N i r v a n a I n U t e r o

  • Published on Apr 5, 2019
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  • Black Shaman
    Black Shaman  3 months ago +77

    Artist: Nirvana
    Album: In Utero
    Label: Geffen/Sub Pop
    Year: 1993
    00:00 Serve the Servants
    03:36 Scentless Apprentice
    07:24 Heart-Shaped Box
    12:05 Rape Me
    14:55 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle
    19:05 Dumb
    21:37 Very Ape
    23:33 Milk It
    27:28 Pennyroyal Tea
    31:07 Radio Friendly Unit Shifter
    35:58 Tourette's
    37:34 All Apologies

  • 유명재
    유명재 3 days ago +1

    it feels like bleach + nevermind

  • Curly G
    Curly G 12 days ago +2

    objectively the best nirvana album

  • Clum Crow
    Clum Crow 22 days ago

    The worst bit is when you get to the end

  • beowulfianhowl
    beowulfianhowl 29 days ago

    I didn't like this album when it came out because it sounded like Kurt was leaving..soon...

  • Chad Hooey
    Chad Hooey Month ago

    Nirvana was and will always be one of my favorite bands , this album and Bleach have a lot of similarities!

  • Pierluigi Del Mastro
    Pierluigi Del Mastro Month ago +8

    Neverminds is a great album, but In Utero shows the true Nirvana's' soul..

  • Anthony Gugich
    Anthony Gugich Month ago +2

    Amazing album without question..and will be timeless

  • Andrea hh
    Andrea hh Month ago +6

    grande Steve Albini! ha tirato fuori il migliore album dei Nirvana...

  • Fred Fred
    Fred Fred Month ago +6

    1994/2019 Nirvana forever in my heart.... I´m from Brazil Rio de janeiro.

  • Kai Thongsavanh
    Kai Thongsavanh Month ago +7

    I remember when this came out, people were hating on it because it wasn’t “Nevermind 2”. Reminds me a lot of Led Zeppelin III in that way. People wanted “Whole Lotta Love” but instead got a great album that wouldn’t be truly appreciated until years later. In Utero was exactly what this band wanted and where they were heading with their music and I’m so glad they put this out there for everyone to enjoy 25 or so years later.

  • The Sad Angel
    The Sad Angel Month ago +8

    For me this album is better than " never mind" I think so

    • The Druid Stoner
      The Druid Stoner 25 days ago

      I know so

    • Vinyl Diary666
      Vinyl Diary666 Month ago +4

      More raw...When I was 16 Nevermind was my favorite, today with 26 In Utero is my favorite!

    • exxumma
      exxumma Month ago +1

      mos def on par,,,better, maybe

  • e c
    e c Month ago +1

    Obra maestra absoluta,libre.una exquisites acoples increíbles en lugar de ridículos punteos.Todo una fiesta eso era kurt y lo compartió con el mundo.Geniooo más vivo que nunca!!! Aguante hermano te quiero !!!

  • Bob Gates
    Bob Gates Month ago +1


  • Pavel Yankouski
    Pavel Yankouski Month ago

    He was with very good voice accent. Can identify which state, but still - very good. My voice is just terrible ^^ This is how heavy drugs sounds ^^

  • Gelson Barichello
    Gelson Barichello Month ago +5

    2:26 compare this part of the solo to the main riff of Foo Fighters "learn to fly"

    • Wendy Butter Batter
      Wendy Butter Batter 28 days ago

      I just did and it was really hard to get, but yes. How did you even notice, don't know

  • Lord Shiva Of Kailash


  • theseo78
    theseo78 Month ago +1

    51 people back in mother's utero, please...

  • Joseph Villarin
    Joseph Villarin Month ago +1

    The greatest album ever came out during 90s era...

    • Jai Cobian
      Jai Cobian Month ago

      2nd behind Nevermind

    • Ma Rio
      Ma Rio Month ago

      requiem of grunge...sad

  • Jose Gomez
    Jose Gomez Month ago +6

    Tremendous album!

