suited specialist in case of this same as you see specialist doctor. Go find cancer doctor if you have a cancer.

    • J haych
      J haych Month ago +1

      That wouldn't work, simeone is defensive and I think he'd have a heart attack at that arsenal defence.

  • Ring Rust
    Ring Rust Month ago +15

    Pato back in the middle. Everything in its right place

  • ryan smith
    ryan smith Month ago +6

    I'm guessing it's because he is a good footballer. Am I close?

  • Παναγιώτης Γεωργίου

    Daaamn he looks like a dolphin

  • Ryan Millett
    Ryan Millett Month ago

    He should go to Dortmund or he could go to Chelsea and challenge Tammy and replace giroud

  • Sean Mackenzie
    Sean Mackenzie Month ago +17

    The whole time Chris wasn't speaking be just looked like an angry Mum on parents evening

    • Jason Houliston
      Jason Houliston Month ago +1

      Sean Mackenzie - Talking from experience. Good shout.

  • Aly Kassam
    Aly Kassam Month ago +5

    Going to Leipzig, and essentially replacing Werner when he leaves is the ideal option

    • XsdJames zz_
      XsdJames zz_ Month ago

      @Aly Kassam maybe because of his agent mino who's got ties to united as he has players such as pogba there. He is expected to have a wage of 200k€ a week. He knows solskjær very well. He can make history in the club

    • Aly Kassam
      Aly Kassam Month ago

      XsdJames zz_ I’m a united fan, but as much as I want him, we’re absolutely awful why would he come

    • XsdJames zz_
      XsdJames zz_ Month ago

      Nope. Or just play full time in united