  • rezdout
    rezdout Month ago +5

    Pressed the like button as soon as the drums hit

  • J.K. Benedict
    J.K. Benedict Month ago +1

    Three drum clicks changed my life in 1993/1994.

    • J.K. Benedict
      J.K. Benedict Month ago

      @Jeffrey Elzinga Serve The Servants... I believe RFUS was 4?

    • Jeffrey Elzinga
      Jeffrey Elzinga Month ago +1

      we talking radio friendly unit shifter here?

  • Reinaldo Luciano
    Reinaldo Luciano Month ago +4

    melhor disco do nirvana na minha opiniao

  • maciej rogoznicki
    maciej rogoznicki Month ago +3

    Hello Poland ☺

  • AgentOfOblivion
    AgentOfOblivion Month ago +1

    Great album, minus the throwaway (Tourette's).

    • Joseph Villarin
      Joseph Villarin 26 days ago

      Shitless album.....

    • bg Nik
      bg Nik Month ago

      It was a joke man

    • AgentOfOblivion
      AgentOfOblivion Month ago

      Nirvana fanboys can't take opinions as usual

    • bg Nik
      bg Nik Month ago

      its so goddamn fun to play on any instrument

    • bg Nik
      bg Nik Month ago +1

      sir im gonna have to report you for being a bitch

  • Julian Ozzorio
    Julian Ozzorio Month ago

    im in the 90s

  • Lee Gibson
    Lee Gibson Month ago +6

    So rocking, love this album since it first came out fall of 1993.

  • Rocco Theman
    Rocco Theman Month ago +12

    "I miss the comfort in being sad"

    • exxumma
      exxumma Month ago

      so whats your point?@Goggle products

    • Mientras Tanto
      Mientras Tanto Month ago

      @Goggle products WHAAAAT! Mindblown!!!

    • Jason Elstad
      Jason Elstad Month ago +2

      @Goggle products schizophrenia is so entertaining. you're whimsical mix of the spiritual and pseudo-spiritual in the sprawl of sinister metaphysical conspiracy is typical of those who consistently read half of something they don't bother to verify and then construct massive fictions around it, all the while maintaining the party line that the reality presented is itself heresy, thereby cherry-picking those authorities which ought be trusted. tip: don't imbue the corporate world with mystical overtones it neither possess nor deserves. it's a network of greed that wants your money; it could give a fuck about your soul; you have to believe in souls to want them. write a novel, dude i'll totally read it..

    • Izumi Kyoka
      Izumi Kyoka Month ago

      @Goggle products i respect bru.. truly a hero.. You ll always be in my heart bru.

    • GofinhoLibros
      GofinhoLibros Month ago

      One of the my favorite lines

  • jdbankshot
    jdbankshot Month ago +1

    every single 46 dislikes are a personal insult to me & to music.

    • Jose Lopez
      Jose Lopez Month ago

      These dislikes are made for axel rose hahahaha

  • Jimmy Pop
    Jimmy Pop Month ago +11

    one of the greatest albums ever made, I have it on cassette tape,
    Kurt was the King of the 90s for a reason

  • Famous Mortimer
    Famous Mortimer Month ago +8

    In Utero > Nevermind

  • secret owl
    secret owl 2 months ago +3

    Radiohead Please.
    Good work.

  • Mikel
    Mikel 2 months ago +3

    Very nice, also the Nevermind Album.

  • Tiger Skateboards
    Tiger Skateboards 3 months ago +6

    My go to album by Nirvana to put on at moments like I'm having right now. Felling angry, used, stressed beyond belief. Somehow it makes it all go away.

    • art warrior
      art warrior 8 days ago +1

      Going through a really hard time right now myself, music heals! Keep listening to music as much as you can...

  • RadioGnome
    RadioGnome 3 months ago +9

    I can't believe how good this CD is.

    • Maxu88
      Maxu88 Month ago

      @jdbankshot Well, sometimes CD has different tracklist than Vinyl for example.

    • jdbankshot
      jdbankshot Month ago

      album.... not cd, album. the word 'album' encompasses every format.

  • gatewayj TV
    gatewayj TV 3 months ago +2

    The best

  • San Mama
    San Mama 3 months ago +8

    When I was 23. Many good memories. My worst memory was that i heard Kurt was dead.

    • San Mama
      San Mama Month ago +3

      love you

    • i don't know either
      i don't know either Month ago +5

      all nirvana fans are family.

    • Jimmy Pop
      Jimmy Pop Month ago +3

      it's all courtney's fault,
      everyone in Seattle knew she was full of shit but Kurt didn't realize it until it was too late :(

  • Spongy Pants
    Spongy Pants 3 months ago +4

    I wish I was born earlier 😔

    • Thaeda -
      Thaeda - 3 months ago

      If you haven’t already, check out a band called Daughters. “You won’t get you want” closest band I’ve heard that has the spirit.

  • K¡nR!CK 24
    K¡nR!CK 24 3 months ago

    enutero... deeper then you thought

  • Maximus Charles
    Maximus Charles 3 months ago

    "Radio Friendly Unit Shifter" is such an incredible punk rock song. Probably that and "Dumb" are my favourite tunes on this, but, let's face it - every fucking song on this record is amazing.

  • Pitrik
    Pitrik 3 months ago

    Rape meeee \m/

  • Andrew Neve
    Andrew Neve 3 months ago +12

    Just listened all the way through, such an amazing album and took me right back, thanks for uploading :)

  • Super Unknown
    Super Unknown 3 months ago +23

    Remember buying this album when it.came.out

    • Vinyl Diary666
      Vinyl Diary666 Month ago

      We are Motörhead and we play Rock N Roll! \m/

    • Daniel
      Daniel 2 months ago

      thats awesome man

    • Mikel
      Mikel 2 months ago +1

      Hehe me too.

  • River Throat
    River Throat 3 months ago +4

    25th Anniversary

    • San Mama
      San Mama 3 months ago

      1989 Vera groningen....makes it 30 years oh my god

  • McMac MAC
    McMac MAC 3 months ago +5

    I only found Kurt and Nirvana in 98 but I’m still making up for that,RIP man I dig your sound organised chaos with punk overtones of course.

  • Josúe LP
    Josúe LP 3 months ago +3


  • UploadEverything
    UploadEverything 3 months ago +2

    How u put the audio and the picture together ?

    • Black Shaman
      Black Shaman  Month ago

      sure, my awesomeness knows no bounds...

    • Cornwall1888
      Cornwall1888 Month ago +2

      Black Shaman you’re so talented 😂

    • Black Shaman
      Black Shaman  3 months ago +7

      with some kind of video editing tool, like everybody else?

  • Kari Gonzalez
    Kari Gonzalez 3 months ago +15

    forever in debt to your priceless advice.....

  • C&C Technologies
    C&C Technologies 3 months ago +10

    Kurt why u gone ? :(

    • Mirage Nikita
      Mirage Nikita Month ago

      he was a junkie... that's always bad for your health...

    • Izumi Kyoka
      Izumi Kyoka Month ago

      *DRY TEARS* T _ T

    • Mikel
      Mikel 2 months ago +2

      Drugs, the idolization and attention of his fans (he dont like it) and a fucking BiTcH as girlfriend, results in a mixture of death! i hope you understand my German-Denglish. 😁 😂

  • Steven Mccoshum
    Steven Mccoshum 3 months ago +9

    Real music

    • Lawrence Sandutch
      Lawrence Sandutch Month ago +1

      poor kids now this is great music - current music is junk

  • Danilo Guzman
    Danilo Guzman 3 months ago +4

    Goodbye hello kurt ♡